Why 3D Printing is Important?

In the past, we have seen printers being a very popular thing. Their rise started in 1938. Eventually, with the passage of time, 3D printers became a thing. In the modern era, we have 3D printers, which we are going to talk about in our topic today Why 3D Printing is Important?

The printers that we use today use Rapid Prototype Technology. RPT helped in building computer-aided design which is 3D. RPT was introduced in the late 1980s. At that time, parts were built using 3D printers. Moreover, if we talk about our world today, 3D printers are in a variety of applications. Therefore, let’s talk about how it all started and what makes 3D printing important.

How 3D Printing Started?

The first 3D-printed object was an Eye Washup which was created by an American guy, called Chuck Hull. But, Chuck wasn’t the first 3D Printing inventor. The person who invented RPT, now known as 3D Printing was Dr. Hideo Kadama who was a Japanese lawyer. Therefore, we can conclude that he’s the father of 3D printing.
If we take a look at our world today. 3D printing is helping industries to build stuff more than anyone. Moreover, in the future, there will be a big change in the 3D printing industry and its future is really bright. Now let’s talk about how 3D printing works.

How 3D Printing Works?

3D printing is already changing our world. The way we build objects, it’s changing everything. 3D Printers are even making artificial human parts. But how does it work? So, 3D printing uses Additive Manufacturing. It makes an object by adding the material in layers. What additive manufacturing does is, it makes it easy for the manufacturers to actually build some really complex parts with ease and precision, all on a computer using 3D printers. 3D printers are making parts for many automobiles like Cars, Planes, and other machines. Moreover, it even costs really less.
It is also really time friendly. To create complex parts, it takes time to mold or forge an object. In contrast to that, 3D printers, using Additive Manufacturing, make it easier for us to create some really complex parts. Nowadays, 3D Printers are ready for home use. They are less in size. They are not crazy expensive and they are smart. Let’s talk about the process of how 3D-printed objects are created.

Process of creating 3D Object

Process of creating 3D Object

The first step is to create a simple blueprint of what you are actually going to create. That is done on the computer. The significance of creating a 3D blueprint is that it makes the whole process so simple and easy. Not to be Rhetoric but it’s an awesome way. Moreover, software like Blenders or Maya is ideal to create that blueprint.

So once the design is created, it’s sent to the printer. Some printers use bioplastic, resembling a string. Therefore, when added, it melts the bioplastic and starts to print. While printing, the bioplastic instantly cools. It is then printed on the plate.
The 3D object gets printed on layers. The whole process works step by step. It adds material to one layer and creates it. There are many materials to print 3D objects Plastic is the most common of them. There are some other awesome materials that can make some really cool objects. By the use of 3D printing, they also make toys in the industry. By the use of 3D printers today, they also create objects like human body parts and 3D-created food. This was the whole process of 3D printing.

3D Printing Inks

Printer Ink

Polylactic acid filaments are often used in a 3D printer. They are categorized in several conditions:

  • Diameter
  • Required Temperature
  • The temperature of the Print bed
  • Best Adhesion

So there are several conditions under which printer ink is categorized.

Formats of 3D Printer files

There are many file formats used in 3D printers. Some of the few are mentioned below

  • .3MF
  • .PLY
  • .X3G
  • .WRL
  • .OBJ
  • .STL

.3MF is created by 3MF Consortium. The main purpose is to make 3D designs by this file format. .3MF was created in 2015. Therefore, it’s one of the best formats for 3D printing. Moreover, the STL file format is for the need of Chuck Hull’s printer. These are some of the most famous file formats for 3D printers. So, let’s talk about the rise of 3D printers.

Rise of 3D Printing

3D printers were a game-changer for many big companies. But when was the rise of it? Now we will talk about how 3D printers rose into our industry. In addition to, printing simple stuff, our industry scientists are also researching on medical applications of 3D printers. But, it still won’t change normal manufacturing methods anytime soon in the future.
Though, the potential of making 3D-printed designs are uncanny. Moreover, this innovation will take care of the world soon. Just imagine the possibilities of creating objects in 3D printers. How easy would it make our lives? The capabilities are limitless.

The market for 3D printers was $2000+ dollars in 2012. But, now as of 2019, it is expected to actually surpass $7000 million dollars. Parts of Airplanes are also made using 3D printers. So it’s not wrong to say that this technology is not old. Perhaps it’ll make lives easier and faster.
Therefore, nowadays, there is much more advancement in the world of 3D printers. From building small projects to building complex houses, 3D printing is so into our industry. But, it’s still not at its prime. Therefore, we look forward to future advancement and the changes it’ll bring to our industry.

