How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing?

With the advent of modern communication systems, you can transfer messages and multimedia files with just a click. Along with ease and handiness, the latest technology has given rise to many communal issues.
If you are a parent, you must be worried about why your kids are glued to their mobile phones all the time. This is the place where child monitoring applications come in and play an imperative role to save your kids from getting into trouble. 
Hackers and online scammers can easily dodge innocent kids with help by playing online tricks. Children own smart devices at a young age which makes them an easy hunt for online predators. You should be vigilant enough to keep an eye on them 24*7.
Spying applications come up with numerous useful utilities to help you monitor your child’s activities without them knowing it. This guide will be helpful for you to know more about online spying utilities and how to use them effectively.

Spy on Your Kids without them knowing it

You will be glad to know that spying is not a tough job anymore. You can keep an eye on your children whereas they won’t get any clue of all this. You don’t have to reset their mobile phones or crack security codes to spy over them.
Recently introduced spying applications are of great help in spying without informing the kids. All you have to do is download the application and all the later process is entirely automated. Read till the end and you will know the detailed procedure to monitor your kids.

Cocospy, Monitoring your Kids Remotely

Cocospy is a well-reputed and reliable spying utility. To use Cocospy, visit Cocospy website and signup for free to monitor your kids round the clock. Many well-known media channels counting New York Times, CNET, Life wire, and Forbes have rated it as the best monitoring app.

Being used over 190 countries, Cocospy is the top-priority of millions of users when it comes to spying over kids. Its easy-to-use graphical interface could be employed to observe kids without writing hundreds of lines of code or learning any complex programming logic.
The cutting-edge technology of Cocospy is the main reason behind its popularity. You could be anywhere in the world and Cocospy would be your companion in overseeing your kids’ messages. You don’t have to appoint a spy agent as Cocospy will do the job for you.

Built-in Stealth Mode of Cocospy  

Cocospy incorporates stealth technology to monitor my child’s text messages on iPhone as well as Android smartphones. Your kinfolk won’t find any traces of Cocospy on their device. Once installed, the Cocospy logo disappears from the app drawer.
Stealth Technology is programmed to Cocospy so that you can spy on your children without them knowing it. The less than 2MB setup of Cocospy hides automatically and does not stop the processing of other application
How to Monitor your Kids with Cocospy?
Cocospy is not limited to specific operating systems, you can use any device to install it and spy over your family and friends. Follow the below-mentioned procedure to start with Cocospy and begin monitoring your kids without any technical proficiency. 
Step 1: Signup for Free
For new users, it’s a prerequisite to register with Cocospy by filling the online form. Browse the official webpage of Cocospy and hit the Signup button. This will open the signup wizard. Enter your email address, set password and click on the ‘Signup Now’ button.

You can also watch the live demo of how Cocospy works to acquire information remotely. The demonstration video is offered to help the users get basic details about how to use Cocospy.
Step 2: Install Cocospy
Choose the device type of your kids either iOS or Android. For Android mobile phones, install Cocospy by physically accessing them once whereas iOS devices allow remote installation. You can use iCloud credentials for downloading/installing Cocospy remotely.

You can also download the apk of the Cocospy solution on your mobile and send this link to your kids. Access their smart devices and install Cocospy which hardly requires 2 minutes. Afterward, the Cocospy logo vanishes from the installed application thus remains out of sight. 
Step 3: Start Monitoring
Once done, click the Finish button to complete the installation process. Wait a minute and let Cocospy get the required data by synchronizing with the target device. Open the Cocospy dashboard with your login credentials to track your child’s messages remotely. 

You can use any internet-capable device to open a Cocospy dashboard with a web-browser. Plug-ins are not required to use it as Cocospy is supported by all internet browsers and digital devices. 
What else does Cocospy bring for you?
There are more than 35 fully-functional utilities of Cocospy which helps in spying over any digital device. No root/jailbreaking is required when you start using Cocospy to watch over your kids. In addition to reading your kids’ messages remotely with Cocospy, you can: 

  • Check Browser History

Open your web-based Cocospy dashboard and navigate to the web-history tab. This is the place where all the browsed pages will appear. You can check what kind of website your kids view. If they delete their web-browser history, Cocospy will have these URLs in the record.

  • Track Real-time Location

You can track the real-time location of your kids by using Cocospy. The location tracker of Cocospy shows the GPS location of your kids and highlights the recently visited places on Google maps. You can see their current location and nearby areas remotely.

  • Check Social Media Accounts

Cocospy is not limited to spying over iMessages and SMS, but you can also track social media accounts of your kids using Cocospy. You can check their conversations on social networking sites and watch over their recent posts even if they are hidden to your account.

  • Monitor Call Logs

Cocospy helps you to monitor their call history. You can check their saved contacts and favorites list from the Cocospy dashboard. Cocospy also keeps a track of call duration, time and date of call along with contact details.

  • Enable Geo-fence Alerts

You can create a virtual borderline on the map for the target device. If your kids leave or enter the specified boundary, you will get automated messages. This would be helpful to restrict your kids from gong to suspicious areas.

Cocospy is a secure solution for monitoring kids without revealing your identity. The chief motive behind the secret tracking mechanism of Cocospy is to save your kids from any potential risks. You can utilize its useful utilities to keep an eye on your children without them knowing it. You can also track their social networking accounts and preview hidden messages remotely with the help of Cocospy.