Amazon Affiliate Niche Ideas – Best Ideas for Newbie

Amazon affiliate marketing is one that holds a vast number of potentials. In this article, we will provide the best niche ideas alongside a definitive guide to your success using Amazon affiliate niche ideas. This article provides a large amount of relevant content. Therefore, its word count is exceptionally high. Be sure to digest this article according to the subheadings and take in each section for its content. It contains the right strategies for creating, building, and growing these sites to sell.

The platform Amazon provides makes it the best electronic retailing provider for every type of product and variety of them. This platform includes digital and physical products. Consequently, the success of Amazon’s affiliate niche marketers is through the passive earning of profits. As a result, once their site is running and climbing up the ranks, there is a lot of money they make in a month. In the course of this article, we will provide the ideas for your niche website. Also, there will be practical tips and tricks provided for building up your platform.

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Explained

Any site that can earn profits because of Amazon’s associate’s program does so through affiliate links, posters, and banners that are viewable on the site. The ‘niche’ part is quite broad as a subject. However, it generally encompasses a website that can earn its majority revenue stream through the program. For Amazon’s Affiliate program, ‘niche’ is the term used because most sites focus on a particular subject or product. This prospect enables the website to be more convincing when they make use of affiliate links. In comparison, a website that encompasses an extensive range of subjects will find it harder to convince users. While a site for a specific topic will seem more trustworthy when recommending products related to that subject.

First, you need a topic in mind for a website. Once you’ve found this, it takes about two weeks to set up your niche site with content. However, this isn’t the full requirement for a successful website. Instead, there is a prioritized need for site promotion, search engine ranking, optimizing pages, and general SEO. With proper Search Engine Optimization, your niche site will improve and be ready for Amazon’s Affiliate Program. Therefore, you can begin upgrading and updating when positive returns start coming in.

How to find a niche for your site

It’s important to note the importance of finding the right niche. This priority is because the majority of the time, this is what decides a site’s success. If you want your rankings to succeed, you have to value this step. There are mainly three types of niches:

Low Competition Niches

Low competition niches are highly favourable. Sometimes to the extent that some digital marketers aim to find and launch a niche without any competition. This extent is because beginners have a high chance of ranking top with relatively fewer issues compared to the rest. However, there is a limited number of categories on Amazon’s product ranges. This limit means that there isn’t any niche without competition.

Low competition niches are still a thing. Why? First, they haven’t received exposure to more extensive and experienced marketers. Furthermore, they might have discovered them, but, they’ve determined that their potential is too low for investments. So, it’s important to note that the earning potential that is low to them is the right amount for you.

If you find success in a low competition niche, you can begin climbing up to medium and subsequently high. Just note, don’t get comfortable in a specific spot.

Medium Competition Niches

These Amazon affiliate niches have the potential to gain rankings; however, it requires a large amount of knowledge, preparation, and effort. This preparation includes investments even at the start. This area has an extensive range of high and medium experienced digital and affiliate marketers. These individuals have the resources to gain premium site designs, domains, and contents. This prospect means that they can receive promotions relatively easier than an entry-level affiliate marketer.

As a result, it’s best to avoid ranking your site in the medium competition niches. Moreover, when you can see the top rankings on google as substantial numbers. An example of this is a website dedicated to DSLR Cameras. They are quite niched because photography is not the most mainstream career path. More so, not all photographers subscribe to sites that highlight DSLR Cameras.

High Competition Niches

These are the main niches that are popular and highly saturated. Everyone on the internet is probably aware of these niches. For example, smartphone reviewing is a highly popular niche. There are millions of reviews on the best technology sites all over the world. If you don’t have a high budget to compete, don’t force it. Consequently, if your website is within this category, before learning from this article, it’s best to start again.

What to consider for a niche

With knowledge on how the competition works concerning the Amazon affiliate niche websites, you have to know how to find the right and suitable niche. These are some aspects that are necessary and worth considering. These are:

  1. Your site has a relatively easy chance of rankings.
  2. The niche can give you a decent earning from your rankings.
  3. The niche has the right amount of products with sub-categories of those products. This amount should be enough to make a site that can harness the extensive list.
  4.  There should be personal interest in the niche you select. The reason being, if you launch a site in a niche without knowing it, then it will be difficult. How? Even if you employ labour for content, you will find it hard to succeed if you don’t understand how that market works. An example is a person that has no interest in art. If such a person runs a niche site, there will be a high likelihood of failure compared to someone with interest.
  5. A niche that you select should have a sense of permanence and likelihood to last. In other words, it should not be a trend or an exciting niche. An example is, fidget spinners, during the trend, they were the most valuable deal, but now they are irrelevant. Many of these are not listed on Amazon anymore.
  6. If a niche is not seasonal, it has a higher chance of lasting. For instance, if your niche is regarding snowboards, you will only find traffic during winter months. Even if some traffic still comes in during the remaining months, the earnings will not be decent. Therefore, target what matters to your traffic.

