Top 10 Best Upcoming Smartphone in 2020

With 2020 just around the corner. It has got us thinking, what smartphones will the year brings for us. We are all excited about the latest upcoming smartphones. Each year, companies like Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei seems to do something different.
To see that different thing, we tend to get excited every year. But first of all, let’s talk about things to consider before buying a smartphone in 2020.

Things to consider before buying a smartphone in 2020

The world is getting advanced every day. That is how technology shifts it shape too. In the smartphone sector of our world, things have gotten crazy. The specifications of smartphones have changed and it will change as time passes.
Before buying a smartphone in 2020, you should check the following specs:

1. Processor

The processor is the main power-generating chip for a smartphone. In the current era, power is required at a larger scale. Without a powerful smartphone, your phone won’t even run simple apps such as Instagram.
Mid-range smartphones from companies like Infinix are providing great smartphones with 6 GB RAM but they do lack the processing speed. This is how they cut the cost but that cost proves to be fatal once a game is played.
There are great smartphone processors out there but in 2020, you should look for a smartphone with Snapdragon 865. It will be top of the line processor for smartphones in 2020. Smartphones like Oneplus, Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo will use this processor in their own smartphones.
We will see the trend of 865 in many upcoming smartphones in 2020.

2. RAM

RAM stores data temporarily and gives it back when needed. That is how multitasking works for any device nowadays. Let’s suppose you’ve opened Facebook and then you jump to Instagram and then it’s PUBG.
If you have a smartphone with low gigs of RAM, it will definitely reload or even lag. So, RAM plays an important role in the overall build of a phone. For the 2020’s standard, I’d say that you should buy a smartphone with at least 6GB RAM and onwards.
With so many heavy apps and games coming out, it will come in handy sooner or later. Oneplus has already launched smartphones with more than 8GB RAM. Similarly, the latest Note 10 Plus from Samsung comes with a whopping 12 GB of RAM.
This trend will continue to unfurl in new upcoming mobiles.


No one wants a device with 720p resolution in 2020. For that particular reason, we have put this on the list of must-have. The DIsplay should always be bright and charming. Even companies like Apple has moved towards OLED screens because they know how much of a significance it has.
For 2020, consider buying a phone with an OLED display. No matter what you say, OLED panels are just superior as the colors are awesome and it saves battery too.  Many big companies like Oneplus and Apple found that OLED is superior technology and it should be implemented in their phones.

Which features you should focus on 2020?

Enough of the hardware side of things, now let’s talk about the features that you should focus on a smartphone in 2020. One of the features (not quite) is to look for a camera with triple or even quad lens. This will increase your overall experience giving phones better photographic skills.
On the other hand, you should look for a phone with a good skin on top of Android. This one is kind of necessary. As some companies are ruining Android’s experience by giving us bad software optimization and overall the themes are trash, this has got us thinking that stock Android is good after all.
For new upcoming smartphones, you should look at the build quality too. It’s also a feature of phones. Over the years, we have seen variations in large amounts. Hence, something with glass at back will work just fine.
It’s time to talk about actual phones and their specifications. These are the latest upcoming mobiles in 2020.

Google Pixel 5

One of the most awaited mobiles is Google Pixel 5. Well, sure there was a lot of things wrong with the Google Pixel 4 but we hope to see that Pixel 5 will bring a lot of innovative stuff on the table.
As this review is solely based on the speculation, these aren’t the final words. It more of a “What we want to see” rather than the actual thing. So the most in need upgrade would be its camera. Even with the secondary camera lens on the Pixel 4, let’s be real, it sucked. Hence, Google should keep in mind this blunder and include a wide-angle lens too.
This is what we hope to see the most. Moreover, the storage upgrade is also in need. We hope to see up to 512 GB model in 2020. Another department where Pixel 4 suffered was the battery life. We expect Pixel 5 to have a great battery performance. However, the battery on Pixel 4 and 4 XL was too unreliable and it made people angry.
Another improvement can be made in the RAM. Pixel 4 had 6 GB of RAM which is not quite bad. But considering that manufacturers like Samsung jumped on the 12 GB scale, we can expect Google to do the same or even go beyond that.
There’s also rumors saying that it could support 5G technology. That is why it’s a highly awaited upcoming mobile in 2020.