Future of 3D Printing

3D Printer

From the time of its inception, companies and industries have improved their 3D Data
control and Improved Accuracy in printing
Exciting developments are in action in the industry. Industries such as bioprint, automotive, airplane, products and medicals are improving their 3D printing game day by day. This leads us to the conclusion that the future of 3D printing is really bright. With better and more accurate filament, products are shifting from prototypes to actual use in industries.

Soon, in maybe the near future, you’ll be creating an artificial kidney all by yourself. How about designing your own furniture? Not just designing but actually creating it to see if it can match your home theme? It’s all actually possible with 3D printers. This is the era of 3D printers. Soon in the future, it will be changing everything. It will change the way we think about making objects. Our way of manufacturing, designing and innovating products is going to change soon. 3D printing defines as creating 3-dimensional objects that are solid. It’s just a series of 1’s and 0’s. So 3D printers make a bridge between the digital and real worlds. It analyzes and makes things using layers. A layer can be as thin as a layer of the sheet.

The Actual Future

It’s not only limited to plastic. There are many other materials that can be used to create various products. It was really limited in the past. Only crazy 3D geeks would do their projects but nowadays, literally, anyone can have one of these and they are cheap. According to Forbes, this industry will hit 5 billion by 2020. Imagine printing a printer on a printer. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Once the stuff becomes circuit friendly, it’ll be possible.
Therefore, in a sense, it’s a happy revolution in the industry today. Now let’s talk about Applications of 3D printers

Applications of 3D Printers

3D Printer usage

1) Customization

Many companies have created applications that let their own consumers customize different objects using simple web applications. This results in the user making their own favorite 3D objects which are absolutely unique. For examples, user prints mobile cases for their own use. This is the ultimate epitome of customization. Nokia has released their own 3D design for their case so that the users can eventually customize the case to their own use.

2) Food

Food is one of the main applications of 3D printers. NASA has already acknowledged this technology and started to work on it. 3D printing creates food, layer by layer as a three-dimensional space. A number of foods are eligible for this purpose. Foods like, candy, pizza and pasta are appropriate. NASA has already started to work on it. They already know that 3D printing of food will really minimize the waste of food and are designing the food that the only astronaut needs using the 3D printer.

3) Clothing

3D printing in clothing has made it’s landing into the fashion designing industry. Designers are already experimenting on various apparel such as 3D Bikinis. Nike used 3D Modeling to show their 2012 Vapor Laser Talon football shoe which was made for American football players Even eyewear is also being 3D printed and custom glasses too. So there is no boundary to printing. It’s just a really vast field.

4) Construction

Even since the use of 3D printers has become common, the prices have also been reduced. Therefore, the cost of printers is also affected. Now, many components of a house and 3D designs are made using 3D printers to portray how the house looks.
In some areas, by the use of 3D printers, the house was made. China made 10 3D Built houses in the time span of only 10 days. And the report said that each house costs less than $5000 Dollars. 3D printing is becoming common with the passage of time.

5) Computers

3D printers can also be used to make Laptops and computers. I’m not talking in a sense that it can just magically give you a Laptop or electronic like that. But, you can design your own laptop providing it the components and parts of PC. This is the height of advancement we have made in our world right now. Now let’s talk about 3D printing changing the medical world.

3D Printing in Medical 

3D Printing in Medical

Almost 40% of signed patents of 3D printing are already into the medical sector which makes 3D printing, a really important application.
In 2009, a student from the Royal College of Art created a couple of 3D printed models, and ever since that time, Doctors are using the data from CTI scans, MRI and Ultrasound to make models that will help in Surgery. 3D Printing can also make artificial prosthetic human body parts.

A lot of people wear artificial prosthetic legs that are an application of 3D printing. Disabled people, it’s a blessing for them. Also, a bone can be replaced using the customized metal body part that can be created by 3D printing.
Now, Dentists use 3D printing in their Jobs. In 2016 January CEO of a company called Vertex named Rick Jacob fitted the first even dental crown. The crown was a permanent one.

In the Hearing aid department, 3D printing is the most dominant though. Custom hearing shells are being shifted towards 3D printing shells because of this revolution. But now let’s talk about the future of this technology.

In the future, there will be an even bigger revolution in the world of 3D printed technology. That includes the making of Custom tissues. Few living cells will be joined using layers. After that, it’ll be rearranged in such a way that it’ll take the shape of the tissue. In 2014 November, a company called Organovo, started to sell human liver tissues as commercial use.
Soon after that in 2015, it developed bioprinted human skin. We should really look forward to the medical sector of 3D printing as it will be a really big thing in the future.

Now let’s talk about some of the myths regarding 3D printing.

