Best 27 Inch Monitors Under $200 to $300 for 2020

Nowadays, monitors come in all shapes and sizes. Especially if you talk about monitors for Pc or even personal use. In this article, we will talk about the best 27 inches monitor you can find to this date.
Going back into the past, there wasn’t much of a choice for buying monitors. But fast forward to 2020, we can have a lot of choices now.

Why 27” monitor is best?

The answer to this question is that “IT DEPENDS”. Not everyone would like a 27-inch monitor but for a person like me, it lies on the sweet spot. But why is that? Well, 27 inches is the optimal and appropriate size if you’re doing what I do.
For example, I do a lot of gaming on PC and in my opinion, these monitors just get the job done for me. I can easily play my favorite title with such a rich and bright display. Moreover, for media consumption, most people would prefer something huge but still, this size is perfect if you’re going to be watching alone.

Of course, for the party and stuff, it’s not the ideal size but for a solo person like me, 27 inches monitors are again a sweet spot. The list that we are going to be portraying you will incorporate the Top 27 inches monitors under 300 and Top 27 inches monitors under 200.

Things to consider before buying a monitor for 2020

There are several things that you need to consider before buying a monitor. These things are as follows.

  • Size
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Resolution
  • Input

Now let’s talk about each one step by step.


Talking in a general sense. Size matters. Some people prefer bigger monitors and some don’t. For gamers, it’s better to always choose an optimal size that you can easily reach too. It improves playability and accessibility.
That is exactly why 27 inches is the most suitable size for most gamers. It’s nothing too crazy and not even that short. That is why we should always look for size while buying a monitor first.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio means the ratio between height and weight. We already see that most of the modern monitors come with 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio. This aspect ratio is chosen when you want to play widescreen games.
It will work great when you’re playing games like CS GO or some high spec games like GTA San Andreas. The extra space gives a lot of productivity even when you’re doing tasks like editing. For video editors, the wider aspect ratio is a dream. Hence, aspect ratio matters while choosing a monitor.


The resolution incorporates the pixels on the screen. Normally, it contains the horizontal and vertical numbers of pixels. If you’re buying a wide monitor, make sure to buy a 2k or even 4k monitor. That will be best suited for a wider 27-inch display.
Therefore, the resolution is an important part of buying a monitor in a general sense.


The older monitor used the VGA cable that is pretty outdated today. Even our PCs today don’t have cable anymore. Talk about laptops? Nope. Not present. That is why input choice matters. You should always buy the monitor with HDMI port.
As newer hardware support an HDMI port, it’s easy to connect various devices with each other. For example, you can connect your personal laptop with a monitor. Your PC with a monitor and it’s as simple as that.

How to choose the 27 inches Monitor?

Choosing a monitor in 2020 has become even easier. You just need to follow as per your own requirements. It is always better to choose a good company you want to invest your money in. It’s pretty important as you’re buying something that you’re going to be using in the long term.
Companies like LG and Samsung are our first priority as they make the best monitors no matter which size. Specifically, LG has made its reputation as the best LCD manufacturer. This is because they focus on quality rather than quantity.
Moreover, resolution and size should always be looked forward to when you’re buying a monitor. Let’s talk about some of the best monitors we have in the industry today.

Acer G6 G276HL

One of our most recommended monitors on the list is Acer G6. With such an awesome 1080p display and fluid screen, it is by far our most favorite monitor on the list. The craziness doesn’t stop here though. It has a price tag of just under $200 USD making it one of the Best 27 inches monitors on our list.


Features and Details

The main focus of this monitor is the 1080p resolution and screen. With 1920x1080p resolution, you can expect your media consumption to be over the top. It has such a bright and beautiful display that you will find to be quite charming.

Gaming is pretty much set on this monitor too, making it one of the best 27-inch IPS monitor on our list today. It also supports both VGA and DVI ports that is essential for modern-day compatibility. Even if you’re from the stone age, you can use VGA for compatibility.
Another really cool feature in this monitor is 6ms response time. If you’re mirroring something or just playing plain games, you can expect the reaction time to be responsive. This is essential in a monitor. Aside from a not-so-modern design, everything is mine with this device. It has a great screen, good colors, and the response time is something that everyone will fall for.


  • DVI Port
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Nice Colors


  • No HDMI port
  • Mediocre Design


Being one of the best 27 monitors 2020, this monitor is rock solid. A great screen with DVI and VGA port. Moreover, the price tag is such a sweet spot for a monitor like this. The only thing that this monitor doesn’t have is a nice design.

ASUS PB278Q 27

Another awesome monitor on the list is this one. However, it has something that far exceeds the first one. This Asus 27 inch monitor comes with a QHD display. This means that it will have a resolution of 2560×1440. Everything on this monitor is great. That is why it’s among Top 27 inches monitors under 300.


Features and Details

The main focus of this one is the screen of course. Coming with a Quad HD panel of 2560x1440p, this device is not coming slow. With a price tag of less than 300 USD, you can expect a lot of things going on.

