Download MEGAsync for Windows 7,8,10

We are living in a world where people can work from anywhere using their laptops, tablets and smartphones. This is known as telecommuting and it helps to improve productivity because people can work comfortably at their own pace. MEGASync helps you to back up and synchronize your files online. This Cloud service is provided by the MEGA company that was launched in 2013.

Through MEGASync, you can begin a task in your tablet, back it up online and then complete it on your laptop. They provide file backup and synchronization at an affordable cost. Here is more about MEGASync and how you can download it into your computer.

Features of MEGASync

User-friendly operation

MEGASync is easy to use because all you need to do is sign up in their website. After that, download its client software and install it in your computer. Proceed to launch it and select the files or folders that you would like to back up. Finally, MEGASync will back them up for your automatically!


Live Synchronization

You may back up an original file on MEGASync and then decide to make some adjustments. In such a situation, this software updates the original file as soon as you go online through live synchronization. The tool constantly monitors the local files that you selected for backup and synchronizes them with those in Cloud storage to guarantee continuity.

MEGASync also performs automatic file restoration which is very helpful in case you accidentally ruin or delete a backed up file. You can request this software to restore the file and it will provide you with an earlier version.

Transfer Manager

MEGASync helps you to supervise file movement from local to Cloud storage using this feature. You can manually transfer files from one folder to the other through the Transfer Manager. When you delete a file, the Transfer Manager stores it in a special recycle bin where you can recover it if need be.

Full Encryption

MEGASync protects your files using 256 bit encryption such that their employees can’t view what you’ve uploaded. The encryption also protects your information from man-in-the-middle attacks by hackers. Also, your computer is protected when you are accessing the MEGASync website because every page is protected using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Through this security framework, your login details are encrypted throughout the entry and submission procedures. Therefore, you can trust that MEGASync will store your data securely.

It uses open-source code

The programming code that was used to develop MEGASync is open for you to see online. Any patches that they use to update the service are also presented to you. This provides strategic knowledge to programmers who are interested in understanding Cloud computing.


You can use MEGASync for free by signing up in their home page. Once you sign up and download its software, you will automatically receive 20 GB storage for free. If you invite some friends, you’ll receive 10 GB free for each person that signs up. If you set up their mobile application, you receive a further 15 GB free upon installation.

If you want higher capacity, you can pay for the MEGASync Pro Lite version. It provides 200 GB of storage and 1 TB of data transfer at an affordable price of…. The software is priced in Euros and your credit card will perform the conversion automatically.

How to download MEGASync

MEGASync is very useful when you need to back up some files and keep them updated. This is how you can download this software:

  1. Use your browser to visit the official MEGASync website.
  2. After arriving there, sign up for a free account.
  3. Provide the details that are required and activate the account.
  4. Within your account, scroll until you arrive at the download link.
  5. Click on it and you will view some links representing the versions that are available for various operating systems.
  6. Click on the version that is compatible with your computer and download it.
  7. After the process is complete, head to your local downloads folder and double click on the MEGASync file.
  8. Follow the wizard until the software is fully installed in your computer system.
  9. Activate it and log into your MEGASync account for synchronization.
  10. Enjoy backing up your files in an automatic and encrypted way.

History of MEGASync

MEGASync is owned and operated by a company called MEGA which was earlier known as Megaupload. It was founded by Kim Dotcom and based in Hong Kong. Megaupload was a file sharing platform that enabled users to download movies and TV shows for free!

Megaupload generated revenue from advertisements and was active from 2005 to 2012. It was found to facilitate the free distribution of copyrighted material and was eventually taken down by the United States Department of Justice for copyright violation.

After Megaupload was shut down, Kim Dotcom moved to New Zealand and registered MEGA. After that, he announced the official launch of MEGASync on November 27, 2013 through Twitter.

Today, MEGASync is an active and effective file back up and synchronization service. Their free package provides substantial storage and its software client is user friendly. As a matter of fact, you can use the Cloud storage provided by MEGASync as a functional second hard drive.

The bandwidth speed of the free plan is good but the Pro Lite plan is faster for heavy file backup or commercial application. To add a cherry on top, if you buy the one-year PRO Lite plan, you will receive two months absolutely free!


You can keep your files updated and backed up using the MEGASync Cloud storage provider. They provide you with an online account and a software client to install in your laptop or desktop PC. You can enjoy automatic uploads and back-ups with live synchronization capability. With its free plan, you can enjoy good services for day to day use. On the hand, paying for the Pro Lite plan furnishes you with excellent storage capacity and expanded bandwidth. If you telecommute or enjoy backing up your files online, look no further than MEGASync!