Tips for Beginning Bloggers – Best Tips for New Bloggers

Starting a blog from scratch can be difficult and sometimes nerve-wracking. At the same time, there’s a lot of excitement involved too. There are many challenges for beginning bloggers. However, there is still an unknown fear in it. That’s why we are bringing you the Tips for beginning bloggers.
In my time of blogging, I’ve made endless mistakes that I wish I knew when I first started. But with mistakes, you learn something. They teach you a better way to live. Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to talk about Top Tips for beginning bloggers.

1. Choosing the Platform

A lot of Bloggers and YouTubers talk about free blogging platforms and how you can earn money from them. There are platforms like Blogger, WordPress or Medium. However, these platforms are pretty limited. Therefore, you should not waste any time.
The first thing you have to do is to follow all the terms and conditions for this platform. WordPress, unlike others, gives you many controls and features that you can use to make a successful blog. Moreover, other platforms do limit you to earn money online.
There are features that you can add and the flexibility is endless. Over 31% of the world’s websites are running on WordPress. Therefore, it’s an All-in-One package for you and your business.

2. Choosing a Best Domain Name

Beginning Bloggers
This is one of the most important factors in having a successful blog. Choosing the right domain name is vital for your blog.  Name is the reputation of your blog. It should be meaningful and unique. This is another Tip for beginning bloggers to follow.
Here are some recommendations that you can use to choose the name for your website.

  1. Always choose the “.com” domain extension.
  2. Choose a very meaningful, easy and concise domain name as possible.
  3. Use the meaningful keyword related to your work in the domain name.

For example, if you’re all about android you should choose something like “” rather than ““. That is the difference. Moreover, you can register the domain names from many websites like Bluehost, Domain or GoDaddy. There are many options to choose from.

3. Right Hosting for your Blog

Beginning Bloggers
Hosting is another factor which is very essential for your blog. Basically, the domain is the place where your files are going to be stored. Therefore, it should be secured, fast and always accessible.
Many beginners like to get free hosting and free domain name. However, it’s a really bad idea. That is because with time it’s going to cost more and more.
Many free sites would just shut their hosting business and your website might become the victim of it. Therefore, you should always choose a very reputable hosting company that can provide you assistance and a better hosting plan overall.
There are different types of hosting plans. Shared Hosting, managed hosting or VPS. You can pick that one that fulfills your needs.
Moreover, you can also compare these companies to choose the best one. You should make sure that there are many companies that fulfill your demands. This is another essential tips for beginning bloggers.
I recommend using Bluehost. This is because WordPress itself recommends Bluehost. It is powerful yet good hosting solution.

4. Regular Backups

People don’t usually make backups of their site or even normal files. But once something tragic happens, they would instantly feel the need for backup which won’t be there.
Cheap web hosting providers don’t use backup too. Once they have the hardware failure, everything will be lost. People would lose their sites. Many will lose their business. Therefore, it’s important to choose a hosting provider that backups your data. Moreover, just for double-check you should backup your data too.
Backups are an absolute defense against attacks, hacking, theft, and hardware failure. Many companies offer a limited backup and these backups are not even assured to save you data. Therefore, it’s better tom make backup yourself.
There are many WordPress plugins available that allow you an automatic backup and will store them in 3rd Party services like Drive, Dropbox and many more.

5. Google Analytics Setup

Beginning Bloggers
How will you be able to grow if you won’t set up Google Analytics on your website? Many beginners would work according to their hunch and they would eventually pull it off with brute for.
That now how things work. That’s why we brought these tips for beginning bloggers. Google Analytics is the best analytics software. Moreover, it’s used by millions of websites and users. It enables you to see your most popular content, where the traffic is coming from and there are a lot of other exciting features.
It also helps you to track the user engagement all across your website which eventually helps you to improve your traffic by facts and not hunches. If you’re running an online store then you can track where the customers are coming from and then boost your traffic.
This is one of the best tips for beginning bloggers and you should surely check it out.

6. Official Email Address

It’s always better to know what your audience is thinking about you. Furthermore, they should ask you the question in their mind. Therefore, it’s important to have a professional email address. You can get it for free. It helps the email delivery while sending daily newsletters.

7. Setup an Email List

Beginning Bloggers
Suppose that a lot of traffic comes onto your website. They’ll probably never come to your website again. That is why you need to build an email list.
Email is the most effective online marketing tool. Therefore, you can reach your audience without any limitations that other platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter have.
Building an email list from day 1 is important. It can derive a lot of traffic towards your website.

