Top Four Ways to Improve your Site’s Ranking for 2020

Personal or professional both are Intensively involved with the digital world. Day by day a huge number of students choosing online platforms as their professional background. They interconnected with digital media correspondingly. The website is the mandatory platform to build a personal profile professionally. To build up an online career you need to know the use of the website. So to run your website smoothly need to know the ways that how to rank your site. This content, we focus on 4 methods to rank your website. 

Why Digital Marketing is Important

The online world is intensively involved with marketing. At this modern age, 22% of the total population is using Facebook. One the other USA has more than 62%people who are using Facebook & Instagram. All of the internet users have a minimum 7 social media account.  97%adult people in the USA who are under 65 are using the media sites at least one time in a month. There you can find 30% of people who are presenting a brand or support a brand
All trendy topics are available now online. So what do you think? Is it easy to reach your targeted customers through those social media sites? There has a relevant product advertisement system that will make the way easier to promote any brand. To achieve your online target digital marketing is the primary step for moving forward. 

Content is King:-

Content is the main product for any kind of marketing process. This will help you to know others about your products. A good piece of content can help you to rank your website on the first page. SEO friendly, LSI keywords related content will make the way easy to rank your website. If you can focus on your targeted keywords then it will help you to get the targeted audience. This will also help you to create interest in your product or service.
So you can say that the content is a kind of way to introduce your product online. In this online world, you always need to introduce all kinds of service to Google or the other search engine. Every site of the online sector like Youtube, website, blog or any other social media site just needs a quality unique content to grow the traffic on your site. That is why you can consider the content as the mother product or the basic capital for every kind of google ranking. 

Backlink – Increase Your Website Authority

The Backlink has played major roles in the search engine algorithm. Without quality backlink, you can’t rank your website on Search Engine. If you study SEO, you should know about Backlink. A backlink is simply a link from 1 site to another website. It increases your website authority and trusty. Generally, backlinks are two types
Dofollow and Nofollow, Dofollow backlinks are highly demandable and everybody wants to acquire it. It’s pass link juice to another website that helps more to rank website. On the other hand, Nofollow backlink is not bad, but it does not pass link juice and this type of link does not follow by the search engine.
But the link acquired is not too easy. If your website has high-quality informative content then you can easily get a backlink from another website but the first time you should build some manual backlink. So how can you get a valuable backlink?  Bellow, I have written some point how you can get the backlink

  • Guest Post
  • Blog Comments
  • Social Backlink
  • WEB2.0
  • Research competitor’s website backlink.
  • File Sharing 
  • PDF, DOC, Infographics and video sharing backlink.
  • Haro Backlink.
  • Skyscraper technique and more.

So what type backlink is best? Most of the webmaster says content based backlinks are best. Therefore, we always focused on acquired content based backlinks. 

Technical SEO – Hidden SEO & Ranking Fact

Technical SEO is one of the major ranking factors in search engines. If your website does not index on Google or Bing, it’s don’t show to the user. Also if your website has some technical issues it does not deliver a good user experience. Some of the webmasters only provide good content and follow proper technical SEO guidelines and rank on Google.
Technical SEO’s main focus is to access your website, crawl, interpret and easily index your website. If you want to discuss technical SEO this article will be too long, So I will discuss it in detail later. So I have written some point about technical SEO:-

  • Robots.txt optimize.
  • Optimize your website URL structure.
  • Implement proper structured Data Markup.
  • Canonical page & Website Silo Structure.
  • Website redirect.
  • XML Sitemap optimization.
  • Website speed and Mobile optimized.
  • AMP
  • Add the website to Google and Bing search console.
  • Choose the proper domain name.

Website Speed – Increase website Speed & Increase Ranking

We naturally don’t stay that website which takes more time for opening. This is actually the viewers or readers’ mania. Because of the huge amount of websites existing online. To get connected with your customers or to reach the targeted traffic or to expand the readers’ connectivity time speed up the website is mandatory. If you think technically, then need to follow -the below criteria. 


  • Enable your website compression
  • Should minify the CSS, JavaScript & HTML according to the page load. 
  • Need to reduce the redirect link to speed up. 
  • Expand the content distribution networking site. 
  • Leverage the caching of the browser.
  • Responded server to improve the loading time
  • Image optimization

FAQ – 

  • What is link juice in SEO?

This is the term to share the value or equity of a page or site. One can also pass it through a hyperlink. To highlight that the website is voted by the other website.

  • What is robots.txt?

This is the webmaster created file to command the web robot. For this sometimes we can or can not able to crawl a webpage. 

  • What is anchor text?

Anchor text is related to various keywords to link a page. In short, use to build a page link

  • Is SEO dead?

No, its nothing like that. The elements you are using for SEO are either outdated or latest which can kill your ranking result. So the tactics of SEO vary for this.  

  • What is the word limitation for SEO friendly content??

It totally depends on your competitors. If your competitors provide 500 words article, you should wite 600-700 words article. But most of the webmaster suggested 2000 words article.

To unlock the prime features of google ranking is a little mystic but if you want you can apply the key features or strategy to get the good performance of your website. Just need to study first on those topics then apply them on your site. Do research about your targeted audience then create a piece of killer content? Proper marketing is also responsible to achieve the goal.