Best Website to Download Video from YouTube

We live in a modern world where everything is fast-paced. Smartphones and Pc are all over the internet, making a heavy internet community. While everyone shares a lot of videos on YouTube, we still need the internet to access them. It’s not like everyone has the ability to pay so much for the internet. Or sometimes there is no internet available for us to enjoy the leverages that it provides.
What to do in that case? In this article, we will cover some of the best websites to download and save YouTube videos online.

Why you Should Download Videos from YouTube?

So why should you download YouTube videos? Well, there can be a lot of reasons for that. So let’s try and incorporate a list of reasons why you should download videos from YouTube.

  • For Easy Retrieval

Most people want easy access to their stuff. Let’s be honest, no one wants to open a browser and search one of his favorite videos. Therefore, it’s rather convenient and quick to save from YouTube rather than trying to open up a whole tab specifically for that same video. This is why people prefer using an online video downloader rather than watching the video on-air.

  • To Save the Internet

Another reason that most of the people prefer online video downloader rather than watching is the internet problem. Not everyone has access to unlimited internet all day long. Therefore, saving is a great way that everyone can see things without having to worry about the internet even a bit.
Let’s say that you’re out of your house and you need to watch your most favorite song. Well, by saving YouTube videos, you can easily watch them at any place you like.

Top 10 YouTube Video Downloader Websites

1) KeepVid

A lot of people are having trouble finding the best way to download YouTube videos. But KeepVid has made it easier for everyone to save from YouTube. Therefore, KeepVid is number one due to the number of features and simplicity it provides.
KeepVid supports more than 1000+ sites where you can download and grab videos from. That includes Facebook, YouTube, Lynda, and a lot of other awesome websites. The most exciting feature that KeepVid gives is that you can download videos in 4K with no quality loss. This makes the whole website a lot more reliable and simpler than others. Considering all these pros of this website, I think KeepVid has the throne from my side.
You can either download the software that is paid but you can still avail of the free trial, or you can use the online video downloader and converter to convert YouTube videos into Mp4 and then save from YouTube. The downloading step is really easy. You can follow our steps to successfully download YouTube videos.

  1. Search the desired video that you want to download on YouTube.
  2. Copy the link in the URL bar that you’ll see on the browser.
  3. Go to the KeepVid website and then paste that URL in the URL bar.
  4. Click on Download now.

The process is as simple as that. KeepVid is one of the best YouTube downloaders that you’ll find on the whole internet. There is a lot of other online video downloader but this one takes the throne easily.

2) ClipConverter

clipconverter video converter
Another free online video downloader on our list is ClipConverter. Being one of the OG video downloaders, it’s a great way to download YouTube videos all over the internet. Therefore, this free media conversion website is a great way to convert and download nearly any audio or video URL. Therefore, it’s easy for you to download some of your most favorite videos from all over the internet.
What’s interesting about this website is that there are a couple of videos and audio formats in which you can download YouTube videos. You get an option to download things in Mp3, M4A, AAC, MP4, 3GP, AVI, MKV, and a whole lot of other exciting formatting options to choose from. Moreover, it supports many sources like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others so that you can download and watch them easily.
So how do you exactly download a YouTube video with ClipConverter? Follow the steps below.

  1. Search your favorite video on YouTube.
  2. Copy the URL and head towards the ClipConverter website.
  3. There, you will see the URL bar so just copy and paste URL there.
  4. Click on continue and you’ll see a bunch of formate and quality options.

It’s as simple as a cake. For a lot of time, people have been asking, “How to save YouTube videos?”. Well, living in 2019, everything is possible if you have the will to do so. Therefore, using this awesome tool, you can easily download YouTube videos and save them for any purpose you like.

