What is ThopTV and How to Download ThopTV APK ?

We are in the modern era where technology is the talk of the day. Technology keeps advancing at a high-speed day in day out. It’s becoming easy to watch movies, serials, TV shows, and all entertainment stuff freely on smartphones. In the past, accessing any entertainment stuffs required some bit of subscription fee to have them smoothly run. Things have changed, and you can watch your favorite channels freely from your pocket. ThopTV is changing everything, its making life more comfortable than as it was in the past. Everything you require is now obtained from a single platform. But then, what is ThopTV?

What is ThopTV?

It’s an Android application that allows users to enjoy their favorite TV channels aired from all parts of the world. ThopTV is equipped with numerous movie channels where movie lovers can enjoy the best moments for free. No single penny is made as payment to developers to enjoy the full benefits of the application. With the app, you can also enjoy other paid subscriptions at no cost.

ThopTV was designed with a user-friendly interface enabling users to enjoy several features easily. It’s like a pocket television you can walk around with. ThopTV provides no restriction on channels accessed. Use the search box on their interface to search for any channel of choice, and there you will have it. In case you don’t know the real channel name, then search by a generic name, and all alternatives will pop up for you to choose from.

ThopTV is an app for both the adults and children at large. As adults enjoy their favorite movie shows and other entertainment stuff, children can also access their favorite cartoon channels to spend their day at. However, there are restrictions on other channels to other countries. Therefore, only allowed channels in the country you search from would be readily accessible to you.

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Why You Should use ThopTV

ThopTV Apk got designed into a distinctive nature. The App is capable of generating quality content faster than any other app in the market. Users enjoy high rated sports, movies, and TV shows. ThopTV customer support is what has made the app stand out of the rest. Users can get responses to their concerns at any time they need. Apart from this, ThopTV has gained popularity due to several factors, some of these include;


The app is designed to require any prepaid or postpaid subscription to access content from their site. The ThopTV interface generally is easy to maneuver through. It’s an app that works extraordinary and very beneficial to users.

Low buffer

Little buffer is used to enable users to maneuver through the interface quickly. Videos can also be accessed with low bandwidth. ThopTV was designed in favor of people of all classes.


Quality is another factor that has contributed to the increased popularity of ThopTV Apk. The quality of content produced depends on the user’s internet frequency. ThopTV provides HQ, 720p, 470p, and 360p content.

Free for use

It’s free to subscribe to the TV app for users. Watching videos doesn’t need any form of subscription at all. Users can enjoy their favorite TV channels from wherever they are, and any time they need to.

Offer users multi-language support.

The app is designed to provide different language subtitles to users. This enables users to watch movies, episodes, and other videos from different parts of the world at ease.

Features of ThopTV Apk

ThopTV application gained popularity in the globe due to its numerous features. It got designed with futures offering it more advantages compared to other alternative applications in the store. Below are detailed features of ThopTV APK;

  • The app has several sports channels offering live coverage to any given sports match played
  • Users can access over 3000 channels aired all over the globe
  • ThopTV database is already equipped with over 3000 movies users to enjoy
  • 500 different Indian entertainment channels are also available for users
  • ThopTV has an option of adding any channel of choice into their list of favorite channels.
  • The APK obtains an added point ahead of others due to its user-friendly interface.
  • ThopTV is designed with the CAST support feature to offer users ease of use.
  • The database set of ThopTV is also equipped with several TV serials.
  • Inclusion of over 5000 radio channels is also an added advantage
  • ThopTV is designed compatible with Firestick.
  • Users are always notified on their favorite movies and dramas
  • Users can access several channels, including sports, cartoons, news, and entertainment.
  • All Android devices support ThopTV
  • They have friendly customer support; You can chat them through their customer support feature
  • Users can freely add subtitles to their favorite movies from any external source of choice
  • Usage of all ThopTV feature is free of charge

Other than the above features, ThopTV is designed with other rare designations that stand out from the rest. They include;

  • Unlocked premium web series
  • ThopTV Apk comes with free Netflix series
  • Equipped with free Amazon prime originals
  • Full of free Viu web series and live cricket match channels
  • ThopTV has no ads

It’s all these features that have made ThopTV emerge the best among the existing entertainment applications around.

System Requirements

As any other started project, several essential tools need to be gathered to make everything go smoothly. To ThopTV Apk, you require the following to begin experiencing the full benefits of the app;

  • An operating system, either Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Your pc RAM shouldn’t be lower than 2GB
  • A hard disk with free space of not lower than 2GB
  • An AMD or dual-core or Intel CPU equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce

If you plan to use it on your Android, ensure you work on Android 4.4+ with an operating system. Playing HD content required not less than 1 GB for it to work efficiently. Users also need to work on a stable internet connection and subscribe to the best VPN service to avoid ISP blocking accessing ThopTV services.

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Top ThopTV Alternative

CkayTV Apk

In the recent past, live TV apps are turning to be a choice for many individuals as there is a need for Live watching at any place even away from home. In the market, you will come across best paid live tv apps and free options that aren’t functional as such. CkayTV Apk is among the best market option better than other paid TV apps. The app is equipped with several entertainment channels for entertainment, music, cartoons, kids, movies, sports, and much other entertainment stuff. It is an app to consider as it has something quite for people of all ages.

RelaxTV Apk

Relax TV Apk is a modern TV Apk alternative people have kept using for quite some time. Relax TV Apk is designed with over 50,000 TV channels users can enjoy. The Apk also comes with web content, movie streaming, and everything that makes it among the best. Relax TV Apk supports Firestick, Android Phone, Android BOX, and Android TV, among others.

Cliver TV Apk

This is an alternative best for people living in countries like Mexico and Argentina who need to watch TV shows and films at zero costs. Different entertainment stuff can be accessed through their website. Cliver TV app is equipped with several movies of various genres with different TV shows in the HD format.

Oreo TV Apk

This is a free Android live streaming app popular among users who yearn to watch different live TV channels for free. It gained popularity when JioTV mod Apk failed to function, and people went looking for alternatives to use. However, the app has limited TV channels that make people consider the Thop TV app most.


Frequently asked questions about ThopTV.

Is ThopTV a safe option?

It’s indeed 100% proved for use. ThopTV comes along with a virus-free configuration preventing your device infected by any virus. Additionally, the code of ThopTV was designed maliciously free. Therefore, users need not worry about anything as they enjoy watching their favorite channels.

How can one watch Thop TV?

Start the process by typing in thoptvapk.com in your browser’s address bar and press enter or go. You will be immediately directed to the Thop TV website, where you will have downloading options. Click on the latest version for it to download and enjoy live watching.

How is ThopTV run on PC?

On your Mac/ Windows PC, launch BlueStacks. Make a selection of your preferable language and click next. You’ll be redirected to enter your Google account. Meanwhile, you’ll be redirected to BlueStacks home screen to show you it’s already in use. Follow by dragging and dropping the ThopTV app file into BlueStacks; you will obtain the file by downloading it from your Google drive.


Why hesitate to install the app and experience its full advantages? Download and install it on your Android phone, launce it by just a click on the icon that shows up after installation. Enjoy all TV channels across the globe for free. ThopTV is a user companion in emergency times.