Top 20 Best Safe & Secure Rom Download Sites

There are numerous games out there but it is hard to find their consoles. With the improvement of technology today, it is now possible. If you don’t have a console, you can, therefore, play those games on your smartphone or computer.
Besides, that is only possible when you find the specific ROMs and download them. Then, install the games you have downloaded as ROMs files on your computer. For you to play, you will open the games using emulators.
If you need to download ROMs and emulators, there are lots of safe ROM sites.

What is a Game ROM

A game ROM is a file that you need to download and play a console via other devices such as computers and mobile devices. Besides, a ROM file or image will be a file in a computer that has a copy of the data present in the read-only memory chip. But, it is often from a computer’s firmware, arcade game’s mainboard, and video game cartridge. This term is commonly used with the context of emulation such that older or newer games will be copied to ROM files and mostly those that are not available for use in computers. These games will work on modern computers with the help an emulator software because they can’t play directly on your computer.
Besides, you can also use ROM emulation when you want to modify your games for personal purposes. If you have a difficult level game, it can be changed. It can help in altering the graphics or translation of games to other languages to allow other users to play the games.
Moreover, ROM emulation is a process that is highly used in making copies of the games. Although, it is a legal process in some countries and others not.
So that to attempt combating the computer-game piracy, there are some vendors that incorporate anti-copying codes when creating their games. Although, there are also determined and skilled hackers that can circumvent these codes. Recently, the gaming industry is claiming to have faced significant revenue losses due to this form of piracy and regarded as copyright infringement.

20 Best Safe & Secure Rom Download Sites


If you’re a game fanatic and you’re searching a one-stop destination that you can get the best ROM related needs, this is among the best available options that you need to look into without further issues. Here, you will get all types of ROM configurations to all platforms such as iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC.

Besides, there are some of the breakthroughs and the latest versions of ROMs that you can directly access.
On this website, there is the availability of salient game emulators that are all in one place. It is something that makes this a significant option that you need to look into.
In addition, this website also comes equipped with an easily navigable home page that helps to make your process easy to operate. Aside from the popularity, there is one thing about this site that makes it stand out which is the ease of download.
On the website, you will not find any corrupted files or struggle with viruses or issues that hamper the system.


In the list of the best ROM websites, there is this essential site called Gamulator. This is among the best-suited websites in the new generation of ROM’s. The website comes with the advantage of including an extensive list of games. These games keep getting updated from time to time. If you’re looking for any game that has already been released, most likely it is present on Gamulator.
An added advantage is that the website offers you high convenience and ease of use. That is because it has easy navigation tools and you will easily find the games you want from its extensive database.
This website is also safe and will keep you safe from pop-up or ads notification. To get the ROM you want, select a keyword or a specific console.
The structure of their website is excellent as you can browse the console by both tags and categories. So, choose to use this website because you can get ROM for your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


This is another vital ROM website. ROM Hustler is among the best sites where you can download ROMs of your favorite game. The website gives you an impressive functionality when using it. All you have to do is to enter the console’s name you’re looking for or other related keywords. With that, you can easily find the console you want at ease.
Moreover, on this website, it is among the popular and oldest ROM sites. The advantage of this website is that it will easily fulfill your requirements because you can get the console you’re looking for. For safety purposes, you don’t have to worry because it will keep you safe from any malicious malware or PC infections.
In addition, the website gives you a massive list that contains the best ROMs you’ll be looking for. It is a site that is highly recommended because it contains the highest customer reviews and ratings. So, you will not have anything you can worry about because of its authenticity and working.


ROMsmania is a website that is famous because of the many advantages it offers. The site contains a wide-range directory that offers you thousands of ROMs and emulators for you to download. On this website, you will find it easy to use. You need to search the window and look for the specific ROM you want.
The moment you get the required ROM, you can click on it and check the various download links that are available for use.
Besides, your safety is a priority on this website. That makes the website unique in its own ways because it doesn’t full your screen with unwanted banners and ads.
This website is equipped with unique features such as running into various locations.  Although, it has been blocked for use in some countries. Moreover, it also contains thousands of ROM options for free download.
An added advantage with this website is because it is easy for anyone to understand because of the well-designed navigation and layout.


