Download GTA San Andreas Apk+OBB

No doubt that GTA San Andreas is the widespread fame to the worldwide game lover. As an Android user, you can enjoy this superb game on your mobile device. This game has its reputation as one of the best games to even surface. We will talk about how to download GTA SA Apk on your android phone. It’s a paid android game, so if you want to play this game, you will need to buy it. However, we will also discuss how you can download it’s free.

The feature of this game is –

  • The storyline is solid
  • A lot of collections of a new type of weapon.
  • Mind-blowing graphics design with a singular mission.


GTAg San Andreas – Gameplay Story

After escaping from his hometown “Los Santos” in San Andreas, Carl Johnson is back. The whole event takes place in the year 1992.
However, everything is a mess. Carl’s mother is dead; the family is in a state of absolute confusion; all childhood friends are on the verge of chaos. One the way of his return, two corrupted cops accuse him of being a suspect of homicide. The whole story packs quite a punch where Carl has to move along all of San Andreas to do a whole lot of missions.

For the family, friends, and love for them, Carl has to choose some of the most difficult decisions in his life.


The game starts where Carl moves back to his hometown. He tries his best to maintain the balance of Grove street. At first, Carl is prohibited by the corrupt Cop named “C.R.A.S.H.” to move outside the city. However, as the story progresses, Carl finds out that his friends are betrayers and that’s how he’s forced to find his way outside of Los Santos.

Getting out of the Lose Santos, Carl finds a lot of new things. First of all, he strived for financial stability and earned a lot of money by opening a Chopshop, buying a casino, and doing a massive bank heist. Both of these opportunities are offered to him in the city of San Fierro and Las Venturas.

Once he comes back to Los Santos, he is blinded by his success and feels like Los Santos isn’t much of a big deal. However, the real families make his selfishness go away, and a lightbulb lits up in his conscience, where he wants to make sure that Grove street is set for life.
Striving for success while caring for his hood and family, CJ (Carl Johnson) becomes the king of the whole Groove Street.

 San Andreas Apk Games Features

This game comes with a lot of features. If we talk about vehicles, they are upgraded a lot if we compare it to the previous ones. The whole control scheme is new. There are trucks with modular trailers, tanks, police motorcycles, harvesters, quad bikes, and many other racing cars too. Unlike the previous versions where the characters couldn’t swim, in this game, the character can swim and climb up the obstacles. Moreover, to have more considerable significance in fighting, the player can use the dual gun system. This time, the gang members also help in fighting with your foes.

Another Rockstar game, “Manhunt inherited the camera and the fighting mechanism.”
This time, customization is where things get on a whole other level. You can customize your character from head to toe. Custom clothes, shoes, chains, caps, and a lot of other exciting stuff is available this time. Moreover, you also get a feature to go to restaurants to eat food. For the character to stay healthy and strong, eating food is essential.

In this game San Andreas, AI has been improved a lot too. This time, you can’t kill a pedestrian in broad daylight, expecting that others wouldn’t do anything. Some civilians would run; some will even fight you.

Another exciting feature to keep in mind is the dialogue system. C.J. can talk with a bunch of civilians and will have a reply back too. Some drug dealers, girlfriends, and even gang members. You can interact with all these entities. According to Rockstar Games, C.J. has more than 4200 lines of dialogues. So it’s interesting to see that an Android game will be so much fun and exciting being one of the best open-world games.

Download GTA San Andreas A.P.K. & O.B.B.

Download From Google Play

Download APK

Download Now OBB

Why You Should Play it:

GTA  San Andreas is an old gold game, and most of the people like to play it. However, GTA 5 is a genuinely mind-blowing game, but now San Andreas is special. On the other hand, GTA 5 is running better than the game San Andreas. Graphics is not the main reason for being attracted to gamers.

There are so many lovely things in the GTA game. This is not only for the adult but also for the children. Because this is an art, so I believe that the children should also learn this & the GTA. company should also remove the restriction for children.  Somehow we think this game is dangerous for their children & it may be corrupted or corrupted for a large portion of children. But the art of this game is ageless. So I think all ages people can play this game to acquire the idea of the art of life.  In this game, there is a Time machine that will take the item back on the track again. So this is an exciting side for all ages peoples, most prominently for the children.

Here you can also find a big desert that is amazing. While you will go over the desert, this is pretty magical than other games.
The crispy countryside & the back of the behind area. This is a mysterious—ghost corner with the giant, self-driven car in a horror situation. The dead fun is also horrible.  The jack pack is another attraction based on a fighting game.

San Andreas Gameplay and Controls

If you’re aware of other G.T.A. games, then you must know what sort of fun and action-packed adventure you’re in. The game is all about an ex-gangsta named Carl Johnson. After he returns home, he finds out about his mother’s death. He came rushing to get revenge.
The revenge itself drives him so insane that he has to take any significant steps.

It’s a perfect blend between the mission-based and open-world games. You will get to choose a lot of vehicles and guns to shoot with. Moreover, you’ll get a chance to buy houses, even picking up on hookers and getting a chance to visit other’s homes too. Therefore, the gameplay is one unusual move they’ve done here.

Coming to the android version, we are happy to see that nothing much has changed, though. There are also GTA SA mod apk available to take things on a whole new level.

Controls on Android

Controls are a little weird at first, but you’ll get used to them as you play the game. Everything is on-screen, and it works. The left side is for the movement, and the right one is for various other controls like shooting, getting into the car, jumping, e.t.c.
You can also change graphics just the same way you did on P.C.

Download APK and OBB and Install San Andreas

We are going to talk about the free method to install Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Apk on your phone. The first thing you need to do is to download apk and Obb on your phone. Or you can download it from Google Play,

You can download apk in the link we’ve attached. You just have to download it, and before opening the downloaded file, just go to
Settings > Security > Turn on Unknown Sources.

Before installing San Andreas apk, make sure that your Wi-Fi is turned off. San Andreas mobile is pretty fun to play, so we are going to talk about installing it for free. So how do you have Grand Theft Auto San Andreas downloaded on your phone?
Extract OOB first. You should copy the extracted file to the path download below.


The folder will be named as com.rockstargames.gtasa. Make sure to set the path right. After that, you should install apk file of your phone and run it. There you go, you’ve downloaded San Andreas OBB on your phone.

System Requirements for San Andreas For Android

Here is the specification:-

  • 1.3 GHz Quad-Core CPU
  • At least 2GB ram for smoothness
  • At least 3GB storage for the game to run adequately.
  • Android Jelly Bean and above. (4.0+)

Make sure to have at least these specs if you want to download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Apk.


1) Is it illegal to have Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Downloaded on your phone?
No way it’s illegal. If you download it from Google Play, it’s will not unlawful.

2) Does it support mods?

3) Is GTA San Andreas Mod Apk safe?
Yes! GTA San Andreas Mod Apk is safe and won’t harm your device in any possible way.

4) How much time does it take to complete San Andreas Android?
If your average player then you will need 48 hours. If you want to complete the full mission, it requires 85+ hours.

5) How do you get money in San Andreas?
Complete mission and earn money. Also, you can collect money to kill people.

6) How many main missions are in San Andreas mobile? 
The mobile version has 100 main missions and 150+ sub-mission.

GTA San Andreas is pretty fun to play. Our team has made the whole process of download GTA San Andreas (apk and obb file) easier for you. You can download the android version easily using the links we’ve attached. So download now and enjoy lots of fun.