Myths Regarding 3D Printing

1) It’s very expensive

As soon as we say the name 3D printers and the material for them. People start to think that it’s very expensive and there are a lot of questions about that. Instead of making designs yourself, you can make your own designs, not kind of having to depend on others.
There are free tools available for designing the products and once provided with good materials which are by no means crazy expensive, the printer will do the rest of the work. Of course, there is still some effort to prepare design but in the near future, there will be a big.
Still, there is a large community online to provide you with assistance and who are happy to help you.

2) Jobs are becoming less

Now, for many years, 3D printing was still there. It provided the consumers to actually print whatever they want. But, let’s be real how many jobs has it stolen? There won’t be any jobs stolen as there is no chance in the near future that our industry will be all taken by 3D printers.
Rather than that, it provides us with the opportunity of jobs. The more skills of 3D Printing one learns, the more he will be able to create products

3) Pollution

Many people think that making easy products will actually lead to pollution. That is because of plastic. But let’s be real, in industry, there is even more pollution. For example, cutting and drilling of objects in industry. Rather than that, waste materials from plants are also used to waste into filaments. In Addition to that, 3D printing also gives us many ways to use recycled plastics for making different objects.
Now if anyone debates, fight me. Now we are going to talk about some of the most famous Printers in depth. So, let’s begin

Best 3D Printers You Can Buy

Now, we will look at some of the best 3D printers that you can buy today. This list includes some of the best 3D printers available in the market right now.

1) Monoprice Select Mini V2

Monoprice Select Mini V2
Source: Monoprice

Select Mini V2 makes printing super affordable. It has an All-metal extruder which prevents the filament jamming. It has a wide range of printing materials. Also, other components include build task matt and an insulated heat bed.
The Whole structure is very sturdy and stable. Cooling is also available. The cooling fan is on the mainboard. It is such a beast that can print basically anything that you can ever imagine.
As of now, the price is unavailable but in the near future, it will be available.

2) Creality Ender 3

Creality Ender 3
Source: Creality

The things included in the box are

  • User Manual
  • Tools
  • Sharpened Scraper
  • SD Card
  • A couple of Screws
  • Filaments
  • Power supply and Cable

It is easily capable of printing basically anything. Moreover, It was capable enough to print PLA and Nylon stuff. Also, It is pretty affordable.

3) Original Prusa i3 MK3

Original Prusa i3 MK3
Source: Prusha

Over the Last model, MK3 packs some serious punch. So the print volume is 250 x 210 x 210 mm. There’s a heated bed on it. There is no enclosure. The Frame contains the premium aluminum extrusion. It is a 24 Volt system. Trinamic 2130 motor drivers. It has a power outrage recovery for the short power stuff. So there’s no need to panic if there’s a power outrage or cut. There’s also a filament sensor and Layer shifter. One downside is that the interface is still the same old school type of screen. They could’ve improved their interface game.

4) Robo R2

Robo R2
Source: Robo 3D

Main significance of Robo R2 is that it has wireless compatibility. You don’t have to actually plug in your computer to use it. They have their own program for designing the product. Moreover, you have to put your file into the program to make it work. There are tons of options to choose from. You have to send a G-Code file to the server and the server will then print.
It has statistic options so you know exactly how much time printing is taking. There’s a printing screen too so you can see your history and access a couple of options in it.

5) Beeverycreative B2X300

Beeverycreative B2X300
Source: Beeverycreative

It is one of the quietest machines for creating designs. The most awesome significance of this printer is that it can print some really cool details. It just gives great surface details. The glass surface on it is cool. But, honestly speaking the object that just gets printed is really difficult to come out.
There are some prints failures too. Prints will look all messy.

6) Craft Bot 3

Craft Bot 3
Source: Craft Bot

Now, the craft bot is really premium and sturdy. Not only that but it is also really quiet during the whole printing process. It’s printed Weird Materials. This machine can actually print flexible and semi-flexible materials. Craftwares software is good.
CraftBot 3 is really flexible. The machine is better than actual software if that’s a fair comparison to being with. Print surfaces on Craft Bot are removable. The surface really weights a lot though. This is one of the best printers.

Final Thoughts

So this takes us to our main topic. Why is 3D Printing Important? The answer is that, with the world going through advancement, it needs time-saving and cost-saving technology. 3D printing is the key to advancement for us. Making houses, making buildings, cars, airplanes. 3D printers can make literally anything. Therefore, the possibilities are limitless. Not even joking but imagine creating your own houses with printers and even cheat in a time span of just one day. There is no boundary to technology. Limitless boundaries with limitless results. That’s how technology has become nowadays. It is a request to all of the scientists to work on it more and more so that we can use them in the future for more complex purposes. There are many careers in 3D printing too.