How Have Robots Changed Our World Today

What is a Robot? This is the Era of Robots. When we talk about Robots, what comes in our minds? It’s probably Terminator fighting other Robots. Although the sole concept of Robots shown in the movie is pretty wrong the true definition of a robot is, a human-like machine which helps in solving complex tasks.

Definition of a Robot is Human-like machines which help us in solving complex tasks. Isn’t that right? From Automotives and Electronic
Manufacturing to Medical and Food services, Robots are basically everywhere. So, the point is that Robots in our world today are less like human-like Robots and more like Industrial tools to help build up machines and do complex tasks. I have to agree with Bill gates that Robots will make our world a better place.

Industry Machine
Here’s an example of Industrial Machine

But that doesn’t really mean that Robots do not contain some disadvantages. Of course, the employment rate will drastically fall. According to The Verge, Automation threatens like 800 Million jobs but the Technology itself can save us though this statement has its pros and cons too.
Automation will take jobs from laborers but it will give jobs to operators who have knowledge about running the machines.
So what will happen to the poor workers from this addition? Will they become unemployed? How will they lead their lives? What will happen to their families? This is one of the drawbacks of Automation and Robots.
Now let’s talk about some of the myths about robots that people think nowadays.

Myths about Robots

Nowadays, there’s a myth among people that, Robots are going to destroy the world and Artificial Intelligence is going to take over the world. Is it true though? My answer to this is, “IT DEPENDS“. There’s a saying:

  “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

So really it depends upon how our world is going to use that. If we put Robots with Artificial Intelligence to good use, like building machines and helping our world, It’s all good. But if we program robots for assassination and killing, that’s going to be a pretty big problem and it can cause harm to our world.
But that’s just a hypothesis and no one can say it with sure whether or not Artificial intelligence in Robots is going to end our world like creating a revolt against humans.
There are a couple of more myths that people think are true about robots. Let’s name some of them.

1) Robots are Human-Like

Now, in movies, we see a lot of Robots. Often, they are portrayed as human-like robots. They have human alike features such as face and voice. Moreover, they are just structured as human beings according to their bodies. The legs, arms, and torso, are similar. But, to be honest this concept of robots is wrong.
They essentially do not have to follow these traits to be actually named as Robots. Simply put, robots are just a piece of technology that works for human beings. Therefore, that doesn’t really mean that Humanoids will do efficient work. Even if human-like robots get into the trend, they might not really be liked by a lot of people.
In my opinion, human alike Robots don’t really make much of a sense as they are kind of a threat to our identity? Let me know what you think about it.

2) Robots outsmart Humans

It’s really easy to fool ourselves by thinking that Robots are outsmarting us. Say, for example, AI in games like Chess and stuff. They outsmart us in every way. So, it’s really easy to admit that we are inferior to machines. Are machines actually or had they already surpassed our knowledge?

If a machine is faster and does stuff better than the human mind, it really doesn’t mean that it’s better than us in any way. We, humans, have the ability to think freely. Moreover, we have something called as learning from a mistake. Artificial Intelligence essentially doesn’t mean that it’s the real form of intelligence.

Human beings are still superior to any machine until this date. It’s because we can learn stuff from different experiences.
If we talk about robots, they have a really limited way of learning. On the other hand, we think endlessly. So, it’s a totally unfair match between both parties if we put it that way.

3) Robots Getting Dangerous

In movies, once again, they try to portray a whole other story. It makes the story interesting if they make it something like robots against humans. This is all for fame and money. But, if we talk about real life, it’s not really that surprising that modern scientists think that AI in Robots could go out of hands.

But, could and can is different. We are talking about the present. And in present as of now, there is no threat, to be honest. Rather than that, robots are only helping us in doing different stuff. For example, surgeries, search and rescue missions and a lot of other stuff.
So, rather than thinking that Robots will destroy us, we should take a look at some of the best ways they are helping us. Against, Robots aren’t just humanoids. There is much more to them.

