Top 10 Best Games Hacking APK App For Android 2020

Do you like gaming? If yes, then there must a time when you’re annoyed by a certain level. Then there’s hacking. There are a lot of game hacking apps available for android specifically. So do you want to open up all the cases in your favorite game? Or you might want to mess with the scores and stuff. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of hacking tools for android available as of now. But how do you actually use android hacking apps? More specifically, how do you hack android games?

Top 10 Android Game Hacking Apps for 2020

1) Game Guardian:-

Game Guardian app is one of the best hacking tools for Android games. It enables the users to have cheats and several other advantages against the AI or even online players sometimes.

Just like some other apps like Lucky Patcher, and LuluBox, Game guardian works in a similar way. The basic function of the Game Guardian is to change the internal structure of games by replacing the scores with the user’s inputted score.
For example, let’s say that you have 100 coins in the game. What Game guardian game hacking app does is, it replaces the coins to something that the user will prefer.

The same goes for score too. This hacking tool for android works without root too. At least some feature does. However, this is the list of benefit it provides:

  • Increases any value by replacing it.
  • Increases coins, and other inventory things.
  • Increases gaming processes so that everything will be done quickly.

Therefore, Game Guardian is one of the best android hacking apps available until this date.
However, one downside of using GameGuardian is that it’s not available on the play store. Meaning, you’ll have to download it from an APK and it’s also one of the best gaming hacking apk out there.

2) Lucky Patcher App:-

One of the best Android game hacking tools, lucky patcher apk is a beast in its category. Let’s say that you want to hack some games or apps. Yes, lucky patcher is the best game hacking android app. This is because the user can hack in-app purchases and remove google’s license. This takes things to a whole new level.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the best android hacking app then lucky patcher is the one for you. Lucky patcher gives you complete functions to hack coins and you can easily unlock your favorite character or skin with this app.
Lucky patcher is a modifier app that lets you gain unlimited access to apps and games. There are a lot of apps that can be hacked by lucky patcher. The fun doesn’t stop here though. In addition to all this, a lucky patcher also gives you the option to completely remove ads on literally any app visible on your device.
Therefore, if you want a perfect game hacking android app that even works with other apps, then you should definitely try out lucky patcher. It’s free and totally safe to use.

3) Hackerbot

If you’re looking for another great android game hacking tool, then hackerbot is something that is worth trying. However, it works in a different way.

Hackerbot can even work while you’re not even rooted. The app allows you to find a hacked apk according to that app. Moreover, it even saves you from bad sites to make everything clean and clear. Here are some of the features of hacker bot:

  • It finds real and trustful modded apk for apps.
  • It avoids fake surveys, ads, and etc.
  • Best modded apk and best sources to find them.
  • The simple user interface.

Considering all these aspects, Hackerbot makes it one of the best android game hacking tools.
This hacking tool for android is the number one trusted site for downloading modded apk.
Through the use of custom search engines, this app lets you find some of the best cheat mods available on the whole internet. Considering all these features, we had to put Hackerbot on our list. A true mixture of simplicity yet sound work for the users, this is a great game hacking android app. People who want a really simple yet working solution to install hacked android games should try hackerbot.

4) SB Game Hacker

One of the most popular game hacking apps on our list is SB Game Hacker. It’s working on many android devices till this date. You can use SB Game hacker to hack a lot of popular games like GTA San Andreas, Subway surfers, and even Pokemon Go. So it works with online and offline games both. This is the unique thing about this app.

If you love to play games and want to hack your games, then SB Game Hacker is the best game hacking android apps for you. If you don’t know how it works, read the article.

The app is free to use and it provides regular updates so that there will be no compatibility issues everywhere. The app modifies the database of your games and injects code that lets you modify the score, health, and cash. SB game hacker is not only limited to android tho. You can also use it on the iPhone too. So the scope of this app is pretty vast. The online compatibility is a little unreliable though. This is the only reason SB Game hacker is a little low on our list of top game hacking android apps.

5) Freedom

Another great game hacking android app on our list is “Freedom”. As the name says, it’s all about freedom. The app lets you have unlimited in-app purchases. Therefore, if you want to unlock the last player or the last car in some of the most popular titles, freedom allows you to do that.

The best part about freedom is that, despite being great, it’s free to use. You don’t need even a slight bit of money to use this app on your phone. The app can bypass google’s license verification so that is also pretty cool.

