Top 5 method to Fix Netflix Error M7111-1931-404

Without a doubt, Netflix is the most popular online movie and TV show streaming service in the world. It is packed with hundreds of thousands of films and episodes for you to enjoy. Created in…by…, Netflix has grown from its humble beginnings as a videotape renting business into the de facto leader in online entertainment. Today, you can enjoy Netflix content in your smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV, and many other devices. While most of its operations are smooth as butter, there’s a nagging glitch that frustrates Netflix users that are known as Error M7111-1931-404. It can appear as you enjoy Netflix and abruptly cut short your entertainment session. Thankfully, we have found five effective solutions that can fix this error and explained them below.

What exactly causes the Error M7111-1931-404?

Your streaming is being interrupted by the VeeHD browser extension.

The VeeHD extension is a popular plugin that you can download and install in your browser to enjoy online content in High Definition (HD). It is a trendy extension for streaming content online because it assists in the delivery of clearer images. It also enhances audio output to activate crisp notes even at high volume. Unfortunately, this extension can interfere with your Netflix streaming session and result in  Error M7111-1931-404. It can disable the streaming content immediately and even crash your browser.

An AdBlock plugin

Some of the most inconvenient experiences for Internet users are advertisements. Some websites are full of adverts that pop up when you open a page. Others pop up when you tap on any part of the page, including the scroller. They can interrupt your surfing experience and even introduce malware to your computer. For this reason, many people invest in AdBlock plugins.

Adblock plugins are small programs that are installed in the browser to block these annoying and persistent ads. These plugins deliver assistance by ensuring a smooth surfing experience. On the downside, they can cause Error M7111-1931-404 in your Netflix streaming session.

Corrupted Netflix sideloaded extension.

The Netflix streaming service is accessible in smart devices and smart TVs through dedicated applications that provide a standard Netflix streaming experience. To get the same experience in your browser, you need to use a sideloaded extension. It is a tailor-made Netflix mini-program that becomes part of your browser. It allows easy, fast and efficient access to the Netflix streaming service right through your browser.


This sideloaded extension increases the capability of your browser by enabling activities such as PVR recording, social media integration, customized subtitles, skins, and additional audio settings for your Netflix streaming experience. Sadly, the sideloaded extension can increase the chances of experiencing this Netflix error.

Netflix servers being down.

Netflix has servers all around the world that provide access to its immense trove of multimedia entertainment. These servers create an infrastructure that ensures that the movies or TV shows stream smoothly. These servers can become overwhelmed by client requests and end up becoming overloaded. This creates a technical problem that shows up on your screen as Error M7111-1931-404.

How you can fix Error M7111-1931-404

1.Clear Netflix cookies

The Netflix application saves cookies in a similar way to browsers so that you can resume your favorite shows or movies rapidly after unexpectedly ending a session. These cookies also track your preferences to provide suggestions as you scroll through the context menu. Over time, they can accumulate in your Netflix app cache and cause the Error M7111-1931-404. Here is how to eliminate this problem by clearing your Netflix cookies:

  • Begin by logging into your Netflix account
  • Type clear cookies in the browser
  • It will automatically clear out the Netflix cookies
  • You will be requested to provide your login credentials again
  • Insert your login username and password again to enter the Netflix account
  • Activate streaming and enjoy error-free viewership

You may be using Netflix in your Android smart device and if this is the case, here is how to clear out the application cookies:

  • Navigate to the Netflix application
  • Tap and hold on its icon
  • This will activate two main options; uninstall and app info
  • Tap on the app info option and it will activate a new page
  • Click on the data option and clear it

This will wipe your app’s cookies as well as any corrupt data that could be causing the Error M7111-1931-404.