4) Robots are a Recent Invention

Most of the people think that Robots were invented in like, the last decade mostly. Therefore, it’s really not that surprising to think that Robotics is the future. Let’s be real, it’s been thousands of years since robots have been helping us by serving us. Robots aren’t just humanoids and I’m sick of saying this again and again.

Long ago, a wooden pigeon was created which was capable to fly. That was the robot at that time.
Therefore, any machine that helps humans in building stuff or helping them out is called a robot. So really, the concept that people have in their minds is kind of messed up. Robots have been there for centuries. They’ve served us for better. Robots helped us in our work.
They are just an awesome and mind-blowing invention.

5) Robots only Manufacture Cars

Now, in a lot of case scenarios robots do help in manufacturing various products. Although that doesn’t essentially mean that all of the manufacturing is made by humans. Let’s take an example of the Car Assembly. There was once a time when almost 90% of the cars were made using robots. But nowadays, Robots are literally everywhere.

From that, I mean everywhere. From Construction sites to hospitals. Robots are helping us. Therefore, this is a really cool way of advancement in our world. As of now, only 50% of robots are working in a car and other automotive manufacturing.

6) Robots are Expensive

Believe me or not, there is this weird myth about robots that they are really expensive. Whenever an advanced piece of technology comes in our mind, we think that it’s going to be really expensive. Part of it probably is true.

But, as time passes it’s really not all true. The reason is that we are making smarter products every day. With smarter products, the smarter price tag also comes. Therefore, there are a lot of budget Robots out there in the market. That just depends on what type of stuff we are needing robots for. If you talk about toys, they are as low as $10. E

There are even robots that will assist you in a lot of ways. They can be found as low as $200. This is the type of advancement we have reached this point. Therefore, this myth is wrong and it’s just a terrible misconception.

7) Rise of Robots will cause Unemployment

This is kind of a long debate, to be honest. Therefore, I will try to make things very simple. Yes, it is true that a lot of jobs will be stolen with the increased of Automation and AI in robots. Many countries like America is even worried about this issue. But, to be honest our world will adapt to this advancement.

Imagine banks getting smarter or Taxis getting fully automated. This will lead to mass unemployment indeed. But, to be honest it will create even more jobs. And there’s a slight chance that Robots and humans will co-exist in this environment. Now back to the main topic. With a lot of jobs being stolen, a ton new will also be created.

The maintaining of Robots and Engineering will increase dramatically. Therefore, I don’t really think there’s any reason stopping the use of robots when they can make out future better.

8) Engineers can only Make Robots

This is another misconception that a lot of people have. A lot of people think that you have to be an engineer to actually make Robots. This is a wrong thought. You don’t need to be an Artificial Intelligent engineer to build one of these.

With interest and enough tools, you can make one at home. You don’t even need to have a million dollars, to be honest. Therefore, one with the right passion can actually make robots. The urge to the building makes a man do stuff. After assembly, you can program the robot to behave what you like it to be. Moreover, you need to be pretty passionate about what you’re doing

 Now let’s talk about how robots are changing our everyday lives and how much Robots are serving our Industries nowadays.

How Robots Are Changing Our Everyday World?

Robots are everywhere. No matter where we go, we see robots, whether it’s under the ocean, there are robots, or whether on the surface, there are Robots. There is just no way that our world exists without robots today.
Robots have become a part of our Earth, bringing a happy revolution in the name of Science and Technology, also from Home sweet home to the depths of Space, there are Robots.
So, first of all, let’s talk about some of the most Advanced Robots we get to see today.

Advanced Robots

1. Robot Simian

Made by JPL NASA, Robot Simian is a spider-like Robot with multiple hands clearly, making it exactly like a spider, moreover the versatility and flexibility of Simian is uncanny, making it perfect Artificial Intelligent robot. NASA created Simian and Simian took 5th place in DRC finals held between 5-6 June.
Robots can actually be useful in times of accidents and disasters, also the sole purpose of designing Simian was to make it work for rescue missions.