There are many websites that you can find the ROMs you want. But, these websites are not the same. CoolROM is a safe platform and secures for you to download ROM and emulators. With high working efficiency, you will easily find the file you need within seconds and don’t expect to get any disappointments from the website.
The website, as its name, suggests offers you a cool working mechanism. You can download the ROM you want from various genres such as action, shooting, adventure, and more.
Going further, the website will display several screenshots of each game available. That helps you to refer to those games before you can download them. An added advantage is that on this website, it won’t display unwanted and misleading ads.
The website is also safe for you to visit with your devices. That is because it keeps you safe from any malware or viruses. Besides, it has an option where you are allowed to play the games directly.


When you visit the Emuparadise website, you not only have a chance to download ROMs and emulators you want, but you get a chance to install the games, ISO’s, video game music, and guides. The website has various advantages that make it famous and trusted. For example, the website host numerous emulators and ROM that are also easy to download for use. Besides, if you want to play these games directly from their website, they have that option.
Unlike other websites, this website is safe for download with your devices. That is because it doesn’t spread malware that affects your devices. It is therefore recommended as a legit and clean site for you to use.
In addition, this site is well versed with its excellent collection of enumerators and ROMs. That is why you can find top-notch ROMs and emulators for you to download.  The benefits that this site gives the users make it to grow constantly since it was established.


This ROMs website, Emulator zone is a popular site for emulators. From this site, you will get an extensive list with details that include emulator scams, download links, emulators, ROMs, ratings of emulators, updates, and many more.
Besides, it also contains various emulators for PlayStation, Xbox, Saga, Mame, and others. The safety of this has also been enhanced. So, in case you need a fantastic option where you can search and download ROMs, it is in the Emulator Zone.  There are many people who love this site because it is known to offer reliable services and has a good reputation.
An added advantage on this website is because it provides the best and free emulators over the internet. These emulators are usually compatible with most of the consoles. They also have diversified emulators that are categorized differently based on the console type.
With that, when you’re searching for emulators, it will be easy. In addition, the website gives you more information that helps you understand about emulators better.


Romulation is a unique website that allows you to play console classics effectively on your computer hassle-free. You don’t have to mind about the website, but one thing is that it is considered among the best sites that give you options when it is about needed ROM download.
It has been well designed and developed and further, it offers you a secure download option. And the added advantage is that you will not experience any issues.
Besides, it offers you with a website that is easy to navigate and search the console you want. The website has a collection of more than 27,000 console game ROMs. These ROMs have been extensively tested for your safety and emulator compatibilities.
Additionally, this site is good for you as you can look for the console you want without any fail. Besides, there are also devoid of any form of viruses or malware. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.


Garoms is on the best ROM site to consider. If you’re on the lookout, this site gives you quality ROMs that let you enjoy the emulator and games experience. It is among the oldest ROM websites on the internet.
This website has already created its name in the best ROM websites market and that is related to the essential services that they offer you.
An added advantage of this platform is that it also offers you the best ROMs and emulators for the most popular games that are available in the market such as NDS, GBA, Atari, SNES, and even Sage.
Apart from that, the website has a seamless and easy user interface that you can navigate at ease. It is a well-developed website that gives you the best experiences with gaming. It is a website that has a large ROM database, making it unique because that isn’t comparable to other sites.
In addition, the website has simple download steps that won’t give you any complications. On your security concern, the site is safe for your devices because it doesn’t have any viruses in the files.


