Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha: Leaks, Rumors, and Specs

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix series has always been slaying and yet again they did it again. They’ve pushed the boundaries of phone screens and shapes and transcended the level of smartphone build. From their original model that had already kicked the bucket of removing all bezels, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha takes things to a whole other level.

Therefore, we are going to talk about everything that you need to know about the ‘Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha’. We have started to see the Waterfall displays in 2019. Mi Mix has pushed beyond the level of displays and screens. These screen displays have curved edges and Xiaomi is yet again going crazy with their device.

The surround screen concept is used in Mi Mix Alpha where the display is all around the device meeting cameras. SO what was the result? A perfectly designed beautiful and futuristic device. The device looks like it’s made of all screen with no bezel at all. So what about the buttons?
As I said, Xiaomi is going all out with this one. They’ve made pressure-sensitive buttons for this phone. Xiaomi itself is claiming that the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has over 180 percent screen to body ratio. Which is just insane. Consider using an all display device. Would it not seem futuristic?

Moreover, It uses an insanely 108 Megapixel camera that is made in collaboration with Xiaomi. With the insane amount of pixels on camera, they are combined in 2×2 square so that it will perform better in low lighting conditions. In that case, the device will produce a 27 MegaPixel result.

We will get to see how it works considering the great display of the device. Moreover, the device is powerful enough to handle almost everything. Therefore, let’s go deep into our topic of today.

An Introduction to Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha
Source: GSM Arena

Well, if you thought that this is it for the smartphone revolution of 2019, you’re wrong. Here Xiaomi presented us with the world’s first 4D smartphone display called Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.

Everyone thought that Xiaomi would make a Mi Mix 4 but they just blew everyone’s mind with this one. The Mi Mix Alpha has already destroyed notches and even simple bezels. Curved design in addition to the waterfall display is the best revolution that we are getting to see in 2019. Xiaomi is the first company to go for this display.

The device has a six inches AMOLED display and it has 180 percent screen to body ratio and claimed by Xiaomi. Well, the madness doesn’t stop just here. On top of everything, this device has a 90-hertz smooth display.

It was disappointing to see that even the biggest manufacturers like Apple and Samsung even hasn’t achieved this 90 HZ display yet.
The device looks super cool, to be honest. Most of the people will be worried about palm rejection. Therefore, to further surprise you, Xiaomi has integrated palm rejection beautifully on their display and it didn’t cease to amaze us either. You don’t have to worry about accidental touches at all.

This device is surely going to compete for the Note 10 and some other new devices in terms of display and even internals. Therefore, let’s go deep into the topic by talking about each individual component and feature of the device.


Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

This unique display just wraps around the device in a unique matter. With the integration of the waterfall display, it looks beautiful and charming. This display is produced by Visionox. Lei Jun claims that more than 1000 engineers have been working for the last two years in the development of this display.

This overall investment cost the company a whopping $70 million. This shows us that Xiaomi hasn’t been playing around and was serious in the development of their awesome tech.

Xiaomi sent their own engineers to Visionox for better creation of their display. With its 6 inch AMOLED display, you can expect to see some of the nicest looking display or maybe the best display we will see in 2019.

The waterfall display is so cool that everyone wants their hands on it. With display wrapped around the structure, it does look very much cool and innovative. This is because the intent was to blow everyone’s mind away. The display looks more than average and the overall design is futuristic and new. I don’t think any other smartphone will be able to compete with Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha this year.

The design is so unique that you will be blown away. As you can see in the images, this smartphone will continue to amaze us overall.


The device has a 108 Megapixel camera. Yes, a 108 Megapixel powerful camera. You can expect the camera to perform awesomely in a really superb manner. The main camera has a 1/1.33 sensor which is huge. They have integrated Tetracell technology in collaboration with Samsung, this camera setup was made. This means that it will finalize a 27MP image result as a final result.

Moreover, there’s also an ultrawide shooter which is 20 Megapixel and has 117 field of vision which is insanely huge too. There’s a third telephoto lens too. So photography is where the Xiaomi Mi mix Alpha will outshine. It would be interesting to see how Xiaomi’s new camera will perform.

This time they took a little different approach from usual and with every careful move, they made every single component or this device all in all. Xiaomi has also portrayed a picture that shows that the device will still contain some of the most finely detailed images even at a whopping 8X zoom. However, that picture is still captured in good lighting. Therefore, it’ll be interesting to see how the device will perform.
We will still have to wait for the final product to get released as we cannot judge the picture quality by seeing just it captured from a review unit.


Being a waterfall display wrapped around the phone means that the device will be pretty fragile? Well, Xiaomi has done its best to protect Mi Mix Alpha and secure it to perform a better rigidity level overall.

The frame that they used was an aerospace-alloy meaning that it’s rigid enough to have some drops. The back strip is ceramic and the cameras are covered with sapphire glass protection. If you want to see how this device will perform, well you will have to wait until December. That doesn’t mean you can just smash the device.

It’s still fragile and very sensitive. Therefore, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha will be handled with extreme care.

General Specs


Well, let’s talk about some more general specs of the device. Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha comes with a Snapdragon 855+ processor that is an overclocked version of our traditional 855. You can expect the best performance both in terms of everyday use and in terms of gaming too.
This is the same processor that is used on Asus ROG phone 2. So if you’re a gamer, you can expect one of the best gaming performances. Games like PUBG and Fortnite will be a breeze. Talk about general performance, this device rocks. The processor is power efficient and powerful too. Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha also supports 5G. So it is already future secured too.

The bottom line of the processor is that it’s a really hardcore processor that even transcends the level of previous 855 which was already really good in terms of performance and battery life. It will be interesting to see how this processor will hold up with Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.
Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has 12 GB of RAM and it comes with 512 GB of storage which is ideal for consuming a lot of media and stuff on your smartphone. Mi Mix Alpha has completed the ideal smartphone that was longed for a long time now. The potential is unlimited. Specs are great, the battery is good, and everything else is good too.


It comes with a 4050 mAh battery and judging from the massive battery, I’m still confused. Sure, the battery is massive, however, the 6-inch waterfall display that is wrapped around the edges, what would you expect from the device?

It might take a lot of battery or maybe it won’t. No one knows for sure though. This is because the device has displayed all around the phone and it might suck up more battery. On the other hand, the power-efficient 855+ might optimize battery to the point where it won’t really suck much of battery. We will get to know everything in the future.

Price and Release Date

The device is supposed to launch in December this year and it will go in small-scale production meaning that it won’t be available everywhere. On sale, the device will be around 20,000 YUAN that will be almost $2,800 to being with.

On the other hand, there are some issues with this device too. It poses a greater risk of build, privacy, camera. Moreover, there’s always the risk of durability. Who knows how long it’ll stay clean and scratchless. Xiaomi did their best to avoid everything but still, we will get to know everything in December this year.