The colors and viewing angles are 100% accurate as they claim. Moreover, it comes with Asus eye care that is responsible for a flicker-free experience. This will decrease the fatigue level that gets your eye when you consume too much media.
It supports HDMI, DVI, and Display port. So there are literally no compromises when it comes to compatibility. However, if you talk about old laptops or PC, there is no VGA port. This is a plus point but not really at the same time.

Their main slogan for this device is that what you see is what you get. That is how this monitor for best suited for content creators and even games can take benefit from it.


  • DVI Port
  • HDMI Port
  • Nice Colors
  • QHD display


  • No VGA
  • Thick Bezels


While you have a great QHD display, there is still one compromise. That is the design. You don’t essentially get a good design if we talk about the overall build. It would’ve been better if there was a metallic and polished design. But still, for less than 300 USD, you get one of the best 27 inches IPS monitors.

BenQ 27 Inch 75 Hz

Good news for gamers, this monitor supports up to 75 Hz with 1080p support. Being one of the best monitors on our list, this has a lot of cool aspects. The main one is that it will provide a fluid gaming experience. Moreover, with 1080p resolution and 27 Inches size, an absolutely charming display.


Features and Details

Probably the main reason for this monitor to be on our list is that it contains 75 Hz with 1ms for gaming. With no latency, you can kill them terrorists in Cs Go matches with one flicking headshots. Moreover, the 1080p screen with boosted and beautiful colors will give you one of the best gaming experiences in this screen size.

What’s better is the price. With the price of just $229 USD, it is among Top 27 inches monitors under 300. This is quite surprising though. I’m talking about all these awesome aspects of an LCD this cheap.

When it comes to connectivity, this monitor is no slouch. With D-Sub, DVI, HDMI, and even headphone jack, gamers and content creators will love it. There are some modes too. For example, for reading, there’s the reading mode and there’s an eco mode too. Overall, it’s one of the best 27-inch monitors on the list.


  • DVI Port, D-Sub Port
  • HDMI Port
  • Nice Colors
  • 75 Hz display
  • Headphone jack


  • No VGA


This device has a lot of things going on. The first one being it’s an awesome display. Secondly, the design itself is pretty good too. It has a great display if you want to game or create content on. With various modes, you can turn on what you’re feeling like. Considering all these plus points it’s a great monitor to buy in 2020.

Dell Ultrasharp QHD 27 Inch

The first thing that comes out of the mouth is that “It’s beautiful”. It is almost all screen with no bezels. Perfect screen with the perfect build quality and perfect material, this monitor is just stunning. Moreover, it’s also QHD which means that it will be great for media consumption and gaming.


Features and Details

The main focus of this one is the shape and overall build. It is made with premium material and it’s almost all screen. Dell hasn’t just named it ultrasharp but it actually is ultrasharp. One of the best 27 Inches displays you’ll find on our list.

However, it exceeds the price tag of 300 USD but it was still worth mentioning. With infinity-edge bezels and IPS display coupled with the QHD screen, you will be able to watch high-quality videos that will look absolutely charming. You will get almost twice the amount of quality that you get on a regular 1080p screen.

If you buy it, you will also get a 3-year warranty from Dell too. It would’ve been cooler if the device supported more than 60 Hertz as it’s locked on the 60 Hertz. The colors on Dell ultrasharp are also vibrant and true to life. So the experience overall makes it one of the best 27-inch monitor 2020.


  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Awesome colors
  • Best Design


  • Regular 60 Hz


This monitor is the dream of a content creator. With overall aesthetics set for a creator, this big display with almost no bezels is just right for editing. Moreover, the resolution comes on the sweet spot too. So if you’re thinking of buying this monitor, it’s a great choice for under 400 USD budget range.

Acer Bid 27 Inch

This is for the budget-oriented users. If you don’t really want to spend that much money on an LCD, then Acer Bid can be your next monitor. With just 214 USD price tag, it’s not that much for a 1080p panel to be honest. With the response rate of 4ms second, it’s not half bad. It an ultra-thin LCD that you can use and adjust per your demand.


Features and Details

The Asus Bid contains a 1080p resolution with a great budget price tag. One of the main things that we liked about this monitor is the flexibility. It comes with all types of input. VGA, HDMI, DVI? Checked. Moreover, it’s super thin compared to most LCDs in the budget and it also has a 1080p resolution that will suit gamers and content creators. The brightness measured in nits is 250 which is not quite but if you’re doing your stuff inside, it’s all set. The standby power it takes is 450mW.

Overall a nice design with the creator’s aesthetics, you can expect a lot more from this display. Considering all these aspects, Acer Bid makes it to the list of Top 27 inches monitors under 200. However, if you talk about extensive gaming, this might not be the best choice but considering a great price that you’re getting in this deal, it’s still worth it.


  • A good price
  • 4 ms response time
  • Flexibility in terms of input


  • Regular 60 Hz
  • Not ideal for gaming.