How to Find Product Ideas

amazon products
With knowledge concerning the levels, niches fall under as well as the best tips; it’s essential to know product ideas. In this section, we will explain how to find product ideas for your Amazon affiliate niche and make an analysis of your competition. Moreover, this research will help in finding out whether you want a site in that particular niche. Therefore, this is how to find product ideas:
First, you should browse through Amazon’s product categories page. Browsing is best through the well-made directory that categorizes the products. An efficient method is through sub-categories for products to avoid sifting.
Some proper criteria for product ideas include the following:

  1. The products should have a documented average review rating of 4 or 3.5 and above.
  2. The products should have an average price of $45.
  3. It is best if three of the products are within the list of 1,000 best-seller’s record in the broadest category they fall. The sales ranking for the products shows this list in the descriptions of the products.
  4. There is also the recommendation that these products should have more than 500 searches monthly. This recommendation means the searches for reviews and best in the category of the product.

How to discover if a niche has earning potential

It’s best to make use of a web tool like AmaProfits​ , which helps you to find out how much a possible niche site can make for you. Even better, it’s free. Although it’s not the most accurate, it will still get a good idea of how much potential income your niche will generate. This website is a useful resource once you check your data.


Useful resources to gain Ideas

Make use of Sitemaps to learn ideas

Sitemaps help get Amazon affiliate niche ideas for a site. You can make use of a resource like XML-sitemaps to check websites such as product reviewers. Although the purpose is not to compete with these sites. Instead, you will get good ideas for a large number of categories of products. An example is, for a product like a ‘Bluetooth speaker,’ I can narrow down to sub-niches like smart speakers. With this, you can rank for those sub-niches instead of competing with the sites.

Make use of SEMRush to gain ideas

If a site publishes product reviews, it can is viewable through SEMRush. What this does is to apply some filters that provide keyword ideas for your website. Furthermore, SEMRush shows you the keywords according to the traffic they are generating. Note, SEMRush is a paid tool.
For example, if you check for Best DSLR Cameras, with a filter applied to only show the results that start with “Best.” Or a filter to only show results that have “Reviews” and even both variations at once. This filter will give a search result that shows the terms that are filtered. This application saves a lot of time and makes you get to the essential parts of pages quickly.

How to write creative Affiliate Articles

When writing Amazon Affiliate niche articles, it is important to picture the person you are writing to with a niche article. An excellent way to begin is to put yourself in the place of a customer, then search for what an average customer will type to get to your article. With the tips above, you know what your site will likely rank. For example, when checking for something like the “best romance movies on Netflix.” When going through the search results, you will find articles with 25 movies on average. So, if this is your competition, aim higher for a better chance at search rankings. Therefore, write a post with more detailed and digestible information in an exciting format.

Your articles should have a lot of effort and time invested in crafting it. As a result, try to get rankings for articles that have high word counts. For instance, articles of over 1000 words tend to rank higher than lesser articles. Ideally, more than 2000 words should be the goal. According to research done by backlinko, they rank a lot higher.

If you make use of a Content Management System like WordPress, you can monitor the word count of your article easily at the bottom left of the page.

When you write engaging articles, it’s also important to add different elements that add to the content. Things like photos, graphs, statistics, graphics, and a functional layout/heading system help your page to be digestible. You can learn this from the websites you are competing.

Necessary Considerations when creating content

With Netflix, some buttons easily communicate to the viewer the functions to navigate the website. An example of the wrong website design is those websites that have “Next” pages that continue the article. This feature will compel users to click off a website. Infinite scrolling is a better and user-friendly choice to make.

Providing a slice of life qualities go a long way. When making recommendations, its best to contain links for users to access and view easily.
This consideration can result in that special something that makes customers return. When a user gets to your page, Google records this. Also, a lesser-known feature of the Search Algorithm is that Google also records when users click off immediately. Therefore, you have to learn to keep users and give them what they want and more.

