Top 10 Best Motherboard For Mining – Reviews & Buying Guide

The best mining motherboard you’re using will help you mine cryptocurrencies. But you will reach a point where you need six more GPUs, and it’s then you realize you need a reliable motherboard for protection. The best motherboard for mining has to work together with robust graphic cards to enhance mining speed and efficiency. This is regardless of what you want to mine. Mining either Bitcoin or Etherium; there is a motherboard that will give you the best experience.

Top 10 Best Motherboard For Mining

1. Asus B250 Mining Expert

This mining motherboard is suitable when you want to design more mining rig. The motherboard is fast and economical. So, in all motherboards you can come across, there is no other better than this Asus B250 in terms of performance. Moreover, about this mining motherboard, it’s designed specifically for this mining purpose and gives you a medium-budget. The motherboard has also been equipped with useful features.
Features And Specification
Would you have thought that there is a company that can manufacture a motherboard equipped with 19 PCI slots that allows you to install multiple GPUs? With this Asus B250, it’s a powerful mining motherboard due to many PCIe slots.  The motherboard not only comes with many GPUs supporting slots but offers you an excellent performance. The motherboard has also been made using the mega-hash technology, which was introduced by Asus and has led to the success of this motherboard.
When mining, it depends on the hash rates. So, if you have a mining motherboard that can’t maximize the hash rate, you need more output. That is why you need this motherboard as it comes with 19 GPUs for maximizing hash rate for a fast mining rate. The motherboard also works fine without looking at the GPU brand you choose as it’s compatible with all.
This motherboard Asus B250 also comes with mining mode, of which you won’t get with some other mining motherboards. If you use this mode, the motherboard can, therefore, maximize your hash rate. At the same time, it will be maintaining the voltage using the components such as it’s voltage stabilization capacitors.
Asus B250 has better software useful in detecting graphics cards where you can mine separately and also control the settings.

  • Comes with most GPU slots
  • Uses voltage-stabilization capacitors
  • Customizing BIOS for better mining


  • Expensive

Why Is It Best For Mining?
Among the many features associated with Asus B250, this motherboard gives you the standard of quality that ASUS manufacture provides. This is why its a motherboard for mining cryptocurrencies for experts.

2. MSI Pro Series H310

The MSI Pro Series H310 is a mining motherboard that has been built with everlasting quality. It has the finest quality components that are integrated with the latest technology innovations. The mining motherboard gives you the best possible professional experience. With the rigorous quality testing that is under extreme conditions, this mining motherboard will provide you a long-lasting, super reliable, and high-performance.
Features and Specification
The MSI Pro Series H310 is a motherboard for crypto mining. The board has been designed with 7 PCI-e slots, and therefore, you can use 7 GPUs. The motherboard also comes inbuilt with Intel H310 chipset for the 8th Gen Intel Core, Celeron, and Pentium Gold processors. There are also two DDR4 memory slots aimed to support up to 32 GB memory of 2666 MHz. Moreover, for this MSI Pro Series H310 motherboard, it comes with four SATA ports to support storage drives.
This motherboard for mining is cryptocurrency-friendly. It comes with 16 PCIe slots of 3.0 and one slot of 2.0 that you can use when you want to mine. In supportive of these features, it has multiple software and hardware features that have been designed to give efficient management and mining.
For cooling purposes, the manufacturer has equipped it with two PWM/DC fan headers that control the fan entirely. You can manually or automatically adjust this fan speed to balance the noise and performance.
The memory circuit for the mining motherboard comes with an optimized layout to enhance stability. It supports a variety of RAM from multiple manufacturers.

  • It has the latest video standards
  • It has audio professional quality
  • Comes with unmatched memory performances
  • Has everlasting quality
  • Designed for timeless tuning


  • Plugs not identified properly
  • Not suitable for gaming

Why Is It Best For Mining
The motherboard comes combining quality and top performance features, making it perfect for mining. This is the best bitcoin motherboard and also essential for business solutions that you get from the MSI Pro Series. In addition, it has been engineered to gratify the most demanding professions to make your life easier, and when you want to mine, it gives you reliable, super stable, and better performances.

