5 Tips Before You Bought a New Router in 2021

Routers are well known for their work, providing the data you need faster to act as personal hotspots.
When you are setting up a new network for your home, your ISP also offers a router, which might be the modern one, or just have the functionalities to work with that Ethernet Port.

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1. Router Range

The important aspect to consider before purchasing a router is its Range. Because everyone needs to be connected in-home, you should consider a router having the Range to cover all of your home & positioning of your router is extremely important.
The placement of the Router should be at a central location and obstruction-free to transmit signals. Though you will have a great positioning, you might end up with dead spots in your home where you can’t get the signals. So using a heat map software that determines signal coverage.

3. Price & Life Span

The Best Wi-Fi routers are available at every price point, considering all the needed factors and the price we can speed for that router. You can easily lose your money when you follow the brand-named routers which are not offering prices to performance standards.
Networks devices that are running all the time offer connectivity, putting a lot of stress on the hardware devices when an increased number of users & overtime usage will degrade the router’s performance.

The average lifespan of a router will last between 4-5 years to become outdated, or the device might fail (if you are facing issues in connectivity) due to aging. You have to replace the old router with a new one or upgrade yourself to a new one. High-quality routers will work for the time they are promised, while the normal one needs attention between intervals, which will eat your money, so choose a high-quality router for the first time, which can offer price to performance features & Specs.

4. Wi-Fi Security & Wireless Management

Security is prior before you connect to any network if that network didn’t offer the security you need. Then all of your data might be at risk that allows other unwanted persons to access the file on your devices & infect your system with a virus that causes all sorts of problems because this is a digital world where all your documents are in digital format on the devices, hackers or other people always after them.

Any router you are going to buy should have at least WPA2, which is an earlier standard. Still, nowadays, WPA3 is the modern standard that provides robust security and more ample features like parental control, monitor devices, and even block unwanted users from the network. To monitor what people are browsing in your home.

Some routers will use a smart process to send the Wi-Fi signal for the targeted devices or dead zones.

5. Choosing between Mesh Router or Wi-Fi Router

Mesh Router is a composite of several routers and works together for better signal, and this technology has been popular from recent models. However, they are useful in only a few scenarios. If you have a larger home and are struggling for wireless connectivity for the entire home, you can go for Mesh Router & find them for very cheap in your area. You can prefer Mesh Router.

Check compatibility (ISP & Router Compatibility) before buying a router, as different ISP use different technologies. It is always better to know what technology the ISP is going to use before buying the router. DSL/ADSL, Fibre/Cable Broadband, and 2G/3G/4G Wireless internet through SIM Card are the various options.