Another great thing about this android game hacking tool is that the UI is completely simple. You don’t have to be confused in terms of design and stuff. Just hop in the app and you’ll instantly get to know what sort of simple and easy control they’ve given you. The ability to get all of the premium features and stuff right inside the games make it even unique and advanced.

Another key factor to notice about freedom is that it’s updated a lot. Therefore, no matter how many games come out, the development will continue to update freedom as well. All in all, a great game hacking android app.

6) Cheat Engine

Want to get hold of all paid elements in games? Well, Cheat Engine is a great android game hacking tool that lets you access those elements for free. Games are great to play. We download games every day. Therefore, sometimes it becomes hard to pass a level. That’s where you need an upgrade. But why do you need to pay for it if you can get things for free?

A thing that I hate the most about these games is that oftentimes, players beat you just because you haven’t bought a new tool.
This results in you losing. What if you could make them lose instead? That is why Cheat Engine is a great hacking app for android games. These are the steps to have it working.

  • Open Cheat Engine
  • Run a game of your choice
  • Find the process of the game in the Cheat Engine list.
  • Open process and then change values to your liking
  • Purchase things and you’ll see values decreasing.

This is how Cheat Engine works. Considering all these aspects, it’s one of the best game hacking apps out there.

7) Xmodgames

A little bit of cheating is necessary if you want to prevail as a gamer. Here, we present you one of the best hacking apps for android games called XMod Games. Never-ending coins, ammo, and other game resources. These things can change your whole gaming experience.
Games like 8 ball pool, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go. These games can be hacked using XMod Games. It’s a really old tool but it’s good to see that it’s still getting updated so that it won’t get irrelevant in hacking apps for android games.

The app comes for iPhone too. So the scope is pretty vast too. Once you install the XMod game hacking apk, you’ll be able to see all the hacks available for a certain app. Modification and changing values have never been so easy and fun even since XMod has come on the planet. All in all, it’s a great way of hacking and everything is done safely. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting your device harmed or anything. Considering all these aspects, XMod makes a great android game hacking tool on our list today.

8) Creehack APK

Creehack is a game hacking apk that is totally free of cost. It lets you tweak apps and even get paid apps on your device. The best thing about Creehack is that it doesn’t require root to work. You can just hack any Android application or game in a pretty simple manner.

Moreover, you can also download any paid app on Android for free. Flexing on your friend, making them feel a little down. This sort of stuff is possible will Creehack.
The simplicity in the app is just uncanny. You can install the app easily and after installing, downloading is as easy as the installation process. With just a few taps, you are able to get paid Android apps/games free of cost. Therefore, if you want to unlock a level and finish the game even faster, Creehack is an easy and powerful way to do that.

It works by editing the. Obb file and data by manipulating in-game stuff. And the stuff I’m talking about here is coins, keys, levels, and even life. Considering all these leverages, Creehack makes one of the best android hacking apps on our list.

9) Game Killer App

Another great game hacking app that lets you use cheats and tweak your most favorite app is the game killer.
Game killer works by inserting a code in the background while the game is being played. Therefore, you can modify whatever value you want in the game. Whether it’s the score or point, everything is easily done in Game Killer.

After opening the app, you can access a pop-up of a Game killer that will be semi-transparent. Accessing a Game killer is as easy as cake. You just have to click that button that will reside on your screen. Using the built-in feature, you have to find the number that matches your current number. Once you find the value you want to change, rest is super easy. All you have to do is to change values according to your demand.

Boom! You’ve successfully tweaked your app. The simplicity and ease make Game killer a worth it game haking android app.
Cheating is necessarily a bad thing. However, seeing games that give the edge to players who buy in-game elements, it a little unfair. In that regard, I feel that it’s totally fine to use android hacking apps. Cheat Engine was even available for Windows. It was known for injecting code behind the scenes for tweaking.

10) Game CIH

Is playing games to hard for you? If you want to feel immortal, Game CIH is one of the best Game hacking apps out there. You can hack coins, scores, and a lot of other stuff. Moreover, you can even play games without those annoying ad popping up and ruining your gameplay experience. It’s the most annoying thing to expect from a free app.

YOu might be familiar with modded android apps and games. They are uploaded after being modded, on the internet. So if you want to do that by yourself, Game CIH is great a flexible indeed. With this android hacking app, you can easily modify the score, lives, and even points. However, all this works on offline games. This is because online games use their own server and we don’t have access to changing the values in their server.