Simian Robot
Source: NASA

In the above image, you can see how it actually looks. Whether there’s a fire or an accident or even a nuclear mess, Simian is there to clean for you, that’s what NASA claims. Simian is pretty flexible. It can do some complex jobs that we cannot even imagine to do. It contains the following features:

    • Can Drive and Exit a Vehicle
    • Can go through an Uneven Surface and walk on it
    • Open a door
    • Walkthrough Stairs
    • Make holes in Glass Panels

2) Ada, The Hand Printing Robot

The second one on the list is ADA, aka the hand printing robot. It contains a 3D Printed Robotic hand. It’s pretty flexible and versatile. Ada basically will revolutionize the way we create stuff. It has enough Artificial Intelligence to make whatever we put into the computer.
You go to the computer and design something and then push the button. BOOM!! You just created an object. In just a few years, you’ll be able to print your own Robots sitting anywhere in the world on your own.

ADA Robot
Source: Open Bionics

Here’s what it looks like from the concepts. Open Bionics made and created ADA. It requires the following 3D components:

    • Palm
    • Back Cover
    • Upper Tray
    • Lower Tray

So the future of Openbionics is pretty bright and I see future full of Ada Robot in the industry as well as personal use too.

3) Phoenix

The third one on our list is Phoenix. It’s an exoskeleton that has given much power to lift heavy objects. The purpose of Phoenix is assisting. It can do things which you have difficulty in doing. In short, lifting heavy objects and reaching where you might not be able to reach.
It is great for people with disabilities, not because it can do work for them but because it can also assist them. For example, a person who cannot walk, Phoenix can do make you walk. How awesome is that?

Phoenix Robot
Source: SuitX

I believe this is what the evolution of human beings look like. Becoming one with a  robot. Humans are going to be evolved into hybrid beings. Did this ring any bell? Hi Cyborgs. Phoenix is currently under development by SuitX company. Created by Professor Homayoon who is also one of the founds of EKSO Bionics company
So these are a couple of advanced robots in our world. Now let’s talk about robots used in Industry.

Industry Revolution of Robots

In our industries as mentioned below, almost all work is done by robots nowadays. It’s just that our idea of Robots is pretty messed up so we end up confusing robots with human-like machines but in reality, it’s been a long time since robots have become common in our industries. Here are a few examples:

1) Military Robots

One of the common use of Robots in our industry today is the Military. They are in many areas and in the near future, it is expected that Robots will do wars instead of men. So it’s a good thing that instead of putting men at risk robots will do the rest. It’s scientifically proven too.

One of the main uses of Robots in the Military is the use of Drone, In addition, Drones are used for surveillance and as a means of support in the times of War. By using the drones, the Military can assess the danger that a situation posses to them. They can assess how many people are in a disastrous situation without putting their men to risk.

2) Agricultural Robots

Robots are also used in agriculture nowadays and As agriculture is an important part of the world although farmers are using Tractors with an inbuilt GPS system which makes their work so easy. And everyday experiments were done on various technologies to actually make agriculture easier and better. Sensory tech is used to avoid diseases and control the pest on crops.

3) Medical Robots

We cannot touch this Robot topic without actually talking about medical can we and I’d say that in medical Robots have become very common and pretty important too. Advanced Robots have the potential to actually do most of the stuff like Surgery, Therapy e.t.c. But in reality, the medical robots are not intended to actually replace Doctors but to help them achieve their goal with ease

Da Vinci Surgical System was announced, which controls the hand movement of a surgeon when he’s doing very delicate operations and where he needs to be precise and calm. This was a welcome happy revolution in the many surgeries such as Gynecologic, Cardiac, and Urologic.
For People with Disabilities such as Spinal cord injury or paralysis. Exoskeletons are used to provide support to people will disabilities. They can also be used to make hybrids as mentioned above. Also, for people with mental issues and Speech or listening, devices are made which can support them.
Stephen Hawkings couldn’t speak but to convert his mind into text, that technology was made. And at first, everyone was shocked but now we know that using the power of technology, we can do anything.
In Conclusion to all this, I can say that the purpose of a robot is to make our life easier. But it depends on what intention we use them for.

