Best Ikea Desk For Gaming – TOP 10 Gaming Desk

So, you have the gaming rig, keyboard, the esports-ready mouse and headphones. The PC is running at the high processor and ready to start gaming. What you need to add in your gaming section is the best PC gaming desk available.
Don’t wonder why having a gaming desk is crucial while playing because they are not only for space but also for utility value.
Here are the top 10 gaming desk:

Best Ikea Desk For Gaming – TOP 10 Gaming Desk

Brand User Rating Price
IKEA desk, White 4.0/5 Check The Latest Price on Amazon
IKEA Linnmon Computer Desk 3.9/5 Check The Latest Price on Amazon
IKEA Micke Desk-White 4.1/5 Check The Latest Price on Amazon
Ikea Desk- Pull-out Panel 4.5/5 Check The Latest Price on Amazon
IKEA Linnmon Adils Black-Brown 4.0/5 Check The Latest Price on Amazon
Ikea Micke Black-brown 4.1/5 Check The Latest Price on Amazon
Ikea Micke Desk White 5/5 Check The Latest Price on Amazon

1. IKEA desk, White

Do you need an elegant and comfortable gaming desk that suits your needs better? Choose this Ikea Micke desk that is of high-quality. The desk is also suitable for the design to offer long term services.

Details And Specifications
This is the best ikea computer desk that is designed using high-quality wood that assures you with long-term service. Besides, it has a simple and clean look that will fit about anywhere. The desk can combine easily with drawer units and other desks from the Micke series for extending the workspace.
The long table will ensure there is enough space for two. When handling the cables, this desk comes with cable outlets and compartments located at the back that leads out of view although at close hand.
The stops help to prevent from pulling the drawers out too far. Besides, with proper finishing at the back, it makes this desk suitable to put in the middle of the room.
Key Features

  • Long tabletop
  • Spacious
  • Cable outlets and compartment
  • Mounting legs on either side
  • Fully finished
  • Drawer stops


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with drawer stops
  • Properly finished at back for use in the middle of the room
  • Spacious top


  • Doesn’t offer value of money
  • Poorly rated on Amazon with 3.6/5 star

If you purchase this top ikea desk for gaming, remember that following the instructions manual is essential. That is why this desk comes with a manual for charging the electronic equipment you have. For the same reason, it will ensure all the components are intact and well taken care of, and therefore longer life.

2. IKEA Linnmon Computer Desk

Coming back to the Limmon series, products of Ikea, this is a computer desk having drawers. It will be an excellent choice for gamers who are looking for storage space and tons of sturdiness.

Details and Specifications
The Ikea computer table is made with a fireboard at the top. It’s a particleboard frame with a paper filling. When together, the desk becomes reliable and super sturdy.
The desk is stable. This is after the use of steel components that keep it together. It has extra handy drawers. They come as two small and three-large types of drawers. They will be enough for you to store essential and favorite items. In addition, you can get different colors of your choice: black, white and grey models.

Key Features

  • Pre-drilled leg holes to enhance easy assembling
  • Drawer stops that prevent the drawers from one pulling out too far
  • Adjustable feet that allow one in leveling table when on uneven floors
  • Suitable for all locations because it comes with a finished back
  • Comes with plastic bumpers to hold the table and ensure it’s established
  • Screws present to attach the legs and tabletop
  • Different colors of choice – grey, black and white for aesthetic purpose
  • 5 drawers for storage purpose


  • Handy design
  • Superb top space design
  • High-quality and long-lasting


  • Difficult to organize cables
  • More expensive than others

Overall, you can choose this Ikea computer table because it is a large and spacious Ikea desk. It offers you the best practical and comfortable experience. Besides, the straightforward installation won’t bring problems to set it up in your room.

3. IKEA Micke Desk-White

The quality of the furniture from Ikea is among the popular furniture you can get from the market. It’s not a surprise as this Ikea Micke desk is a classic and elegant desk having an agronomic design.

