8 Predictions for the Future of 5G and Mobile App Development

5G is the ultimate buzzword in the digital world nowadays. This 5G technology has an enormous impact on the next generation. The connectivity and the features it would bring to the digital arena would have a considerable impact not only on the general users but also on the developers.

According to the GSMA, 5G networks are going to cover almost one-third of the world population. It would start a new era in terms of mobile connectivity. It would impact mobile app development, as well.

This article will explore those different aspects of how 5G will affect mobile app development.

But, before that, let’s get to know about 5G and its relation to mobile app development first.

The evolution of 5G

To understand 5G and the benefits of 5G, one must have to follow the networks who served the digital arena earlier. If we see, those predecessors are 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Each of these networks comes with some specific features.

So let us get to know about these prior networks. It would help us to understand which extra features 5G networks will bring on the table.

  • 1G (Analog)

It was first launched back in the mid-1980s. 1G is the initial stage of wireless communication. In simple words, 1G is the first generation of wireless connection.

It was perfect for simple communication. So in the earlier days, it allowed people to make a simple call between mobile phones.

The data transfer with this network is very less, about 1.9 Kbit per second.

  • 2G (GPRS)

It came after 1G. It was introduced a decade later in 1991.

With the 2G network, the user could enjoy voice calls, text messages, and limited internet connection facilities. The 2G network brought the first-ever digital cellular technology.

The maximum data transfer range of the 2G network is 10 Kbit per second.

  • 3G (UMTS)

3G network came into existence in the year 1998.

This is the third generation of wireless mobile technologies. Actually, this network revolutionized smartphone technologies with all the features it brings on the table. This network, for the first time, allowed smartphone users to make video calls or even send pictures.

The 3G network offers data transfer at the rate of at least 200 Kbit per second and maximum at the rate of 14.7 Mbit/second.

  • 4G (LTE)

It was released back in the year 2008. This is the latest network technology until now.

So 4G is the wireless communication standard that now prevails. It allows users to engage in different data-dependent activities like gaming, video conferencing, 4k video playing, HD live streaming, etc.

The data transfer speed of the 4G is around 60 Mbit per second. Currently, most of the smart devices that we hold are 4G network-friendly.

5G and mobile app development

In terms of speed, 5G has the fastest data transfer rate among all mobile networks. To give a simple example – It would take only three seconds to download an entire movie with the 5G network! Sounds impressive, right?

5G is the fifth generation in full form. It is wireless communication technology, and it supports cellular data networks. Communication through 5G needs to use different communication devices, for example, mobile phones and other mobile devices that support this technology.

5G is an entirely new technology of a new network infrastructure. You cannot count it as a modified version of the 4G. 5G users will get more strong mobile connectivity so they will experience faster data sharing. To be precise, the connectivity speed is most likely to reach 10 Gigabits per second.

So, 5G is a hundred times faster than the existing 4G technology.

Mobile app development means the process of creating software applications for mobile devices. A mobile application usually utilizes a network connection to work or connect with other devices. This is where 5G can play a huge role by providing speedy network connectivity than the other prior networks.

8 Predictions for the Future of 5G and Mobile App Development

Considering all the features of 5G technologies, it would bring massive changes in the way mobile applications are being developed now.

All the tech professionals and tech enthusiasts all around the world are genuinely excited about 5G and the impact it would bring in the digital world.

They are predicting a few things that would change considerably once 5G arrives.

One prediction is that in the coming days, there will be 1.4 billion devices that would be operating on the 5G network. In the mobile app development industry, the entrance of 5G technology will change the usability of the mobile app, and the mechanism behind the development of it.

The beginning of the 5G world will widen the opportunities for mobile app development. It is most likely to let the mobile application developers explore and develop a new platform to create faster, secured, and personalized apps.

Now let us get to know the eight most common predictions of the tech professionals and the enthusiasts for the future of 5G and mobile app development.

Prediction 1: 5G will enable mobile apps to support new features that require high-speed connectivity

5G will come with incredibly high speed and very low latency. So the developers have enormous opportunities to bring the best out of it.

For example, mobile app developers now have more ways to add features and capacities to IoT or the internet of things, virtual reality, or augmented reality apps. It would make it more simple for the mass people and increase the usability of those apps for sure.

