Best 1337x Proxy, Alternative and Mirror Site List

We all love free stuff and 1337x is the ultimate spot on the Internet for digital material at no cost. This website provides books, movies, TV shows, music, smartphone applications, software, games and documentaries for free. Anything that can be shared on the Internet is available on 1337x for free! This website is unique because it even avails content that was released many years ago. Whenever you are downloading material from 1337x, the only factor that you should consider is the number of seeders for each file.

A seeder is a person that has already downloaded that particular file. After doing so, they immediately act as a server for you and make it possible to download the data quicker. The more seeders a file has, the faster you can download it. Due to its ability to provide content in this way, 1337x is considered a torrent site. 1337x was banned from many countries because it allows for new, exclusive movies and music for free. However, you can still access it using a proxy or mirror site. We’ve combed through the Internet and found the best 1337x proxies, alternatives and mirror sites for you.

Best 1337x Proxy/ Mirror sites

The 1337x website was built by a team of unknown computer experts to provide digital material such as applications, software, games, multimedia and books for free. Unfortunately, the website was shut down by law enforcement agencies due to copyright infringement. Thankfully, the 1337x developers survived and with the help of volunteers, they began to create proxy websites that offer users direct access to their real, original database.

Best 1337x Proxy

Also known as mirrors, these websites allow users to enjoy the same services that were available in the original site. You need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access these proxy sites. Here are the official 1337x proxy/ mirror websites that were created by the development team for you:

  • to – Working 1337x Proxy
  • is – 1337x Proxy
  • EU – 1337x Proxy Official
  • st – 1337x Proxy Mirror
  • ws – 1337x Proxy Working
  • se –1337x Proxy / Mirror

To expand accessibility, volunteers have created many other proxies and hidden them behind mirror sites accessible through traditional Universal Resource Locators (URLs). Here are these mirrors and their respective URLs for you:

1337x Proxy / Mirror Website URL     

https://1337×              https://1337×                                                                                           

Here is how you can use a VPN to access 1337x proxy websites

It is necessary to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access these proxies and mirror websites. A VPN masks your original Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is your computer’s identifier while surfing the Internet. Law enforcement investigators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can track you down using your IP address.

Contrary to popular belief, activating a private surfing window in your browser does not hide your IP address. It only prevents the browser from recording your online activity. Therefore, you must use a VPN to access 1337x Proxy.

Seeing as these proxies and mirrors are distributing content in contravention with copyright law, they are only accessible through a VPN. This is for your security as well as that of the 1337x proxy developers. Are you looking to download some content from 1337x proxies or mirror sites? Here is how you can accomplish this.

  1. Download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for free or at a small fee
  2. Having done so, add it to your browser as a plugin and enable it
  • Set it to activate every time that you launch your browser
  1. Restart your browser and navigate to any 1337x proxy or mirror site of your choice

The Best Alternative Websites to 1337x Proxy for you

The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

This is one of the most amazing and reliable torrent downloading websites on the World Wide Web (www). Also equipped with its own proxies and mirror sites, this website provides movies, TV episodes, music, software, games, publications and much more at no cost at all. Millions of people log into the Pirate Bay to download content. This torrent website provides users with lightning-fast download speeds so you can acquire a lot of multimedia content for free. This website also facilitates seeding to enhance the download capacity further. It is a fantastic alternative to 1337x.

KickAss Torrents

KickAss Torrents

This is another shining alternative to 1337x where you can get videos, movies, cartoon, software and smart device apps for free. KickAss Torrents allows you to download these digital media through a user-friendly interface. It enables seeding and can be accessed through any type of Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. For universal access, KickAss Torrents also contains proxies and mirror sites as well. In this way, it proves to be an excellent alternative to 1337x Proxy.

Torrent Downloads

Accessible by navigating to, this is another fantastic site for downloading free videos, music, games, applications or books. This alternative for 1337x Proxy is highly notable because it contains an immersive database of content for any category imaginable. Like all other torrent download centers, this site is protected using proxies and mirror sites. As such, you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to view its content.


