Top 15 Freelance Websites – Best Remote Job Websites For Newbie

Freelancing is beautiful. You can earn without having to go to your workplace. The beauty of freelancing is that you learn while you earn. Whether you’re looking for a way to earn money without having to go to your job. There are tons of freelance or remote job websites. Moreover, even if you want to earn money in your free time, freelancing is the right path for you.
According to the 2019 study, 56.7 million Americans joined freelancing. Moreover, the rates are still increasing dramatically. The same study showed that around 70% of those freelancers had the idea to make it a full-time freelancing job. Therefore, making it a long-term career for their ease.
Moreover, the growth is increasing every day due to communication technologies and there are tons of freelance websites we see nowadays. These websites have the role of a communication bridge between freelancers and clients. However, all these websites are becoming confusions and people are confused about where to start freelancing.
Therefore, today in our article, we are going to talk all about these freelancing websites. Which websites are the best for freelancing? Now, if you’re looking for some side projects and you have no idea where to begin. Then you might want to check out these websites below.

Top Freelance Websites 2020

My list is solely dependent on popularity, the number of projects, reliability, and ranking by Alexa. Therefore, sit tight and enjoy our article of today.

1. Fiverr 

Fiverr is by far the best and our most recommended website. It is a best remote platform. Fiverr focuses more on creative people and their skills. People will programming and technology sections. However, writers, animators, programmers, and designers might have difficulty in finding side gigs. This is quite a competitive platform.
There are many beginners. The one with persistence and skills will win. The competition is quite much. Therefore, rates are usually low due to the competition. Moreover, Fiverr is quite easy and safe to use. The reliability is one thing that Fiverr is most popular about. Moreover, you can get payments quickly as soon as your client is satisfied. The Alexa ranking of Fiverr is 222.

2. Upwork

Upwork is another popular online remote job platform. The popularity due to its wide range of projects available. There are countless jobs available for any skill there is. writers, programmers, SEO experts, project managers, and marketing experts, everyone can work on Upwork. Moreover, the interface itself is easy to understand and simple to use.
One thing to notice is that the fee is higher than other platforms. The professionals can use this platform to earn similar to realistic rates. They can find better payments and customers. The reliability is one of the main factors Upwork is very popular for. This is because it’s pretty difficult to get into the platform. So there is little to no room for spams. The Alexa Ranking is 351 for Upwork.

3. Envato Studio

Envato Studio
Envato is home to professionality. If you are a web designer, programmer or developer then the Envato Studio platform offers many jobs for freelancing with various companies all over the world.
They have created a talent hub for companies. Envato is more focused on skills an people with skills. Therefore, they prefer people will good skills and who can deliver things on time with impressive quality. The Alexa Ranking rating is 627.

4. Freelancer


This is one of the oldest and reliable freelance websites you can find till this date. It’s mostly known as There was a time that Freelancer was top in its game. Moreover, they still provide a wide range of work opportunities for freelancers.
Furthermore, they even let you improve your skills in contests that are done by the platform itself or maybe by customers. This is a good way to gain some new skills as a beginner. You can also stand right into the spotlight if you have great skills.
It works with biddings. Therefore, most people will do bidding on projects and the clients will choose them. The Alexa rating is 907.

5. 99designs

99designs is all about designing. It is the best place for a freelance designers. As the says, 99deisngs is a freelance website for designing jobs. Therefore, it includes logos, website design, covers, and other designing jobs.
You can do the job in direct collaboration with your customers. Moreover, you also have the option to take part in an open contest. Therefore, everyone can have a chance even if they don’t have much of an experience. The Alexa rating is 4178 for 99designs.

6. PeopleperHour

As the name says, Peopleperhour provides the freelancers to get paid only on an hourly basis. They also have a fixed-rate of all projects. It is mostly related to website related projects. If you’re a web developer or designer or even an SEO specialist then you might want to test our PeopleperHour. Moreover, it’s a good website for the freelance job.

7. Toptal

Toptal has its own criteria for working. They say that they have the world’s most talented freelancers. This is because they do a lot of testing on their freelancers. To keep up their promise, they look forward to each new profile to make sure that if they’re worthy of this job or now. Therefore, this is how Toptal works.
If you are a higher professional in web development, software, designing, finance or marketing. Toptal is a must for you. You should definitely try Toptal.

8. Guru

Guru itself is designed to help professionals in finding best customers and freelancers. It is one of the best freelance websites you can avail right now. Freelancers have even access to their dashboard where everything is organized in a good manner. Moreover, the platform is automated meaning that it matches your skills to give you recommended jobs. This is pretty good.

9. FlexJobs


The main purpose of designing FlexJobs was to make it appealing for freelancers. Therefore, scam is not an option here. They are very careful in scams. Flexjobs offers almost all the opportunities of jobs in like. It isn’t just limited to computer or marketing but there are a whole bunch of jobs to choose from. It is an amazing and flexible website to earn some extra cash.

10. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit made it possible for even handymen to finding freelancing projects to increase their cask. Therefore, you have the right to set rates and choose work to your liking. You can do it whenever you’re available for the job. It’s simple yet powerful for a wide range of people.

11. DesignCrowd

As the name suggests, it’s a freelance website for designers. You’ll see designers everywhere. It lets you work for customers or even enroll in the contest. Therefore, you can submit your existential work, more like a portfolio. So people can see your style and art and even bit on them.

12. Freelance Writing Gigs

There are countless freelance writers nowadays. It can be very difficult to find a well-paid job on any platform. But Freelance Writing Gigs has changed the whole thing. It searches all sorts of writing jobs and gives you opportunities from all across platforms.
Therefore, you just need to decide on the job you want to decide on and it’ll reduce the time and give you great job opportunities. If you want to start your work quickly without having to wait much. Then Freelance Writing Gigs is for you.

13. Kolabtree

This special freelance website allows scientists, researchers, and academics to find some side jobs. Therefore, the competition is just too much. The freelancers who enroll on this platform are usually Ph.D. or other professionals who offer jobs such as writing or data analysis. Therefore, it’s ideal for the best professionals who don’t want to waste any time.

14 College Recruiter

College Recruiter
As technology is rising day by day, it is pretty difficult to have a good job out of college if you don’t have an IT major. Therefore, College Recruiter offers students job or recent graduates to have challenges on projects so that they can build their portfolio for jobs.

15. Hireable

It is more like a job marketplace that allows people to look for freelancing jobs. Therefore, it provides the best options in the area of work according to one’s skill. There is no fee to pay so that you can use their search engine. However, you will still have to deal directly with the client himself.


In conclusion to all this, choosing the right platform is ultra important for you as a freelancer. We’ve compiled the list of some of the best freelance websites there are available in the whole world right now. Therefore, now you should know by now, which platform you are going to choose. There are many freelance websites to choose from.
My personal recommendation is Fiverr of course. This is because Fiverr provides you with the best opportunity even if you don’t have much of an experience. Sure, you do have to make clients of a great portfolio as there is a very big competition on Fiverr. But in my opinion, skills matter the most.