MP3 Rocket Download For Windows 7,8 and 10

Mp3 Rocket helps you to download your favorite music by transforming YouTube videos into audio files. It is a powerful software that can transform any music video into an MP3 file. To accomplish this, use MP3 Rocket to search for the video you desire on YouTube. This digital tool is very thorough so you can search for your video using a keyword, the name of the artist or the title of the song. This software provides the search results in a new tab that reveals details such as the name of the song, its source, the genre, and popularity rating. It also provides the options to stream or downloads it in an MP3 format.

If you choose to download, MP3 Rocket will have you specify a download folder or add the song into your iTunes library. The free version of MP3 Rocket downloads audio files at a bitrate of 256 kbps. On the other hand, its Premium version costs $30 and delivers audio at a bitrate of 320 kbps. Here is more about this software and how you can download it to improve your audio entertainment experience!

Features of MP3 Rocket

MP3 Rocket provides many other services in addition to converting YouTube videos into MP3 and they include:

Media Player

MP3 Rocket contains a fully functional music player. After you download a converted YouTube video, you can listen to its MP3 version using this feature. This professional audio player contains Play and Pause playback control buttons as well as a progress tracker to rewind or forward a song. It also gives you the opportunity to create playlists and mark some songs as favorites for quicker listening in the future. Seeing as MP3 Rocket contains integrated social media capability, you can share your musical experience directly to your social media pages using the media player. Thanks to this awesome feature, your friends can follow up on your musical taste and join in by downloading the software to convert videos and listen to music too!

Local video file conversion

You could have some music videos on your computer that you would like to transform into MP3 audio. This is very useful when you want to share the media online in social media or music sharing platforms. In this case, you can use MP3 Rocket to transform local music videos into MP3 audio files. The software can convert various types of video files for example.MP4,VOB, .3gp, .m4a and .MOV formats. It will recognize these formats automatically and apply the necessary settings to guarantee successful conversion. You can control elements such as bitrate and file name using the local converter feature. In this way, MP3 Rocket operates as a universal video to audio converter.

Batch task completion

MP3 Rocket can convert multiple videos to audio files at the same time through batch task completion. You can select videos and load them into the converter in a list. After activating the process, the software will convert one video after the other automatically. Using this feature helps you to save time and improves your user experience. You can set the software to complete these tasks in the background and it will issue a message through the task tray after conversion is complete.

Watch TV

TV is one of the most popular methods of entertainment and MP3 Rocket provides a feature through which you can enjoy your favorite shows. This feature is known as Watch TV and it enables you to stream YouTube shows through a window within the software. You can tag specific shows as your favorites and create playlists too. Watch TV keeps track of your progress and resumes your content on demand. You can also listen to Internet Radio through this MP3 Rocket feature.


Online entertainment extends to gaming and MP3 Rocket has got this covered too! The software provides direct access to gaming sites where you can play a variety of games online for free! Even better, you can save your progress in a game and resume it later. MP3 Rocket will preserve your game statistics thus enabling seamless gameplay.

Intuitive user interface

MP3 Rocket provides an interface that presents all the most important functions in its foreground making it simple to navigate. Its main page is divided into two tabs where one reveals the sources of your multimedia and the other lists down the videos that are available for download. For example, you can have YouTube in one tab and a list of videos in the other tab for you to download.

Universal compatibility

MP3 Rocket can be installed in any version of the Windows operating system ranging from Vista to 10. It is light on system resources and can operate in the background as you complete other tasks. It does not interfere with your audio drivers and can issue an alert through the taskbar once a conversion is complete. In doing so, it improves user convenience.

How to Download MP3 Rocket

You can get the power to transform any music video into MP3 audio by using MP3 Rocket and here is how to download it:

  1. Launch your browser and visit the official MP3 Rocket website.
  2. Once you have arrived there, proceed to the download section.
  • You will see a list of versions of this software for various operating systems.
  1. Identify the version that fits your operating system and download it.
  2. After that, head to your downloads folder and identify the downloaded file.
  3. Double click on it so that you can launch the installer wizard.
  • Follow the instructions to finish installing MP3 Rocket.


MP3 Rocket is a great way to download YouTube videos in the form of MP3 audio. The software enables you to search for your video of choice through its interface and download the content in an MP3 format. MP3 Rocket is a versatile software because it can also play multimedia files, games, TV, and even perform local video conversion. If you love listening to music, MP3 Rocket is the software tool that you need!