How to Get PUBG Name Symbol

The most popular online game today is Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) because it attracts more than 30 million players every day! It is an open-world game where the best first-person shooter enthusiasts contend against each other in a battle-royale where the winner gets bragging rights and a Chicken Dinner! The game delivers multiple maps, a massive cache of weapons, a variety of vehicles, and numerous tactical possibilities. Within PUBG, every player is identified using a unique name that can include alphanumeric characters and symbols. Here’s how you can get some PUBG name symbols for your username. Also, you can check the top 10 PUBG Game Tricks.

How to Acquire Some PUBF name symbols

You can get special symbols for your PUBG name from a handpicked list or from third-party websites. These symbols represent your personality and make your profile name look cool. Your username appears during gameplay for other participants to see. By adding some symbols, you can make it unique, catchy and charismatic!

There are two ways to get a unique name in Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). The first method is presented during the signup process. Begin by visiting the official PUBG site and then create an account. In this process, you’ll be requested for some information, such as your name and email address.

At this juncture, you will also be requested to provide a username and this is where you enter the desired PUBG name. Here, you can insert some alphanumeric characters and symbols according to your preference. Having done that, you can save it and the unique name will appear on-screen while playing the game.

The second method emerges after registering an account. PUBG offers players one chance every day to change their username after creating an account. You can achieve this using a special feature known as the Rename Card that is located in the game’s settings. Standard keyboards do not contain the special symbols that are ideal for PUBG. For this reason, it is necessary to get them from other websites.

Sources of PUBG Special Symbols

Tricks Nation

Tricks Nation is a popular source of special symbols for PUBG names and here is how to use it:

  1. Use your browser to navigate to Tricks Nation and create a nickname using the special symbols that are provided there.
  2. Copy the nickname that you have created and then activate Player Unknown Battlegrounds.
  • Log into your account and at the bottom of the screen, tap on the Inventory tab.
  1. In the resulting window, scroll down until you see the Rename Card and click on it.
  2. Tap on the option labeled ‘Use’ and a pop-up will emerge requesting you to enter a new nickname.
  3. In the emergent dialog box, paste the nickname that you created in Tricks Nation and then click OK.
  • Following this process will enable you to have a PUBG username that contains special symbols.

It is important to note that you can collect multiple Rename Cards by successfully finishing Progress Missions in the PUBG game. In this way, you get multiple opportunities to change your character’s nickname. You can also buy a Rename Card from the game’s shop section.


Some examples of nicknames containing special symbols

It is always a good idea to view existing examples before you create a unique username. Here are some outstanding samples for you:







『P么1N』 oP



sυραяι кιℓℓεя

Online PUBG Name Generators

Are you experiencing creative challenges when coming up with a unique PUBG name? If this is the case, look towards online PUBG name generators. These are dynamic websites that contain tools that produce PUBG names on demand. Here are the most suitable ones that you can use to this effect:

Nickfinder is a handy, interactive website that you can use to generate a nickname for your PUBG character, and here is how to use it:

  1. Navigate to using your browser.
  2. Within the Cool text generator, type some clue words that describe the kind of nickname that you want and click Enter.
  • This website will immediately recommend some nicknames presented in eye-catching fonts.
  1. You can filter the results using the category titled Grouped by symbol to reveal a comprehensive collection of good nicknames that contain symbols.
  2. Nickfinder will also provide Boy Names and Girl Names in respective categories.
  3. Browse through all the options that are provided and choose the most attractive PUBG name for you.

Gamesindian is a name generator that provides usernames explicitly for Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). It is effortless to use and here’s how to go about it:

  1. By utilizing your browser, navigate to
  2. A wide dialog box will emerge and you can enter a clue about your desired nickname.
  • Provide a clue about the desired nickname and click Enter.
  1. Gamesindian will immediately generate a collection of potential PUBG nicknames that you can utilize.
  2. These nicknames contain special symbols, fonts and characters so there is ample variety to choose from.
  3. The Gamesindian generator further organizes the results into categories such as Solo and Team Names for your choosing pleasure.

Just as its name describes, is a special site where you can create outstanding usernames for your PUBG character in this way:

  1. Navigate to utilizing your browser.
  2. Upon arriving there, enter a hint about the unique PUBG nickname that you would like in the dialog box that is provided and click Enter.
  • Fancytexttool will generate a collection of excellent nicknames that you can use in the PUBG game.
  1. The resultant nicknames will contain unique features such as quirky fonts and symbols as well.


Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a fantastic online game that anyone can enjoy from anywhere on the globe. It gives you a chance to present yourself in a unique way using a nickname that contains unique symbols. We have provided a comprehensive guide of how to achieve this above. By following our tips, you can generate a fabulous nickname that presents you as a contender in PUBG!