We can’t mention free downloads without including Torrentz2. This is an alternative site to 1337x because it provides direct access to movies, music albums, TV shows, publications and much more at no cost. By visiting on your browser, you’re able to gain access to a sophisticated search engine for other torrent tracking sites. By providing results from hundreds of locations, Torrentz2 proves to be one of the most potent and capable free download websites today.

How can you download content from 1337x Proxy?

From the first impression, you can observe that it is very easy to download material from 1337x Proxy. Follow these instructions to accomplish this objective and enjoy free entertainment:

  • The first step is to download Bittorrent. This application is freely available in its home page of As you download it, make sure to pick a version that is compatible with your computer system. Once the download is complete, install the software in your computer. During the installation process is complete, specify that it should be integrated with your browser of choice. This is very important for seamless downloads from 1337x Proxy.
  • Start up your Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is a protective measure that masks your computer smartphone or tablet’s IP address. Doing so prevents you from being tracked by an employer, Internet Provider or law enforcement. Make sure that your VPN is active by identifying your local IP address using a terminal, discovering your proxy address using an online lookup service and then comparing the two. If they are different, you can proceed to the next step.
  • Startup your browser for example Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. For maximum security, initiate a private browsing session so that your cookies and surfing history are deleted when you shut down the browser after the download session is over. While doing so, make sure that the download feature is active in the single window too!
  • Insert in the address bar of your browser and press Enter
  • The website will open up promptly and the first thing you will notice is a long search bar
  • Proceed to type in the content that you desire to download for example movies, games, books, documentaries, music, pictures or software apps. Once you have typed this in, press Enter. It is important to note that the website also provides some active links containing descriptive labels that enable you to gain direct access to this multimedia content for rapid download.
  • Some search results will emerge underneath the search bar in a long list of links. These point to copies of the file that you are searching for. Each link will contain a description that provides the name, size and seed characteristics of the file. With that in mind, proceed to click on any link that you desire.
  • After you have done that, a new page will open up and provide a further description of the file as well as a magnet icon. Click on this icon to begin downloading.
  • A dialog box will pop up in the page that contains two options; open Bittorrent and cancel
  • Click on the option that is labeled open Bittorrent so that it automatically activates the Bit Torrent apication that you installed earlier. The application will start up and when it does, simply tap on OK for the download to continue smoothly.
  • After the download is complete, you will be able to view your file in the downloads folder.

The Bit Torrents software allows you to pause, delete, seed and resume downloads. This software also enables you to determine the exact folder where you would like your downloads to be saved. It is fully equipped with features that guarantee effective operations when interacting with 1337x Proxy.

Benefits of using 1337x Proxy

Free entertainment content

The most significant benefit of using 1337x Proxy is the free multimedia content that you receive. This excellent web repository contains free movies, TV episodes, software, music, documentaries, mobile applications, operating systems, books, magazines and so much more for free! The website is even equipped with a built-in search engine that receives your request and crawls through millions of files to find exactly what you are seeking.

The content is always updated so you can expect to get the most recent version of anything that you are searching for. In this way, you can get the latest movies, series or music right here in 1337x. It is the central location on the Internet for free stuff making it an authority of all matters to do with entertainment.

Secure access

The material that is contained inside 1337x regularly flaunts copyright law but is beneficial to millions of users across the world. As such, the site requires you to use VPNs to mask your IP address. This protects you from being tracked by internet providers or law enforcement. In doing so, 1337x Proxy is protected too. Furthermore, this fantastic treasure trove of entertainment also uses proxy sites that provide multiple, hidden methods of direct access. In these ways, this website implements secure access that protects you, its developers and contributors at the same time.

Seeding capability

Upon downloading some content from 1337x Proxy, you can choose to seed it. This enables you to contribute your processing capability to the site so as to make it easier for others to download the same content. Figuratively, your computer becomes a remote server. Seeding is a unique, collaborative effort that participants of 1337x Proxy perform so as to speed up downloads in this website. This interconnection uses the P2P network infrastructure to make the system work. It is an innovative concept that makes data sharing much faster and easier to perform.

