Top Android Root Apps in 2020

Have you recently rooted your Android device and don’t know where to begin? Today, we are going to talk about the Best Android Root Apps that you can use and download easily on your Android smartphone.

Root is beneficial for your android smartphone aside from the fact that there’s always a risk of bricking your phone. However, one of the main significance of rooting is access to a ton of rooted Android apps. Also, some apps depend upon your mobile’s hardware. But I will try to make a list of app that does not require a whole lot of strong hardware to run.

Top Android Root Apps in 2020

1. Greenify

Probably my top favorite root app is Greenify. I remember rooting my device just for the sake of running Greenify. It’s a really old app but the functionality is great till this date. The main reason is that Greenify saves a lot of battery. And from a lot, I mean a lot. It can improve an average of 2 to 4 hours of battery life and extend your device’s capability to run even longer than before.

The best thing about Greenify is that it’s available on both rooted and non-rooted devices. However, rooting your device does give a lot of edge in terms of extending the overall functionality and performance of the app itself.

It doesn’t matter what Android device you have, it’ll intelligently save battery and power by shutting apps down automatically. Most of our apps are running in the background, eating and consuming battery life which becomes frustrating because sometimes our phone just dies on standby.

Greenify won’t even give any bloated notification on your status bar and it won’t even steal CPU and RAM power unlike other apps on play store. If you root your Android phone, this app is perfect. You just have to grant permission after opening this app after rooting your device.

2. SuperSU

Aside from the fact that most rooted devices come with SuperSu pre-installed, you can download it from the play store if you don’t have it. It is the most popular rooted Android application that you can find until this date. But why is that? SuperSU is for the security of your device.
It acts as a guard for your phone. There are all sorts of app permissions available that you can change messing with SuperSU. Moreover, it can be called as the manager of rooting on your phone. You can even unroot using SuperSU if you want. It makes sure that various apps won’t use data that is sensitive or private.

With the use of SuperSU, you can make sure that your apps won’t have the user or admin-level access on your phone. Therefore, you can trust every app using the permission menu. There’s a drawback though that the new version of Android has changed the way we used SuperSu. This is because there are inbuilt permission options in Android Marshmallow and above.

All in all, SuperSu is a great tool to manage root permissions and stuff like that on your Android smartphone without having to worry about security and your data being accessed and shared. This is why SuperSU is one of the best-rooted android apps.

3. AdAway

One of the most popular pros of rooting your Android device is that you can block ads. From Youtube ads to every single browser app, it’s possible by using this app called as ‘AdAway’. There was a time when we were all bloated in ads. And the time is in-fact now.

With more and more technology era being promoted, ads are becoming popular day by day. AdAway is an open-source application that is perfect for blocking ads on your Android device. You can add your own custom hosted files in AdAway too. The possibilities of using this app for your own use is unlimited. it can block every single ad from an Android Application. This makes AdAway a totally unique and awesome rooted Android app.

This app has a unique set of features that other app blockers don’t show. For example, you can set your own rules if you want the app to follow or not.

4. Root Browser

Root browser
Root browser is a file manager app for your rooted Android smartphone. It’s identical to the Root Explorer but the great thing about Root Browser is that it’s free, unlike the Root Explorer.

Root Explorer used to be super powerful and famous. However, the inception of the Root Browser tool light from Root Explorer and enjoyed it. It provides great features and functionalities without charging the users.

It has tw0 different managing panels. Moreover, you have the option to extract, delete or even zip a file or even a folder on your device. You can also open and edit various apk files on your device. Permissions can also be changed by the use of Root Browser. By the use of Clockwork recovery, you can install zip files too.

This app does everything that you need to get done by an android file manager. From moving files to exploring APK files, everything is possible with the use of Root Browser on Android devices.

In addition to simple copy-pasting things, it also provides a handful of roots-oriented features too. Therefore, Root Browser is another great android root app for you.

5. Tasker

Another old yet really useful app on our list today is ‘Tasker’. It’s a root app that you can use to make your phone do anything basically. Well, you might think that I’m joking because I just started a bold statement. However, the only limit is your imagination.

Many of the Tasker functions don’t even need root access, to begin with. If you still want to go all out, you can root your device. The main purpose of Tasker is to take Android automation to the next level. From auto SMS to settings, everything can be automated in the tasker.
Tasker works by using Triggers that are inbuilt into the app. There are almost 200+ built-in actions that you can manage and use for your Android smartphone to get a couple of tasks done automatically. The only limit is your thought. The learning process of the tasker can be a little difficult, however, once you know what you’re doing then you will realize how awesome this android root app is to use. You should definitely try Tasker if you want to take your experience to limitless extents.

6. Quick Boot

Well, this app is a little dumb to use. But if you feel a little weird in touching and holding your smartphone to turn it off, then Quickboot might interest you. With the use of its easy control, you can just tap a button to turn your device off.

Where if found in specifically useful was that whenever I had to go to the recovery mode, I would not want to touch three buttons at one time and then thrust my fingers against the buttons. Therefore Quick boot can provide an easy way to go to recovery, safe mode, power off mode and even download mode in some devices. It’s a lifesaver app for rooted android users because it saves a lot of time and energy. Moreover. it’s a great Android Root app.

7. System App Remover

System App Remover
Are you familiar with custom ROMs? Well, changing ROM of your android smartphone is cool but some ROMs are really bloated with a lot of useless features. Specifically, if we talk about some of the most customized themes.
These themes will contain a lot of useless features that you might never even need. So you just try to uninstall but you can’t. The reason is that a certain app is embedded as a system app of your device. You don’t have the authorization to remove a system app. That is exactly where System App Remover comes it.

Moreover, sometimes you get a brand new smartphone form services like Sprint, Verizon or some others and you realize that there are a lot of useless systems app. Well, System App Remover gives you full control over each and every system app on your Android device. You can delete and remove and app that you find is annoying or useless. This app is one of the most powerful Android root apps on our list today.

8. DiskDigger

Have you ever been through a phase where you accidentally removed something and now it’s gone and there’s nothing you can do anymore? Well, things have changed now. DiskDigger lets you recover lost or deleted files from your smartphone. It can easily undelete or recover the apps that you accidentally deleted from your internal storage or even SD card. So if you accidentally formatted the SD card or removed images or other files from it, DiskDigger can easily recover them using the awesome Root authorization it will gain from you.