Emerging Technologies in Robotics

With the Emerging Robotics era, we are seeing a whole new timeline of advancement. AI and Robots are becoming better every day. Technology is getting smarter. Things are really improving as time passes. Therefore, as of now, it’s the best time to invest. Investing in Emerging Robotics. Robotics is a branch of science that is going to become big. As of now, what we are seeing is not science fiction. But, with the passage of time, we will see a whole lot of improvement and advancements in the world of Emerging Robotics.

Emerging Robotics
Emerging Robotics Era

Now, in my opinion, this is the best time to invest in Robotics. Therefore, if you invest now, you might be able to live a really carefree and enjoyable future. Here’s why.

What is Emerging Robotics Investing?

Emerging Robotics
What is Robot investing?

Robots have considered being a really important part of this fourth industrial revolution. The use of Robots will impact on many industries as a whole. According to Statista, by 2025, it is expected that the Robotic market cap will rise as much as $496.8 Billion. From 2019 to 2025, it’s expected to increase dramatically.
In addition to that, most scientists have given different opinions. Some say that Robotics will provide job opportunities. Whereas, some says that it will take jobs away.

Although, with the passage of time Robotics has changed so much. Emerging Robotics Technologies is the next big step. In today’s world, we have seen a lot of industries solely run on robots.
Autonomous Cars are developed. Self Driving cars are self-aware of everything in the surround. With no human input, they can do all the driving. Consider an example of TeslaBut, the only drawback is a sense of security to it.

Moreover, if we talk about Emerging Robotics in medical fields. They have been serving for a long time now. Surgeries are performed with more precision and accuracy. On the other hand, nanorobotics is really changing this field. They are becoming very popular in the medical sector. So, there’s a whole lot to Robots when it comes to them.
Now, by investing in Robots you can really earn a lot of money. But you need to know the right knowledge about it. So let’s talk about the ways we can invest money in them

Ways to Invest in Emerging Robotics

How to Invest?

Robots are taking over our jobs. Causing unemployment day by day. But really, we should not worry. There’s a lot of money we can actually generate from Robots. AI in Robots is the future actually. There is no doubt about it. Our industry and people, everyone will try to maximize the use of Robots in the coming future.
Now, let’s talk about facts. The companies who are investing in Robots right now will make a lot of money. And I’m talking about a lot. Emerging Robotics Technology is already changing the way we work. It’s making this huge change into the industrial world. So let’s talk about the use of Robots and then we will further go deep into ways of investing. But to make it clear for you guys, it’s important to clear every single thing here.

– Automation

This simply means robot manufacturing products. Automation is totally under Robots nowadays. Whether it’s making or assembly of different products, Robots are on it. Robots are precise and really faster than us. We cannot manufacture products like robots do. In addition to that, Robots making stuff is a lot cheaper than actually hiring human beings.
Automation is one of a section where companies are making a ton of money.

– Self Driving Vehicles

Now, there are a lot of companies trying their best to make the best self-driving cars. We have already seen some self-driving cars. Moreover, this technology will go further beyond just cars. It will go to Trains, Buses, and Planes.
All sorts of Transportation will be taken over by autonomous vehicles. This is the future. It’s like first come first serve. The first company to full land an Autonomous vehicle will rule them all. Like Apple did to the smartphone industry. The one company that will do this advanced research first will prevail.
Another thing is that the company that will make actually software of self-driving vehicles will earn the most.


With the use of the Algorithm, full-fledged software is made. Facebook and Google use many algorithms for a lot of purposes. Algorithms can be used for different sorts of analyses. This gives them a huge amount of data. Using the data they can furthermore make algorithms to analyze a lot of data. Moreover, It can be used for monitoring purposes. Whether it’s on social media or anywhere. Algorithmic trading is also a thing.

– Machine Learning

When we talk about Machine learning, it’s the actual robots. The future of robots is going to be very human-like. This is the future. Moreover, this is the type of science fiction we want to see for real at this point.
General AI is the future of Machine Learning. General AI means that robots are going to be super smart in the future. They will think according to them and what’s better for them.
But as of now, it’s just a smart robot’s era. They are used in like, healthcare, or maybe in a home?

– Warfare

Now I’ve covered a lot of Robotics topics in which I have also mentioned a lot about robots. Right now, there are a bunch of cyber attacks on the government and the army. In the future, there might be robots hackers too. Robot soldiers? They can also exist in our upcoming future.
There are just limitless possibilities of what’s going to happen in the future. We can’t guarantee an answer but it’s just more likely to happen in our upcoming future.

Now, a lot of interference with Robots is happening right into our industry. All the big factories are using robots for making different stuff. A part of it is happening in Healthcare too. Surgeons are using robots to carry out different surgical operations. They are also used in identifying various diseases. Moreover, in the next ten years, there will be a big evolution in autonomous vehicles.
The disruption that will be caused by AI and Emerging Robotics will be huge in our industry.

