Download Movie Maker For Windows 7,8 & 10

The Windows Movie maker is a popular basic video editing software that has built-in windows XP. Windows XP has gone, but the movie maker software is still alive on his excellent performance. This fantastic software lets you combine individual movie clips into a continuous live stream film. By providing some simple controls and easily understood tools, Movie Maker for Windows empowers you to create professional digital movies. This software enables you to insert a soundtrack, voice-over recording, transitions, anti-shake, titles, and any music of your choice. Together, these facilities make Movie Maker for Windows an excellent free tool that you can use to perform digital video editing in the comfort of your home! If you are interested in the art of motion pictures, we’ve got a comprehensive guide on how to download movie maker for windows 7,8 & 10.

How to Download Movie Maker for Windows

There are two main ways to attain the Movie Maker for Windows software;

Download it directly from the Microsoft website

  1. To access the software using this method, you need to visit the official Microsoft Windows website and navigate to the download section.
  2. Perform a search for Essentials. This is the way to get Movie Maker for Windows because it is bundled within the Essentials package. Hence, it is necessary to download the entire package.
  3. During the download process, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to pick the operating system version which you desire. At this point, you can pick from Windows, 7, 8, or 10. Choose your operating system and activate the download so that it proceeds until completion.
  4. The software will arrive in your computer’s download folder as an exe file.
  5. Double click on this file to activate a wizard that helps you to accomplish the installation process.

Download it from a third party software site

Numerous third-party software websites contain immense collections of digital tools, including Movie Maker for Windows. You can interact with these sites by only performing a search for this software on Google. Sift through the results to pick a software site and navigate to its download page. Once there, follow the instructions provided to download and install Movie Maker for Windows.

The Characteristics of Movie Maker for Windows

Its interface

A winning feature of Movie Maker is its user-friendly interface that enables you to activate a project without much hassle intuitively. Once you load some footage into the software, it is split into frames that appear like a long thumbnail. The first frame has proper contrast while the rest gradually fade out to create a timeline. You can also activate an option to reveal the timeline’s audio waveform underneath so you can identify the loud and the quiet parts of the footage.

Download Movie Maker For Windows 7,8 & 10

By using a cursor insertion point, you can trim the timeline to edit your movie gradually. A preview of your work is exhibited in a display within the left plane of your window. It helps you to see what you’re getting right and allows you to correct your errors as well! Movie Maker for Windows also grants you three dedicated editing controls, including play, pause, and a button to skip one frame back or forth.

File importation and organization

Adding a file into Movie Maker for Windows is as easy as clicking on a distinct button labeled “Click here to browse for videos and photos” in the main timeline window section. Clicking it opens your computer’s Pictures library because that’s where multimedia footage files are stored by default once they are transferred from the camera. If your footage is still in your smartphone or camera, click on the File tab and choose the option labeled “Import from Device” to retrieve it.


Movie Maker for Windows makes editing effortless thanks to AutoMovie Themes. Some examples of these include Cinematic, Pan, Contemporary, Default, Black & White, Fade, Sepia, and Zoom. Clicking on one of these options automatically activates a preset filter that’s applied across the entire length of your footage. Using these themes also adds a title screen with an introduction, some transitions and credits as well! Some other editing features available to you include Trim, Split, Stabilization, Speed Up and Slow Motion.

One-touch fixes

There are common errors that occur when recording footage, for example, lighting and color imbalance. With Movie Maker for Windows, you can fix these errors with a single touch! The software is equipped with an error-correction facility that identifies mistakes and smoothens them over for you. In addition to enhancing picture quality, the one-touch fixes can also correct footage orientation for example, if you record using an upright smartphone.

Fancy effects

Another fantastic feature of Movie Maker for Windows is that it contains a collection of impressive fancy effects that you can use to make your film more artistic. Some examples include warp, 360 spin, pixelate, fades, dissolve, shatters, reveals, curls, patterns, wipes, and sweeps as well. For visual engagement, the software presents effects such as threshold, posterize, blur, and edge detection that add a great touch of creative appeal to your film!

Audio control

Motion pictures are never complete without a soundtrack and Movie Maker for Windows has a big button in the home screen specially designed for the addition of music. Through this feature, you can add WMA, MP3, WAV, M4A, AIF, and OGG files to the film. The feature also gives you an opportunity to source for audio from online sources. Also, you can further customize the soundtrack using some Music Tools for volume control, fade in, fade out as well as the start and endpoints.

Saving and sharing

Having completed the editing procedure in Movie Maker for Windows, you can save the finished project by tapping on a dedicated save button. Furthermore, the software provides options through which you can share the film on social media platforms with a single click. It is the power of Movie Maker for Windows in bringing your original content to a mass audience.


If you want to try your hand at film editing with a handy, user-friendly software, look no further than Movie Maker for Windows! It is easy to download and you can get versions for Windows 7, 8 and 10. It provides you with a collection of features that assist in editing, production and sharing your movie. We’ve explored how to download this great tool and explained its features. Now you’re ready to bring out your inner director and create your first movie!