With an overall great price, you’re also getting good hardware. It’s an ultra-thin display that you can adjust while using. The 1080p screen makes the experience better and 4ms latency is quite impressive too. It’s not the most impressive gaming LCD but it gets the job done.

LG 27 Inch

LG is known for making the best monitors. Well, this one is no exception either. The first 4K model on our list is this device. Well, this one is also suitable for gaming and it has a price tag of a little more than 300 USD.


Features and Details

The main focus of this LCD is that it is a 4K UHD display. It comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160p. A great feature that this LCD has is that it can be converted into vertical too. So if you want to browse something like a big list of music, you can do that with this monitor.
The device itself is suited for gaming and you can achieve so much as a gamer using this LCD. Moreover, you do get the Freesync feature too. Freesync essentially avoids tearing and shattering. Providing a better gaming experience, fps games like Cs Go, PUBG, and others will run just fine.

It has a color-accurate display allowing you to consume multimedia in a more appropriate manner. LG’s displays are mostly color accurate with high resolution. The device comes with just around a little more than 300$ so if you can afford that much, it’s the best in this range.


  • 4K panel
  • Ideal for Gaming


  • Not budget-friendly


This device is hands down, the absolute beast and great in this budget range. Gaming, content creation, and overall experience is great. Moreover, 4k will allow you to watch videos with no quality compromises. My personal favorite device on this list is this one too. It is the best 27-inch 4k monitor on our list.

Samsung IT 27 Inch

Another brand that rivals LG is  Samsung itself. It is a curved 27 Inch LCD display with that comes with no absolute compromises and it’s pretty much budget-friendly too. With Freesync at disposal, you will be able to play games with a stutter-free experience.


Features and Details

The main focus of this LCD is its curved display. It’s a 27-inch LCD that comes with built-in speakers too. It has a stylish design with Freesync technology. Just like the LG model above, it has freesync too. Freesync allows you to play games without any tearing and shattering of pixels in between.

With the curved display, playing games will be easy. It has a powerful 5 Watt speakers that you can use while consuming media. Of course, you can also add external speakers but the stock one works great too. The typical power consumption is 36 watt.
Eye saver mode is also present here. It limits the amount of blue light coming out. Hence, it won’t damage your eyes and you can use it at night or during the daytime too. For gaming and media consumption, this one is ideal too.


  • Curved Display
  • Ideal for Gaming and Media consumption
  • Budget-Friendly


Talking about the device overall, it’s a great monitor. With that curved display, you can expect a smooth media consumption experience.  The built-in speakers can really boost up your experience in terms of taking your whole experience to the next level.

Dell UltraSharp 2715H

Solely focusing on the dual monitor functionality, this monitor brings a lot more for us on the table. It has some improved features compared to the previous models. With increased productivity, you will find your workflow to go even easier.

Dell-Ultrasharp-QHD-27-Inch (1)

Features and Details

This ultrasharp model monitor is a QHD display with 16:9 aspect ratio. With such a thin bezel, the design isn’t compromised and the overall look and feel of this monitor are just great. It contains the anti-glare display so you won’t be having your own reflection when you’re looking on the screen.

You can pivot it to 90 degrees both clockwise and anti-clockwise. While we are talking about how great this product is, it’s worth mentioning that it comes with a price tag of over 300 USD and that’s no budget for a monitor.


  • QHD screen
  • Good for content creation


  • Not budget-friendly


This Dell UltraSharp is a unique product especially when we talk about productivity. It has one of the best designs on our list and fully adjustable design. With the anti-glare screen, you will find it easy to create content and consume media even when you’re sitting in the lightroom.

Philips Frameless Monitor

Philips, with its great monitor, shook us with such a budget-oriented price. It’s a full HD IPS panel with Freesync technology. It’s just crazy to think that a monitor like this exists in such a low budget range. It comes under top 27 inches monitors under 300.


Features and Details

The panel is a Full HD IPS display with Freesync technology. With 4 years of replacement warranty, you get an awesome monitor. The design itself emphasizes the viewer and for YouTubers and gamers, it’s pretty ideal too.

It has great viewing angles and bright colors. With FreeSync technology, gaming won’t be laggy and there will be no shattering or stuttering either. It has all sorts of input options too. For example, DVI, VGA, HDMI, you can easily slab on every type of device you want with it.
With 75 Hz display, gaming is such a breeze. With the price tag of $150 USD, anyone can easily afford it. It’s totally a bang for the buck.


  • Good for content creation
  • Great price tag


  • Mediocre Screen


It is one of the best 27 inches monitors when we talk about budget-friendly LCD. It’s not one of the brightest or best displays. But it surely is great if we talk about the price, it is surely a great one. Hence, Philips is a nice option if we talk about the price.

Final Overview

We have incorporated Top 27 inches monitors under 300 that you can buy as of 2020. Our top favorite is the LG model and Samsung one too. That is because the display has a 4K resolution that is nice for literally any type of media consumption.