Now let’s talk about actually investing in different companies. There are a lot of companies that allow you to buy algorithms and stocks when it comes to Emerging Robotics technology. Most of them are big companies so let’s take a look.


This company is from Japan. Fanuc is an automation company. They build a lot of stuff using Robots. The robot structure we often see on TV shows. Those Robotic Arms and stuff.
The future of FANUC is pretty bright and you can expect to earn a lot if you invest there.


NVIDIA is a company that makes Graphic cards and a lot of stuff. They have been doing it for many years now. NVIDIA is the best in its game. They make ideal cards for mining and AI machines.
NVIDIA is a company that will never go out of trend. They make the best GPUs. NVIDIA is a really reliable company. So really, if you invest and have some shares, you will definitely gain a lot of money in the incoming future.


It is another company in Japan. They do general automation. This means that they make all sorts of Automation stuff. They don’t only suppress themselves to be in car automation but they are practically everywhere.
Now is the best time to invest in Yaskawa. It’s a really good company.


The best in its game and the best in manufacturing algorithms. Google is the best. It’s one of the largest companies to ever emerge on the earth. Google search engine and YouTube are solely based on Algorithms. Moreover, they are also working on autonomous driving. With Boston Dynamicsthey have been working with the robots.
Google is by far my most recommended company if you want to invest and buy stocks. It’s so reliable and advanced that you don’t really have to worry anytime soon.
Therefore, now let’s talk about the big one in the game right now. It’s BOTZ.


ETF specializes in niche marketing. If you want to invest your money into AI then BOTZ is the way to go. Moreover, it’s the easier starter pack if you want to get into AI stocks and stuff.
Emerging Robotics technology is supposed to grow a lot in the next decade. So I guess it’s really safe for some people to actually buy stocks right now. BOTZ is the number one recommendation.
BOTZ is mostly in Japan having the exposure of 49% of its assets. In the US they have 31% of assets. Therefore, BOTZ is the perfect starter pack for people who want to start buying stocks.
Now, let’s talk about some of the Emerging Robotics Technology. We are going to talk about some of the new inventions. So sit tight, grab a doughnut and real this article till the very end.

Emerging Robotics in the present Era

Olympic Robot by Toyota

Ever head of javelins? This robot is made especially for the sole purpose of picking them. It’s expected that in 2020s Olympic world cup will be super tech-friendly. The project is named as “Tokyo 2020 Robot Project”. Japanese always amaze us with their hard work and inventions. Therefore, So it’s a clap for them.

FSR stands for Field Support Robots. As the name says, they are designed for assistance in some sort of field. These Special Use robots will help out in the 2020’s Olympics and people do have very high expectations of them.
In addition to FSR, people will also see some other robots at the events.

Miraitowa and Society. These robots will greet the guests arriving at the Olympics. They have facial recognition technology coupled with cameras. Therefore using them, they will show a lot of expressions depending on the situation.

There’s another good news for the latecomers of events. Some people miss out on their favorite plays just because they arrive late. Or maybe they get stuck in between people. T-HR3 Robots are designed specially to solve this problem. Moreover, using human controls they will be able to project some serious audio and video visuals that everyone will enjoy. This is the beauty of technology.
Now, Toyota has really stepped up their game. There will be robots that will provide the experience to the people who cannot physically attend the Olympics. T-TR1 is an example of that Robot.

There will also be Robot Butlers present there. They will give the users drinks and other sorts of refreshments. We are already in the future. I am so excited to see what 2020 will bring for us.

NASA Cliff Climbing Robots

As time passes, NASA is actually curious about the cliff on Mars. Sure, Mars is pretty big to discover. But everybody is curious that what is in those cliffs? There can only be a limited amount of terrain that is covered on wheels. So it’s just a curiosity.
To get to the top, they really need to climb up those scary big cliffs. Therefore, to do that, they need some sort of a Vehicle and Robot. That’s why NASA is experimenting on a new Technology LEMUR is the name of this Robot. It’s been in the testing phase for years now. But the final test of LEMUR was take in Death Valley in 2019. Titus Canyon was the challenge. It contains a 16 finger design with hundreds of the hooks at them which move with the Six 4 move freedom limbs. It has a hexagonal body.

The main need for LEMUR was to fix the international space shuttle. But after that, at some point, it was changed to a climbing robot project. This technology is going to be really useful once it sets into motion. Now we are going to be exploring some of the deepest darkest secrets of Mars.