3. ASROCK H110 Pro BTC+

You don’t have to buy multiple motherboards to have efficient mining of cryptocurrencies. To avoid such conveniences, you need this ASROCK H110 Pro that can support 13 graphics cards. So, the motherboard is enough to earn you profit every day. The motherboard is well designed and constructed for its purpose to give you the best experience.
Features and Specifications
This mining motherboard is a favorite one for most people. The reason is that it offers unique features installed that give an excellent performance while gaming or mining. So, that is enjoying two benefits using one ticket.
The motherboard supports all the Intel processors, and therefore, for better performance, you can use either of these processors; Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Pentium series. You need this mining motherboard because you can see it comes with greater compatibility.
Besides, the motherboard also uses the DDR4 RAM slot, which gives you a maximum frequency rate – 2,400 MHz. The onboard PCIe slots that the motherboard is installed are 13, which means you can install many GPUs for you to get the best hash rate conversion.
It also works perfectly regardless of the type of cryptocurrency mined worldwide. However, an added advantage of this motherboard is that it has factory settings for mining. Not feeling concerned about doing it manually.
The motherboard also comes with everything you need stocked and ready for use. With the compatibility of this motherboard to both the NVIDIA and AMD GPU’s becomes suitable for mining.

  • It comes with two copper layers for temperature stability
  • Has 13 PCI slots for installing GPU’s
  • It supports all Intel processors


  • Causes problems when using Windows OS
  • It has 13 slots for GPU’s but hard to get GPU’s

Why Is It Best For Mining
The motherboard will work perfectly regardless of the cryptocurrency you choose to mine. However, the factory settings are set and ready to start mining. Besides, it comes with two copper layers that enhance lowering the temperature for a stable product.


This Asus Prime Z370 is another great motherboard equipped with 8 GPU rig. Besides the motherboard being pricier, it comes with a z270-a series predecessor, which is a useful feature as the MOBO. It might not be rated for mining purposes, but Asus makes it work for mining.
Features and Specifications
Asus Prime z370-A is a suitable motherboard for mining with the 8th Gen Intel Core processor. It gives you maximum performance with its customizable style. 5-way optimization is essential to provide you with dynamic fan calibration and auto-turning. With that, the motherboard can deliver maximum transfer speed. Moreover, Asus 5-way optimization, on the other hand, makes your PC look and perform smarter. For one click, it will take care of the dynamic optimization essential aspects and complex tuning of the system to offer overclocking and cooling profiles.
Having been installed with Asus Fan Holder, it helps to increase the flow of air into your motherboard. To install, you hook the fan up and have a targeted cooling booster.
On the other hand, the machine is installed with a heatsink that keeps the SSD cooler. The heatsink for this motherboard is ultra-efficient that can effectively lower the temperature. When under good temperature, it means you will get optimal storage performance and also improve SSD longevity.
Additionally, the mining motherboard has Auta Sync that gives you full RGB control and other functional presets.

  • Great performance
  • High-quality
  • Positive reviews at Amazon


  • DIMM slots don’t work

Why Is It Best For Mining
If you choose this motherboard for mining, you need to have more BIOS settings for it to support the 8 GPUs. However, you can learn from the video tutorial provided. This is among the best MOBO for rigs.

5. BIOSTAR H81A LGA 1150

BIOSTAR H81A LGA 1150 is among the types of crypto mining motherboards that utilize the 6 GPUs and, therefore, 6 PCI-e slots. The motherboard also gives you more options for scalable mining.
Features & Specifications
Choosing BIOSTAR gives you the easiest way when you need to upgrade the audio performance on your motherboard. The motherboard can support the Blu-ray audio DRM to provide you with a higher audio output. So, the motherboard will provide you with a high-quality sound effect.
The mining motherboard comes with DVI for video, which is better than the LCD. If you consider LCDs, they give you digitized pixels. However, for DVI, it has a panel that can provide you with a day for each pixel such that the picture generated in its Graphics device will March the pixel found on the panel.
In a motherboard that you need for mining, speed is an essential thing to consider. With this motherboard, it comes with SmartSpeedLAN, which is free software that will monitor and manage the PC network. With the user-friendly GUI, you can select and also provide various types of network traffic. So, the motherboard ensures you have the best online experience.
The motherboard comes with the best charger booster for efficient charging solutions. The charger booster technology can boost your charging time for efficiency and faster to gadgets connected to the motherboard.