4) Robots in Restaurants

Now, as of now, robots haven’t actually taken over the chefs and servers. But, it’s very likely to happen in the future. Let me tell you why
A lot of restaurants are having difficulty in managing everything. Increasing the minimum wage and finding a certain person of staff to call. This whole idea of restaurants can dramatically improve with the use of Robots in them. To think that Robots have the tendency to replace humans in restaurants, it’s not a surprise.
There have been robots that are still doing their jobs in various restaurants. Therefore, let’s get right to them


Made by Miso Robotics, Flippy was introduced into the industry. This technology is situated in California. The whole robotic kitchen system is introduced. The robot itself acts as a cook. It identifies the patties if they are cooked are not. And to cook it automatically flips them
Everyone was stunned to see what modern robots are actually capable of doing nowadays. But here’s the fun part. People in California liked it to the point that everyone was going there. Therefore, due to excess orders, they made flippy disappear. But, to be honest they could’ve made more models to make orders. I don’t know what their approach was at this point. But they must have a good point to remove it.

Pizza Making Robots

Again, in California’s Zume Pizza, Dough bot was announced. The great think about it was that it is five times faster than most of the pizza spinners. Now it all works in a flow.
At first, an ingredient preparation step is performed. The employees at Zuma prepare all the ingredients every morning. After preparing the ingredients. They use Dough bot to make the 14 Inch shells of the pie. After that, another robot named “Bruno” takes each crust into the over.
Therefore, they are partially baked after that. Then  “Pepe” and “Giorgio” put sauce onto the baked pizza. After all that “Marta” spins the sauce all around the pizza.
This was the whole process of Pizza in Zuma’s Pizza. After that pizza is ready and set to go out for the delivery.

5) Crime Fighting

If you think I’m talking about RobotCop then you’re wrong. Nowadays, the police are using to pinpoint enemies. Moreover, they also use it as a camera to pinpoint the criminal location and to check if they are armed or not. This really loses the risk of putting policemen into danger and it’s quite efficient.

Remote Controlled robots are actually used to check out different traps. By the use of robots, they also disarm various bombs and stuff. Furthermore, they can also use it to record audio and video that they can take a look at afterward and research on different data.
Robots are quite an invention for Crime Fighting. It puts everyone in very less risk and does the job efficiently. They are very helpful in scenarios that are too dangerous for people to put in. In the future, it is expected to even go further beyond. Imagine a humanoid Robot Fighting Crime. How Robocop is that.

6) Education

Robots in Education can be used to properly teach students almost anything you can imagine of. Now, there are quite a lot of benefits if we talk about a robot in education. They don’t get tired like a lot of human teachers. I’m trying not to be offensive. Also, you don’t have to worry about paying them. The wage of professors and teachers are a lot nowadays.

It can be avoided if we use Robots. The use of Robots might become possible to provide students with information and convey that information in a very unique and precise way. It can be fun for teaching mathematics and other science subjects especially Computer Science. Learning from different robots will enable critical thinking in the minds of people.

Special Education

A lot of children suffer from diseases or illnesses that do not allow them to take classes every day. This becomes a very depressing moment for a lot of children. But, with the right use of robotics, it’s quite likely to change. Not everyone can afford a special teacher who will teach their kids especially.

On the other hand, if they buy a robot that can teach them all the stuff, it’s a win-win for them. Not to mention, autistic students have it hard to communicate with other people. They feel confused and intimidated by other people’s faces. In addition to that, robots can look a lot like human beings without those weird facial expressions that might confuse autistic kids. Robots can help them in learning social cues. As a fact, there are robots that have been made specifically for this purpose. This can be a very successful addition to Robotics Career.

7) Everyday life

Not everyone can carry a large amount of weight. Consider, an Elder person who’s living alone. How hard it must be for him to lift those heavyweights. A Korean Chair has already been made which can carry human beings who weigh up to 220 pounds. The chair is controlled with a controller. Controller more like a joystick.