Details and Specifications
This excellent model offers the multi-purpose design to use on anything. Besides, gaming performance has to stand out. The large enough space can hold two monitors with 41-inch length along with the 19-inch width. And therefore ideal to place various things on top.
In addition, it adds up with a super sturdy frame – wooden – that holds tons of weight. With fiberboard, wood fillings and particle board the desk hold weight for long.
The challenge with assembling is not that easy as not adjustable to deal with levels.
Key Features

  • Dimension: 19 ⅝ x 41 ⅜ “
  • Fully back finished
  • Cable outlet for cables and cords
  • Wipe dry using a clean cloth
  • Drawer stops


  • Beautiful to use
  • Provide multi-use space


  • Little tedious to install
  • Comes with missing parts
  • Not carefully packed
  • The poor rating of 3.8/5 star on Amazon

Finally, this Ikea computer table looks stylish and can easily pair with various kinds of decorations. If you need something simple, this is the perfect desk to choose from Ikea as it’s stable with heavy loads.

4. Ikea Desk- Pull-out Panel

Do you need the top PC gaming desk that suits you better with comfort? This is among the best high-quality standing desks to choose from. It is built so that it can offer long term service.

Details And Specifications
The desk is designed with steel metal and quality wood that assures the gamer a long term service. The use of this desk helps you achieve lightness and excellent durability together.  Yet, this desk stands out because of the overall size 59 inches length, 25 inches depth and 28 inches height. So, it’s a spacious top that is enough to arrange your things.
Besides, the assembly might take long as it comes with five number of pieces. The instructions provided are usually clear and you won’t waste more time.

Key Features

  • Materials: steel, fineboard, and solid pine
  • Black-brown in color
  • Weight: 74.2 pounds
  • Maximum load, 55 lb
  • Dimension: 59″ W x 25″ D x 28″ H


  • Ideal space and design
  • Stylish and fully finished back design
  • Easy to install
  • Highly rated on Amazon with 4.6/5 star


  • No adjustability

In conclusion, this desk has no cable management system. So, it is not easy to pass the cables through a hole like cabinet storage. Besides, it doesn’t come with drawers.

5. IKEA Linnmon Adils Black-Brown

This desk is of high-quality and adjustable legs that have been designed in providing convenient and reliable services to gamers. The standing desk suits multi-purpose roles. It comes weighing 33 pounds when packed.

Details And Specifications
Coming with its black-brown color, this Ikea Linnmon desk becomes a top-notch to the user. It fits in a variety of places, such that you can put in a classical-looking or darker tone room. It will fit in both places perfectly.
The desk offers a long and wide top that is comfortable to use with various people. But the real advantage is that it comes with a decent construction that makes a sturdy and durable use.

Key Features

  • Pre-drilled legs holes
  • Long table tops
  • Screws attached included
  • Adjustable feet


  • Suitable for two gamers
  • Outstanding easy installation
  • Excellent top design
  • Adjustable legs to level


  • poor rating on Amazon with 3.3 /5 star
  • Need an extra leg for support

This desk looks fantastic on the place you shall place it. With proper finishing, the desk has a unique look. You can organize tons of things on the wider spaces on top.

6. Ikea Micke Black-brown

This desk comes with a beautiful dark brown color. It’s a top-notch desk for anyone. If you need a desk to put in a classical room, this is the one to choose. It’s a perfection option.

Details and Specifications
This desk offers a wide and long table for gaming purposes. The height 29 inches, that comes with this table is also comfortable for most people. The advantage of this is that it has decent construction all around. It’s something that brings sturdiness and durability.
Having the cable management system at the corner, then you don’t have a problem while installing various monitors and pass through the top-notch organization.
The desk comes with drawers that have stopped to ensure you pull it maximum.
Key Features

  • Finished on the back
  • Legs mounted on left or right
  • Long table creating space for two
  • Cable outlets and compartment
  • Drawers with stops


  • Outstanding easy installation
  • High-quality construction with sturdiness
  • Excellent top design
  • Presence of drawers


  • A short height that is sometimes uncomfortable
  • The small design makes it unsuitable for larger gaming desk Ikea systems

This is the ideal gaming Ikea computer table you need. It will look fantastic on the place you will place it. It even comes with a finished back, and can, therefore, be replaced anywhere.

