Best 8GB RAM smartphones in 2020

8GB RAM is a whole lot of memory we’re talking about. There was a time when 8GB was considered as impossible on android smartphones. Well, the impossible is not possible yet again. We have many smartphones that 8GB of RAM in 2020. Moreover, to make things interesting, there are companies that are designing a device with 10 or even 12 GB of RAM too. Let me get one thing straight though. More RAM doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a future proof phone that will work flawlessly after 10 years. It’s wrong. Performance doesn’t only depend upon RAM but processor and other factors too. If you’re looking for a Smartphone or Mobile with 8GB RAM, well you are in luck.

Best 8GB RAM Smartphones in 2020

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

samsung galaxy note
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is an overkill smartphone with a lot of great specs needed to perform a smooth android operation on a daily basis. It comes with the snapdragon 855 with 8GB of RAM. This is less if we’re talking about Note 10 because the spec’d out model has whopping 12 GB of RAM. However, the 8GB of RAM is still enough for most people.
Moreover, the phone also contains a triple camera setup at the back of the device that just rocks. It has an exquisite punch-hole front camera that looks great too. Also, you get an inbuilt fingerprint scanner that is quite fast. Note 10 also features Waterproof design and Fast charging. However, it has some drawbacks too but at this point, I believe that no device is perfect. Every device has some flaws. Therefore, Note 10 made it on our list of best 8GB RAM mobile.

2. Huawei P30 Pro

Along with the 6GB variant, Huawei P30 Pro also comes with an overkill 8GB model too. The phone has 512 GB of storage making it an absolute beast for media consumption. The storage is furthermore expandable too.

This time, Huawei has increased its photography game a lot. The rear cameras take some of the best-looking shots even if they are captured in the low light mode. Moreover, it has an inbuilt fingerprint scanner too. So you aren’t really compromising anywhere possible. Another great feature that Huawei added this time is reverse wireless charging. This means that you can charge other devices with your device.
This was just considered as science fiction but I guess, it’s a reality now. Another great aspect of this device is the battery. With a massive 4,200 mAh battery, you can expect great battery life with this device. It is expected to have over 10 hours of battery life.

3. One Plus 7 Pro

One Plus 7 Pro
One Plus 7 Pro comes in three models. 6, 8 and, 12 GB of RAM. The phone is quite good and stunning too. Moreover, one of the nicest things about this device is its display. It is rocking a 90-Hertz OLED display that is quite good. Moreover, it has a pop-up camera that is totally unique and futuristic. They have removed the concept of the traditional notch which is a plus point.

One Plus 7 Pro is one of the most expensive devices that One Plus has ever made. Moreover, One PLus devices are so well-built that they can often compete and win against some of the most high-end devices that are more than 1000 Usd price range.

If you want to buy a less expensive 8GB RAM smartphone then One Plus 7 Pro is definitely for you. Coupled with the 8GB everything is flawless indeed. Gaming or some of the heaviest and processor-intensive tasks are easily done. Compared to One Plus 7, it’s taller and better. The One Plus 7 comes with a notch and has only a dual camera on the back of the device. Therefore, One Plus 7 Pro is a better option overall.

4. ASUS Zenfone 6

Zenfone 6
Zenfone 6 is another 8GB RAM device that outshines many others in terms of look and performance. There are a couple of reasons why Zenfone 6 is on our list. With flagship specs in a budget range, Zenfone 6 just blazes through everything.

It also runs almost stock android alike skin that makes it even more worth it. The design of Zenfone 6 ss absolutely beautiful and they enable us to use their phone without any notch solutions. However, our main focus today is the 8GB of RAM. You can find the device with 256 GB of internal storage.

Another interesting aspect of the zenfone 6 is its flip camera. One of the biggest downsides of ASUS Zenfone 6 is that it does not support any wireless charging and it has an LCD instead of OLED panel that we are getting to see more and more in smartphones. Putting everything aside, it still has a great build and specs are powerful too.

5. Samsung Galaxy S10 

Samsung galaxy s10
There are a lot of S10 models. The S10, S10+ and the S10e. They all have one thing in common and that is RAM. All these devices support 8GB of RAM that is quite for Samsung to choose from. They all even have the same SnapDragon 855 processor and all are water-resistant too.

It is sure that the S10+ is the most premium and overkill model out of these three. However, there isn’t anything too exciting about the device. Moreover, it has a larger display, larger battery, and two front-facing cameras instead of a single one like the other two models. The S10 and S10 plus both have a triple camera at the back though.

Moving towards the power side, 8GB ram coupled with the snapdragon 855, it’s really good. From simple browsers to some of the most CPU intensive tasks like playing games, everything is great on this device. However, if you still want to save some money then S10e is a suitable option for you. S10 e offers the smallest display from the bunch.

6. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

oppo reno
This device is one hell of a beast. Well, that is something that we expect from a device of 2020. It has one of the most powerful processors called the snapdragon 855 and it comes with two RAM options that are the 6GB or 8GB varient.

As the name suggests, it outshines most in the camera department. You get a triple camera setup on the back. It contains one Telephoto lens with up to 5x zoom. Another 10x lens that suggests the name of the phone and you get the most exquisite looking camera on the front that is a pop-up selfie camera.

Overall, Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is a great device all in all. You can expect it to take some of the best photos you will find on any smartphone and thanks to it’s greater battery life and an awesome looking display, taking media consumption is easier too. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is one of the perfect 8GB RAM smartphones on our list today.

Why You Should Choose the 8GB RAM Mobile?

Well, enough talk about the smartphone but is 8GB really necessary in 2020? Well, as the saying goes ‘The bigger, the better’. It’s exactly the case here. Our modern-day devices need a lot of RAM to work with. You want your devices to keep files temporarily, you will surely need more RAM.

In our modern-day era, newer smartphones are ranging from 4 GB all the way up to 12 GB RAM. 12 GB RAM might seem overkill that’s why 8GB is the sweet spot. According to our modern requirements, even 4GB RAM is enough. However, coupled with great optimization and good hardware overall, you can expect a great performance even with 4GB.

However, if you don’t have any type of budget restriction, you should definitely buy an 8GB phone that will go all out in battle every time. This is because, as technology is continuing to rise, our apps are getting more and heavier and RAM consuming. There will soon be a time when even 4GB RAM won’t be enough and everything will lag on it.

Gaming is one department where your device needs a lot of RAM. Consider games like PUBG. The entry-level 4GB ram device will run PUBG but the experience won’t be too good in my opinion. Coupled with a good processor and 8GB RAM, you will notice faster performance and better everything overall when it comes to gaming.


For the final words, I’d like to say that even 4GB RAM mobile is enough for smartphones of this era. Moreover, the era of absolute bloated apps that will lag on the bloated skin of mobile phones on top of Android is gone and finished.