Top 10 Tech Industry Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Robots in Various Fields

Many entrepreneurs and innovative individuals have noted that 2019 had a giant impact on tech. In 2020, the trends of innovations are only growing bigger. As entrepreneurs, you should look at the many opportunities these tech industry trends pose. Trends are nothing new in this digital age. Technology is a fast-growing part of our lives … Read more

Augmented reality Applications, Challenges and Future trends

Augmented Reality is defined as “Layering computer-generated image on top of an image that is from Real World“. Now, I know this might seems confusing at first. But, we are going to talk all about Augmented Reality Applications, Challenges, and Future trends. So let’s first introduce what augmented reality really is. Introduction For years now, … Read more

The Future Scope of 5G Technology

tech industry trends

The internet has always been an evolving landscape powered by secure network connections. For this reason, cellular network technology has significantly evolved through its five generations and every development in between. Consequently, each iteration has remarkably outdone the previous one. The culmination of this is in the newest version of cellular network technology, 5G. In … Read more

Holography Technology in 2020- How to use Holography

Digital Ressurection Hologram

Holography. If you’ve ever seen a Star Wars movie, you’ve witnessed holography. But, what exactly is holography technology? Why isn’t it a part of our daily activities in 2020? Will this technology ever be functional to society? In this article, we will answer these questions.   We will establish what the term ‘hologram’ means. A … Read more