Ceramic Hob – Easy to Clean, But Will it Suit My Kitchen?

Ceramic stovetops are simple to clean because they feature a flat, smooth surface that is simple to reach. For simpler access, several of the models in the PnP ceramic hob lineup come with a “Point and Twist” control. A replaceable magnetic dial is used to operate the hob. The surface is easy to clean once the magnetic dial has been removed. This aids in maintaining clean, organized ceramic hobs for a tidy kitchen.

PnP ceramic hobs come in five different finishes: stainless steel, black trim, white trim, brown trim, and frameless. In general, ceramic hobs may be purchased alone or mixed with different hob kinds depending on what is best for a particular home. While a gas hob may sometimes be more efficient than a ceramic cooktop and is preferred by many, it is less aesthetically pleasing and more difficult to clean.

There are six different series of PnP ceramic hobs available, with features ranging from the most basic in the Series 1 range to the most advanced in the Series 6 range, making them ideal for more seasoned cooks and chefs. A four zone, 80 cm wide ceramic cooktop, the Series 6 Extra Wide Ceramic Hob T1683. The four cooking zones feature their own LED display, LED timer with a switch off function, and are Quicklight so a meal may be started right away. Three of the four zones are dual zones, and one is extensible.

Ceramic Hob Features A Memory Feature And A Timer

Moreover, this ceramic hob features a memory feature and a timer, albeit not all models in the series have one. The Series 6 hob’s child safety lock and safety cutout feature are meant to alleviate parents’ anxieties in homes with young children. Most modern ceramic hobs include front controls, making them simpler to operate if you are left-handed or have trouble reaching them. The front of the hob is where you’ll find all of the ceramic touch controls.

With a Piezo sensitive touch control and a 2004 Red Dot International Design Award for product design, this Series 6 PnP ceramic hob is one of the best in the industry. Every year, approximately forty different nations submit submissions to the Red Dot Design Awards.

The PnP ceramic hob units have the drawback of being specifically designed to look like and work like PnP ovens. There are new frameless types for a streamlined look as well as color-trimmed ones that may be ordered to complement other PnP appliances. In addition, PnP creates versions of its ranges that seamlessly mix in with worktops or ovens that have oval knobs to match. If you already own a PnP oven and other PnP appliances, this is excellent. But, if you just want to replace the hob, it is less advantageous. The frameless PnP ceramic hob, however, would complement almost any kitchen design and blend in with the majority of kitchen equipment that is already there.