8. Avoid Copyrights issues

Beginner bloggers are like little kids. They do not know many things about blogging. That is the reason why most beginners just copy-paste images from all over the internet onto their blog.
As your site continues to grow, you will eventually get copyrighted and you might even have to pay a huge amount of money from all over the internet.
Google might even remove your page from the internet. Therefore, it’s always essential to use free images or use your own rather than taking copyrighted images from all over the web.
There are many websites that provide copyright-free images. Take for example “Shutterstock“. It’s the best website, however, if you don’t want to buy license there are plenty of free options too. These options include Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels. You can download free images from these websites if you’ve just begun your journey as a blogger.
Moreover, you can even create your graphics. There are free online tools like Canva which you can use to create most professional-looking images. And if you’re a graphic designer then nothing would matter to you.

9. SEO Optimization for the website

Beginning Bloggers
If you really want to bring traffic and make your website very popular and successful, then SEO is the way to go for you. You have to pay attention to the SEO from the very beginning.
SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization enables you to get more and more visitors from Google and other search engines. They are two types of SEO, on is off-site and one is on-site.
On-site SEO helps you to optimize your blog by making adjustments in various areas of the website. There are many tools available that you can use to fix the SEO of your page.
Our recommendation is installing Yoast SEO on the website. We’ve already made an article about How to Add SEO to your Website. This will help you move on to the process of adding SEO.

10. Keyword Research

Beginning Bloggers
Writing a great post doesn’t mean that you’ll be discoverable. Until unless you don’t use the right keywords, you won’t be able to rank your site. More beginners would follow their instincts and work on guesses to come up with new ideas for the blog posts.
However, there is no need to guess things when there are awesome tools you can use to find keywords and trends. Therefore, you can use tools like Keywords everywhere to have a realtime search volume and competition results based on reality.
Researching keywords should be the first priority even before choosing a title. You can choose title based on the related keyword. Thus, keywords play a very important role in ranking your website and bring traffic towards your blog or website. This is the ultimate tip for beginning bloggers.

11. Importance of SEO

If you want to get more and more shares and views then you should use catchy phrases or headlines. Google works thought CTR which means Click through rate. It’s a ranking factor. Therefore, you need to have a catchy headline to get more and more clicking on them
There are a lot of tools that can help you improve the quality of your headlines. Share through is a very popular example.

12. Being Consistent

In my opinion, consistency and hard work always prevail. You don’t necessarily have to post every single day but a beginner should post at least 5 days a week. Most popular blogs post a new post every single day.
Therefore, being frequent has a bright chance to make your blog successful and make you even rich. You can start posting at least 3 posts per week. That will gradually increase the pace of your business.
If you’re low on motivation, you should just not. You can always build a team of workers and that way you won’t be demotivated. Once again, Persistence prevails. The more you work hard, the more output you’ll get. Therefore, working hard is the key to success.

13. Backup and Manage all your Passwords.

Beginning Bloggers
Passwords make your websites secure and threatless. Therefore, they are considered as a gate to your blog or website. Your online account should be secured and be threat-free from all hacking attempts.
This is why strong and unique passwords are always recommended. How to remember these passwords though? You don’t necessarily have to remember all the passwords but you can use passwords managers like Dashlane, Lastpass or 1Password
These services are able to generate high quality and unique passwords. Moreover, your passwords will be auto-filled once you get into a website. So it’s really simple and intuitive.

14. Commenting on other blogs

Beginning Bloggers
Blogs are attached to each other in a weird way. They allow people to comment and engage with the content. Therefore, it’s very friendly. Moreover, bloggers are like family.
To grow your brand, you should regularly comment on other blog posts. This will improve the reachability of your blog and eventually bring traffic to your site.
It helps to make a good impression of your website and you might even get noticed by several influencers. Hence, you can make new connections this way.

15. About Us and Start Page

All blogs need to have a place where they can show visitors the story of their cause. Therefore, an about page would help with your blog. It helps the users to learn more about you and your story, they’ll basically know why your blog even started.
You should definitely add a Start here page as it can engage new users into your permanent users. Moreover, permanent traffic is the most important thing you need to have.

16. Brand Theme

Most websites would lose their recognition when they will change colors and accents of their websites. Consider Android Authority as a website. When I think of Android autority two things will come in my mind. One is their logo and the other is their color scheme.
Therefore, a color scheme and theme is most important for your website if you want to have it recognized. You should not change it once you make it. Also, you should also use your brand’s color and the logo all over your website and even on your merch. You should try to stay consistent as much as possible accross all your social media profiles.