3) SaveFrom

savefrom youtube downloader
We keep talking about the best YouTube video downloader. However, each has a quirk of its own. With this, SaveFrom is one of the best YouTube video downloader I’ve ever seen. So what’s unique about SaveFrom? The most unique aspect of this website is that SaveFrom allows an extension to be installed onto your browser.
This makes things easier and you can download YouTube videos for free and easily. Therefore, SaveFrom is one of our top recommendations if you want to have one of the best Online YouTube downloader for free.
You get a lot of website options to choose from and you can download videos from various sources.
The website itself is simple yet you’ll easily be able to tell that it’s all business when you’re on it. Therefore, it’s a perfectly designed website that you can use to download YouTube videos for free and ease. We will recommend you using the chrome extension as it makes all the things pretty easier to do. Therefore, SaveFrom is a great tool that you can use to have all of your favorite YouTube videos downloaded.
Installing the chrome extension is also easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “Install” button once you reach on the website.
  2. There you’ll see an “Instruction button”.
  3. After that, you’ll be prompted towards meddling monkey extension.
  4. Just install that on the chrome and you’re good to go.

Considering all these cool aspects that this website portrays, SaveFrom is one of the best YouTube downloaders we’ve ever seen.

4) CatchVideo

CatchVideo YouTube downloader
CatchVideo is all about the simplicity and greatness of the features. The website itself is so clean to the point that anyone would prefer this site. As always, there are unique features that this online video downloader gives us and we are going to talk about them.
At first glance, you’ll see a lot of quality options. From 480 to 1080p, the choice is a lot more flexible.
A personal feature that I enjoyed a lot is that you can search for specific keywords right inside the website. Therefore, searching right on the website and not going to surf that video separately on YouTube is kind of convenient. This is why CatchVideo is one of our most favorite YouTube downloaders to this date.
It supports several sources such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and a whole lot of others one that you can just use to save YouTube videos. The best way to download YouTube videos is indeed copy-pasting URLs. But why? Just because of the easy accessibility of the URL that you can search from YouTube. But what if I say that you can easily search within the website too. This makes things transcended to an even further level. So how to download a video from CatchVideo? Just follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the CatchVideo website.
  2. Copy URL or search in the video title.
  3. Wait for some time and you’ll see some options and that’s all.
  4. This is one of the simplest ways to save YouTube videos for your collection.

Considering all these aspects, CatchVideo deserved a lot more than what we are giving to it. It has a great speed of downloading videos, a clean website, and a handful of features. It even has an Android app and you can also install the chrome extension too.

5) Y2Mate

Y2Mate video downloader
Our personal favorite pick of today is Y2Mate. The website is much simpler than others. As a minimalist, I believe that it’s better to use websites that are easily accessible and downloaded with ease. Y2Mate supports a lot of online video sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and a whole lot of others too. Moreover, it also has a lot of formats such as Mp4, Avi, Mkv. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to save videos from YouTube. Y2mate has been our personal favorite tool.
The reason is simple. It’s simple. The only thing that you need to do is to copy the URL of the video that you want to download and just past it into the website.
What’s interesting is that it allow easily downloadable content with little to no time. You can even download audio files if you want for your research purposes. However, one thing to keep in mind is that it’s illegal to use the copyrighted videos unless you have the consent of the creator. There is no download limit to the app so you can just download without any pause. Considering all these aspects, Y2Mate remains my top favorite site to download YouTube videos. Moreover, there’s no registration required and it supports the downloading in all formats there are.

6) VidPaw

VidPaw youtube downloader
VidPaw is more than just a YouTube downloader. It’s more of a community rather than fixated on the “Download-only” approach. The most unique thing about this app is that it has a fully working Android application. One thing that our top picks have in common is that all the websites have something unique in common. Whether it’s downloading from Android or different formats, they are unique.
Therefore, it’s always important to pick the right online YouTube downloader for yourself. The approach should be on a more sophisticated and simpler side rather than complex stuff. VidPaw is a great way to save YouTube videos.
You have a whole community of videos to download YouTube videos. It’s a full-fledged working solution to save YouTube videos. You just have to search the video you desire and let this website work for you.
One of the most unique things about this online video downloader is that it supports up to 8K quality. So you don’t have to worry about the flexibility of this website. Moreover, mp3 quality is all the way up to 320kbps. Therefore, this site is more towards quality rather than simplicity.