7. Ikea Micke Desk White

If you want to change easily from a sitting and standing working position, choose this standing desk as it’s perfect for you. It comes with a stand-up converter for quality standing purposes.

Details And Specifications
The reason as to why these best Ikea desks are amazing is their dimensions. They are enough such that they can fit a large laptop or computer monitor without having problems to fix some speakers.
The desk is ultra-practical and comes with a drawer for the cable management system like the other desk. The drawer can be used as extra storage. Its design is super stylish making it fit anywhere without any problems. Besides, you can get more of these to have extra space.

Key Features

  • Back finished
  • Drawer for storage
  • Suitable with the cable management system
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 28″ W x 29″ H x 19″ D


  • Unique legs
  • Small with extra handy design
  • A high rating on Amazon 5/5 star
  • Practical drawer


  • Feels flimsy on heavy loads
  • Small for most gaming desktops

This is an elegant and superb desk for gaming. However, if you are looking for extra space on top, the best way is to buy two of these to make the whole desk spacious and handler.

Other Top Rated Gaming Desk

VIT 47″ Ergonomic Gaming Desk

If you move from the cross-legged designs, here is Vitesse 47″ Gaming Desk. The model comes with 37″ design specifications and LED lighting. However, the main focus should be on the base model.

Details and Specifications
This gaming desk is 47 inches long an amount that will be sufficient for gaming. When you have a big full-sized keyboard or gaming mouse, the light is efficient for you.
The desk innards consist of fiberboard that does wonders for the desk weight. Besides, the desk comes with steel tube frames and PVC surface coating that enhances the stability of the desk.
The gaming desk is installed with a cup holder, removable controller rack and headphone hook to use. However, the stability of the PVC tabletops results from the solid steel frame. It has the capacity to support up to 260 pounds and T-shaped legs to enhance stability. This gaming desk comes with one year with no worry as it offers free replacement on parts with quality problems.
Key Features

  • Adjustable feet
  • Cup holder position
  • Headphone holder
  • Carbon fiber top
  • Wire holes
  • Cable management
  • Length distance of 47 inches
  • Weight of desk, 55 pounds
  • USB gaming handle rack
  • Cable grommets
  • Storage tray

This Vitesse 47″ Gaming Desk is bigger than those most people are using. In case you find it too small, you can choose the one having 55 inches. Besides, the desk is quick to assemble and a fantastic desk to start playing.

Vitesse 55-inch Gaming Desk

A good desk for gaming should have multifunctional features. The gamer needs capacity, aesthetic look, space, and good cable management. This Vitesse 55-inch desk promises the most of the features.

Details and specifications
The desk sturdiness is given priority. You can solve the biggest issues for buying the gaming desk by choosing this 55-inch desk. It has steel frames and the other parts PVC plastic, which makes it have excellent support and sturdy. It can hold more than a hundred pounds on this gaming desk.
This gaming desk is T-shaped, that not only bring appealing looks but can also allow two desktops that maintain multi-monitor battle station. The shape is also suitable to use in corner fitting. It also comes with two rectangular parts you need to assemble.
The Vitesse 55-inch desk provides top-notch cable management that gamers appreciate. In addition, there are various features offering management clutter. For the mini tray present, it helps to organize and keep the cables in place and avoid cluttering on the table.

Key Features

  • Cupholder
  • Charging station
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Spacious
  • Headset hook
  • Desktop mousepad
  • Spacious desktop
  • T-shaped


  • The desk is stable
  • Contains smart US charging rack
  • Value for money
  • Spacious for multi-monitor use


  • Unclear assembling instructions

This Vitesse 55-inch desk is the all-round winner to the gamers. It offers loads of features and still affordable. The best thing about choosing this desk is because of the excellent clutter-management it offers, super sturdy steel frame, spacious desktop and multi-monitor support. For extra perks such as a cup holder is about the specs that the gamers would love.

Leick Corner Computer & Writing Desk

To many gamers, they know what gaming desk brings in their gaming corner after laying an eye on one. Bearing in mind, the Leick Corner gaming desk comes with various options such as exceptional quality. It’s what the game is looking for.

