Free Download Lucky Patcher 2020 APK

While playing games and using various apps are cool, have you ever gotten those crazy ads that ruin your experience? Playing some of the best arcade games like “Infinity Stairs” or any other random game, you’ll see that advertisements pop up even in games sometimes.
These ads become too annoying over time and you lose interest in playing the game itself. However, Lucky Patcher is here to save the day.
Moreover, sometimes some games are just too hard to play and you might want to unlock your favorite characters or skins. In that case, you need to know about the lucky patcher’s latest version.

What is Lucky Patcher 2020 APK?

Lucky patcher is the undisputed champ when it comes to messing up with the Android apps and games. Having Lucky patcher downloaded in your device can be quite helpful. So what does messing up essentially means? Lucky patcher original is an app cracker that you can use to perform a variety of tasks on your apps. However, with everything good comes a compromise, or not really. Your device needs to be rooted to run the lucky patcher’s latest version or even lucky patcher’s old version too. Luckypatcher is completely free to install and free to use the app. However, it still requires root access in order to work. Rooting is really important if you want to push the boundaries of your Android smartphone.


Lucky patcher 2020 lets you apply patches to Google’s verification license so that you can easily bypass several restrictions applied onto the app like advertisements and you can enjoy free in-game or in-app purchases for free.
Here comes another compromise too. Lucky patcher works with apps that store the data on your device. If an app is online, it’s most probably that lucky patcher 2020 won’t work with it. Removing ads and having in-app purchases for free can be quite fun.

Is Lucky Patcher Malware?

It’s hard to say whether the lucky patcher is malware or not. However, that doesn’t mean it is. I mean to say that it depends. If you don’t know what you’re doing with the app, it can possess a potential threat to your device. You might be damaging your device while trying to mess with the tool itself.
Luckypatcher is an app that lets you use your product to the end level. In the wrong hands, it might as well be a double-edged sword for you. Lucky patcher apk is still harmless and won’t permanently harm your device either. Having lucky patcher downloaded in your device can let you remove malware rather than being malware itself.

Features of Lucky Patcher latest version

Lucky Patcher’s latest version i.e Lucky patcher 2020 comes with a lot of features built-in. Those features alone indicate that Lucky patcher official is better than most of its competition.
One of the best features is the interface itself. As tweaking and messing up with apps can be quite difficult, making a user-friendly tool is difficult too. However, Lucky Patcher has achieved this quirk by building a rather friendly interface too. The customizing application comes with a lot of coding, but lucky patcher’s latest version comes with no coding requirement from the user while still keeping a simple yet intuitive UI to interact with.
Now we are going to talk about the best features of lucky patcher 2020 Latest Version:-

  • Free In-App Purchases

Probably my personal most favorite feature is the free in-app purchases. Imagine using a photo editor. When you apply a great filter, it asks for money. This ticks many users off as they don’t expect that to happen.
However, with the use of Lucky Patcher original, you can easily buy any type of in-app purchases without essentially worrying about paying the company. In a very simple way, you can easily bypass Google’s payment systems.

  • Making Paid Apps “Free”

There are times when you download a free app but it still requires Google’s license verification to run. That is why the installation doesn’t get completed. Using lucky patcher 2020, you can easily bypass and make these paid apps free quickly. That is why a lucky patcher has come up with this trick to make these paid apps totally free.

  • Beneficial for Games

Using lucky patcher’s latest version 2020 can prove to be quite beneficial while playing the game. If you want to tease your friends by purchasing the greatest car at the beginning of the game or getting things that are otherwise worth a lot of money, lucky patcher officials can help you in achieving that.
You can avoid paying a lot of money if you use lucky patcher now.

  • Making apps “Built-in” for mobile

There are apps that you might just love in your device. However, you feel like making them permanent so that whenever you reset your phone or do anything with the device, that app won’t hinder even one percent.
This is where the lucky patcher original comes in again. With the use of lucky patcher, you can make your downloaded apps as “System Apps”.
System apps are something that comes pre-installed on your device. Therefore, they cannot be deleted unless you use root privileges to delete system apps.

