Top Addicting iPhone Games in 2020

There are a ton of games that have featured and been developed to suit the demands of the customers. Whether you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, then you can be sure that always there is something new and trendy. iPhone has a variety of support in terms of games on its library and iTunes at large. Some of the games can be either free iPhone games or payable through iTunes. However, most of the free iPhone games lack authenticity and high IAVs. For sure, having an overwhelming library of games is just a fantastic thing you can ever do to please yourself.
Addicting iPhone Games
There is no other better phone for gaming other than iPhone for its stability and IOS capabilities. Since there is a limitless gaming application for IOS which has been developed over the years, it very challenging to get that game that you will play until you cannot stop playing anymore. Being a gamer is fun, and having that addictive game, you always wake up to play then it’s imaginable. Yes, we have made reviews from many players, and we have a list of better games that you should download today on your iPhone. Let’s have some of the casual and most epic plus thrilling games that are formidable;

Best ten addicting iPhone Games.

Below is a list of the best addicting iPhone games that are worth your every dollar of investment. Let’s us have a look at each one by one

1.PUBG mobile games.

PUBG has been one of a popular game and most addictive iPhone game among the youths. Tencent Games has developed PYBG and other developers yet not known well. It is much exciting and enticing while playing. What makes it exceptional is that it is combat gaming involving a series of the battleground? Its graphics are fantastic with great resolutions, and when you play it on an iPhone, you won’t believe what a taste you will be having.

It matches no other battleground game with various matches such as deathmatch and getting dropped to multiple islands with other players. The main aim of PUBG mobile game is to scavenge for weapons and accessories that you deem necessary for the mission, provide security for the team and fight till the last man standing. PUBG is much of a compelling shooter fan experience.

Apart from that, it has a simplified interface that is user-friendly on the phone; however, with a PC, you can expect the game to be much complex. Additionally, it is a free iPhone game. Thus you need no iTunes credits to download. One set back about PUBG mobile game is that as of any game the controls may be a stress for a day or two, but when you become a pro, I am sure you will work on nothing less to be the last man standing. Trust me; you will play overnight and throughout the day. A Tip remembers to have an AK rifle always for headshots. You can get it from the Apple store. If you are a newbie you check the pubg mobile game tricks.

2.Assassins Creed Rebellion.

Assassins Creed Rebellion is another addicting iPhone game that is of more of a strategic role-playing game. This game charges the player with the mandate of building up the order of assassins to take up the Templar menace. It is much exciting and requires you to have exceptional skills to manage and raise the assassins, which is the hardest part. The most enjoyable parts of the fights are the Templar Menace takedown.

It is not easy, but as your experience grows, you can be sure that oat one time you will be knights of the Templar. Upgrading of equipment and adding more rooms to accommodate the brotherhood while collecting
heroes. The more heroes and connections you make with other brotherhoods, the more likely you will infiltrate the Templar and have success.

It is a free iPhone game; thus, you can download it from your library at no charge. It features notable assassins such as Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Shao Jun, Claudia Auditore, and Niccolo plus the other 30 characters that you can buy and unlock to create untouchable rebellion brotherhood that will serve your interest. It also includes other missions that are primarily for gathering resources and materials to craft strategies and unlock legacy missions. Assassins Creed Rebellion is one of its Kind and just fathomable.

3. Clash Royale.

I know you have heard of clash of titans and other games, but there is none of a match to Clash Royale. Clash Royale is one of a video game that has been developed by Supercell. It is a tower rush that features several players at a maximum of four or 1v1 and 2v2 with the primary aim of destroying all opposing towers and the king tower for the ultimate win. Getting to the king’s tower is not easy, but when you learn the tricks and good strategies, you can be sure of instantaneous wins.

Players of this game are ranked to the crowns they have formed the attacks, and the level of experience increases with the level of playing the highest possible level being 13. Do you think you can make it to the topmost level? Then why don’t you take the challenge and see if you are worthy? It is super exciting, especially on a multiplayer level for you get to destroy more towers. Three crowns are awarded to the winner if they destroy other towers and the king towers and a draw if all opponents destroy the tower at the same time.

With Clash Royale you can make clans of war and especially now that it includes tournaments that are a simulation of real battles then it must be super cool. However, to enjoy the benefits of tournaments, you need a level 8 clearance. To play along greatly all you need is to collect and upgrade dozens of cards that may feature some of the fascinating stuff such as spells, defenses, and troops. As of now, since the release is one of the best iPhone game that has sold a lot in the market.