Details And Specifications
The desk comes with a place you can use the papers, keyboard or laptops under the top table. The monitor stand will sit on 30.25 inches above your desk height which will give the perfect elevation and height for longer gaming sessions without complaining of back or neck pain. There is also enough space on the desk it’s something to agree from its dimension 48″ L x 24″ W and would be the best desk to use.
Key Features

  • Chocolate oak finish
  • Wire rearing grommet
  • Lower shelf for towers
  • Pull out drawer
  • Hardwood solid construction
  • Dimensions: (24W x 48L x 30.25H)”


  • Solid and easy to assemble
  • Stable desk
  • Beautiful desk
  • Properly packed


  • Customers complain about poor customer service action

How you can pick the best Ikea gaming desk

If you’re looking for the best Ikea gaming desks, then you need to look carefully. All the products are of high quality and different price ranges. It will be hard for you to make a decision. However, for gaming desks, there are some features you should check. Here are the ways you can pick the best Ikea gaming desk:

  • Size and Shape

You should note that the best Ikea desks will come with a range of sizes and shoes. So, not a specific template. For gamers, they have to utilize the little space they have and therefore opt to choose something that is a wall-mounted foldaway desk in their rooms.  In some scenarios, L-shaped also proves to be useful at that time.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Their people who might consider the aesthetic appeal as something shallow to look out, but this is one of the most essential features you should look for. If you fit the overall decor of a room, it should be placed in a crucial aspect. Besides, when you’re pleased by the look of the best ikea computer desk, it will make it easier to ensure everything is done properly while seated.

  • Storage And Organization

For gaming equipment, it is quite a lot and sometimes tends to be messy. However, the best type of desk should be one offering ample features that have been dedicated to ensuring everything in the room looks neat. Some of these come with drawers, cable holders, cord holders, smart devices holders and many more dedicated for storage and organization. However, you should, therefore, keep the clutter to its minimum as your objective.

  • Usability

If you ask any gamer, he or she can testify that they will spend more time when they are at their Ikea gaming desks and therefore, a ganking desk should be made such that it can be used frequently. So, the features have to make it comfortable to use the desk.
If you want to know more about how to choose the best gaming desk, read the article and acquire more knowledge about it.

What is the Ikea gaming desk?

If you choose the ikea gaming desk, it will bring out the things you needed when you were young. If you have VR, PC or console, designing your space is essential. For Ikea game desks, there is a lineup of them, they give you everything you need, from adjustable heights, cable conduits, drink holders and designated monitor displays.
In the past, they were not available, but it’s like a fine wine because the gaming desk Ikea is getting better with age. Ikea desks reignite yourself inner as MLG player, so you be ready.
Besides, Ikea is among the best furniture brands that ever set its foot on earth. With hundreds of factories in the world, and retails, it’s easy to access the desks. It focuses on general furniture, but well versed with computer and gaming sets. If you decide to look for its gaming desks, you’ll note it’s anything short of fantastic.
Gaming desk: FAQ
Do I need a gaming desk?
Yes, you need one. These gaming desks not only help to improve body posture, but they keep all equipment properly organized. Besides, it increases productivity.
Can gaming desks help to increase gameplay ability?
Yes. Gaming desks are known to increase productivity because they free up the tabletop space for ensuring gamers focus on the game. However, game desks also offer the right up angles to the users for then to make utilize the increased mobility.
What is the best material for the gaming desk?
Typically, these gaming desks come from different types of materials. Each of the material considered makes it in its own way. For example, a glass option gives and aesthetic and classy look but they are pricey. For a cheap alternative, you get the MDF, but with time, it will soak and swell where eventually will lose its shape. Jn such a case, it depends on the buyer’s choice.
The Final Thoughts
As you have seen with the top 10 gaming desk, choosing Ikea desks will be fantastic in all ways including quality and durability. So, they are enough for you to choose them no matter the qualities you want. It is easy to pick the best when you take our considerations and advice into account. Our review of the best Ikea desks will give you guidance on the right model to choose from.
This gaming desk might not be the cheapest you can get, but it’s among the most feature-rich desks. Setting the desk is easy, with a user manual. You won’t be having a problem with its corner shape as most houses also have corners.