Mirror sites

Initially, 1337x Proxy faced the challenge of individuality that made it susceptible to threats such as law enforcement. In its original form, it had a single website and a single database. Therefore, an early attempt to take the website down was marginally successful and made it near impossible for users to gain access. Upon recovery, the developers created dozens of mirror sites that provided multiple ways to access the site. These mirror sites have unique URLs pointing to distinct proxies so if one mirror site goes down, there are many others to take over. It is an ingenious framework that guarantees direct access to the files contained within 1337x Proxy.

Torrent integration

The 1337x website works collaboratively with Bit Torrents. To download any file from 1337x, you need to use the torrent software. As a result, 1337x is often referred to as a torrent website by its users. This integration allows you to download content quickly with the push of a magnet icon. It also empowers you to pause or speed up downloading speeds according to your preference. Through this partnership of 1337x Proxy site and torrent software, you receive an excellent user experience!

How 1337x evolved into a file-sharing success after its original takedown

In just a few years, the popularity of torrent file-sharing websites grew like wildfire across the Internet. Users learned of high-quality free download websites such as 1337x and began to source for music, movies, TV shows, software and much more on this website. The best feature was that they could get the latest content regardless of the copyright laws that governed these files.

Visitors surged from thousands to millions every single day! 1337x was gradually enhanced to provide a better user experience and it eventually became the leader in free content. After its meteoric rise, a group of disgruntled media executives made a request to the FBI that this site be shut down and in 2016, that’s precisely what happened.

The 1337x developers survived the crackdown, evolved and restarted their effort so as to provide the version we enjoy today. This is just the highlight of the story behind 1337x Proxy but the real reason behind the existence of this fantastic website begins much earlier. We will take you down memory lane to discover what prompted the torrent industry and how 1337x fits into this high-tech web of online file-sharing freedom.

The untimely demise of Megaupload and the rise of a new file sharing industry

The rise of Megaupload

In the early years of the new Millennium from 2005 to 2012, the leading website for free-content was The site was owned by a Hong Kong-based company known as Megaupload Ltd whose official mission was to deliver services that were related to the viewing and storage of files. was owned by legendary computer genius and activist, Kim Dot Com. He was assisted by financial guru Finn Batato to provide free file sharing services across the world.

Megaupload hit the scene with a bang! It was the first website to innovate the idea of P2P file-sharing where every computer connected to the network acted as a server contributing processing power and bandwidth to help in quicker downloads for users. Thus began the idea of seeding and it was marvelous because you could download huge files in seconds! Kim DotCom and his staff of 155 professionals had created a computing phenomenon that would take the Internet by storm!

Viewership grew from a few hundred to 50 million viewers every single day! Through its popularity, attracted 4% of Internet users on a regular basis. It had 180 million active members and was once the 13th most popular website on the World Wide Web (www). Kim Dot Com even provided special software known as Mega Manager to help the users in uploading or downloading content.

This small but sophisticated software contained a link checker and some options to manage any files that were uploaded. This little software also enabled users to interact with the Megaupload online controller box. It was the inspiration for the modern-day Torrents download tool. generated an income of 175 million Hong Kong dollars and transformed Kim Dot Com and his co-founders into millionaires. They became heroes of free content and enjoyed a grand following online.


In January of 2011, an article titled “Traffic Report: Online Piracy and Counterfeiting” was published by Mark Monitor. The report indicated that Megaupload, Megavideo and Rapidshare were the top 3 websites used for digital piracy because they collectively received up to 21 billion visits on an annual basis. It was the beginning of the end. Despite fervent denial by Kim Dot Com and his lawyers, Megaupload began getting blocked around the world because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) did not want to be associated with a potential copyright infringement investigation.

Malaysian ISPs blocked on 9th June 2011 and the following month, this website was blocked in India. On 19th January of 2012, federal prosecutors from the state of Virginia shut down and concurrently filed a lawsuit against Kim Dot Com and his staff. The lawsuit cited breach of copyright infringement regulations as the main accusation.

