What is content://com.android.browser.home/ & How to Setup?

Lately, the android phone is a necessity and many people all over the world use this device for communication, browsing, chatting, and emailing. If you have ever purchased a smartphone, you often find that the producer has plastered its branding everywhere, even locking the browser’s homepage to a page with their details on it. This can essentially block your experience as a customer. Fortunately, numerous solutions can help you solve this problem. And one of them is to use content: //com. android.browser.home/.

What is content: //com. android.browser.home/?

It is very disturbing when you keep selecting one browser on and on, particularly if you are doing something crucial. And similarly to all important things in everyday life, internet browsers as well accompany a variety of alternatives. The various options available helps one to choose one of them according to his/her needs. Part of the popular browsers accessible includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, UC, etc. Therefore, an individual can select from the various browsers available to surf the internet. Hence to solve this problem, it’s advisable to use “content.android. browser.home/?

The “content://com.android.browser.home” is a popular code that is utilized in browsers to set the default home page. Any time we purchase an android phone, we often get a browser installed into the smartphone and also on the default homepage. And if you don’t adore this default landing page on the browser, you can convert it anytime. Virtually all of us depend on the web and utilize the phone to browse the Internet to perform common online tasks. In this guide, we will show you every step needed to set the homepage in your web browser and by utilizing (content: //com.android.browser.home/).

How to change the default browser in Android Device

A lot of companies like to install their apps of browsers on our android phones. What is more surprising, they make these browsers default, and this means that we only use them to open codes from external apps. If your smartphone’s stock browser lacks the latest features and it is not up to standard, you will get a difficult time browsing the net. This happens especially when you key in a different link from the Google News widget, it will be accessed with your smartphone’s dreaded stock browser, rather than in chrome.

Android Device

Remember that you are not forced to utilize the default or the inherent browser app installed by the phone’s manufacturer. There are much better and significantly richer alternatives found in the Google play store. A variety of them are free of cost and can be configured on your cellphone with just one touch. This is what you should do in case you need to change the default browser on your smartphone. Please follow these guidelines to change the Default Browser homepage.

Procedure 1

  • The initial step is to activate your phone’s data connection.
  • Next, locate the browser app and then open it.
  • The third step is to press on the “https: // link”, which is found on the top of the screen.
  • Erase the previous connection and type “https://www.google.com” and choose the “Go” alternative.
  • When you have accessed the www.google.com. The main page, click on the “option button” and move upwards.
  • When you have reached this place and stage, you will see the settings feature, go ahead and click on it.
  • Without hesitation, click on the “General Settings” option.
  • Choose the “Set homepage” alternative.
  • Finally, tap on the “Current page” and click “OK”.

Procedure 2

  • Visit and open your internet application.
  • Click on the “alternative feature”.
  • Immediately after accessing the alternative page, find and click on the “Settings” feature.
  • Now click on the “General settings” option.
  • Choose “Set homepage” alternative.
  • Pick the “Custom page” feature.
  • Key in “www.google.com” and click the “OK.” button.

How to setup content://com.android.browser.home/?

It is an all-inclusive procedure that permits you to configure your most popular browser such as Mozilla, and Chrome as the default internet app. This procedure will function for any kind of Android phone. In addition, the steps below will guide you to install a homepage on internet apps such as Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera. Well, here are the steps:

  1. Press the Internet browser that you simply set as the default Internet browser.
  2. In the upper right corner, you will observe a menu selection with three dots.
  3. Click on this menu to open the setting option.
  4. The drop-down menu contains a configuration button.
  5. The configuration window contains a selection of the general setting.
  6. Next, you will find a set homepage feature on the main menu.
  7. Click on set homepage alternative and you will be required to key in the URL.
  8. Type the URL of your preferred homepage.
  9. Finally, you will be done and ready to go.

If you are unable to locate this selection because the android producer has hidden it, then here is another alternative you can try.

  • Browse the browser you like to install as your homepage.
  • Click on the menu option.
  • Next, save that page in the bookmarks.
  • Click on the menu feature.
  • Head to the Bookmarks / History
  • Locate the area you saved the file and click and hold on it.
  • The main menu that pop-ups, select and configure the homepage.

So above is a complete and deep guide that will help you Change the default browser on a smartphone efficiently utilizing content://com.android.browser.home. The techniques mentioned in this manual have been tested and work perfectly.

Advantages of a Good Homepage

com. android.browser.home

1. Enhanced user experience

Designing a good homepage on your portable phone is a great experience. You will access and work with it easily and effectively. It, therefore, enhances user satisfaction; creating a positive impression on the customer. Moreover, a good homepage creates user-friendly features, where you can access the browser instantly and surf the net.

2. Custom content

Numerous phone users like highly personalized content according to their needs. And when they have the right information and apps they like, then they can speak and communicate in the language they speak and comprehend. Customer-oriented customization is a basic requirement for a great experience. Customization is based on the customer’s interests, practices, scope, culture, etc. the client’s. A good homepage facilitates a personalized experience.

3. Quick online and offline access

An excellent homepage provides quick access with just a click. They enable users to use their apps or data quickly, providing a wide array of experiences by storing crucial information that can be availed offline too. Setting a good homepage allows you to download information from the net, and then save it for later use. Downloading new content that can be read or used later on is a wonderful experience.