7) QDownloader

More specifically known as BitDownloader, this website is just gorgeous. The website is filled with just a lot of features. And talking about the powerful ones. Once you get to the website, you’ll easily be blended in with the beauty of this website.
The website supports more than 800 sources and it is already considered as one of the best online YouTube downloaders in our list of top free YouTuber downloaders. From YouTube to VLive, the flexibility is endless too. The main focus was to make a service that is free to all, yet working.
The service has a chrome extension so that you can easily download your desired videos with ease. However, if you want the traditional method of downloading videos, it’s right here. All these aspects make this website one of the best online YouTube downloaders for free.
Here are the steps to download free videos using QDownloader:

  1. Copy the file’s URL that you want to download.
  2. Go to the website and enter the link into the URL bar.
  3. You will be asked about some priorities and everything will be good to go.

This is one of the top online YouTube downloader that we’ve ever seen. Some other features include cut, merge, and even split videos. Moreover, my personal main feature is that it allows the batch download. Converting Mp4 and Mp3 has never been easier. Therefore, you should consider using this YouTube downloader for free.

8) GetVideo

Another great online video downloader on our list if GetVideo. It is as simple as it gets. The site lets you download YouTube videos from YouTube and Vimeo for free. Therefore, it’s fast and easier now.
Downloading YouTube videos have never been easier ever since the arrival of sites like these. The website offers some of the simplest control you’ll ever need to download a video from the internet.
Moreover, there are a lot of other formats to choose from. Mp4, Flv, WebM, 3gp. Moreover, you also have the option to choose quality options. As of now get Video provides us 480p to UHD quality. That is why this website is the simplest and great to use. So it’s another great online video downloader that you can use to have all of your videos downloaded in one place.
The download process is even simpler. Just follow our guide below to get started.

  1. Search your desired video that you want to have downloaded.
  2. Copy the URL from that website.
  3. Head towards the GetVideo website and past the link in the URL bar there.
  4. Click on download.
  5. It will take some time to load.
  6. You will be asked a lot of couple of downloading options and formatting options to choose from.

And BAM! Just like that, you can download other YouTube videos easily using this awesome tool. All these downloaders will make you download YouTube videos with ease and fast speed. You can choose GetVideo if you are focused on a more simple end.

9) SaveTheVideo

This website is one of the best on our list too. But why exactly? This online YouTube downloader provides lots of unique features that others don’t have. One of them is the application for this app. The website itself is as a cleaner as it gets. With this beauty and powerful features integrated right into the website, SaveTheVideo helps you save YouTube videos in a simple manner.
The site is ideal for downloading high-quality content all the way up to 4K. The website provides lots of features necessary for a YouTube downloader. You have the option to download, Cut, Edit, Merge. All these features make SaveTheVideo, a great online video downloader. It supports more than 1000 sources and you can use this video downloader to save the videos from your desired source. The best thing that I liked about SaveTheVideo is that it has an Android app and a desktop version too.
SaveTheVideo is totally free so you don’t have to pay for a single penny in order to download videos. If you don’t want to download any software, then you have the ability to download YouTube videos from their site. Just copy and paste the URL and you’re good to go. As the website provides a cross-platform service so you can save YouTube videos from any device of your choice.
One of the easiest ways to use the downloader is to replace “” with “”. This will allow you to easily download the app.

10) SaveTube

Coming up last on our list, SaveTube is another great site where you can Download YouTube videos. Last on our list does not mean that the website is back or it lacks features.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s plenty good and working. Our list comprises some of the best online YouTube downloaders that are must-have for you if you want to download YouTube videos from the internet. You can save videos in 1080p, 2k, or even 4k format if you want to go all out. However, you can only download YouTube videos and that’s the only drawback. This doesn’t matter if we talk about our focus today. Moreover, there’s no signing up and stuff like that. You just go to the website, download a lot of videos and there are no limitations. Moreover, this site works great with Android and other devices.
Another new feature that the website team has integrated is that now you can search the videos right from the website itself.
Not just limited to Mp4 but you can also download audio from here. Saving YouTube videos has never been easier before. The process is as simple as it gets. You just have to search for the YouTube video and it starts downloading.

