Boston Dynamics Robot Atlas: Update and Upgraded

Remember the Boston Dynamics Robot Atlas? Well, the Robot has been upgraded to the next level. With the development team not coming slow, Atlas has been getting better every day. Therefore, the results now are impressive. In the past, we have seen Atlas doing backflips or even run over some obstacles. However, now it is trained to perform some of the most advanced dynamic movements hence making it a parkour robot.

With the advanced algorithm made by developers, Robot Atlas got the ability to quickly understand all the instructions. Therefore, it makes Atlas fast and reliable to somewhat extent. Now, it can perform a variety of advanced movements. Robot Atlas can perform the following tasks:

  • Flying Kick
  • The Twisting Jump
  • Hand Stand

Therefore, Atlas has changed quite much since its inception. We can call Atlas ‘The Robot Ninja’. It can monitor its parts/limbs while still being in motion. It can also predict what movement should be the next. All of the awesome movements that it did with elegance left us thinking, what will be the future of Atlas?

The development stage of this new movement was provided by Boston Dynamics. They said that an advanced level movement was integrated using advanced algorithms. Moreover, it predicts the next movement it should make to perform a successful task.
Atlas has done what other robots can’t, as of now that is.

Boston Dynamics: Robot Atlas

Robot Atlas
Source: Wikipedia

Boston Dynamics is the big poppa of Robot Atlas. They’ve been teaching Atlas as a whole lot of stuff. At first, it was interesting to see how this robot can stand on its two legs. However, now it has become even more advanced in terms of movements and stuff.
With elegant gymnastic moves like a jump twist or cartwheels movement, all this makes Atlas the ninja robot for us. This level of advanced parkour is impressive, especially for a robot. There was a time when robots could barely move. Not even some other robots, I’m talking about this very Robot Atlast that could barely move or walk-in 2013.

Watching the video, everyone was blown. Seeing such human-like traits in a robot is super rare. I’d go as far as to say that it moves beyond the level of what humans can. However, this isn’t necessarily the first time Atlas has shown its awesome parkour skills.
But, Boston Dynamics stated that they’ve found new development ways to make it, even easier for the robot to understand and show its elegance. This is all due to the complex algorithms and the advanced team of developers.

This development technique makes it easier for the Robot to perform and predict the very next movement. However, even to this date, the Atlas is nowhere perfect. As claimed by Boston Dynamics itself, Atlas would perform successful movements 80% of the time.
This made us think, what will be the future of Atlas?

Future of Atlas

Source: New Atlas

The era of AI has emerged upon us. It’s safe to say that at some point in the nearest future, we’ll be seeing robots lurking around in the bright and in the dark.

Atlas is the perfect example of robots on par with humans. Well, at some point we can expect Robot Atlas to go beyond our expectations. It’ll be faster and better than us in terms of movement and overall accuracy.

My thinking is that the future of Atlas is a lot brighter than now. Even to this it Robot Atlas never ceases to amaze us. So to think about the future of Atlas, we can expect some uncanny tasks. For example, Atlas might make it to the battlefield or even rescue missions. We’ve already seen the effectiveness of robots as a fire extinguisher.
We can expect some great things from the Atlas soon.

The goal of Boston Dynamics

The main goal of Boston Dynamics is to make the most out of this robot and make it useful for people and the industry overall. Compared to some of the most popular robots, Atlas holds itself against them pretty well.

The future is for smaller and more useful robots. Atlas is ideal for this case scenario. Now that it can easily move and do all sorts of movements, we are just waiting for the next revolution in the robotics industry that Atlas will bring.