How to Hack Someone Phone with Just Their Phone Number

Advances in technology have made it possible to hack someone’s phone using only their phone number. There are many reasons why you would want to gain remote access into someone’s phone without their knowledge. You may be a parent concerned about the behavior or activities of your teenage child. You may also be worried that your partner is cheating on you. Furthermore, you may be a boss suspecting that a specific employee is giving away company secrets to the competition. These are valid reasons you may want to hack someone’s phone with just their phone number. We have described a variety of methods that you can use to this effect below for you.

Purpose-built hacking software

There are unique types of software that have been built to make it possible for you to hack into someone’s phone. They can penetrate a smartphone or tablet from a distance and reveal the contents. Two of the best ones in the industry include Spyic and Spier. Here is how to use them to hack a smartphone with just the phone number.


Spyic is a powerful, trusted, and reputable digital tool for hacking into smartphones. It has an intuitive interface that you can use to penetrate a smartphone with just the phone number. In addition to that, Spyic has a collection of rich features that can monitor the target device remotely. Millions of people from 190 countries around the world use Spyic to hack into target smartphones. As a result, it is often featured in hacking forums, magazines, and reviews. The software is only 2MB in size, so it is very light on handset resources, so the target device will not run slower.



It is Cloud-based

Spyic is Cloud-based, and this means that you won’t need to install it in the target smartphone before you begin hacking. It can hack both Android and iOS smart devices with just the phone number. As such, it is a powerful software tool for remote hacking into devices.

Message tracking

After hacking a smartphone, Spyic can be used to track all incoming and outgoing messages. The software provides you with a dashboard to watch the messaging activity in the target device. In this way, you can track SMS contents, emails, Whatsapp messages, and all Instant Messaging (IM) apps too! By using this feature of Spyic, you can find out if an employee is sharing company secrets.

Social media spying

Spyic can help you to keep track of all social media activity in your target’s smartphone. Through this software, you can observe Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram posts and messages. It can even penetrate Whatsapp stories for your viewing pleasure. Through this feature, you can find out if your partner is cheating on yous.

Call tracking

You can keep track of a target smartphone’s phone call activity using the Spyic software tool. All the incoming and outgoing calls can be revealed to you through an intuitive dashboard. Along with this, it can disclose caller ID details, record conversations, and call duration information. Through this facility, you can find out who your kids are talking to and what they are up to.

Location tracking

A powerful feature of Spyic is that it can identify the location of your target smartphone by keeping track of the Global Positioning System (GPS) details. By providing you with a live 3D map, the software enables you to see every location where the target goes. Spyic also adds timestamps so you can track their movement on a minute by minute basis.

How to use Spyic

  • To utilize Spyic, make a free account on their official website.
  • Proceed to select the type of smartphone that you want to hack
  • If you want to hack an Android smartphone, select the Spyic app version for this operating system, and download it. Proceed to install it on the target smartphone.
  • If you want to hack an Apple iOS smartphone, acquire your target’s iCloud credentials and enter them into the online Spyic dashboard.
  • Having completed these steps, you can now use Spyic to hack a smartphone with just a phone number.


Already well-established, Spyier is a software that you can use to hack a smartphone with just the phone number. It utilizes smart and reliable algorithms to penetrate any smartphone type from a distance and discover all the contents. Spyier is considered one of the best hacking software because it can operate without jailbreak the target device. Moreover, it is significant on Android and iOS devices as well. You can enjoy maximum efficiency when using this tool because it can operate online through a web browser. Essentially, you can view the hacking progress from anywhere around the globe through a dedicated browser.


Features of Spyier

The engineers behind Spyier consistently seek to provide high quality and reliability when hacking into smartphones. The software operates smoothly with no complications so that you can enjoy its features with no lag. Here is what Spyier has to offer:

Phone call tracking

Tracking phone calls is one of the core abilities of the Spyier software tool. You can explore your target device’s call logs and even identify whether they are incoming or outgoing calls. The software tool also shows you the duration of every call through revealing time stamps.

Tracking the location of the target device

Spyier uses a combination of Wi-Fi and GPS to identify the target smartphone’s exact location wherever it is around the world. By providing this feature, you can keep an accurate track of your target. The tool furnishes you with great detail through 3D street view and lives coordinates throughout the tracking session. As such, it is ideal for parents looking to monitor their children.

Message spying

A popular feature of Spyier is spying on messages in the hacked device. Through this facility, you can view every SMS message’s contents and follow the conversations they are having. It is even better to view deleted messages, so this facility is excellent for finding out if your spouse is cheating on you. Spyier can reveal regular text messages, iMessage, Whatsapp conversations, and email messages too!

App activity

With this hacking software, you can penetrate a target device using just the phone number and view all the installed applications. The tool shows you the most popularly used apps using accurate time stamps. In addition to that, it shows you what apps have been installed or uninstalled in the recent past.

Stealth mode

Did you know that your target will never know that you are hacking them using Spyier? That’s because the software has a dedicated Stealth Mode which hides the activity within. It will not show up in the Running Apps list or the Task Manager because it is completely invisible!

How to use Spyier to hack into a remote device

  • Using your browser, visit the official Spyier website and sign up by providing your email and a password.
  • Select the type of smartphone that you want to hack by picking between Android and iOS
  • If you want to hack into an Android smartphone, you need to install it into the target device. On the other hand, if you’re going to hack an Apple iOS device, there’s no installation necessary because all you need is their iCloud details.
  • Allow the Spyier system to verify the specific details of the Android or iOS device that you selected. Follow the instructions provided in the on-screen wizard until you complete the registration procedure.
  • Once you’re done with the setup procedure, open up a web browser and sign in to your Spyier account to begin hacking your target smartphone.

Using Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a powerful hacking platform that you can use to hack someone’s phone with just their phone number. Here is how to use this pen testing operating system to penetrate a target device running the Android operating system:

  • Startup Kali Linux and open up a terminal.
  • Use this terminal to construct a Trojan apk file.
  • Open up a brand new terminal as the Trojan apk file is being generated.
  • Activate Metasploit by typing “msfconsole.”
  • Create a listener with multi-handler exploitation capability by entering “use exploit/multi/handler.”
  • Establish a reverse payload by entering “set playload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp”
  • Set the Local Host to LHOST
  • Activate the remote listener hack by typing “exploit.”
  • Transfer the Trojan apk into the target Android device and begin receiving data remotely.


Hollywood movies have made the process of hacking into smartphones very popular, and you can now do it in the comfort of your home. We have reviewed some powerful software that can perform remote penetration into any device you want. Maximizing efficiency, they can reveal the contents of your target device through a web browser. Follow our guidelines above to hack someone’s phone with just their number!