  • Fast and efficient charging
  • High technology
  • It has DVI


  • Tight slot spacing

Why Is It Best For Mining
This motherboard for mining gives you a chance to build multiple 8 GPU rigs. Besides, you can also manage them remotely. It is possible because the motherboard is equipped with KVM Switch Support. Besides, the only drawback with the motherboard is the right spacing of the slots, and you need to use a blower fan.

6. MSI B360-F PRO Motherboard

This B360-F Pro motherboard is from MSI and a useful mining motherboard that focuses on currency mining. It has been designed such that it comes with 18 PCIe slots. The motherboard has also been built with an Intel B360 chipset and a socket that is designed to support 8th Gen Pentium Gold, Intel Core, and Celeron processors.

Features and Specifications
This MIS B360-F is a motherboard that you need for mining. For mining purposes, it has both PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 2.0 slots that are needed for connecting GPU and mining cryptocurrencies. The motherboard has also been installed with multiple hardware and can support various software. These are all designed to help you in the efficient and management of mining.
A motherboard is a strong gadget that supports five power connectors that will power your motherboard or graphic cards. It is also installed with a mining guard, which will assist you in managing your mining board, especially without a display.
The motherboard also has physical buttons such as Power, Clear CMOS, and Rest, all essential that will allow you to control your system when you need to easily. The EZ Debug LED, on the other hand, is essential, as it helps you figure out the problem in case one occurs.
The motherboard has also been installed with two fan headers, which are used for fan control. If you need your motherboard to be fast and efficient, you have to cool with the fan. With DC/ PWM mode, that helps in balancing performance and noise.
The double ESD that come with this motherboard will help to prevent the electrostatic discharges. So, you are likely not to damage this machine. For further safety and durability, the manufacturer has ensured the motherboard comes with steel reinforced PCI slots that you can not easily damage or electromagnet.

  • Durable
  • Two fans for cooling
  • Supportive physical buttons


  • Expensive

Why Is It Best For Mining
This motherboard has been designed to help you mine cryptocurrencies the whole day. This is possible as it features the dedicated capacitors that will offer stable and smooth voltage for the GPU’s.

7. ASRock Motherboard Motherboards Z270

Almost all motherboard manufacturers have come with A-Game that has Intel Z 270 chipset. For ASRock, there is no exception in this trend. The hardware to support mining comes with some tweaks like upgrading the audio section or adding an M.2 slot.
Features and Specification
This motherboard comes with useful features likely to leave you awe. It is a supercarrier motherboard as it comes with a 14-phase CPU power circuit, 4 PCIe slots for graphic cards, and also AQUANTIA 5 Gbps network controller. All these features are likely not found in the mainstream motherboards.
The motherboard also comes with an immense number of supported storage devices, which are 3 PCIe * 4 M.2 slots, two SATA Express Connectors, and six SATA connectors. For each SATA connector installed, you can, therefore, be used to act as two standard SATA ports, which will give a total of 10 regular SATA devices.
The motherboard also comes with exciting controllers that are installed. With purity sound 4, which is onboard audio, it’s a controller for Realtek that has support from the Texas Instruments headset amplifier.
This AsRock Z270 has three different LAN controllers and other controllers that make this motherboard exemplary perfect for mining.

  • It has three different LANs
  • Easy to upgrade audio
  • Supports ten regular SATA devices


  • Lack of u.2 connectors

Why Is It Best For Mining
This AsRock Z270 Supercarrier mining motherboard is primarily designed so that it can entice professional designers. It is suitable for users who want to build 3-way or 4-way SLI systems, which supports a lot of storage devices.