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4. Increase efficiency and cost reduction.

Creating a good homepage helps you to increase communication and share content between friends, workmates, and also vendors. Installing your favorite browser on your phone tends to increase efficiency by allowing you to access and joyfully be eager to surf the net.

5. Interactive Engagement

A good homepage permits users to experience and use a two-way immersive experience. By setting up a reliable browser, you can share a photo with your friend and chat for a long time when you log in to your favorite social media platform. This enhances a user’s communication and engagement experience.

Some popular Android Browsers

Google Chrome

The browser offers a lot of highlights, for instance, it provides the capability to search data using the address bar, surf the internet in a private incognito medium and instantly fill the internet forms with your information. The browser’s homepage is as well surprisingly valuable, presenting details and data that it thinks you will love to read. Additionally, unveiling links to your popular websites. What is more beneficial, the browser allows you to save any internet page for offline viewing and is valuable if you want to read later on. One of the remarkable features is Google’s Safe Browsing system.

google chrome

This system sends a warning every time it detects dangerous links. Similarly, Google’s inbuilt translation implies that no site can prevent you from browsing more. More importantly, Chrome provides the best services when you possess a Google account. When you log in, your bookmarks, tabs, and history will match on all devices, your usernames and passwords will be retrieved and your web searches will be automatically completed. However, it’s not a must to have a Google account so that you can use Chrome’s tabbed browsing, which allows you to change between web pages with just a few clicks. The same goes for Data Saver, which includes images, text styles, and other web articles to accelerate navigation and decrease the use of data by 60 percent, as per Google’s stats.


This browser often receives new highlights through free updates. A few of the modern features include an inherent ad blocker, which zaps website promotions, an updated search box that can be used to verify QR codes, and an intelligent news channel on your landing page that prescribes reports for your revision.


There is a decent incognito feature that will enable you to go undercover, plus a built-in information saver that allows searching more. It underlines tabbed surfing, possesses a password management system, and can automatically fill forms if you select. Similar to chrome, if a user logs in with an opera account, your sessions will match with those of the other signed devices.


Firefox is among the top and most popular browsers that have been in use for a long time. It’s notable for promoting add-ons from external tools that extend your surfing experience in numerous ways. The site has numerous features like Ad Block Plus, a password manager, and a text-to-speech tool. Additionally, the add-on comprises themes, which may be used to transform your appearance so you can customize your surfing experience. However, add-ons are not just Firefox’s commitment to versatile programs. It has a night vision feature that adjusts the color tones of websites to limit the tension in the eyes from blue light. There is a powerful set of security controls that allow you to configure and block advertising systems from monitoring and tracking your browsing history. Moreover, this browser has remarkable bookmarks, password-saving, and tab-matching features.


Dolphin was presented more than five years ago. However, it has managed to remain popular with its remarkable elements such as Dolphin Sonar. This feature allows you to search for information with voice (“Search amazon for Nike shirts” and “Switch to Google.com”), and also distribute data to social media platforms. Without a doubt, this browser allows you to do many things with its man-made intelligence system.

However, it is also vital to have an inherent internet application. Gesture surfing allows the user to bookmark websites with finger movements, and Webzine, Dolphin’s response to the flipchart, includes more than 300 web sources in a series of controls in an offline magazine-style summary. The browser is competitive in several ways. And like other popular browsers, it accepts adds-ons, private surfing, and password protection. It also syncs through Dolphin Connect. Just sign in to your Google or social media account, insert the appropriate Chrome or Firefox extension on your PC, and your tabs, history, and bookmarks will appear in the background. This browser is also one of the most well-known browsers for the iPhone.

DuckDuckGo browser privacy

If you feel that someone is monitoring your activities online, then it is advised to use DuckDuckGo. The browser’s search engine is best for any person who is not satisfied with Google’s search tracking. Besides, this browser provides privacy for its users and any person can quickly surf the internet using their smartphone without worrying. DuckDuckGo’s browser permits sites to utilize encryption, prevent ad crawlers, and will never follow your searches. It as well rates Individual sites on privacy with the use of a grade range of “A” to “F”. When the user completes using the web, he/she can erase the slate clean, the Firebox deletes all open tabs and information with just one click.

How to change the default homepage on Android Smartphone

For a user to change the default browser, here is a complete guideline on how to change using the link:

  • Visit the app of the default web browser.
  • Click on the menu button found on the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • Press on Settings and then head to the submenu, there you will locate the option” “Android browser settings”. Press on it.
  • Touch on General settings.
  • Towards the end, press on “Set homepage”.
  • Type the URL of your ideal page or select a blank page.

Frequently asked questions 

Why is it important to change the homepage?
It is according to one’s requirements for the websites they surf more frequently. That is the reason why everyone should make their decision when configuring the homepage.

Does it cost to use the link?
This code is free to use. It supports a wide range of browsers and does not occupy much space on your android phone.

Is the link difficult to use?
By incorporating and following the above techniques, you can certainly complete the process and get instant results. It is also one of the easiest ways to delete all unnecessary data on your default Internet browser.

Content://com.android.browser. home is the simplest method to change the homepage of the Android browser. You have to type this URL in the address bar and you will receive the settings to change the default browser of the Android browser.