Why Your Modern Web App Cannot Do Without Laravel and React.js

Web application development is evolving to meet the ever-increasing demands of speed and ease of use by consumers as well as  for certain businesses due to the different features they might need for functioning.. The technological developments that have made it possible to meet these demands are Laravel and React.js, and amongst others, these two stand out as they offer numerous advantages to developers and companies alike. This blog details why they are important for your company’s web application development, and touches upon the reasons why outsourcing the process to a web development company is more beneficial.

Laravel and React.js: The Dynamic Duo You Need For Your Modern Web App

Web applications have increasingly taken over the functions people performed offline, dominating the space even in the face of competition from mobile apps. They have adapted to the new environment to better serve their purposes, of which businesses are the biggest beneficiaries. 

But a business whose web application development practice is not on par with the industry standards,won’t be able  to grasp the benefits it has to offer. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people won’t interact with content that renders poorly on their devices. Hence, your company’s web development should be top of the line, with the latest tools and practices applied. 

Out of the many technological tools available for web development, Laravel and React.js stand out due to many reasons. They are most likely to be used whether you hire web developers for in-house development or outsource the development process. These two are found in most websites in the world because they make constructing a website a quick and cost-effective affair. 

This blog explores the reasons for their popularity in depth by detailing each individually. You’ll also learn the advantages of outsourcing the web development process using them instead of doing the work in-house. 

Why Laravel Is Indispensable for Web Development

Laravel is an open-source web application framework written in PHP making it a  very popular web development framework that is used by many developers worldwide. It is important for web development because of its wide range of features, making  it an easy to use tool to create scalable and robust web applications. Below are more details about the reasons your website needs Laravel.

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Easy to Learn and Use

    One of the main reasons why Laravel is important for web development is because it is easy to learn and use. Laravel has a clean and intuitive syntax that makes it easy for developers to understand and work with. The framework also comes with detailed documentation and an active community that provides support and guidance to new users.

    Laravel follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which helps developers to separate the presentation layer from the application logic. This makes it easy to maintain and modify the codebase as the application grows.

    Easy Scalability

    Scalability is an essential factor in web development, and Laravel is designed to be just that. Laravel’s architecture is based on the concept of bundles, which are reusable packages of code that can be added or removed from the application as needed. This allows developers to add new features and functionalities to their applications without affecting the existing codebase.

    Laravel also supports database migrations, which makes it easy to modify the database schema as the application evolves. This feature helps developers to ensure that the application’s data structure remains consistent across different environments.

    High Security

    Security is a critical factor in web development, thus it’s important that you hire Laravel developers as they’re well-versed in security management. Laravel provides several features to help developers build secure web applications. It comes with built-in support for authentication and authorization, which makes it easy to implement user authentication and access control.

    Laravel also supports encryption, which is essential for securing sensitive data such as passwords and credit card information. The framework uses the bcrypt algorithm to encrypt passwords, which is considered one of the most secure encryption algorithms available.


    Testing is an integral part of web development, and Laravel makes it easy to run tests on  web applications. The framework comes with built-in support for unit testing and feature testing, which allows developers to test their code and ensure that it works as expected.

    Laravel’s testing tools are easy to use and come with detailed documentation, this feature helps developers to catch and fix bugs before they become a problem in production.


    Laravel has an expansive and global community of developers who contribute to the framework’s upkeep while also providing support to fellow users.. The community provides a wealth of resources, including documentation, tutorials, and forums, which makes it easy for developers to learn and use the framework.

    The Laravel community also creates and maintains a wide range of packages that extend the framework’s functionality. These packages include everything from authentication and authorization tools to third-party integrations with popular services like Stripe and Twilio.

    The Laravel community is also active in hosting conferences and meetups, which provide developers with the opportunity to learn and connect with other developers. It is also why it is easy to hire Laravel developers in India and other such developing countries; they’ll be on par with the global development standards. This community-driven approach has helped to make Laravel one of the most popular web development frameworks in the market today.

    Why React.js is Necessary For Web Development

    React is a JavaScript library. It was created by Facebook in 2011 to allow developers to build user interfaces using a component-based architecture. This means that developers can create reusable components, which can be combined to create complex user interfaces. 

    React also provides a declarative programming model, which allows developers to describe the desired outcome of a user interface, without having to worry about the underlying implementation details. Below are more reasons React.js development is big in the web development industry. 

    1. Ease Of Handling Complex UI

    One of the major reasons for React’s popularity is its ability to handle complex user interfaces with ease. Traditional web development frameworks like jQuery and vanilla JavaScript can become unwieldy when dealing with large, complex user interfaces. 

    React solves this problem by providing a structured and organized approach to building user interfaces. The component-based architecture makes it easy to break down complex UIs into smaller, more manageable pieces, which can be reused across the application.

    1. High Speed and Smooth Performance

    Another advantage of React is its speed and performance. React’s virtual Document Object Management (DOM) allows it to update the UI efficiently, without having to re-render the entire page. This means that even in applications with a large amount of data or complex interactions, React can maintain high performance and responsiveness. 

    Additionally, because React is just a library and not a full-featured framework, it is lightweight and doesn’t have a significant impact on the overall size and speed of the application.

    1. High Extensibility

    React is also a highly flexible and customizable tool for web development. Because it is a JavaScript library, React.js developers can use it in conjunction with other libraries and tools to build the specific features they need. React can be used with other popular libraries like Redux, React Router, and Axios, and can be integrated with other JavaScript frameworks like Angular and Vue.js.

    1. Large Community

    React also has an active community of developers that is spread globally and in high numbers, similar to Laravel. This means that there are many community-provided resources available for learning and troubleshooting. The React community is constantly creating new tools and libraries that can be used to extend and enhance the capabilities of React, making it an even more powerful tool for web development.

    Finally, React’s popularity and widespread use make it an important tool for web development. Because so many developers use React, there are many job opportunities available for developers with React skills. Also, because React is an open-source library, it is constantly being updated and improved by the community. This means that as web development trends and technologies evolve, React will continue to be a relevant and valuable tool for building dynamic, interactive user interfaces.

    Why Outsource Laravel and React.js Web Development

    You may consider taking the in-house route for web development since Laravel and React web developers are easy to find and there’s a large support structure. But there are other drawbacks to going in-house that make it a costly affair. In contrast, if you hire an external web development company for it, you get the following advantages: 

    • Lower cost of development because of the economy of scale offered by external companies with plenty of developers and projects they work on simultaneously. If you outsource to one in a developing country, then you also get currency exchange value advantages. You also save on not having to hire, maintain, and terminate employees, along with the overheads that come with it. 
    • Your turnaround times will be quick as many developers will work on your project simultaneously, often across time zones. This helps with your time-to-market.
    • You get high security and privacy during and post-development as outsourcing companies are well-versed in enterprise data security and privacy management. 
    • You get instant access to web development experts with the right Laravel and React knowledge and experience to provide the website you need. 
    • You are also provided instant access to the latest technology needed for the project as these companies are always updated with the latest technological tools. 
    • The large number of developers in place makes it easy to scale your projects at a moment’s notice. 


    Websites are not going away anytime soon, compelling businesses to focus on them all the more. There is plenty of scope to enhance them with additional features to keep them relevant and appealing, driving traffic and ultimately, conversions for businesses. Your company too can benefit from this phenomenon with the right website creating Laravel and React.js, which an expert web development company can give you. It will improve your brand image and visibility while helping you build strong customer relationships.