If you have written content for your niche Amazon Affiliate website, then you should not ignore it. Revisit your articles regularly and update them as trends and developments change. Updating could lead to the success of a previously ignored article.

How to promote your Amazon Affiliate content

  1. If your niche website has been entirely created, the next step is to use tools to get the world to see it. Our recommended step and a widely popular step in digital marketing involve making use of Google’s “Webmasters” console. With this tool, your website will be added to Google. This tool will help you to track your site’s performance. This resource is given to you for free if you have the WordPress plugin for Yoast SEO.
  2.  An important thing to develop with a new website is your connections. This development is an essential aspect of digital marketing. If you have a circle(s) of people that have similar content and interests, you can begin working with each other for things like guest posting. Guest posting is a useful way of getting outbound links to your website and blog. For example, if you have an article in your niche site that is about “best electric scooters,” you could guest post on a website with a post about “how electric scooters are genius ideas.” If you post this on a website about the best and most useful tech, you can provide a backlink to your site. This type of strategy is great for ranking in Google’s search results.
  3. Furthermore, when your website has posts with high word counts, you begin to rank higher in Google’s search results. Moreso, when you consistently update your content. On a great span on your site, regularly update your pages. For example, if a new model for a gaming mouse on your article for gaming peripherals is released, update the information. Also, make some improvements to your article along the way. Google will also record this and recommend updated content.

Additional tips to promote your niche site

If you have a niche website, you have to add a relevant and useful meta description to your articles. If you have a plugin like Yoast SEO attached, you can fill out your meta description and other related aspects. Such as SEO Title, Title width, etc. Also, check other titles in the same niche and learn the right way to use the meta description.

Make use of stock photos and free online tools to get good images for your website. An example is Pixabay, which has multiple stock photos in its collection. Also, make use of plugins and resources that add to your blog and serve a purpose.

How to join the Affiliate Program

It’s best to join Amazon’s Affiliate program once your website begins to receive a large amount of daily traffic. Preferably over 100 visitors. When your site has a low amount of traffic, there aren’t many users to advertise to with Amazon Affiliate. Therefore, there aren’t really any users to click on the links. If this is the case, Amazon can remove your website from the Affiliate Network due to a low amount of sales.
When you are in the sign-up process for the Affiliate Program, Amazon will request the website(s) you will post advertisements on. They will analyze your website and determine if your website has the standard of quality content. Therefore, don’t rush to join the program. It’s important that you have some written articles of high quality initially.

Consequently, as you are signing up you will have to select your Amazon tag which will be used for your affiliate links on your website. The tag can be edited later. The tag is a short script that you will add to amazon URLs. When the signup is complete, you just add that to URLs for amazon links and those links will become affiliate links.

Read the Disclaimer

Once your account is fully approved, you can begin to make use of affiliate links on your website. Though, it should be noted that you should give your users the notification that you are using affiliate links. If this is not done, Amazon can remove you from the affiliate program.
Another way you can be kicked off the network is as a result of breaking Amazon’s disclaimer rules. These rules are provided when signing up for the program. They include linking products in places that they should not be linked generally. Therefore, it is important to know the rules Amazon has provided before making use of the links. Also, some plugins exist that add affiliate links with your tag automatically.

Tools and Tips for Affiliate Marketing

Some good tips to remember once you have the content ready for your website involves finding ways to increase your income.
Try to get involved in some other Affiliate Programs that will help with increasing exposure and income.

1. Make use of International Amazon Links on your website

A good tool once you are generating clicks on your website is which helps gain a boost in your sales, especially in your international sales. It can give up to an 8% increase in sales internationally. You can sign up for the international affiliate program. When you sign up, will analyze the right Amazon store for a user from their location.

2. Make use of other Affiliate Networks

You can add affiliate links that are monetized through Skimlinks. This resource is a simple way to add affiliate links and make your links connected to affiliate networks. You can make use of both Amazon’s affiliate network, in addition, you can use Skimlinks. Skimlinks will give you access to other sites instead of just Amazon. Skimlinks also offers a WordPress plugin that will add links to your site.


For you to create a successful Amazon Affiliate Niche site, you need to analyze, invest, dedicate and integrate yourself fully into space. Digital and Affiliate marketing is a venture that holds promise for many successes. Therefore, you have to understand how to work with digital marketing. In summary, learn how to write good SEO optimized articles. Also, you should understand how to write for a niche. Furthermore, understand your audience as well. If you can integrate these tips, your site is likely to begin earning from Amazon’s Affiliate program.