The website was shut down immediately and the United States Department of Justice sought these founders as criminals. The following day, Hong Kong Customs froze assets that exceeded 300 million Hong Kong dollars. By this time, Kim Dot Com had fled to New Zealand and leased a $30 million dollar mansion for him and his team in Auckland City out of the legal reach of US investigators.

Despite this, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) requested that Kim Dot Com and his counterparts be extradited to USA under the charges of money laundering and racketeering. The New Zealand Police complied and on 20th January 2012, he was arrested and charged in a New Zealand court. 3 years later on 23rd December, Kim Dot Com and his compatriots were extradited to the USA to face charges on copyright infringement charges. While his freedom was lost, Kim Dot Com inspired a new wave of file sharing sites and a culture of Internet freedom previously unheard of.

KickAss Torrents

After was shut down, KickAss Torrents took over. This was another file sharing site that utilized the same P2P network model previously used by Kim Dot Com. However, KickAss Torrents improved upon it by applying elements such as a built-in search engine as well as a brand new file upload and download management software simply known as Torrents.

The developers of KickAss Torrents remain anonymous and are not known to anyone. They are highly innovative and were able to create the idea of mirror sites that maintain operations even if the main website is shut down. The original mirror site for KickAss Torrents was simply known as Torrentz. It provided an alternative for users in case ISPs were forced by law enforcement to shut down or throttle the bandwidth for the original site. KickAss Torrents survived from 2012 to 2019 when it was gradually replaced by the high-tech file sharing site.

What makes so effective?

Numerous characteristics make 1337x Proxy website so effective in delivering file sharing services while avoiding the inconvenience of being shut down by enforcement. This file sharing site has survived many swoops to take it down and it is still active while growing even more powerful. After in-depth research, we have found that these characteristics include:

VPN access is encouraged

The users of 1337x are always encouraged to use VPN protection when trying to access this file sharing site. By following this instruction, the users avoid getting tracked by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or authorities. A VPN masks your IP address so as to protect your identity, location and online activity. Users are consistently encouraged by 1337x to use a free or paid VPN service when accessing this online file repository. This protects the identity of the users as well as that of the site’s developers.

Dozens of mirror sites

A mirror site provides access to a database when the original site is down or inaccessible. It is like a digital back door that you can use when the front door is closed. 1337x has dozens of mirror sites that provide its users with access in case the leading site is down. Should the leading site be taken down by authorities, the mirror sites can provide direct access to users. We have provided the links to these mirror sites above for you. This way, you know how to access 1337x in case its main URL of is not working. This backup strategy is one of the characteristics that makes 1337x so reliable.

Developer anonymity

Up to today, nobody knows the developers of 1337x and that’s how they like it. By staying anonymous, these developers can remain active without law enforcement finding out their identity. The biggest problem that Kim Dot Com experienced was knowledge of his character by the authorities because it eventually caused his downfall. The innovative engineers behind 1337x are not taking any chances so they remain anonymous. While they regularly post developments within the website, they never sign off using their names and do not indicate their addresses.

Integration with Torrents software

Borrowing a leaf from Kim Dot Com’s Megaupload software, 1337x also implement the Torrents software to help users in downloading or uploading content. The software is available for free from the official Torrents website and links with in a seamless way. This boosts convenience for the users and guarantees the supremacy of 1337x as a file sharing website.

No publicly available information

This is another trick that 1337x has utilized to stay anonymous and in operation. Their website is not registered under a company name and it’s developers are unknown. The website host is not mentioned and there’s no public information about the site on the Internet. This maintains a veil of secrecy around its foundation and keeps the website in operation.

Some excellent Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to access 1337x proxy

There are many types of VPN software that you can use to gain access to the 1337x file sharing website. Some require payment while others are entirely free. We have compiled some highly effective VPN software that you can utilize for this purpose:


This is the best VPN that you can use to gain access to NordVPN is packed with very advanced facilities that can bypass any digital geographical blocks to provide direct access to 1337x Proxy from anywhere in the world. This VPN is so powerful that it even works in strict countries such as China.

