Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android (Android Best Ai Apps)

Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android

Artificial Intelligence is growing day by day. It has become one of the most popular platforms in Computer Science. Talking about personal Ai apps for android, it provides you personal assistance. Therefore, AI has moved towards various parts of the globe. From Robots to handheld devices, AI is simply everywhere. In today’s article, we are … Read more

How to add logging in android studio with examples!

logging in android studio

Android Logging is a must to know every developer we believe. In their development lifecycle, one has to hear “Check the logs” at least for once from others. In fact, checking the logs saves lots of unexpected errors. But First of all, we need a clear concept on it; Logging, log messages, advantages, and disadvantages, … Read more

Android Multithreading Best Practices

Android multithreading

Android multithreading is very useful if you want to create an Android app with very good user experience, but how do you know which technique gonna solve your problem? The default Android SDK provides some tools for asynchronous programming. And the default JVM has its own multithreading environment. We gonna learn and start exploring some … Read more

What is Android Data Binding library?

What is Android Data Binding library

The Data Binding Library is a support library in Android application development which allows binding UI components of the layouts not programmatically rather in a declarative format. Why use the Android Data Binding library? Remove boilerplate code Android Data Binding Library can remove so many lines of boilerplate code. But it may require additional classes … Read more

Learn Android Development with Kotlin

Learn Android Development with Kotlin

Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language with type inference and cross-platform. It can interoperate with Java. It mainly targets the JVM but can compile JavaScript or native code too. This language is sponsored by JetBrains and Google through the Kotlin Foundation. Learn Android Development with Kotlin. Today we will learn Episode:1 and we will continue … Read more