Micro Submarines

Engineers at the University of New South Wales have developed micro submarines. These Submarines are power by the Nano Motor Technology. Moreover, using this technology, medicines can be delivered into the patient’s body. The main focus of this is to deliver the medicines so that it will move surgery out of way in some cases.

These Microbots can keep set their own pH level in accordance with the patient’s pH level to freely move into the body. Vertical Dimension mechanism couple with two-dimensional fashion. This is how they could come up with the design of micro submarines. This was said by Dr. Kang Liang.
Through the use of technology, it’s possible to even make smart drugs. This is the ultimate epitome of advancement we have reached. Imagine these bots being really helpful in fighting with cancer. It would be really cool to actually look forward to this technology.

Four-Legged Robot

We have already seen a bunch of four-legged robots. Though they have one in common. That’s the strength. Four-legged robots are made for sheer strength.
At IIT,  Dynamic System Labs have been developing a special robot. It works with a Hydraulic powered system. Moreover, they have been developing it for more than a decade now. The main purpose to design it was for the welfare of mankind. It will help us in a lot of disastrous moments.

HyQReal was the result. It’s really precise, power-efficient and strong. So a while ago, they showed this video where HyQReal was actually pulling a whole airplane. It was Piano P180 which is more than 30 Feet. A 286-pound robot managed to pull 3.3 tons of weight.

Hydraulic Pumps give a lot of power to the Robot’s leg and whole infrastructure. Now, this doesn’t mean that HyQReal can handle all the big stuff out there. But this shows how small robots are capable of moving heavy objects even with their very small weights. In the future, there will be a lot of advancements in this particular niche of robots.


Developed by International Space Station, the Astrobees, containing three robots are ready to send into space by NASA. The main purpose of Astrobees is to give scientists zero gravity testbed so they can test different technologies into space itself. Therefore, the use of astrolabes will really enhance and change the whole experience of scientists working and performing different tests into space.
Performing a lot of zero gravity testbeds will ultimately result in a lot of new technology being developed for space. Astrobee’s software is a fully open-source and it can be found on GitHub.

More Robots like these can make it easier for NASA to explore space. With a lot of Robots becoming greater and greater with the passage of time, science fiction sort of future isn’t that far away.

Colossus The Fire Fighter

Colossus aka the firefighter hero in Notre Dame de Paris fire. There was a fire in one of the monumental buildings in Paris. After it took rooftop in the fire, the team withdrew the human team. Moreover, they sent the newest team member, Colossus.
With the use of Colossus, they save 850 years’ worth of history. Colossus helped to extinguish the fire. After that, it also helped in maintaining the Nave’s temperature. The nave is the main chamber of Notre Dame.

The robot itself looks like Wall-E but better and stronger. Colossus weighing 1000 pounds can actually weigh up to 1100 pounds of people or stuff on it.

There are many traits of Colossus. One of them is fire suppression. Engineers all around the world are designing robots like these for the fire fighting team. Therefore, it’s a really cool piece of technology. Moreover, Colossus wasn’t the only robot who helped in putting out the fire. There were other drones too that helped to make better decisions for the fire to put out. Therefore, this was all planned very smartly.
For literally years, a fire has been a big issue. Right now the Amazon Jungle itself is burning with fire. But with the right use of technology at the right time. It’s not even a problem. Fire, humanity’s biggest foe, can be controlled by reinforced Robots. In the future, we will see more and more technologies rising on the surface.

Robotic Sloth

Now, there’s a saying “Slow and Steady Win the Race”. It’s pretty much true. We live in a fast world. Therefore, fastness is really tolerated in the good sense. But to be honest, in some cases, slow is better. That’s why Robot Sloth was created which mimics the world’s slowest animal Sloth.

There are many applications in Robotics which require less speed and more precision and focus. Robotic, Therefore, Sloth is made for that purpose It contains two solar panels. It’s always hanging on the tree branch. Therefore, the sloth robot moves only when it’s necessary. In between the manufacturing process, it was pretty hard for them to learn about the nature of sloths. Therefore they hired a Sloth expert, Jonathon Pauli.

One of the main purposes of designing this robot was to not give a whole lot of attention to the movement of the sloth. But into the intelligence and applications of it. Therefore, it can perform a number of delicate tasks while not really being a problem.
These are some of the Emerging Robotics Technology that we talked about today.

Final Thoughts

With Robots getting smarter and smarter day by day, they are the most important aspect of this fourth industrial revolution. Emerging Robotics technology is still at work and it will take quite a lot of time to actually become robust and best in its field.
Moreover, it’s an ideal time to keep track of all the robot stocks and actually investing in the. On the other hand, many Emerging robotics fields have been created. So it’s recommended to study robotics in the future.
As time passes, Robots are becoming better with it. Emerging Robotics is the Future. With a lot of advancements being made every day, we can expect a lot from Robots in the future.