Robots can assist elder people in their daily life. Like making them go out of bed. They would feel less lonely and feel like they have a full-fledged caretaker. Now let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of putting robots in the industries.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Robots aren’t really a new invention to this day. They have been with us for centuries. The rise of robots is now by the way. Robots are known to use ever since manufacturing is happening in different businesses. Not only in manufacturing, but robots are also basically in every aspect of our lives right now.

The future of Robots and Artificial Intelligence is quite bright. Imagine having a politician Robot or maybe manager at a store to solve certain problems and in critical thinking. Also, to analyze the performance of an individual employee.
Therefore, there can be a lot done with them once we put everything aside and focus on Robots. They are such a happy piece of tech that can make our lives better than what we have right now.

As days pass, technology is getting better and better in helping humans with their work. Automation is one application that is just mind-blowing. Many business operations are performed with the use of automation. So, it’s quite easy to think that, in the future, there will be robots everywhere. Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of using robots in our society for work today.


    • Robots never get tired. You can make them work all day and all night. They just do not have the tendency to get tired. Unlike humans who need rest and food for work.
    • Robots just need a source of power, using that power they will achieve certain tasks. Moreover, our brain gets tired of working continuously. But with Robots, it’s a whole different approach.
    • In Warfare, robots have already been used. They are quite successful in saving more and more lives in warfare. This puts fewer people at risk of saving other people.
    • Robots are used in chemical industries. This is really useful in accidents into labs. A lot of people get hurt by spilling some chemicals. This can also lead to some big health problems.
    • Robots are designed to work in any environment. They can work if it’s cold or hot or maybe underwater.
    • Robots can even go as far as into the space to work. Furthermore, they can literally be used endlessly anywhere if we design them the right way.
    • Robots are more powerful than human beings. Sure, we make them but we make them tougher than ourselves. Robots are able to live up really heavy objects, unlike human beings. They can literally pull up anything.
    • With Robot there comes precision. We humans have shaky hands. I, especially have very shaky hands. We cannot really do things that are very delicate. But robots can do anything with precision and accuracy.
    • For example, surgeries are performed with the assistance of robots. This makes the whole process so easy and fun to do.
    • Robots are dramatically cheaper to work with than human beings. They do the job with precision and ultra speeds. You don’t have to take care of them as humans.


    • With the increase of Robots in everyday life and businesses, jobs are being stolen by robots with artificial intelligence. That is because there is no longer a need to provide human laborers with an hourly wage.
    • They are just using robots who can use the job easy, fast and with precision. It’s so reliable.
    • Although robots are perfect for handling certain tasks, they really do not have common sense. So to think that something out of the box happened.
    • ERROR 404 ROBOT WON’T RESPOND. This is a reality that scientists want to change for years now.
    • Having AI doesn’t mean that they can rival human intelligence. Humans are still superior to them in almost any thinking category.
    • Indeed robots come with a lot of precision and fast working traits but they just cannot think as efficiently as we do.
    • They can never do jobs that are out of the box.
    • They have no senses or emotions. With Robots everywhere in the industry, it will look very lifeless and boring.
    • This is because they do not show emotions as we human beings do.
    • Robots can really become expensive if your sales do not go as expected. Or if your business went downhill.
    • It can be really a big loss for your whole company. So at the end of the day, they might be expensive than hiring human workers.
    • For now, robots can only be operated by human workers. They cannot automate a whole task all by yourself.
    • Therefore, at this very moment, it’s really expensive for companies to manage everything.
    • They have to buy robots and along with that they also have to hire workers who will actually operate then.


So as you have read that with many advantages, there are also disadvantages. With the passage of time robots are becoming better and better every day. We are in the twenty-one century and now the world just cannot work without robots.
Still, human beings are very efficient. More than Machines to be honest. We have greater decision making power and critical thinking. We can decide things on a whim and handle different situations in a short time.

Using Robots in industries is really a big change overall. It can generate a greater profit. However, not every industry can be profited using robots. We just have to wait for the time for robots to be in into our industry, Various advancements are made every day with the passage of time. In the future, it is expected that everything will become digital.

So, really robots have changed our life in a very good way. And I hope that we get the most out of robots now and in the future.