2.Disable the Adblock plugin

The Adblock plugin is used in browsers to prevent pop up ads from emerging. This plugin can cause the Error M7111-1931-404 and here’s how to fix this problem:

  • If you are using Google Chrome, activate this browser
  • Navigate to chrome://extensions/
  • Find the Adblock section
  • Having done so, switch the button from on to off
  • Restart the Google Chrome browser and resume Netflix streaming

3. Remove the VeeHD browser extension

If you have installed the VeeHD extension in your browser, it could be causing the error and here’s how to respond in such a case:

  • Startup your browser
  • If you are using Google Chrome, navigate to chrome://extensions/
  • Scroll downwards until you arrive at the VeeHD Extension and then tap on the Remove button
  • A pop-up prompt will emerge asking if you’re sure, tap on Remove again
  • Restart the browser again and stream Netflix with no errors

4. Eliminate the sideloaded extension

Your browser sideloaded extension for Netflix can cause this error and here’s how to remove it:

  • Activate your browser
  • Should you be using Google Chrome, simply enter chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and tap enter
  • Scroll through your active extensions until you find Netflix
  • After you do, click on the button labeled Remove
  • Tap on Remove again in the popup prompt that emerges
  • This will eliminate the Netflix sideloaded extension and enable smooth streaming after restarting the browser

5. Check on the condition of Netflix servers

There are times when Netflix servers get overloaded with streaming requests. In such a time, the Error M7111-1931-404 can emerge repetitively. If you try the solutions above unsuccessfully, you can try to check on the condition of Netflix servers. This can be accomplished by visiting to view the status of their servers. If the page indicates that their servers are down, you will have to wait until the problem has been rectified to stream your content.

Benefits of using Netflix

  • It is very affordable

Netflix is very affordable when compared to other options such as cable TV or going to the movies. For the price of $7.99 every month, which is equal to just a few movie tickets, you can get direct access to a treasure trove of entertainment, including exclusive movies and TV shows. Furthermore, Netflix is available for you to watch 24/7 so you can catch up on your favorite shows at any time of the day or night. There is always something for everyone so that the whole family can enjoy Netflix. Its low price is the most significant benefit of enjoying material in this streaming platform.

  • Its interface is fantastic.

Netflix is unique from all over streaming services because of its slick, intuitive interface. A myriad of amazing features is only a tap away. Netflix is so much better than traditional modes of entertainment because it streams content as Video on Demand. You can watch whatever you want whenever you want. The Netflix interface is dynamic so that it can fit in a smart TV, tablet device, or mobile display. Amazingly, you can even download content to watch offline, for example, on an airplane!

  • There’s such a wide variety of material.

Netflix beats all the other Video on Demand providers because of its fantastic variety. This platform provides its original series and movies. They also license content from other studios to display on the online platform. Furthermore, Netflix provides niche content that wouldn’t find space on traditional studios such as comedy skits, documentaries, docu-dramas, music album visuals, and featurettes. In this way, Netflix shines as the ultimate source of fantastic content.

  • They provide an exceptional watching experience.

There’s no other streaming service that makes it easy for you to binge-watch as Netflix does. They have hundreds of thousands of shows and movies to watch on-demand. In addition to that, they do not display any ads to interrupt your viewing. Netflix can observe your viewing patterns and automatically create a playlist for you to enjoy. Furthermore, this platform provides the opportunity for you to create your own personalized collection of favorite shows or movies. While on Netflix, you can skip the recaps or opening sequences so that you can get to the main plot quickly. Even better, Netflix automatically starts up the next episode as you complete the current one. This creates an uninterrupted, smooth, high-quality viewing experience.

  • Netflix can stream on a wide range of devices.

A considerable benefit of Netflix is that you can view its content on any device imaginable. This streaming service can be enjoyed on all desktop and laptop computers. You can also enjoy Netflix on Android and iPhone smartphones as well as tablets such as the iPad. You can also watch Netflix on game consoles such as the PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Wii and Blue-Ray players too! As long as the device is connected to the Internet, it can stream Netflix content.


The Error M7111-1931-404 is one of the very few problems that affect Netflix. It can interrupt your viewing experience and cause you to wonder what could be wrong. Should this occur, simply use one of the 5 solutions that we have described above? They are guaranteed to get your Netflix experience back up and running better than before!