The 10 Best Free Landing Page WordPress Themes

The landing page can have a positive impact on your company and sales. Therefore, we are going to talk about the “Top 10 Best Free Landing Page WordPress themes”. The basic concept of a landing page is that it lets the audience focus on one specific product and overall right environment, where reading information is just a breeze. So, when do you need a landing page?

When do you need a Landing page?

It’s pretty simple. Let’s say that you want to showcase just one product on your website. Moreover, you want the visitors to have a complete distraction-free experience of viewing. In that case, your website should be designed in a reasonable manner.

With the use of a landing page, it’s easier to convey what you want to showcase. So let’s move on towards the best landing page WordPress themes. In standard case scenarios, you only need one landing page on your website. However, you can create as many of them as you want to showcase as many products as you like.

It’s an effective way to market your products. It’s because in normal cases, the users get attracted by other things on a website. Let’s say that you have a video game website and you’re trying to showcase the game. What if a user gets interested in a related game or any other element or content of your website? This can bring down the market of your game.

Difference between homepage and landing page

The homepage is like a front end of your website that most of your visitors will see on the first visit. Whenever someone enters your website, they’ll see your homepage as the first thing. It’s like an introductory page for your website.

On the other hand, a landing page is a page on a website that is specifically designed to showcase a single product whether the company wants to sell it or just showcase it. It’s an effective way of marketing the product without engaging the users in other aspects of your website.

Top 10 free WordPress Landing Page themes

1. Single App

landing page theme
The landing page is one of the best one-page landing themes on WordPress. With one page design and parallax effect, this takes things to a whole other level. It has an elegant and exquisite design. This landing page theme is the best for a one-page portraying of a product.
Specifically made for mobile application showcasing, this is ideal if you have to showcase your android or iOS app. Moreover, you can customize it furthermore to suit your needs. You can create multipurpose websites like portfolio, business, and blogging, etc. It’s super responsive and can easily be customized. Single App even supports cross-browser and cross-device too.
You have more than 5 custom widgets that make you create a beautifully designed landing page themed website for your business. Therefore, it’s a great landing page WordPress theme for a website.

2. Orfeo

landing page theme
Orfeo is another multipurpose theme that lets you create a perfect landing page for your website or business. The origin of this theme was to create a one-page theme but you can further customize it to the multi-page theme too. With elegant design and beautiful visuals, attracting visitors and showcasing your products has never been easier before.
With this modern look, you’ll be engaging a lot more audience than before. To start a whole new business for showcasing your product, Orfeo is one of the best landing pages you’ll find to this page.

3. BeOnePage Lite

landing page theme
Another good-looking one-page theme for your business is BeOnePage Lite. With its beautiful colorful design, you can expect a lot more from this theme. Moreover, there are a lot of animations and a modern look too. There are a lot of dedicated video sections that come with this theme.
For a portfolio landing page, this theme is one of the best. The design and aesthetics are given thought and hard work too. Due to the in-built parallax effect, you can expect a lot of smoothness in scrolling too.
The theme itself has a responsive design and it’s plenty fast. You can further customize it by using the front page builder. It’s also cross-browser and cross-device. This is the perfect landing theme for any business to attract people and have your business rising.

4. OnePress

landing page theme
An overall amazing WordPress theme that is awesome for creating a landing page is OnePress. OnePress is ideal for creating a freelancer and business page too. This landing page theme sets an exceptional layout for your business website.
With the use of this theme, you can expect a rise in your traffic and sales. This is due to the aesthetically pleasing design that enables us to use it. Moreover, there are a variety of sections to display services or even a portfolio.
A feature that I love is that you can add YouTube or other videos to show in real-time. It also has full WooCommerce support too.

5. Portfolio Gallery

landing page theme
It’s another advanced landing page theme for you. With it’s awesome and exquisite design, everything looks awesome. You have the full option to set a custom layout with the use of different color schemes too.
You can change color, font size, font style, widgets and you have some other features. It has a variety of customization options to choose from. The typography of the theme is where things get on a whole different level. You can change the typographic header and all the fonts too. Moreover, you can even increment spaces between letters with additional weight options. This is why the Portfolio gallery is a great landing page theme for websites.

6. Onesie

Minimalism is the way to go. If you want a minimal one-page landing page for your WordPress website. It has a unique way of showcasing products and stuff. However, the most important thing is that it has a simple and unique design.
The theme has full support of WordPress Live customizer that lets you customize almost every aspect of your landing page theme. You will get to see all the results in real-time. Even if you have little to no coding experience, you can still benefit from creating this awesome theme.

7. Construction Lite

Another free WordPress theme that made it on our list is this theme called ‘Construction Lite’. This free theme is great for a landing page on your WordPress website.
Most importantly, it’s an SEO friendly and responsive theme that you can use as a landing page theme on WordPress. It solely focuses on the user experience and features. Moreover, it’s greatly optimized and there are some additional features too. It can easily be used with some of the most popular plugins like WooCommerce or others so that you can sell your products online.
Probably the best thing about this theme is that it’s free. It’s plenty easy to set up and use too. This is why we recommend this theme as a landing WordPress theme.

8. Futurio

Yet another fast and responsive theme that is multipurpose is the Future. It can be used in all sorts of businesses. From portfolio building to photography and up to building an eCommerce store, Futurio has got you covered. Therefore, WooCommerce plugins and other plugins are also supported. You can customize it with some other builders such as Elementor or some others. Moreover, this theme is compatible with a handful of tools such as Yoest and Jetpack. It is SEO optimized and responsive. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about building a website that will bring traffic to your website. It is a cross-browser and cross-device landing page theme for WordPress. One of our most recommended WordPress theme.

9. Colorist

If you’re all about that colorful and fresh life then Colorist is by far the best theme you can use as a landing page theme for WordPress. With all the colorful design and exquisite aroma, Colorist can be an eyecatching and beautiful designed theme. It provides the user’s with a width layout for each section that is visible on your website’s home screen. Moreover, Colorist is just perfect for any business of your type. This is because, it has some portfolios section, gallery and WooCommerce support that will make your blog go skyrocket at a faster rate.

10. Perth

Do you want a modern and a classic WordPress theme? Well, Perth is perfect for you. It has an awesome classy and elegant look to it. You’ll instantly feel professional using this theme. This is because the people who want success all the time need an environment to make them feel like a successful person. Perth is a perfect example of that environment. The design itself is sleek and classy. It has a business feel and looks to it. Moreover, with parallax scrolling effect that will make things smoother and better than it. It’s a great landing page theme for the WordPress website.