Download Videoder Software for PC – Best YouTube Downloader

Do you want the best YouTube video downloader for your Pc/Mac? Well, we have got the perfect one for you today. Videoder Pc is a free YouTube video downloader software that you can use to download videos.

This software is available for Windows/Mac/Android. Therefore, downloading videos from YouTube isn’t a problem anymore.
Videoder software is a simple yet intuitive tool that supports over a thousand streaming services. Not just streaming services but Videoder can also download videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Videoder PC

What is Videoder?

The main purpose of Videoder is to download videos from YouTube. The software was specifically designed to download and fetch videos from various streaming and even non-streaming services. Videoder software has an inbuilt browser coupled with a strong ad blocker, so there’s no need to worry about ads too. You will also download youtube to mp3.

There are a handful of features you’ll get by downloading Videoder for pc Some key features include downloading from more than 500 sources, batch videos downloading, 4K downloading support, one of the fastest downloading speeds, album art editor, link detection tool, a lot of theme support, video playlists downloading, in-built browser with awesome ad blocker, quick download tool, night mode, and over 1000+ sites support.

Nowadays the internet is all about watching a lot of videos. However, to watch them in high quality, we need top-level internet too. And if you’re suffering from low internet, you won’t be able to enjoy watching videos. That’s where Videoder Pc comes in. In normal cases, it’s difficult to download videos from YouTube or Facebook. However, Videoder software enables us to download videos with ease and minimum time.

The most surprising fact about Videoder is that it’s free to use and download videos. The PC version is almost 40 MB so it’s a lot. The interface is super clean too.

Features of Videoder PC Software

1) 50+ Video Sources

With the use of Videoder for Pc, you can download videos from over 50 sites. That includes downloading videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VK, Hoot, YouTube, and a whole lot of others. Moreover, the development team is adding newer sources every day. All this is done on the user’s demand.

2) 4K Support

Videoder for Pc has the support to download 4K videos too. 4K quality is something that is a must in the present-day era. People prefer to watch videos in 4K rather than even 1080p now.
The clearer the quality, the better will be your experience. So that you can play videos on UHD devices.

3) Batch Downloading

Videoder mac and Videoder PC allows you to download videos in batch or a Queue. You can just set the videos and download them in one go. Videoder Pc allows you to download even hundreds of videos with just one simple click.

4) Smart Link Detection tool

One of the best features of Videoder is that it can detect links and download them with ease. Just copy the link of any video and you’re good to go. You will see a popup that will allow you to download videos on the go.

5) Quick Download Tool

A quick download tool enables you to download videos easily. For example, when you search for a video, there will be a downloading button available. So you don’t necessarily have to open the video and then download it like some other software.

How to Download Videos using Videoder

Videoder Pc and Videoder Mac have made it easier for us to download videos in a pretty much simple manner. This is because simplicity matters the most. So how to download videos using Videoder? There are multiple ways you can download videos using Videoder.

Using URL

You can downloader videos using the link of any video in Videoder for Pc. All you need to do is to copy the linkURL of a video and past it in Videoder and it’ll auto fetch data and start to download it.

Downloading using Videoder for Pc

Another way to download videos is to search for videos within the app. Videoder Pc provides an excellent service in keeping things simple and fast. Just choose a source and it’ll take you to the website itself. After that, you again got to copy the URL and paste within Videoder for PC. Boom! Your download has started.

Videoder’s Alternative Software

1) Gihisoft TubeGet

Gihisoft TubeGet is a perfect alternative to Videoder. It’s a great way to download videos from YouTube too. Gihisoft supports a lot of online streaming services like YouTube, Vevo, Twitter, Facebook, and a whole lot of others too.
The process is as simple as it gets. You just have to copy the URL, paste it in the software and you’ll be having your video downloaded soon.

2) Freemake Video Downloader

Serving the fans for over 9 years, this software is awesome for downloading YouTube Videos, A perfect alternate to Videoder for PC, Freemake is one of the most reliable.
The software itself is loved by more than 80 Million users. You get a lot of formats to choose from too.

3) YTD Video Downloader

YTD is another alternative for Videoder for Pc. This is because it supports over 50+ download sources and you also have the option to convert the most popular video formats such as mp3, mp4, WMV, Flv, avi, and even 3gp.
It’s simple and easy to use and most importantly, the software itself is free.

4) Kastor All Video Downloader

Kastor makes it possible to watch videos without having to access the internet by downloading the certain video you want to watch. The most interesting thing about Kastor is that it lets you select the output format that you’d like to install the software in. Therefore, it’s a perfect alternative to Videoder Pc.

5) WinX YouTube Downloader

The most unique thing that makes WinX a perfect alternative to Videoder is the fact that you can download videos from over 300+ websites.
What’s more crazy is that it lets you download videos in 8K quality and that ‘s awesome. You can easily download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vevo, and just a whole lot of other websites. There are format options too and you can even downscale your videos. Considering all these aspects of WinX, it becomes one of the best video downloaders to ever hit the planet.


·Is downloading videos from YouTube Illegal?

Yes, downloading any sort of video from YouTube is illegal. Using any type of third-party software is also illegal. However, if you want to download videos, you can always subscribe to YouTube Red. But you will have to pay for the subscription fee. That’s how it works.

·Is Videoder Pc reliable?

Videoder PC is a reliable software that you can use to download videos. It has a lot of features to play with. Moreover, they aren’t selling your data or any privacy stealing is in the app. It’s a straightforward app giving you what you demand.

·Is Videoder difficult to use?

The main focus after usability is simplicity. Videoder for Mac and Videoder for Pc is so simple that everything can be easily understood and the software itself is easy and intuitive. You just copy and paste the link in software, rest is up to the software.

·Is Videoder safe?

Videoder for Pc is safe and not malware. The software itself is reliable. There’s no data leaking or stealing and the virus isn’t even an option.

·How to install Videoder?

Just head to their website and there you will see a lot of options. You can download this software for PC, Mac, and even Android. Just click on download and you’re good to go.


On the final thoughts, if you like to watch videos, then you should keep those videos save on your device. You can use that by downloading Videoder for Pc and Videoder for Mac respectively. Even the Android app is available. It’s a perfect tool to have a collection of HD videos in your arsenal