Apple iPhone 12

The name “Apple” is enough for the reference. Apple iPhone 12 would be revolutionary. We expect to see a highly improved design next year. Just like the iPhone 11, it could bring something new for us.
There are a lot of leaks and rumors for the iPhone 12. However, the news that we have been hearing is that it will feature a 3D camera. The technology is said to be laser-based. This can be a big step up in terms of the Augmented Reality side of things.
In addition to the camera, it’s expected that the iPhone 12 will have a 120 Hz display. Companies like Samsung already have 90 Hz but Apple always takes things to the max level. It’s also expected that the notch on iPhone 12 will be much smaller compared to the old models.
And another leak says that the iPhone 12 will have an under-display fingerprint scanner. This is rather big news. 5G is also said to be supported on the new iPhone. Overall, the device is going to change Apple’s ecosystem. Imagine a device with 3D camera and 120Hz display. Competitors better step up their game or they will just lose this fight.
iPhone 12 is a highly awaited upcoming mobile of 2020.

One Plus 8 & 8Pro

The device that is tech enthusiast’s favorite. OnePlus is going to go all out in 2020. The device will have a punch hole camera on the display. And what’s most surprising is that it will be pretty small compared to some other devices (definitely not Samsung).
On the front, it will feature a corning gorilla glass 6 and back will feature a gorilla glass 5. With an aluminum frame, it looks just so premium. Another great feature will be the 90 Hz display. With such fluid framerates, gaming will be awesome on the device.
As One Plus tends to launch their devices first, it will be featuring a 855+ processor by snapdragon. Now, it does mean that the performance won’t be like some of the upcoming mobiles in 2020. Additionally, the device will feature a triple rear-facing camera and the main one being a 48 Mp shooter.
The display on the device will be huge. 6.65 inches display will look awesome with such a nicer panel. But all this is just rumored so we should final all the functions that I’ve mentioned. That’s how leaks and rumors work.
With all these nice specifications, OnePlus is a highly awaited upcoming smartphone of 2020.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 (5G and In-Display Camera)

Just like always, Xioami focused on the design for this one. This crazy smartphone right here has a lot of cool stuff going on. Everything is superb and we are loving this device. But hold on, it still hasn’t released.
The initial leaks were fake but this time, we are hoping that they are not fake but the device is said to have an in-display camera. Our first reaction? WOAH. It will support 5G and it will have the In-Display camera. Who wouldn’t like that? The world has been going crazy and crazy considering this new innovation.
The concept of “Just Screen” is going to be fulfilled soon and we just can’t wait for it. But here’s the fun part. It has two inbuilt cameras.  For the camera, it is supposed to have a 108 MP camera. Should I even say anything anymore? Well, with 45W fast charging, this is just something I must get.
My personal most awaited smartphone for 2020 is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 itself. It is getting quite a lot of attention with these specs and we can expect a lot more when it finally lands . It will be one of the best smartphones in 2020.

Red Hydrogen Two

Despite the failure of its first smartphone, Red was almost on the verge of launching another smartphone but they actually cancelled the whole thing. This is because the company’s founder Jim Jannard is having some health issues.
Hence, the founder decided to abandon this project. Red One had a great camera that was announced in 2017. But to see the whole project is canceled. Red One has also had its price cut off to $645 which seems to be a pretty nice deal.
Hoping for the best health of the founder, we pray for the company.

Samsung Galaxy S11

After the success of S10 and S10+, we are all waiting for this beast. A lot of leaks have already started showing that the company’s smartphone is the S11. The first leak showed that it had a big camera array on the back.
It will have a 6.9-inch display (Not a joke :)) with 120 Hz Display. The larger screen makes more space to put better cameras with advanced functionality. But here’s the fun part. Looking at the leaks, it showed that there are 5 cameras. But the latest leak showed that there wasn’t the fifth camera all alone.
It’s has a four-camera setup (Confirmed) with an LED flash on the rear mountain. The design is of course inspired by Apple and I don’t know whether I should be happy or this means war.
The camera housing is 2mm outside the device and it was necessary to make cameras better. Most probably, it’s going to use a 108 MP camera, telephoto, and an ultrawide camera. Also, there is no headphone jack in this device.
The final word about the S11 are that it would be a game-changer in terms of the whole technology word itself. The phone has a lot of cool stuff going on that everyone would love to see. We would still have to wait for 2020.