For a long time, the crypto miners have eagerly waited for the release of this motherboard with dual CPUs. From Asus shelves, there are many generations of dual-socket motherboards with Intel Xeon. In each generation, it defines its categories, and that leads to ASUS WS C621E SAGE – mining motherboard.
Features and Specifications
The retail box that comes with this motherboard is large enough to fit the motherboard of this kind. Besides, the graphics describing this motherboard also adorn the retail box. The motherboard has been installed with BMC function, which is supplied by the use of an ASMB9-iKVM chip. With this motherboard, you can also transition into a server role as it has an iKVM feature.
In this motherboard, it supports two LGA3647 Square ILM sockets. Additionally, there is presence of 10x SATA ports where eight will need connection through C621 chipset and the other ASMedia SATA controller.
So that you can have fast storage, the manufacture has provided it with 4x U.2 connectors.
The memory capacity of the motherboard is impressive as it reaches 768 GB that uses the 12 DIMM slots available. The speed you will get from this motherboard is 2666 Mhz. If you need to expand slots, ports, or premium features, you can upgrade this motherboard model.

  • Supports 6th and 7th Gen Processers
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for both mining and gaming


  • Doesn’t support 8th and 9th Gen processors
  • It rounds up BIOS voltage

Why Is It Best For Mining
This motherboard is incredible for mining cryptocurrency with its high-quality graphics. When booting, it boots faster than most in the market. Besides, you can expand the storage options to get the workstation series to par with the latest Intel processors.


ASUS Prime 300 series are motherboards that are engineered using industry-leading finest components, 5X protection III, excellent circuit design, and exacting standards that guarantee long term durability and quality of a suitable mining motherboard. This, Asus Prime B360 LGA115, is among the well-featured motherboards for mining.
Features and Specifications
This motherboard Asus Prime B360 is a good motherboard for mining as it comes with a solid foundation and flexibility for the specific role. The motherboard comes with useful features such that it supports the 8th Gen Intel Core processors. That gives you benefits from automated systems tuning, immersive onboard audio, and comprehensive cooling controls.
This motherboard has been installed with Intel B360, which is a single chipset design. The chipset enables your motherboard to support the 8th Gen Intel Core processor. For improved performance, the mining motherboard is equipped with serial point-to-point links. So, that will also allow increased strength and bandwidths.
Additionally, the motherboard provides you with 4 USB 3.1 ports, 32 Gbps M.2, PCIe 3.0, and six SATA 6Gbps ports. It also supports integrated-graphics and therefore giving a chance to enjoy the latest high performing graphics.
In all Prime 300 series motherboards, they come with comprehensive control system fans. The auto-tuning mode allows you to configure the parameters using a single click intelligently.
As the motherboard has x4 PCIe 3.9/2.0 bandwidth and M.2 that can support up to 32Gbps speed, this motherboard is a perfect one for OS as it provides fast access to data.

  • Support both Intel 8th and 9th Gen GPU’s
  • It has Intel B360 chipset
  • Supports DDR4 memory
  • It has DVI, VGA, and HDMI outputs


  • Needs BIOS update for 9th Gen Processor
  • Expensive

Why Is It Best For Mining
If you need a mining motherboard, this Asus Prime B360 comes with all useful features for the profession. The machine will support the 8th and 9th type of Gen processors. For video display, you can use either VGA, DVI, or HDMI outputs.

10. Gigabyte LGA1151 GA-Z170X

If not for mining professionals, some people love gaming. This is possible to do part-time as you can mine using your gaming rig. So, for gaming and mining, Gigabyte LGA1151 is the most excellent option. The motherboard features favor both gamers and miners.
For this motherboard, you can install seven of the latest GPU and also any type.
Features and Specifications
From Gigabyte, there are some of their old motherboards that are enough to give you support with 6th and 7th Gen processors. With this Gigabyte, LGA1151 GA-Z170X has the raised standards you need for mining and gaming.
This motherboard for mining comes with a series of hardware that is better to give you a higher hash rate conversion and, therefore, delivering excellent mining performance. This motherboard is among those that support both the 6th and 7th Gen processors. It also focuses on Crossfire and SLI support for the GPUs.
The motherboard also gives you a chance to do settings from it’s BIOS for you to do customization. So, you will get more than the system is holding. If you want to do mining, it’s recommended to use the NVIDIA graphics cards, which is better in performance.