Yet another amazing option that you can check for your ROM requirements is the CDRomance website. The website has been filled with thousands of ROMs.
Besides, the website comes equipped with essential features. It has been programmed so that it can help you be satisfied with your ROM needs. It also has original artwork games making it suitable for use.
An added advantage is that the website displays a few screenshots, which are essential to refer to before you can download the ROM. With the availability of the best ROMs in this platform, that helps you create better backups which further eases the gaming process. It is also possible for you to play the backups depending on the situation.
As described by its name, the website focuses more on the CD and DVD supported games. It also has additional details that are related to the game such as genre, the ROM file region, and date it was released.


Nitroblog is one of the ROM sites that is essential to check for your ROM requirements. The site is easy to navigate and search for the console you want. Among other ROM sites, this Nitroblog is unique in its own way because the site does host all contents.
The other advantage that comes with this site is because it guarantees you encryption safety, something that you might not witness somewhere else. That helps the website to stand out as the best place to download ROMs.  When browsing in the site, don’t expect to see unwanted pop-ups or ads notifications. They are all blocked from appearing on the site. It also protects your device from harmful malware and viruses thus making it among the best safe ROM sites.
You can use this site also to download ROMs from a popular console. That is because it has various download links that are from well-known websites such as mega and Mediafire.


If you’re looking for a site that can offer you classic emulators and ROMs it is this website, Vimm’s Lair. Besides being an old site, the website has been able to stand firm against competitors.
The websites can be helpful when you want to relive your childhood memories. It is popular in offering massive collection ROMs such as legendary emulators and classic game consoles. Vimm’s lair, on the other hand, it gives you an easy to navigate through its list, searches the console you want via alphabetical order and then searches the preferred download option.
This website will never let you down on what you’re looking for because it has a large database that contains over 70,000 games hosted.
An added advantage is that the website lacks any sorts of advertisements. It is, therefore, safe because it is free from ads or pop-ups. For your security purpose, the website has been enhanced to ensure there are no viruses and malware.
Besides being a great platform, it has some limitations. That is because their choice of content is only limited to the US and Japanese releases.


NES Roms is among the good ROM sites on the internet. The website has committed itself to provide you with the best classic games list and emulators. It is essential as it supports various downloads such as mobile ROM downloads. That makes the website to be vital as it is compatible with various devices such as Windows, Mac OS, and Android.
The website has been equipped with more than 350 NES games, instructions in pdf format, full-colored NES manuals, NES cartridges, original NES game box photos, NES ROMs, and many more.
Besides, for the safety of the purpose of your device, the website is free from viruses and malware. You are also not going to experience disturbing and misleading ads and pop-ups.
With the ease of use on this website, it is, therefore, giving you an easy and fast download of the ROMs you want.


Every ROM website has features that make it unique. However, with WoWroms, it is a website that gives you convenience and eases the use of it. The website is what you need because it is easy to navigate.
Besides, the website has been equipped with 30 emulators that help to work perfectly even with old computer versions such as Apple, Acron, DOS, and more.
An added benefit with this site is because it gives you a chance where you can play ROM files online. It is not a must you download the files as playing directly is an option. That is why you can use this website to brighten your weekends.
The other crucial benefit is that the website is safe for you to use with your devices. Besides lacking unwanted ads or pop-up notifications, the website is free from malware and viruses. That ensures you enjoy the games without being worried.


Roms43 is a ROMs and emulator website that is well equipped with all the tools needed for you to indulge in video gaming. That is because, on the website, you will find the most played games such as Nintendo and Sony consoles.
The reason why this website is among the top-rated is that it offers you a long list that contains the top-rated emulators and ROMs and thus, allowing you to play games using different consoles.
There are also other benefits experienced on this website. For example, you can enjoy an enhanced resolution, easy and fast downloads of the emulators and ROMs. Therefore, they are offering you with hard-core games of your dream. That is because you get the ability to play various classic games even those that are from the last decades and beyond without forgetting about the modern consoles with enhanced quality.
Security is a major concern, but the security enhancement of this website allows you not to worry. That is because the website is safe from malware and viruses.