17. Website Speed

Beginning Bloggers
No one likes a slow website. Search engines like Google give an SEO advantage to the websites that are fast. You should optimize your website for faster speed and page load.
Right hosting is the key to a faster website. Therefore, bad hosting providers can slow down your website no matter how much you hard work you do on your end. Thus, you will never be able to improve your website’s performance. Nothing beats a fast website.
Moreover, you need to start using the WordPress caching Plugins. There are many free and awesome plugins like WP Super Cache that enables you to serve the cached version of your website to your audience with just a few clicks.
Moreover, you should always use a better host that can provide you faster access rates. Always use a hosting with SSD involved. It will be super fast for beginning bloggers.

18. Take time to edit your posts
Beginning Bloggers

Most of the people make this big mistake of not editing the posts they just wrote. They think that if it sounded so smooth all in their heads then the writing must be error-free and ready to post.
As much as I hate to pop the bubble, it’s wrong. Your posts always need editing. Therefore, you should always spend a lot of time editing your posts. That’ll surely work.
Everyone needs to edit what they wrote. Even the most experienced writes would do mistakes at times, let alone beginning bloggers. Therefore, the first drafts aren’t all that great. So you should take time to build up and refine your posts.
You can fix typos or other accidental mistakes. Just make sure to do everything in a straight manner.

19. Enhance Blogs for Readers

Starting a blog is a big challenge for newbies. THis is because there are just so many tasks to take care of. You need to write and maintain it at the same time. You also have to take care of promotions and research about the traffic that is coming on your website.
There are always works for your beginner bloggers no matter how successful you become as a blogger. With many tools available for a blog, you can make it as interesting as you want. There are different ways to make your blog really interesting and you can enhance it to attract your readers.

  • Improving Readability
  • Check the SEO for every article
  • Enhance Readability using tools like Yoast SEO.
  • Check grammar by tools like Grammarly.
  • Ads for your website to make money
  • Improve the performance and speed of your website.

Therefore, you should always keep check of these factors.

20. Earn Money by Monetizing

Creating permanent blogs and maintaining them will eventually give you output. Once you start your journey as a blogger, you will have to work really hard. However, with enough traffic on your website, you should think about the ways to monetize your blog.
With efforts and hard work you put in your blog, you surely want output in terms of money, don’t you? Here are a few steps that you should do in order to make your website at least monetizable.

  • Choose a flexible website that can help you monetize your blog.
  • Design a sidebar that allows the reader to see advertisements easily.
  • Start working on a brand and promote the blog from the beginning if you want your blog to be monetized.
  • Quality and Hard work prevail. Make sure to only add quality content on your blog.
  • Have a long-term plan for monetizing the blog.
  • Patience and Persistence is the key to success.
  • Always keep yourself away from shortcuts and easy ways to earn money. There is no easy way.
  • Never overdo things. Too many ads will eventually bring down your reader’s ratio and you’ll lose all your followers in no time.

These are some of the tips for beginning bloggers.

21. Write descriptive Articles

The longer the better. No puns intended here but the articles of more than 2000+ words rank the best on Google. The times have changed. There was a time that you could increase the traffic by just writing a short 500 words essay. However, with the increased competition, now it’s really hard to rank on Google.
Google wants the best in-depth information that it’ll convey to its users. Therefore, it’ll rank the longer and descriptive articles of course.
So if you really want to rank on Google, you should start with very descriptive articles of more than 2000+ words. However, never lose focus and quality no matter how long articles you might have to right. This is the key to beginning a blogger’s success.

22. Motivation and Inspiration

Being motivated is the most important part of being a successful blogger. Therefore, you should never ever give up your dream as a blogger. Persistence as I’ve been saying for a while will ultimately win.
You should write as much as possible. Writing is what makes your blog successful. It’s like a basic building block for your blog. Hence, you should choose some unique and eye-catching articles that will eventually bring traffic to your blog.
Moreover. never be demotivated by hate comments. In the world of blogging, there are many types of people, some will love your content and some will hate your content. There are critics in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, we should never be demotivated no matter how many haters we get.
You should also get a source that will keep you motivated regularly. There are many great personalities that teach self-control and ways to build up self-confidence. Whenever you feel empty, just do what you want to do. Take a break and get your thoughts together. This is how you survive in the world of blogging.
For the ending of this article, I’d like to say that running a blog is time-consuming and power-taking. Even so, if you have the passion and power to do it, you should give your all. Hard work and persistence only wins. You just have to find follow all these steps to become a successful beginning blogger.