NordVPN supports Torrent downloads by providing high speed servers operating on the P2P network architecture. This VPN performs active ad-blocking, provides double VPN, delivers Onion Over VPN and even enables Double VPN capability.

This VPN is perfect for accessing 1337x because it does not limit your bandwidth in any way. It provides you with high bandwidth for seamless downloads. It also secures your connection using 256-bit encryption, active malware protection and an emergency kill switch. While using this VPN, you can enjoy total anonymity because it operates outside the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance.

Some excellent Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to access 1337x proxy

NordVPN is compatible with all primary computer and smart device operating systems so you can install it in yours and proceed to visit securely. Such protection comes at a price and NordVPN is quite affordable. As a matter of fact, you get a one-month money back guarantee!


If you desire to download a vast amount of data from 1337x Proxy, then you should utilize ProtonVPN. This excellent VPN provides unlimited data access at no cost whatsoever! The VPN has no advertisements and is very easy to use. Its free version is also instrumental because it allows you to utilize servers located in Japan, the United States of America and the Netherlands. It is fitted with a unique feature known as the Autoconnect that immediately links you up with the nearest, fastest server available. In this way, your private Internet surfing experience is very convenient.

ProtonVPN operates from Switzerland so your information is secured using stringent Swiss privacy laws. According to these regulations, your Internet access activity cannot be logged by the company or shared with any third party, including law enforcement. By using its free servers, you can bypass geographical blocks and censorship. In this way, ProtonVPN is an ideal VPN to use for accessing 1337x Proxy and downloading content on demand. This software is compatible with all major operating systems.

Windscribe VPN

An outstanding VPN that you can use for downloading content from 1337x Proxy is Windscribe. It is specially suited for multimedia surfing, streaming or download. This VPN has an intuitive, easy user interface. It also provides you with 10GB of free data every month to use for downloading content. As a result, it is ideally suited for getting movies, music and software from 1337x Proxy.

You can rest assured that your information is adequately protected while using Windscribe VPN because it employs AES encryption for all connections. The free version of this VPN provides servers distributed across 10 countries making it easier for you to create secure connections with

The company implements a no-log policy so all your information is protected and cannot be shared with any third parties. It also employs technologies such as port forwarding and split tunneling to increase your operational speeds further. Windscribe VPN is compatible with all types of operating systems and can be installed on smart devices as well as computers. Its premium paid version provides access to hundreds of servers resulting in faster connections.

Hotspot Shield

The most torrent-friendly VPN you can use is Hotspot Shield because it provides 15GB of free data on a monthly basis. This excellent VPN has an auto-connect feature that automatically links you up to the fastest server that is available at the moment. It also has a user-centered interface which you can manipulate to provide digital protection while navigating to

A great feature of Hotspot Shield is the P2P network support which helps you to recover your file downloads in case a connection fails abruptly. The tech wizards in the back end respond to support queries very quickly and provide the assistance you require in minutes. This VPN is compatible with all types of smartphone and computer operating systems. Its free version includes access to the USA-based virtual location while the paid one delivers connections to more than 3,200 servers across 70 different countries.

With a new and self-explanatory name, the VPN is an excellent way to mask your IP address and connect to This digital masking system gives you 10GB of data at no cost every month. It has freely accessible servers in four different geographical locations including Canada, the Netherlands, US West and US East. The VPN employs powerful encryption and there are numerous protocols available to you. provides high connection speeds so that your downloads and uploads are lightning-fast. It also includes ad-blocking and split-tunneling services. Through, you can log into 1337x Proxy and download any content you desire  This VPN is torrent-friendly so your activity occurs without a hitch.


The 1337x website is the most ideal online center of free multimedia content. Here, you can download music, movies, TV episodes, smartphone apps, computer software, games, books, documentaries and reports for free. is built upon successful P2P network architecture displayed by earlier sharing sites such as and KickAss Torrents. Its developers are adept, careful and always alert so they provide the mirrors and proxies that we have described for you above. If you are searching for some free entertainment, let 1337x Proxy be your one-stop-shop!