RoyalRoms is a site with database collection of ROM files and emulators altogether. The website has focused to keep the database for classic games that help you relive the era again.
This website is quite famous and considered to be the best site to download ROMs for Android, Mac, and PC devices.
The website is characterized by ease of use. When searching for the classic game you want for your PC or android, it is easy to navigate with your smartphone or PC. Thus giving you the best mobile ROM download.
An added advantage of this website is that it is absolutely free. You only download your favorite game, install and load it on emulator making it ready to play. The huge library that you choose your classic games makes it stand out from some ROM sites.
Besides the list, the website also allows you to start your retro gaming journey and browse the most recent ROMs, most popular, top downloaded ROMs categories, etc.


Classic GamesROM is yet another essential and amazing platform that will further help you have an experience with an interactive website where you can play around hassle-free.
The website has various unique features that make it stand out as the best place where to get ROMs. For example, it has less clutter and a free design and therefore, a permanent spot that has been included in the best ROM sites. Some of the best games are offered on the website such as SEGA, Sony consoles, Nintendo, Atari, and others.
An added advantage is the clean and straightforward type of design that is easy for one to navigate. That is also because it offers you incredible functionalities that will keep you always satisfied.
This website is, therefore, a place you need to enjoy different versions of the legendary and classic games such as Mario and Pokemon.
The website is free from viruses and malware or unwanted ads. This is one of the benefits that make it a good enough option to all your ROMs requirements.


As its name suggests, this is among the safe sites that you can download the ROMs. This is a relatively new site but gives you much-needed ROMs as it has been equipped with more than 100k games.
An added advantage of this website is that it has been well designed such that it further provides you a secure place for you to play the games you love online without issues.
The only challenge that this website has to the users is that they have been limited to small games only.
Aside from that, the website has been devoided from any form of insecurity of your devices such as malware and viruses. Further, this website is also free from unwanted pop-up notifications and ads. So, there is nothing you have to worry about on this website.


Among the most popular sites for ROMs and emulators is this website, ROMs World. You can visit it because it is easy to access and safe when you want to enjoy the video games you love. The website is a suitable one especially to those gaming freaks that don’t recognize the current modern-day games. If you also want to enjoy some of your childhood games such as Mario, you can easily access them via ROMs World.
An added advantage of why you should choose this website is because it is legit. It also doesn’t show you any of the annoying and misleading links or pop-ups. The site is also a one-stop solution where you can download numerous ROMs and that is why it deserves a chance.
Moreover, this website offers you instructions on how to play MAME games via your iPhone and iPad. And besides being the biggest platform you can download free ROMs, this website has ROMs for different gaming devices and operating systems.
Where can I download ROMs safely?
There are numerous sites that guarantee you a safe download of ROMs. In these sites, there are no unnecessary ads or pop-ups. They are also safe for your devices because they don’t have any viruses or malware.
Can ROMs have viruses?
Yes! That is why it is recommended to download from safe and secure websites. There are many websites that are safe from viruses and therefore, you won’t get any viruses from ROMs you download.
Can you get in trouble for downloading ROMs?
There are no troubles you will experience downloading ROMs. If you need to avoid coming into contact with any troubles, it depends on the website you choose to download your ROMs. That is because not all sites are secure from malware and viruses. Some also have a downside of allowing misleading pop-ups and ad notifications.
Is it illegal if I download ROMs of games that I own?
Downloading ROMs of games is not illegal. However, it depends on the country or region because, in some countries, it is referred to as an illegal act. Although, in some countries, it has been allowed.
Are ROMs dangerous?
ROMs are not dangerous but there are various ways that can make them dangerous. For example, when you download from insecure websites, they might be carrying malware and viruses. That can help to damage your computer. The other reason as to why they might be dangerous is having them in countries that don’t allow copyrights. You will be against the law because it will be an illegal act.
The Final Verdict
The above list contains the best ROM sites in 2020. Hopefully, you’ve been able to get the most suitable site from our well-researched list containing the best websites for ROMs download. You need to download one today and help relieve your childhood memories and experience the long-forgotten games. Besides that, you will play all your favorite games without the unwanted strain of your pocket.