Best Android App to Download YouTube Videos

There are a lot of Android Apps that allow you to Save YouTube videos free of cost. We are going to talk about some of these apps.

1) TubeMate

Tube has been the king of YouTube downloaders since the old days. Our list would be incomplete without this gem. Therefore, it is number one on our list of the best Android YouTube downloaders.
TubeMate includes a lot of interesting features such as pausing and resuming downloads, batch downloading, and it even has a great inbuilt player too. This makes things much easier and interesting for us. Therefore, Tubemate is a great app for Android to save YouTube videos.

2) OG YouTube

Making an app with no ads and a ton of features is difficult. However, OG YouTube has made it possible with their awesome invention. There are a lot of features like Dark mode, background playing, screen minimizing option, and a lot of others.
You will never have to use the original app again as this resembles the original YouTube a lot. You will have to install microG in order to use OG YouTube flawlessly on your device.

3) SnapTube

SnapTube is my personal favorite go-to YouTube downloader to download videos every day. This is due to the simplicity and powerful aspects of this app. You can easily Save YouTube videos without much of a hassle that other apps have.
You can easily download the APK and have the app up and running. A modern and cool looking design, this app has a bunch of useful features. You can download videos by searching right into the app itself. Moreover, it also provides a powerful media player with easy controls and fast downloading ability. Considering all these aspects, SnapTube has been my favorite downloader for a while not.

4) Videoder

We have covered Videoder in detail on our website. The features and easy controls that Videoder provides are just crazy. With a smooth looking user interface and great navigation features, this app deserves to be on our list.
Note:- Download videoder pc version now
The best thing about Videoder is that it creates a download link even if the app is not opened. So again, the navigation part is easier. Probably the saddest part of Videoder is ads. There are ads but if you pay them, they will remove ads. The plugin is available on the Google Play Store. Videodder is a great way to save YouTube videos.

5) VidMate

Another OG app that a lot of users use to Download YouTube videos is VidMate. With powerful features and great controls, VidMate is also a lot of users go-to app to use. Not just limited to YouTube, it supports many other sources to grab videos and download them too. So it’s an all in one package that you need to at least try. You even have the option to play online videos considering the ease it provides.
This is why you should download YouTube videos using VidMate.

Advantage of Downloading YouTube Videos

You get a lot of advantages to downloading YouTube videos. The main one being that you can always watch videos for free without using the internet.
Moreover, saving data would mean that you’ve saved real money. So downloading YouTube videos is a real deal. Saving YouTube videos for collection is kind of cute too. Many people try to make folders and put videos in them so that they can easily make a collection of their videos. After that, whenever they want, they can easily retrieve the videos according to your ease level.
Another thing that most people like to prefer using YouTuber downloaders is that no online likes to search online, the same video that they would listen to, again and again. To avoid this complexity, downloading YouTube videos gives us a bright change to make things easier and better than they already are.


  • Is downloading YouTube videos legal?

This is the question that most people ask. Is downloading YouTube videos legal? The answer to that is no and yes. If you have the consent of the creator of the video, then you are free to download and use their video to your liking. Simple as that, if you don’t have the consent then you’re damaging someone’s property and revenue.

  • Is it safe to save YouTube videos?

These websites are totally virus free and you don’t have to worry about getting your files corrupted. Therefore, saving files from YouTube downloaders is totally safe.

  • Which one is the best website for downloading YouTube videos?

As a personal opinion, OG YouTube is one of the best and my personal recommendations. Due to the fact that it’s relatively similar to the original YouTube app, the controls and everything are simple to use.

  • Why download videos?

For easy retrieval, making collections, or saving data. These aspects are considered as key reasons to download YouTube videos.

  • Will saving videos from YouTube save data?

Yes! It will save a lot of data as you won’t constantly need to play the same video again and again.

  • Can we make a collection downloading YouTube videos?

Downloading various videos and putting them in a folder would ultimately make a collection in your arsenal.


So far, we have comprised the top 10 best Online YouTube downloaders on our list. These are some of the best YT downloader that you can use to have videos downloaded on your computer. Therefore, as of now, you should probably have an idea of which online YouTube downloader you should choose.

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