The 10 Best Free Food & Restaurant WordPress Themes

The old era of exploring restaurants are no more. People prefer looking for restaurants on websites instead of going out and taste them. This is the reason why websites are getting so important nowadays. Therefore, we are going to talk about the best free Food and Restaurant WordPress themes.

This is the technological era. This means that mobile phones are the basic necessity of humans. This is the reason why people always try to look before they actually go into a random restaurant. The online presence of a Food company is important for the digital world and this era. Therefore, let’s dig deep into our topic today. If you have a restaurant then it’s most likely that online presence is going to help you in bringing a lot of customers in your restaurant. Then, let’s talk about it.

Free Food & Restaurant WordPress theme

1. Food Restaurant

food restaurant
A user-friendly theme that can be used for multipurpose. Food Restaurant can be used for creating websites of Cafe, Pizza, Burger shops, Coffee shops, and etc. As this is a multipurpose theme, it can also be used by other bloggers to create a website of their liking.
It can be used for Bakery, food enthusiasts and other food and restaurant purposes too. It has support for the 3rd Party WordPress plugins too. Therefore, the possibilities are endless. It has a secure code so you don’t need to worry about any type of security issue or code breaks regarding this theme. Moreover, you can even open an online home-delivery service to provide food to your customers.

As WooCommerce is supported, the possibilities are just endless. You can showcase and sell your food service to anyone. You have full control over customization so you can control the theme and implement it to your liking. Food Restaurant is a great free theme to use Restaurant WordPress theme.

2. Zakra Restaurant

zakra restaurant
Zakra is another flexible yet responsive WordPress theme that can be used to create any type of website. It has more than 10 in-built demos that you can use to create your service from scratch.

The theme is so flexible that it can be molded into any type of Food and Restaurant website. Therefore, there are a lot of features that are built into this theme. So if you need a perfect Restaurant WordPress theme, Zakra is right there for you. It has some of the best page builders out there that you can use to build a full-fledged restaurant website.
The food enthusiasts will be very much loving this theme too.

3. FoodHunt

food hunt
The food is delicious. What’s more delicious is this theme called ‘FoodHunt’ coming with a full-page slider. With a mouth-watering image, you can win over your audience. Couple with an awesome theme, this takes things to the next level. Your home page is what matters the most.

This theme supports everything needed to run a successful online business. There are many elements and prebuilt templates that you get in this theme. You get a Gallery, Contact page, Services, Staffs, Story and much more. There are endless options to choose from.
Moreover, Restaurantpress is already integrated with this theme that makes it even more useful. It’s one of the best free Restaurant WordPress themes you can use today.

4. VW Restaurant Lite

Another multipurpose restaurant WordPress theme on our list today is VW Restaurant lite. It is best for any type of food and hotel services. If you want to take online presence VW Restaurant lite is another option to choose from.

VW Restaurant Lite
The theme is flexible and customization is all in your hands. Moreover, It’s even compatible with WooCommerce which means that selling your food online should not even be a problem.

The theme is SEO friendly so you won’t have to worry about ranking and stuff. There are many features of these websites. It has a responsive design, the speed is super good and you can customize layouts too. This makes VW Restaurant Lite a great Restaurant WordPress theme.

5. Bar Restaurant 

bar restaurant
If you want your online website to be flexible yet super clean and responsive, Bar Restaurant is the one for you. With its eye-catching and user-friendly design, it can attract a large number of visitors and overall rank your website on the top.
Customization is where things take an interesting turn. Colors and accents are easily changed and customized. Moreover, you can change the layout of your theme too. All this is done in live preview meaning that you will see all the changes in real-time. This makes it one of the best Food and Restaurant WordPress themes.

6. Belise Lite

Belise Lite
If you need a problem-free experience in making full-fledged food and restaurant WordPress website then Belise lite it the one for you. It contains all possible features required to open up an online store for you. The visuals are next level and it’s a fully responsive website. You can see in the picture, how professional and beautiful this website looks. The minimal approach is what I loved the most. There are many other features that you can use to set up your food and restaurant online website.

7. Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant and Cafe
Perfect theme for restaurant and cafe, this theme just rocks. It can be used to open an online website of any type of foodservice. From food to drink business, it rocks. It fits in every type of device and will look good anywhere possible.
The website is translation ready. Therefore, if you have an international business, it’s not even a problem with this theme. It is supported by WooCommerce so showcasing and selling your products is super simple and easy. Moreover, the theme has Social media integration and its speed is great too. It is translation ready and supports all devices too. This makes the restaurant and cafe one of the most exquisite free restaurant WordPress theme.

8. Flash

We’ve talked a lot about Flash already. It’s a multipurpose WordPress theme that is pretty much suitable as a Food and Restaurant WordPress theme. You get various awesome options to choose from. Flash is probably the most powerful WordPress theme on our list too.
It has a drag and drop builder that is essential for great user experience and easy building of the website. Moreover, the Flash Food Demo has great sliders, customizable logos, and a dedicated food menu too. You can customize it according to your liking so there’s no problem.
There are some prebuilt sections too. Such as Special and Reservation options that can save a whole lot of time span for you. It’s easy to use a theme that can be used by anyone to create a theme.

9. Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant
Don’t get it wrong. This theme isn’t limited to the Chinese food, there’s a lot more to it. However, It’s perfect for Asian restaurants that display their dishes and recipes online so that people can buy or even make their own food using it.

Nothing excites me more talking about food and I can go on all day. But I will try to keep this as short as possible. The theme has custom posts through which you can add the menus or prices. There’s a unique plugin in this theme that gives the reservation features just to make sure that the customers will feel safe and reserved even before coming to the restaurant.

There are a customization panel and header sections. You can change the logo using a favicon and the theme is SEO Optimized. It has a cool and responsive design so it’s one of the most recommended foods and restaurant WordPress themes you can find on our list today.

10. Restaurantz

Another professional food and restaurant WordPress theme to really look forward to are Restaurantz. It’s ideal for any food website. From Cafe, Burger, to restaurants, it’s just a perfect theme. It also supports the Food Menu by Jetpack plugin through which you can easily showcase your food and services on your website with ease. Moreover, it has custom CSS support and a Parallax effect option too. You get a custom menu option and Logo and the title is also customizable too. All in all, it’s a great website for food enthusiast and we can expect much more from it.

The features of this theme are really cool too. If you think that you furthermore need to stylize the theme, you can always use your own CSS code to customize it according to your needs. You also get a parallax option that you can use for smooth scrolling. The website is plenty responsive and beautiful. Therefore, it’s one of another great food and restaurant WordPress themes you can use today.


For the final words, I’d like to say that food and restaurant WordPress themes are really cool and great in their own places. However, for food-oriented websites, it’s always better to have a full-page header and great theme overall so that your viewers can be attracted by it.