Speed is essential, especially for those who love racing and another caliber type of game. Hyperspeed has of late grown a great interest in terms of downloads and gamers have been impressed with the real-time intuitive features of the game. It is easily navigable and much compelling to other racing games on the iPhone library.
One of the most formidable things about this game is that it allows you to talk and race against your friends at the same time. It also merges an excellent chatting app with crazy cool graphics that will make you a game lover by just falling in love with the future of flying.
The racers can customize their pages, and you can see who you are racing. It’s a combination of reality game faces with different power-ups that will help you track your shipment. The theme being always got ready to hyperspeed with friends. Additionally, it is only possible for iPhone game users and can be downloaded for free and have a live video game experience with your friends.


Fortnite is a battleground free online video game that has been developed by Epic Games. It is exquisitely one of the lovable games that have pulled everyone’s attention over the year. With the current tournament world championship. It has become much more popular than any other game available. Playing Fortnite game is much fun and makes it top to one of the most addicting iPhone games of 2020.
Fortnite has become the talk of the day among the game players and lovers, It is much intuitive with great game consoles however with iPhone the text and icons on the menu can seemly be smaller, but the touch of the graphic display will amaze you wholly. Fortnite is colorful and much organized with great epic scenes, and one can have details of the place from a distance.
It has a cross-platform that is impressive and much support for the groups and much available if you have an Epic Fortnite account where you can play friends and form a team to match. It is an exciting mobile game that lets you survive among all players dropped on the island, and the last man standing wins the game. For those games, players interviewed, you would see another level of impression and obsession about the game.

6.Candy Crush Saga:

This three puzzle game may seem odd to many, but once you start playing it and get to vibe you won’t be able to keep it off. It is a free iPhone game that many has cherished it. It is a sweet challenge that will keep you for hours. Candy Crush Saga is a simple game with quite great graphics.  It’s game players can tell you it is much social.
Having a tasty gameplay one has to ensure a link of a minimum of three candies either horizontally and vertically. If you play successfully in this manner and identifying rubies, then you can accumulate lots of points that will help you access new levels and new challenges that are even harder as you proceed.
It has been ranked as the most overwhelming game that can link a wide range of friends and attract more through Facebook platforms on their page. There are a total of 440 level and would take you a year if you passed one level per day probably. It is cheap and clinched. It is one of the most played games today and King and incorporated a wide range of languages developed it.

7.Clash of Clans:

Just like assassins creed rebellion Clash of Clans is a strategy video game. Finnish game developer has developed this game. It works by crushing your enemies and making a glory for your clan. This game divides into different stages that involve the building of structures and the hiring of citizens. It is a real-time strategy for battles and whoever wins gets rubies. You can hire more builders and put up stable structures.
At the battleground, it is all about showing your skills to earn money and earn experience. It enables you to build your strategy and the most important thing the defense of your city to withstand any attack from incoming enemies. It is an entertaining game with classical management strategies that makes it much unique and livable among people, and if you perform well, you can go up to world championships. the most addicting iPhone games all the time.

8.Asphalt 8 airborne:

When you talk about car racing, then do not forget to include this imaginable and intuitive car racing game developed by Gameloft Barcelona. It is one of the current Asphalt series for iPhone games which has a total of 18 locations and 53 tracks that can be switched effectively. Asphalt 8 airborne is a gravity-defying game that has the best f racing experience among other games of its kind.
It is a free iPhone game that s most cherishable for its intuitive graphics and user-friendly controls and tracks. I cannot guarantee you it is easy along with the rides. Especially if you need to upgrade your car or purchase another. For each playable track, there are challenges, and finishing first is the main target to outshine other players. It is the leading pack for all great racers.

9.Dream League:

If you love soccer, then you know about the dream league game. Dream League is much closer to the FIFA version for the PC. It provides the same taste for mobile game lovers. It is the best iPhone game of choice in terms of soccer. Touch glass Games has developed this game that lets you build a team. It competes against other rival teams all over the world to secure yourself on the leaderboard.
It offers a wide range of teams and players to play with and can allow background music while playing. Additionally, to access some levels, it may require you to pay although there is an in-app purchase for IOS. It provides exceptional football experience with great excitements as you make achievements all the way through with your team. Most popular among soccer fanatics.

10.Words Story:

The juggling of words has much typical. It brings to the rise of word story game that word endeavors have carefully crafted. It consists of a man jailed as a result of being framed. The only way to make him escape is through word puzzle. It might not be catchy to some, but it is much fun. It takes to boost your knowledge and excellent diction of words.
The theme makes it more attractive with a good storyline that has won the hearts of many. I would as much recommend it to other iPhone games in place. Zhou Jiaping created it and has found its ways to top ranking mobile games according to statistics. Additionally, it consists of levels that makes you more involved and much rooted.

Final word

These are among the best iPhone games that have caught the hearts of many game lovers in 2020. They are much simple and have provided another level of user-friendliness making them much more interesting. Most of the game players seemed to be obsessed. That’s why we rank them as the most addicting iPhone games. It is not a bad thing to get addicted to their features cannot let us think of anything else. They are just our daily companion.