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Robot Atlas

Boston Dynamics Robot Atlas: Update and Upgraded

Remember the Boston Dynamics Robot Atlas? Well, the Robot has been upgraded to the next level. With the development team not coming slow, Atlas has been getting better every day. Therefore, the results now are impressive. In the past, we have seen Atlas doing backflips or even run over some obstacles. However, now it is trained to perform some of the most advanced dynamic movements hence making it a parkour robot. With the advanced algorithm

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Best 8GB RAM smartphones in 2020

8GB RAM is a whole lot of memory we’re talking about. There was a time when 8GB was considered as impossible on android smartphones. Well, the impossible is not possible yet again. We have many smartphones that 8GB of RAM in 2020. Moreover, to make things interesting, there are companies that are designing a device with 10 or even 12 GB of RAM too. Let me get one thing straight though. More RAM doesn’t necessarily

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Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android

Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android (Android Best Ai Apps)

Artificial Intelligence is growing day by day. It has become one of the most popular platforms in Computer Science. Talking about personal Ai apps for android, it provides you personal assistance. Therefore, AI has moved towards various parts of the globe. From Robots to handheld devices, AI is simply everywhere. In today’s article, we are going to talk about some of the best Artificial Intelligence apps for Android. So let’s go deep into our topic

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Top Android Root Apps in 2020

Have you recently rooted your Android device and don’t know where to begin? Today, we are going to talk about the Best Android Root Apps that you can use and download easily on your Android smartphone. Root is beneficial for your android smartphone aside from the fact that there’s always a risk of bricking your phone. However, one of the main significance of rooting is access to a ton of rooted Android apps. Also, some

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha: Leaks, Rumors, and Specs

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix series has always been slaying and yet again they did it again. They’ve pushed the boundaries of phone screens and shapes and transcended the level of smartphone build. From their original model that had already kicked the bucket of removing all bezels, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha takes things to a whole other level. Therefore, we are going to talk about everything that you need to know about the ‘Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha‘.

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Best Budget Android Smartwatch

Smartwatches are more than just a gadget showing time for us. They can monitor the user’s health and portray real-time notifications to you. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about checking your smartphone from time to time. This is because these smartwatches will help you. Therefore, the topic today is Best Budget Android Smartwatch. In our modern-day era, we are having more and more technology that is getting smarter and compact in the size overall.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using WooCommerce that you need to know

An online business is essential for every business nowadays. If you’re a business then you need to start an online shop too. Therefore, at toptechytips, we recommend using WooCommerce for your business. WooCommerce is trusted and liked by most professionals in the world of WordPress. You should definitely try WooCommerce if you are going to shift towards a fully digital life. This is because it offers one of the best features and things that you

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Top 10 Android apps for Photo Editing

Android is an awesome platform to test different applications on. There are many photo editing apps available on android. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. Moreover, there are some of the awesome Android apps for photo editing on Android available as of now. However, we are going to talk about the Top 10 Android apps for Photo Editing. This list will incorporate some of the best photo editor apps for

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The 10 Best Free Food & Restaurant WordPress Themes

The old era of exploring restaurants are no more. People prefer looking for restaurants on websites instead of going out and taste them. This is the reason why websites are getting so important nowadays. Therefore, we are going to talk about the best free Food and Restaurant WordPress themes. This is the technological era. This means that mobile phones are the basic necessity of humans. This is the reason why people always try to look

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10 Powerful Plugins That Turn WordPress into an LMS

WordPress is considered as one of the most popular CMS. For those who don’t know, CMS stands for ‘Central Management System’. The market for online learning is increasing more than ever. Therefore, software to help in the building of online learning business is managed by LMS (Learning management system). At some point in the past, LMS was expensive and standalone. However, our modern-day era has changed everything. Nowadays, Lms can fit in any budget possible.

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The 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for Photographers

There was a time when photography was just a hobby for most. However, moving on to the modern-day era, it has become more of a profession. Websites and Social Medias have become an effective way to promote photography as a business. Therefore, we are going to talk about ‘The 15 best free WordPress Themes for Photographers‘. So what are the best photography themes for WordPress? Let’s talk about it. Best Free 15 Photography WordPress Themes

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The 15 Best Free eCommerce Shopping Themes for WordPress

Building an eCommerce website can be tiring. But what’s more tiring is choosing the theme. So, what are the best eCommerce themes for WordPress? We are here to tell you the “15 Best Free eCommerce & Shopping Themes for WordPress”. 15 Best Free eCommerce themes for WordPress All these themes are SEO friendly and support various WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and others that will help you in showcasing and selling your products. Therefore, let’s begin

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landing page theme

The 10 Best Free Landing Page WordPress Themes

The landing page can have a positive impact on your company and sales. Therefore, we are going to talk about the “Top 10 Best Free Landing Page WordPress themes“. The basic concept of a landing page is that it lets the audience focus on one specific product and overall good environment, where reading information is just a breeze. So, when do you need a landing page? When do you need a Landing page? It’s pretty

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The 20 Best Free Personal Blog Themes for WordPress

Are you a personal blogger and using WordPress for your blog? Well, choosing personal blog theme has never been easier. It’s because we are going to help you choose a theme from ‘The 20 Best Free Personal Blog WordPress themes’. Let’s get right into the themes. Top 20 Personal Blog WordPress themes 1. Madd Magazine We’ve talked about Madd Magazine before, and we are going to talk about it now. It a unique yet responsive

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The 15 Best Free Fashion Lifestyle WordPress Themes

Do you own a fashion company or business? Well, you should definitely have a fashion website or blog. However, even after making a blog, design, and the theme is what makes most people confused. Therefore, we are here to solve that problem too. We will talk about the ‘15 Best Free Fashion & Lifestyle WordPress themes‘. Top 15 free Fashion WordPress themes As a fashion blogger, you should choose something fashionable though. Something beautiful and

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