The app isn’t available on google play store so you will have to download Game CIH game hacking apk from the internet. After that, you can easily install the app and get to your hacking stuff right away. There are many other alternative android game hacking tools but Game CIH is great too.

How should you hack your games?

Hacking in a sense of cheating is kind of cool. You get access to unlimited recourses and you can mess with the in-game elements according to your liking. However, do you really need to hack the game? If yes, then there are a lot of android game hacking tools available as mentioned in this article altogether. The basic need to hack your game is when you find the game itself to be unfair. Games like Modern Combat and some other titles benefit the players if they buy in-app purchases.

This leaves us thinking that it’s pretty much unfair to do so. So if we hack the game, we can get unlimited access to a lot of elements that you cannot access normally. Therefore, rooting is necessary first of all. After rooting, you need to choose the tool you want to work with.
So if you want to change values, then, in my opinion, the game guardian takes the win here. And to mess with online games, XMod is probably the best on our list.

Advantages of Hacking games

With a lot of android hacking apps available, one thing pops in people’s heads. What are the advantages of hacking games?
My answer is that it depends. Hacking games can give you a lot of benefits. For instance, let’s say that you’re stuck on a level of your favorite android game. You want to get out but you can’t. In that case, you would immediately lose interest.

What hacking does is that it makes you not lose interest by keeping you updated with new levels at any time. Moreover, you can tease your friends by pranking them. Sometimes, cheating is necessary too. Online games give benefits to people who’ll buy in-app elements. These games should be free but the in-game purchases are paid. Therefore, with the use of android hacking apps, you can play pretty much competitive to the point where you’ll start destroying the competition.


  • Gives you unlimited access to various elements
  • Makes you a competitive player
  • Regularly update you with interest in a game.


Along with the list of advantages comes disadvantages too. Hacking is cool. But there are some disadvantages to keep in mind too. For instance, you can finish the game easily and you might lose interest after that. Getting everything hacked, you’ll be able to blow away everything in a game. So that will ultimately make you lose interest. These game hacking android apps are cool but they can get you banned too.

Hacking some of the online games like PubG and Pokemon Go can have your account banned permanently. Even tho it’s a game, hacking is still hacking. You are still kind of torturing others when it comes to hacking. Imagine playing with a hacker. How will that feel?
The last point is rooting itself. As cool as game hacking apps are, rooting still poses a potential threat to your android device. I remember soft bricking my phone 3 times in a row while trying to root the device.

  • It can make you lose interest in the game
  • It can get your account banned
  • Rooting can harm your device.

How to Hack Android Games?

Android users have this awesome advantage of getting a lot of applications and games on play store. Therefore, one question still pops in our mind when we talk about games. Are there any hacking tools for android? Or are there any android hacking apps available?
The answer is an absolute yes. So how to hack android games? We’ve got you covered.

Hacking tools for Android can prove to be quite beneficial for increasing current score, unlocking in-game elements or even for buying coins.
So, let me get one thing straight, hacking is possible when we talk about Android. However, not all methods can work in that regard. Some people download modded apk and some root their devices.

Therefore, rooting is a great way to hack Android apps. Moreover, there are a lot of hacking tools for Android that work great with rooted devices. That is why rooting is important if you want to open up the full potential of your phone. We are going to talk about some of the best hacking apps for android games that you can use on your smartphone. This list incorporates the best apps that are specifically made for tweaking and messing with Android games.


Q1. Are Hacking android games illegal?
It depends upon what do you mean by hacking. If you’re changing the game’s element. Then yes, it’s illegal.
Q2. Are game hacking android apps harmless?
Yes! These apps are totally harmless depending upon what you’re doing.
Q3. Are these apps free to use?
The apps that we’ve mentioned above are free to use. You can download them from Google.
Q4. Is rooting harmless
For the most part, rooting is unreliable. It’s a risk and no one will be responsible if you mess up your phone.
Q5. Should you use hacks?
For fun, Yes. You should try to hack but be careful not to get too deep into the pitfall of hacking. It’s scary.


Hacking is considered unethical. But given the modern-day unfair moments in games we have to see, it’s still fun to have these apps hacked.
Game hacking is fun and there are a lot of game hacking android apps available for you to tweak your android apps now. With getting your apps and games modded, you can develop your interest in-game or even tease your friends.