It would make people keener to adopt those new technologies. These would otherwise get a particular portion of users who have sound knowledge of technology. So, 5G will contribute a lot to user-retention for these kinds of apps.

In another way, it will have a tremendous impact on the revenue generation of these kinds of apps. The revenue from such apps is expected to increase after the implementation of the 5G.

Prediction 2: It will provide more convenient User-experience

5G technology will offer the next level user-experience to the users. It will come with a clarity of the user-experience like never before.

Try to observe a video or listen to a song using other technologies like 2G, 3G, or 4G networks. After that, it will stream it over the same LTE Network. You would see there will be little or more buffering there.

So, it would make everything much clearer. With 5G technology, there will be no chance of buffering like this. Because of the quickest connectivity, this new 5G network will motivate and enable the developers to offer the best UI experience at that time.

It would lead mobile app development to the next level.

Prediction 3: It would ensure faster file transfer

Even now, so many users find difficulties while transferring necessary files. It becomes more prominent when the file is of a bit big-sized.

Even in the network of 4G, this particular issue is visible. 5G network can be a savior regarding this. It would add a whole new dimension in terms of the development of all file sharing mobile apps.

Some mobile applications are mainly for transferring data like different kinds of files, money, or other transferrable items from one device to another. To build such types of apps, 5G will be no less than a blessing.

5G leverages the bits of the electromagnetic spectrum from radio waves. It will allow the data to transfer faster than ever before.

It would make the users experience 4K videos without any sort of interruption, as there will not be any buffering.

Prediction 4: It would encourage the use of 3D models

5G has vast implications regarding 3D modeling.

After the arrival of 5G, all the mobile apps that are related to creating 3D models and augmented reality (AR) will get the much-needed boost.

The mobile app developers will then start building 5 G-friendly 3D model creation and Augmented Reality apps.

These apps will be able to create the best quality 3D models of different objects. So much mobile can contribute significantly in so many areas like construction, architecture, education, and many more.

Prediction 5: It would contribute to the rise of navigational apps

If you haven’t noticed yet, people are now much more dependent on navigational apps like Google Maps. Over 77% of smartphone users are now regularly using navigation apps daily.

These apps are mostly used to make traveling more manageable.

The introduction of 5G network technology will add more exciting features to the development of such navigational apps. It will ensure very good-quality and uninterrupted communications through such an app.

This way, 5G will have a mention-worthy contribution to the growth of the tourism industry. Any foreign people to a specific country will be able to move freely without any guide this way. It will certainly make traveling more suitable for tourists.

Prediction 6: Increase in connection density

Connection density is an essential term for telecommunication.

So, what is connection density?

Connection density means the ability of a network that supports the successful delivery of multiple messages or emails in a populated area. Connection density differs in different network systems.

Now the most recent network is a 4G network. But this 4G network can support only around 2,000 connected devices per .38 square miles. The average number of per-user is most likely to increase eventually. So naturally, with the increasing number of devices, the support of the 4G network will be inadequate.

The 5G network is the answer to overcome this problem.

5G has the capability of supporting around 1 million connected devices at the same time. IT will make the IoT or the Internet of Things more feasible for people of all ranges.

Prediction 7: It will come with less dependence on the hardware

5G network will ensure the fastest real-time communication among different devices. Through the 5G network, millions of GB of data will be transmitted irrespective of distance without any delay.

As a result of that, most mobile apps will be very less dependent on the hardware that comes along with mobile devices.

It will happen because the 5G network will ensure that the data center’s do all the processing work. In a way, it would make the manufacturing process of mobile devices a lot simpler.

Prediction 8: We’ll see more personalized chatbots

Till now, chatbots cannot replace human in terms of easiness. But, with the implementation of the 5G network, the chatbot experience will be better than before.

With the 5G networks, chatbots will be able to provide a prompt reply to the human in real-time taking advantage of high-speed network and larger dataset.

Wrapping up

To sum up, 5G is the future of mobile connectivity. It will be launched with so many amazing features like the fastest data transfer, higher bandwidth, zero network latency, better usability, and many more.

It will be the ultimate gateway to new opportunities in the mobile application development arena. It is going to be a total game-changer in this field. The changes will benefit the digital world and users without any doubt.

This would be a blessing not only for the mobile app development sector but also it would have a massive impact on general users as well.