Huawei Mate 10 (Folding Phone)

Gimmick or revolution? Mate 10 is a folding smartphone. Now, we can experience multimedia in a more appropriate manner. Or maybe not so? Simply put, the era of foldable smartphones is here. Ready to be launched in 2020, we can expect this device to be revolutionary.
The device is supposed to launch with a price tag of whopping $2000+. Foldable smartphones have the tendency to totally be a game-changer in terms of technology. The device has a 6.6 Inches display when it’s not folded and 8-inch display when it’s opened. It will feature 5G connectivity and the device will have 4,500 MaH battery.
With triple rear cameras, there is no room for anything less. It doesn’t make the device compromise in any specific area. And it is going to be pretty expensive. However, there’s one downside of this device. It might never come in U.S due to the government-company tussle.
But considering this device is a bomb, there might be some exceptions? This is the revolutionary tech that is essential to turn the smartphone industry upside down. However, companies would still need to master the crafts of this technology. It might as well be the best smartphone of 2020.
This list contains best upcoming smartphones in 2020. Considering that, Mate X will be one of the best smartphones in 2020.

Oppo Realme 6

Oppo has been going crazy with the price list. Their older devices such as the Realme 3, and 5 are just absolute budget kings. We all know that the model 6 will come to take back budget king throne.
However, the expected price will increase a little bit. We cannot really confirm what will it be but it is going to exceed that of the older devices. This time, it will feature five cameras on the back. This Penta cam will provide a lot of features in-camera department and now I can already see why the price will be higher than other models.
It will come with the Snapdragon 710 model which is a drawback. They should’ve upgraded the camera but for the budget range, it’s still quite good. The camera’s details are still not so clear but it will be a hit no matter what we think. The front-facing camera would be 32 MP and the device will have a 128 gig base model. This is going to turn the whole thing upside down.
For other budget competitors, they would have to think about how to beat Realme as they are just so deep in the budget-oriented market. This has got us intrigued about the new upcoming mobile phones.

Turing Smartphone

More specifically, HubblePhone. This device is ART! It screams the name “Future”. The style is something that no one can actually cheat as of now. The phone comes from Turing space company. And as the company is rather innovative, their innovations are shown in this device.
The device is called HubblePhone and it has three displays. But why? We will get into it soon. The phone will cost a whole ton of money. About the screen, the company calls it the “multidimensional screen”. It is a foldable smartphone but there are some weird things. Being multidimensional means that it can be folded into any direction you want.
That’s where the name comes from. It’s really hard to explain it in words but once the real footage is released, we will be able to see what sort of innovation there is to the device. The dual-screen will be great for multitasking and this device will be one of the most awaited latest upcoming smartphones in 2020.

Oppo Find X2 

This device will come in 2020 with the Snapdragon 865 processor. With 12 GB of RAM, Oppo now knows how to tackle the modern smartphone industry. It will come with the AMOLED display with 369 Dpi. You will be amazed to see the design when it comes out.
Oppo is always slaying in the camera department and here we will have a triple camera setup on the back and a single punch-hole camera on that is 25 MP, on the front. It will come with a Face Unlock and is supposed to be secure and work fast.
Coming with 3900 MaH battery, we have some mixed feelings. Many smartphones have gone up to 5000 MaH so it’s kind of a drawback for this device. The VOOC charging will also be improved on this one and overall speaking, this device is one of the best smartphones in 2020.
We will have to wait sometime for its release but I hope that waiting would be worth it.

Final Overview

2020 is going to have smartphones that will change how the whole industry works. All of the devices mentioned above have something unique. Something that differs them from other and current smartphones.
These are the best smartphones in 2020 and so far, we have covered the latest upcoming smartphones. While nothing is quite confirmed, rest assured, everything will be close to what we’ve been mentioning about.