Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android (Android Best Ai Apps)

Artificial Intelligence is growing day by day. It has become one of the most popular platforms in Computer Science. Talking about personal Ai apps for android, it provides you personal assistance. Therefore, AI has moved towards various parts of the globe. From Robots to handheld devices, AI is simply everywhere.
In today’s article, we are going to talk about some of the best Artificial Intelligence apps for Android. So let’s go deep into our topic today.

Top Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android

1. Cortana

Not a single list of the app goes by without mentioning Cortana when we are talking about Artificial Intelligence. So why is that? It is one of the most popular personal assistant app that you can use to perform a variety of automated tasks or even play with it.
It’s more like a platform rather than a simple app. Cortana is available in Windows and Android. It has amazing features that you could use to improve your life. For example, Cortana can keep track of your images and photos or even other files too. You even have the option to sync up your PC with your smartphone. This will make communication and data sharing easier between the two mediums.
Therefore, Cortana is a great AI app for android that has the potential to become your virtual assistant. The great thing about Cortana is that it’s free.

2. Edison Mail

Edison Mail
This app is a little different from other apps on our list. Edison Mail is also known as EasyDo smart assistant app. It’s a personal messaging and emailing app coupled with a good Artificial intelligence for both Android and iOS. This app is cross-device supported.
Edison Mail is a personal assistant app that tells you a variety of stuff and takes your important task to simplify or analyze them. It helps you know about simple stuff such as the traffic to your work and other places. All in all, it’s an innovative Android app that I found worth putting on our list of today.

It also has the potential to do tasks like removing duplicate contacts from your mobile phone. Moreover, you can also ask for the shortest distance to a certain point too. There are some other automated tasks that you can ask it to do. You can even book tickets, places, books, and other stuff in order to take your productivity to the next level. Therefore, Edison Mail is another great Ai app for android.

3. Google Allo

Google Allo
Google Allo takes messaging to the next level possible. There are times when you don’t want to type even a simple word son messages. And you feel dizzy after typing onto the keyboard for so long. So you want to get some information that you can use? Well, Google Allo is here for you.
Even if you’re super lazy, Google Allo will make sure to give you the best possible AI experience that will ultimately open your eyes. It can do a variety of tasks such as answering your question, adding dates on a calendar or even set up some event.

It has never been easier to reply to the messages without actually touching the smartphone. Moreover, the learning algorithm is really good too. With your behavior, Allo will learn what’s necessary for its functioning. Google Allo isn’t just a messaging app. It’s more like a personal assistant that you can use to gain ease in your life.

4. Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak
Elsa is another great Artificial Intelligent app for android which is one of the best and popular amongst all AI apps for android. It helps you in learning the English language while maintaining the traditional AI methods.

With the use of extensive AI features, you can easily learn to pronounce and learn English overall. The best thing about Elsa Speak is that it records your behavior and gives you work or recommendations according to your level. On the other hand, many non-AI apps have standards that users have to follow in order to learn.

AI is indeed changing the way we learn too. The app is developed by AI experts and this app would help you in learning the English language in no time. Moreover, you also have the option to track every single move and improvement with its user-friendly layout.

5. Robin

Another popular voice assistant on our list today is Robin. It can be easily downloaded and used on all Android and iOS devices. The main feature to focus on robin is that it can easily type in a message for you without you having to touch the smartphone. It does all this by voice recognition. Moreover, Robin can even get a GPS location and provide a seamless GPS navigation experience.

It’s an all in one personal assistance that you can use to have a fun time with. This app is perfect for those who want a really cool virtual partner to play with. I don’t want to bash lonely single people but all folks can use this awesome app if they want. With enough features and great experience, Robin made it to our list of best AI apps for android.

6. Socratic

Socratic once shaked the whole world with its technology. It’s an online math and homework helper that was built keeping in view all the AI and technology in mind. It’s a great helper for both Android and IOS users. Using an advanced algorithm, it helps you by making you do your homework in a technique that is far more efficient and less time taking.

It almost feels like science fiction doesn’t it? But the Artificial Intelligence that is integrated into this app does work. And it works seamlessly. Therefore, all you have to do is to just snap a picture of your homework and Socratic will tell you the easiest way to solve it or provides you a guideline to learn several concepts that will make your work easy and quick.

7. Hound

One of the earliest apps that I used in this AI type of application was Hound. So there was a time when Siri was hailed as the king of virtual assistants. However, Hound had companies thinking that nothing is impossible. Then after that everyone started creating virtual assistant but hound is one of the best Virtual assistant AI apps for android.

All you have to do is to say ‘OK Hound’. And the rest, it will ask you. It has a wide variety of features ranging from music playback and video playback to set up an alarm. It’s like Siri of android. Aside from the fact that it’s faster from both google assistant and Siri, it’s pretty much underrated. You can ask Hound about the weather or upcoming weather detail really quickly.

This is due to the powerful AI algorithm embedded in the app. I’ve been a long-lasting fan of Hound as it has all the functions that a Virtual Assistant needs in order to have a good reputation overall. Hound is not over yet. There is a lot more to it and there will be a lot more to it in the future. Therefore, Hound is a perfect Virtual Assitant AI app for android.

8. FaceApp

Due to its popular ‘Old’ age filter, there has been a huge jump in popularity of this app. For those who don’t know, FaceApp is a filter-based app that is developed by Facebook for both Android and iOS users. The app is based on AI and using complex algorithms it learns and applies various filters on faces.

You can change anything you’d like. From face, color and age to your whole gender. This app has transcended the level of applications itself. What more is an application supposed to do? It comes with an inbuilt camera through which you can snap some selfies and get ready for some impressive stuff.

With the use of Artificial intelligence, it even lets you change your facial expressions. You can smile and add several other face filters if you like. Moreover, the app has in-app purchases so if you want to go all out and unlock all the features and hairstyles, you can do that by purchasing the premium license. The best thing about the face app is that you can even mold it to make it a hairstyle app so that you can test different hairstyles depending on your liking. Therefore, the outcomes are unlimited.


While AI is becoming popular in all fields of life, it’s difficult to control its applications. AI ranges from a small level to a large level. In Android apps, AI has gotten a lot in trend. We just talked about some of the best AI apps for android that are available for free. Therefore, this was our list of apps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us