FIMI Mini 4K Drone review

Though drones are the most fantastic invention of our technology, you also need to know the government rules associated with drones’ uses. As an example, you can fly a drone nearly 120 meters higher or less. Xiaomi has decided to offer its customers the maximum comfort by designing this 4K MINI DRONE.

About Fimi –

FIMI is the sub-branch of Xiaomi. Mi drone 4k is the first drone launched by the Xiaomi technology LTD. Then they release two successor drones, Fimi x8 se 2020 and Fimi A3. They also have MI drone mini, Mi Smartphone Gimbal, Mi action Camera 4K.

Fimi X8 se 2020 is a special drone because it offers pro-features like 8KM range, 4k 30 fps HDR video capability, 35 min flight time, and more. Fimi also offers Fimi premium care service. If you acquired this service, then you will get a drone replacement for $40.

We have come to know about this FIMI Mini 4K drone while FIMI NAVI MINI was available on Google play. That was the first clue that Xiaomi is going to launch a new drone in 2021.

A little bit of rumor has come with the news included with a photo. According to the product photo, the design has some similarities with the drone DJI 2 MINI. You can also compare the weight with this drone, which is nearly under 250 grams. Before buying a drone, you should learn about the local law of using a drone.


Features of Fimi Mini –

To give you an immediate review of 4K MINI, we have connected with FIMI. They let us know that the drone’s first test version will be available for a few days or months.

  • Weight is less than 250 grams nearly
  • Gimbal-stabilized camera with 4K@30fps
  • Active sensor image capture – 1/2.3″
  • Different intelligent flight mood with tracking
  • The flying time frame can be 30 – 37 minutes
  • Launching period probably – January to March 2021.
  • Price range expectation – $300 -$350

N:B: We will update this content very soon after launching the FIMI Mini 4K drone with full details.


Fimi corporation has successfully launched multiple devices. Digital Zoom camera, rainproof design, 4K HDR Video/ UHD, Quadcopter fly Cam, GPS tracking, smart remote control, and many more mind-blowing intelligent features are available with FIMI products.

So we hope that this upcoming product will also come with unique features to satisfy the customers’ desire. Though we know till the FIMI Mini 4K drone launched, many rumors can explore here & there. Don’t be confused and keep patients until the very moments come.