Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy Guide

Within the modern context of digital marketing, there is an emphasis on online business and tactics. Consequently, the consumers that your company targets are almost always online. If you want to engage with these individuals, you have to be able to know where they regularly spend their time. However, with creating and growing a business, this can become a difficult task to achieve. The things involved with these practices could overwhelm and cause difficulties. We will discuss the issues that come up with creating such plans in this article. Therefore, we will also emphasize the best methods to develop a digital marketing campaign strategy. To ensure your business is on the right path.

Create Buyer Personas in your Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy

When you have created a digital marketing campaign strategy, you have to be aware of the audience you want to engage in. Great digital marketing strategies are a result of well-crafted buyer personas. Therefore, you should learn how to create buyer personas.

A buyer persona is an excellent way to create an image of your ideal customer. Through engaging in research, interviews, and surveys that concern your target audience, you can create a buyer persona. The information gained from this is best from real-life data. Because of your audience, you should not make assumptions about their data as your strategy may end up in an unintended circumstance.

When you want to get a full understanding of your buyer’s persona, you should include a variety of information. This means you should have contacts that are distinct from your database, customers, and various prospects. They should be individuals that are similar to your target audience for the best results.

The type of information that you will gather depends on what your business has as its primary focus. There is also the factor if you are focusing on a Business to Business(B2B) or a Business to Consumer(B2C) strategy. If you have a product, there is also the variable of whether or not your product is expensive or low cost.

Demographic Information

  • With a digital marketing campaign strategy, you should know where your target audience is mainly situated. The location of your traffic can help in learning where other potential audiences could emerge. A useful tool for this is Google Analytics, which helps to identify this information quickly.
  • The age of your audience is another factor that helps create a buyer persona. Gaining this information is done by noticing the trends in your customer’s database.
  • Another factor to know your demographic is the average income gained by your audience in interviews. This is the best way to get this information because some won’t always be willing to share such information.
  • The job title of your audience also helps in getting an idea of your customer base and knowing what makes them engage with your brand. This is mostly relevant when concerning B2B companies.

Psychographic Information

  • If you can learn the goals and priorities of your target audience, you will have a better understanding of how your business fits in. You will be able to understand what your buyer strives. Speaking to your target audience will help in knowing this information. Also, making use of customer service representatives will help in identifying this.
  • It’s also important to know the problems and challenges faced by your audience to get an average idea of the issues they face. This information will fuel how you market the advantage of your service.
  • Understand the interests and hobbies your audience engages in. If you can gather this information, you will be able to know what your potential buyers like. For example, a fashion brand should know if your audience favors fitness as that will help you with your future partnerships and content.

Learn to identify the tools you will need for your digital marketing campaign strategy

Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy Image
Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy Image

The goals you have for your digital marketing campaign strategies are essential in ensuring your success. An example is, if your business wants to increase online earnings by 25%, then you should know that your lead should be higher. For 25% more income, there should be a 50% increase in the leads generated from your website compared to the previous year to ensure your success.

If you have the main goal for your business, you should know how to estimate and measure such purposes. If you can do that, then you will be able to optimize and adjust your marketing strategies accurately. This measurement is through the right digital marketing tools that will aid with this process. The measurement varies depending on the type of business. However, you must understand that it is beneficial for having this knowledge in mind.

Evaluate your digital channels and assets

To avoid being overwhelmed, you should learn to evaluate your marketing assets and digital channels. Therefore, you should focus on the big picture when making this analysis. The categorization of the types of assets and channels helps know the structures you have in place. Using placements like owned media, earned media and paid media helps do this.

Owned Media

Owned media refers to digital assets owned by your business. This includes your blogs, content, website, products, social media accounts, images, videos and all channels owned by your brand. They are the things your business has full control over. It could also include the things that aren’t on your website but are your content. For example, posts on medium.

Earned Media

Earned media is the traffic and exposure you have gained from being spoken about or referenced. This includes all the content from being recognized in channels outside of your control. Examples include guest blog posts, excellent customer experience, PR work that promotes your exposure. Earned media is generally also gotten from positive reviews, being shared on social media as well as positive reviews from users and customers.

Paid Media

The use of paid media is generally those avenues that require you to spend money to receive exposure to your potential buyers. What this means is that you will have to pay to receive recognition in this avenue. There are different forms of paid media. These include Google AdWords, sponsored posts on websites/social media and various others.

Once you have these avenues, you should create a database for a clear view of each of your media.

Integrate these elements seamlessly

With your digital marketing strategy, you should learn to seamlessly integrate all three elements of this. If they are all working hand in hand, it will be easier to get a view of your goal. An example is if you have content that is on the landing page of your website, you have it there to generate leads to your website. To increase the leads, you make the effort to allow it to be shared by your audience. In other words, they can post it on their social media profiles. However, in order to increase the traffic potential, you decide to promote the content of Facebook’s paid promotions feature. This scenario includes elements of all your digital channels and assets. Owned, earned and paid media all play a role.

This is how the three elements can flow and work together successfully to help you with your targets. Granted, it is not a rule that all three must be used. For example, if your paid and owned media are extremely successful, you don’t have to worry about earned media. You just have to know the right ways to evaluate and optimize the best solutions to increase your traffic. After this, you incorporate them into your digital marketing campaign strategy.

With the knowledge of the methods that are used, you can decide on how to best use each of them.

Plan and audit owned media campaigns

Your owned media is extremely important to your digital marketing, this is what highlights the advantage of your content. This makes it present in your main content. All information concerning your brand can be considered as content, from your Home Page to your FAQ, these are all considered as a part of the content that your brand provides.

The content you create helps in ensuring your traffic is converted to customers and leads. This, in turn, will increase the popularity of your brand. With the optimization of this, it could also lead to an increase in your organic and search traffic to your website. The goals you have for your website require owned content. This will help you fully execute your digital marketing campaign strategy.

To improve your digital marketing campaign strategy, there is also a need to understand the content that is helpful. In other words, the content that will help with a goal like generating more leads. Your strategy should be in line with your goals completely. An About us page as good as it may be when optimized is not likely to help with a goal for more leads.


If you can successfully act on the advice in this article, you will be able to create good digital marketing campaign strategies that will successfully help improve your business.

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