Download Videoder Android Apk 2020 Latest Version

Downloading videos from YouTube can be pretty challenging. This is where videoder comes in. We have already covered how you can download YouTube videos using Videoder but this one is a little different.
Today, we will focus on how you can have Videoder Apk downloaded on your smartphone and how you can download videos from it.

What is Videoder?

As the name says, it has to do with videos. Videoder lets you download videos from thousands of sources. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and thousands of other websites. It is essentially a tool that makes it easy for you to have videos in your arsenal.
With more than 40 Million downloads, it’s one of the best and most popular video downloaders out there at this moment. Hence, the tool itself makes it easy for you to make a collection of your favorite videos that you can easily retrieve and watch at any possible time. If you want to download videoder pc version, you can download it.
You have the option to online download videos, have the app installed on both your Pc or Android smartphone. Having videoder downloaded can make this pretty easy for you. The user interface of videoder is beautiful and it is a full feature-packed app that you can use on your Android phone to make it interesting.
You get powerful features like YouTube Playlist downloading, batch video downloading, an inbuilt browser with VPN,  fast downloading speed, 4k video downloading support. Considering all these aspects, we will talk about how you can have videoder app downloaded on your phone.

What should you choose Videoder?

WIth videoder, you get a lot of powerful features that you will find to be powerful and time saving. What’s a better YouTube video downloader than videoder? Well, there are so many other services but in terms of speed and simplicity, we’ve chosen videoder.

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Along with speed and simplicity, you also get the flexibility and some of the most powerful features. Moreover, the fact that it’s available for both Android and desktop makes it even more useful. If you don’t like visiting the same website over and over again, every day then this is the perfect app for you. You can easily download videoder by just searching for it on the web. The website has no ads whatsoever, which means that they are highly focus in their work. Some of our most favorite features include the YouTube playlist downloader, batch video downloading support, the inbuilt VPN, and  4K support.
Making it one of the best YouTube video downloader out there. Now we are going to focus on Videoder latest Apk’s features.

Features of Videoder

Now, we are going to incorporate some of the best features that you would find in using this app. The features are:

  1. YouTube playlist downloader
  2. Download videos in batch
  3. Inbuilt browser with ad block
  4. Fast downloading speed
  5. 4K video downloader

1.  YouTube playlist downloader

One of the most powerful and useful features on the list is playlist downloader. There are a lot of cool playlists especially if we talk about music playlists.on YouTube. It saves a lot of time as you won’t have to download videos one by one.
This is probably my personal favorite feature of Videoder latest apk. My personal favorite thing to do is to make a YouTube video playlist of many songs and then just downloading the whole playlist in one go. This saves so much time and effort.

2.  Batch videos downloader

Another great feature of videoder latest Apk is the batch video downloader. You have the option to download multiple videos at the same time. However, it all depends on your internet connection. If you have a beast of an internet connection, you can easily download multiple files at once.
To download multiple videos, you just need to start downloading videos one by one and all other videos will be queued in the list. That’s how the whole system works so it’s pretty simple yet time saving.

3.  inBuilt browser with Adblock

Videoder latest Apk comes with the inbuilt browser with adblock. So why is it even there? Well, as it’s not just limited to YouTube but also from thousands of other websites too. That is where adblock comes into play.
You won’t have to suffer from a lot of ads on various websites like YouTube itself. You can just click and download and then enjoy your videos that you’ve successfully downloaded. This is why Videoder downloading is worth every second.

4.  Fast downloading Speed

Downloading speed itself is pretty important when it comes to downloading videos from YouTube. This is again where downloading videoder becomes beneficial to many people. Videoder allows you to download videos 4X faster than regular speed.
This is done by their fast servers and you can easily download in such a short time. I was even surprised to look at the batch downloading speed. It exceeded the speed of my own internet. So, downloading videoder can become quite useful to be honest.

5.  4K video support

If your Pc/Laptop or Android smartphone do support 4k resolution, then why limiting your experience by not downloading your favorite videos in full resolution. A good thing about Videoder is that it does support 4k video download too.

How to install Videoder?

The installation process is as simple as it gets. Just follow our steps if you want to download Videoder.