  • Overlocking done after the temperature is maintained
  • Support the 6th and 7th Gen processors
  • It has 3 SATA Express Connectors that gives you fast data transfer
  • It has capacitors that help to stabilize the voltage


  • Doesn’t support 8th generation processors
  • Few PCIe slots and thus slow mining

Why Is It Best For Mining
This mining motherboard comes with essential features for mining. You can, therefore, install all the latest GPUs and support seven of them. Besides, this motherboard is also supporting the DDR4 RAM and compatible to use NVIDIA or AMD GPU.

What Type Of Motherboard Is For Mining

There are different types of these motherboards that you can use to mine. However, not all will give you the best results. To the kind you should use, the motherboard has to consist of the following:
Processor – it depends on the processor you will plugin, but that relies on age and style. Mining won’t need more processor power, so choose one that is cheap and compatible with the motherboard.
PCI-Express slots – if you have many slots, the more GPUs you will connect to a single motherboard. That is necessary when looking at ways you can cut overall costs. The recommended slots are those PCI-Express 3.0 for mining purposes.
Cost – the cost has a direct relationship with the total number of PCI slots. However, the lower it costs you, the lower the mining rig can cost, and lesser time you can spend to get your money back from mining Etherium.

How To Choose The Ideal Motherboard For Mining

When you want a crypto mining motherboard, look for a reliable, flexible, and stable one. No need to choose for a raw performance like those of high-end gaming motherboards. In mining, the motherboard you select should support various GPU set up.
Some gaming motherboards are excellent in performance, and they will work well for new miners. Regardless of the mining motherboard, you will prefer, what is essential is the number of GPU’s it can support.
However, you should consider choosing a dedicated cryptocurrency mining motherboard. Such types of motherboards come equipped with tweaked BIOS settings. It also has an ability to connect more GPUs like 12 of them. Moreover, for these dedicated motherboards, the features they possess won’t affect their prices and easy to get them at a cheaper cost.
The best motherboard for mining Etherium or other cryptocurrencies should have these features:

  • More PCI-Express Slots

For you to have the best motherboard for mining, it should support more GPUs. That is possible if that motherboard comes with various PCI-Express slots. Besides, when you can connect the GPU’s to a single motherboard, it will be saving your cost.

  • Processor

The Crypto mining motherboard doesn’t need to have a big processor to become the best. However, the age and style of the processor it can support becomes an essential thing to consider. Look for something that can help older and cheaper processors, as crypto mining doesn’t require much power from the processor.

  • Price

The price of a crypto mining motherboard is essential to consider. However, remember that the number of PCI will determine the cost of the motherboard. For a cheap mining motherboard rig, it will give you less time to recover your money. It will be the best motherboard for the mining Ethereum. You should also consider a cheaper motherboard for mining Ethereum, but supporting more GPU’s.

How We Choose the Top 10 Products

Which features would you like to see or know before purchasing the best bitcoin motherboard for mining? According to the researches we have conducted on various motherboards for mining, we can say that having any dominant type of mining motherboard depends on the number of PCI-e slots it consists of. The more it comes installed with PCI-e slots, the maximum power stability the motherboard has and better power delivery, which is essential for imminent.
For example, in our top list is the Asus B250 motherboard for crypto mining. When you consider its features, the motherboard contains, it is, therefore, powerful in power delivery as it uses Triple-ATX 12V. Besides that, this motherboard also offers maximum power transfer compared to other types of motherboards. This is the reason why it’s recommended for mining. For better-enhanced performance, it comes with the DDR4 module for its memory. With the help of experts who have tested various motherboards, that is how we achieved to get the ten motherboards for mining.
The Final Verdict
You have seen the best motherboards for mining. However, you have realized that the capacity of GPU the motherboard supports is an essential factor while choosing a crypto mining motherboard. Depending on the manufacturer and model of the motherboard, you will find some with six PCIe slots while others will house like 19 PCIe slots for graphic cards. The higher the number of PCIe slots, the better the mining motherboard!
If you want to start with a cheap mining motherboard, the best motherboard is the one with more than six slots. Later, you will upgrade after getting back the money you spent.