What is content://com.android.browser.home/ &How to setup?

What is content com android browser home

Lately, the android phone is a necessity and many people all over the world use this device for communication, browsing, chatting and emailing. If you have ever purchased a smartphone, you often find that the producer has plastered its branding everywhere, even to locking the browser’s homepage to a page with their details on it. … Read more

Tesla Cybertruck Features, Price, Pros and Cons

Tesla Cybertruck Features, (1)

Tesla has launched its new truck called the “Cybertruck”. We have a lot to say about this truck. A lot of people hate Cybertruck, while others love it. The truck is made with hard exterior to protect the passengers from various threats. With an “almost exoskeleton” design, the design itself focuses on the superior strength … Read more

Software for Small Companies – a Competitive Advantage?

Software for Small Companies

Big businesses have a lot of resources that allow them to have the necessary tools to develop their activity and grow faster than their small counterparts. Now, with technological democratization, small and medium enterprises can have better access to technology. Can software for small businesses make them more competitive? How? Technology Democratization and Growth We … Read more