How does Arc help you to hire the best statamic developer?

Arc is an online service that you can enlist to help you find and hire the best statamic developers to benefit your company website. All the professionals available at Arc have passed a rigorous Silicon Valley-caliber vetting process, so you can be sure that they are highly proficient. Furthermore, you can hire Statamic developers from Arc on a contract, freelance, or permanent basis!

You can save money and time on hiring by consulting Arc because they pre-vet and tailor-match developers for you. They have a consistent dedication to providing only the best professionals to you. As a matter of fact, only the top 1.1% of professionals pass the Silicon Valley-caliber interview procedure. By contacting this hiring service, you can hire outstanding talent in only days, not months! Upon working with Arc, the biggest advantage you enjoy is saving a tremendous amount of time sourcing high-quality candidates. Doing this by yourself will take months and cost thousands of dollars. However, Arc can provide you with the best statamic developer in only a few days.

Characteristics of Arc

Access to a huge pool of talent

Arc uses a proprietary talent engine that continuously sources expert developers, for example, doctorate holders in Latin America and former Googlers from the United States of America. You are assured of top quality results because the hiring company relies on a combination of resources, including an extensive network of trained professionals. They include top Stack Overflow answerers, open-source contributors, and more than 16,000 mentors from the Codementor community.

Profile screening using manual methods

Arc advertises the position you have on offer during the talent selection process and invites qualified individuals’ applications. They receive thousands of applications from Statamic developers. After receiving these applications, they check each applicant’s complete background manually to eliminate all shreds of doubt. Throughout this extensive process, the talent-finders at Arc analyze the training levels and experience of the applicants.

Administration of a coding challenge

It is necessary to ensure that every Statamic developer exhibits a high proficiency level with the programming languages required to successfully manipulate this Content Management System (CMS), such as PHP, CSS, HTML5, and Python few. To this effect, Arc administers a coding challenge that all applicants have to perform. The challenge assesses these programming languages as well as proficiency with the Laravel framework.

Video interview on a one-on-one basis

Your Statamic developer must be fluent in English. As such, Arc performs video interviews on a one-on-one basis with each applicant. During the video interview, Arc looks out for personality, fluency, and communication skills. In this exercise, the objective is to ensure that the developers understand English instructions and interact efficiently with co-workers in your organization.

Pair programming and technical interview

The best statamic developer is expected to exhibit high levels of logic and technical skills at all times. As such, Arc takes every applicant through a 2.5-hour technical interview. Programming, teamwork, communication, proficiency, and passion are tested during this interview. The objective is to make sure that only the best developers are referred to you.

Final interview

Only a few Statamic developers are still eligible to work for you by this stage of the Silicon-valley vetting process. These exceptional finalists are subjected to a final interview to ensure that they have been consistent throughout the process. They are also checked to ensure that they will keep exhibiting the same performance level even after hiring them.

Ongoing reviews

Did you know that Arc continues to review the statamic developer even after you hire them? The objective is to ensure that they keep performing to meet the company’s high standards. In this way, you are sure that every developer referred to you maintains a high Return On Investment (ROI) during the time that they are working for you.

You only pay after hiring.

During the vetting process, every Statamic developer indicates their expected annual salary. After that, this information is cross-referenced with your salary offering. Consequently, you are matched with developers who fit in your salary bracket. Moreover, you pay a fee based on the potential employee’s salary only after you decide to hire them.

You are guaranteed absolutely no risk.

After finding the statamic developer for you, Arc provides you with a risk-free trial period. During this time, you can assess if the developer of choice fits your needs perfectly. For 3 months, feel free to assess if the assigned developer is a great investment. Analyze their technical capability, collaborative talents, communication skills, and motivation levels. If you are dissatisfied during this time, Arc will provide you with another developer at no extra charge!

Advantages of working with Arc

There are numerous advantages of consulting Arc, and they include;

  1. They can find top talent for you in 72 hours
  2. Consultations can be done online or in-person
  3. You can be matched up with pre-vetted Statamic developers
  4. They apply a painstaking Silicon Valley-caliber vetting process
  5. You’re guaranteed of hiring great developers every time

How do you get started with Arc?


The process of working with Arc begins by making a request. In this stage, you share more about your company’s requirements, especially regarding the position you are trying to fill. Specify your technical needs in as much detail as possible so that you can get a developer that fulfills your requirements conclusively.


Arc takes potential developers through a rigorous interview process. It is so thorough that each applicant has to go through 2 interviews to get hired by you.


You pick who you would like to hire, and Arc handles all the associated paperwork.