The 15 Best Free Fashion Lifestyle WordPress Themes

Do you own a fashion company or business? Well, you should definitely have a fashion website or blog. However, even after making a blog, the design, and the theme is what make most people confused. Therefore, we are here to solve that problem too. We will talk about the ‘15 Best Free Fashion & Lifestyle WordPress themes.

Top 15 free Fashion WordPress themes

As a fashion blogger, you should choose something fashionable though. Something beautiful and eye-charming that will attract your customers and visitors. Therefore, let’s begin now.

1. Shapely


For a while now, Shapely has always interested us due to its better design and the overall flexibility it provides. You get various options to make something that will interest you and your followers. With some of the best and outstanding features, shapely can made it number 1 on our fashion WordPress theme.
Due to the flexibility of Shapely, it can be easily used for various purposes. Therefore, by customizing it according to your liking, you will get an awesome by-product. Moreover, Shapely is the type of theme that takes every modern aspect of a theme into consideration to make it a flawless yet responsive experience for the users. Moreover, Shapely is mobile-friendly and cross-browser-supported. Moreover, their support team is something that is available 24/7 to assist you and solve your problems.
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2. Olsen Light


Olsen light brings something new to the table. It offers a light and black design that gives the website, a better and more exquisite look. It is great for lifestyle and fashion blogs due to its better coloring scheme and overall modern design.
As a fashion blogger, you must need those social media features right at your disposal. Well, with Olsen light you get some built-in social media features. The site itself is SEO friendly and responsive for a fashion and lifestyle blog. Moreover, it is compatible with most of the page builders like Elementor, Divi, and Beaver builder. This is why Olsen is our recommendation for the best fashion WordPress theme.
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3. Tyche


If you need a dedicated theme just for lifestyle and blog type of theme, then Tyche is the choice for you. Moreover, if you don’t want to invest in a coder or a designer, Tyche is our number 1 recommendation for lifestyle and fashion WordPress themes. You can get online and have your business rising in little to no time.
Therefore, technology has made it possible for us to make a full-fledged website with no coding whatsoever. The aesthetics of Tyche is more towards the fashion type, making it perfect for a fashion WordPress theme that you can use to this date.
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4. Bootstrap Blog


As the name suggests, the Bootstrap blog is made by using the bootstrap framework. Therefore, there’s no doubt that this theme will be perfect and fully responsive. There’s a panel where you can customize the whole look and feel of the theme with ease and precision.
Therefore, the Bootstrap blog can be easily customized and used as a fashion WordPress theme. It is perfect for lifestyle and fashion blogs because of its unique look and feel. You also get full WooCommerce integration too.
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5. O3 Pink

o3 pink

The name itself is aesthetically pleasing and exerts a pretty fashionable yet exquisite aura. O3 Pink made it to our list due to its awesome design. The premium look and feel is ideal for fashion bloggers. Moreover, the theme uses the bootstrap framework so it will be responsive and great looking on smartphones too.
The theme is customizable with the use of a customizer. Therefore, changing elements like header or adding images should not even be a problem.
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6. fFasihion


Yet another fully responsive theme on our list for the fashion WordPress theme is ‘fFashion’. It’s a responsive and beautiful theme that matches a fashion blogger’s aesthetics. It is by far, my favorite theme available as of now.
With an awesome drop-down menu and more elegant design, fFashion is great for lifestyle and fashion WordPress blogs. Moreover, it supports all the languages and is SEO friendly too.
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7. ClubHair 


With an awesome choice as a lifestyle and fashion WordPress theme, ClubHair made it on our list. With the use of this awesome theme, you can showcase your products and other stuff.
It has some of the most responsive design and customization is where it takes things to a whole new level. It works on any device possible there is. It has a cross-device and cross-browser design. For lifestyle and fashion WordPress themes, this is another uniquely flavored theme for you.
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8. Fashion Diva


Do you want to build a whole website without the use of coding? Well, here’s a solution for you. Fashion Dive is one of our top picks for the Fashion WordPress themes. Even if you don’t have any coding skills, you can now make a whole website.
It has a simple page with a convenient design. Moreover, the theme is SEO optimized meaning that it has the potential to bring traffic on your website. You also have all sorts of customization options. Consider using this theme if you want the minimal experience without coding.
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9. Fashionpressly


Well, having a fashion website is cool. If you want to go all out with the fashion and lifestyle blog then Fashionpressly is a must-have for you. However, it’s even better if you have a news website. You can just straight on use this theme and have your business rocking every time.
Moreover, the theme is mobile-friendly and SEO optimized too. Well, there’s not much to talk about Fashionrpessly as it’s just the name of simplicity and beauty. But this is one of our top picks for fashion WordPress theme.
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10. Elegant Magazine


In this minimal era, we need elegant yet minimalistic themes. The elegant magazine is one of them. It was necessarily made for an online news website. Therefore, if you have a fashion blog and you want to.
Moreover, the whole design is beautiful and the theme itself is pretty much customizable too. Therefore, if you want to convert it to some other type of website, even that is possible.
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11. Beauty Temple


With exquisite and beautiful flavor, Beaty temple is one of the best free fashion WordPress themes. It has some awesome typographic features too. Whenever you want to open up a fashion blog, there are some things you should keep in view. The font and the overall color scheme.
No matter what type of fashion blog you have, this theme will favor you with its awesome design. That is why we recommend using the Beauty Temple as it’s simple as it gets.
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12. StyleBlog


This free theme is specifically designed for a fashion blog or website. Moreover, you can also change it by customizing everything to other niches of blogs too. It’s fast and responsive. Moreover, it has a unique and stunning design that is plenty eye-catching too.
Therefore, if you want to start a fashion blog, you can also go with the style blog. It’s great, the pages load faster and customization is just next level too.
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13. Club Blog


If you want a stylish and all-fashionable blog, then Club Blog is one of the most ideal fashion WordPress themes. This is due to its modern and materialistic design. You’ll love every aspect of this theme.
Moreover, it’s the best website for photography and art blogs too. Moreover, it uses the bootstrap framework so your website will be plenty fast and mobile-friendly. The best thing is that Club Blog has a whole dedicated support community where you can ask any question regarding the theme.
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14. Fashionate


Fashionable is another WordPress theme that really amazed us. It’s a fashion and shopping WordPress theme that you can use to open up a store or a fashion blog online.
It’s fast and responsive and has SEO optimized interface. Moreover, it makes the best use of the WordPress theme customizer too. You can customize almost every aspect. Color customization, fonts, and other design aspects are all fully customizable. Moreover, as it’s a store-type theme, WooCommerce is fully supported too.
Fashionable is a great fashion WordPress theme, therefore, you should try it out if you want to be amazed as the theme did to us.
Click HERE to download.

15. Fashy Lite


Fashy lite is another free WordPress theme that we can use as a fashion WordPress theme. The design scheme is simple and polished to use. Minimalism to the end level. And I believe that in order to convey what you have on your website, minimalism works the best.
Moreover, Fashy lite is best for people who want to have the audience focus on their content and not the overall color scheme. Moreover, the theme itself is plenty responsive and customizable. It’s easy to use and set up too.
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