  • Go to the main website of Videoder
  • Click on “Download for Android”
  • The app will be downloaded on your device depending upon the internet speed
  • Go to phone’s settings > security > turn on “Unknown Sources”
  • Go to the installed file and install the Apk file

And just like that, you’ve successfully downloaded Videoder on your Android smartphone. The process is pretty simple as the main focus of Videoder is to make things simpler for you. It’s pretty simple to have Videoder downloaded and you should just follow our steps above.

How to use Videoder?

After you’ve downloaded Videoder, the process of using the app is pretty simple. Videoder has some of the most strong and flexible feature that a music downloader should have. You can download both videos and music from videoder.
The only need that you need to do is to open the app and there you’ll see a search bar on top. In the search bar, you can search any website from where you want a video to be downloaded from. It can be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or thousands of other sources. The flexibility in terms of websites provided is just uncanny.
You can download videos from all over the websites or the whole world and this app will still be able to detect it. After searching the video, just click on the download button and there will be a lot of options that you will be able to tweak according to your liking,
For example, if you want to download a video, you can set the quality and the path where that file will be saved too. So, there’s not that much complexity when it comes to the actual usage of this app.
You can also download audio song with one click using Videoder.

Videoder Alternative Top 5 Apps

As good as videoder might be, we should also cover some of the alternatives that you might like if you’re interested in downloading YouTube videos or songs. Here is the list:

  • Snaptube
  • Tubemate
  • KeepVid
  • Vidmate
  • OG YouTube

1.  Snaptube

My personal favorite alternative and video download is of course, Snaptube. With easy controls and powerful features, you can literally get the same amount of functionality like you’ll get from Videoder itself.
The design aesthetics are what I absolutely love. Moreover, it has a dedicated lark music player that lets you play songs and videos right from the app. The app is super simple to use and the downloading process is super simple too.

2.  TubeMate

With Tubemate, tt’s pretty much easy to download YouTube videos and have them converted into literally any format. You can download songs with it and the coolest thing about Tubemate is that it’s one of the oldest and reliable YouTube video downloader.
And the most exciting thing about using Tubemate is that it still gets updated often. So you don’t have to worry about getting left behind in terms of development.

3.  KeepVid

We have already covered KeepVid in our previous videos. It has one of the best designs that a YouTube downloader has to provide. The options are not even compromised and it provides awesome video downloading features.
You can download Videos upto 4K and this app is super simple to use too. You won’t be disappointed as it’s the perfect alternative to Videoder YouTube video downloader.

4.  VidMate

VidMate is another old YouTube video downloader that is also reliable. It has one of the best downloading speed you would find on any other YouTube video downloader. Plus it also gets updated too.
There are high-quality formatting options. If you want to download audio or video, you can do it in various formats. So, there isn’t really much of a compromise when it comes to actual usage. Some people prefer Vidmate over Videoder.

5.  OG YouTube

OG YouTube is just YouTube but better. It is essentially a YouTube app but there are some of the most advanced functionalities added into the app. The design is just like YouTube app itself. But what is better in this app is the ability to download songs and videos.
You get everything like other YouTube downloaders but the most exciting feature of this app is that you can play YouTube videos minimized. That means that you won’t have to stay in YouTube app to watch videos.

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Is Videoder the best YouTube downloader?
Considering the plus points of this application and flexibility that it provides, we think that it is one of the best YouTube downloader if not the best. You should definitely download videoder if you want a great experience.
Is it legal to download YouTube videos?
The app itself is pretty much legal. But if you talk about downloading videos generally, then it’s a simple no. You can’t be using someone else’s music and videos for your own purpose. It hurts their pride and also the business. So there’s a yes or not.
But if you have the permission of the owner of a certain video, then it’s a yes.
Are there any better YouTube downloader than Videoder?
As there are many other options, this app is nice for downloading videos. However, there are also some others that rivals this app. So it’s all about personal preference.


Having Videoder Apk downloaded in your device will definitely make it easier for you to download videos right on your smartphone. Many people download videos in their Pc/Laptop and then transfer it into their device. But with videoder, you can just have them downloaded right on your phone.