  • Making Backups of data

Making backups has become quite essential these days. With a lot of data coming onto our smartphones day by day, we need to make a backup somewhere.
Therefore, Lucky Patcher’s official has helped us in creating easy backups and even sharing them with the cloud easily.

  • Removal of Ads and Unwanted apps

Lucky Patcher apk comes with features to remove ads from any app of your device. Therefore, if you don’t like certain ads in any app, you can use lucky patcher to clean your device. Moreover, you can also remove built-in or system apps that you might think are useless or bloatware for you.

Download Installing Lucky Patcher’s latest version

With all this Luckypatcher talk, now its time to do the complete installation of this app/tool. As Lucky Patcher is not available officially on the play store, we need to download lucky patcher official from the internet. Several sites are providing lucky patcher’s original apk.
However, the process of lucky patcher download is rather simple. Just follow our guide to install lucky patcher 2020 version.

  • Click the link below to access the lucky patcher download link for free.

Download Lucky Patcher APK

App Name Lucky Patcher
Developer Chelpus
App Size 7.25 MB
App Version v8.5.7
Total Downloads 1 Billion+

Download Now Lucky Patcher

  • Let the app install and make sure that “Unknown Sources” in your device’s settings are on. It can usually be turned on in the “Security” section of your device. Just go to the settings, then security and turn on the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • After that, you need to find that same apk that you download and tap on it. After tapping, an APK installer menu will be opened so just tap on install and it’ll start installing.
  • If you’re file is installed, just click on the app and give the required permission to the app.
  • There you go. You’ve installed the lucky patcher’s latest version right on your device.

System/Technical Requirements for Lucky Patcher 

Before opening the lucky patcher app, you should make sure that these conditions that I’m going to mention satisfy your device. This is because the app will only run flawlessly if you’ve all these conditions met for your smartphone. Having lucky patcher downloaded can be quite beneficial.
Otherwise, the app may not even run at all. These are some of the technical requirements essential in order to run the latest version of lucky patcher 2020.

  • As lucky patcher is all about modifying the app, you should make sure to root the device before even installing the lucky patcher apk file.
  • The basic requirement for lucky patcher apk to run is android 2.3+ and above. It’s also compatible with Windows 7,8, and even 10.
  • The device RAM should be at least 2 GB for the app to run quickly and flawlessly.
  • The free internal storage should be at least 10 GB so that you can store the modified app somewhere too.
  • The app comes with a lot of permissions to run on your device. Some of them are mentioned below.
  • Draw over or modify other apps
  • Read content from Memory
  • Delete or create content in a device
  • Location permissions

These are some permissions that you might want to allow in order for the app to run perfectly on your device. Lucky patcher APK can easily be downloaded, however, there are still some tricky parts.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher apk comes with a lot of pros and cons. Therefore, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of lucky patcher original.

Pros of lucky patcher

  • Easy to use yet intuitive UI for the users to interact with.
  • Lucky patcher saves a lot of time as it can crack individual apps so the users don’t have to download individual cracked versions.
  • Lucky patcher apk is very small in size and it gets downloaded pretty quickly.
  • It enables the users to remove annoying ads so that they won’t ruin their experience.
  • System requirements aren’t crazy hardcore for this app to run.
  • Lucky patcher lets you save a lot of money as you can do in-app purchases easily.

As with greater pros come some cons too. However, these cons are so small that they can be easily ignored if we look at the bright side. One of them is compatibility. Lucky patcher’s latest version won’t run on very old smartphones. Let’s talk about the cons in detail. Therefore, you should have lucky patcher downloaded if you want to avail a lot of stuff.

Cons of lucky patcher

  • Many users don’t know how to use this app
  • It won’t work with decade-old smartphones so you need to have an updated OS in order to run lucky patcher apk and lucky patcher download.
  • Lucky patcher download is easy. However, if you download it again, then you need to uninstall the previous version.
  • There are slight bugs in luckyp atcher that might become annoying to some users at some point.

Why do people use Lucky Patcher?

People use Luckypatchers app for a lot of reasons. Lucky patcher apk requires root access to run on any device. So modifying APK has never been easier ever since lucky patcher has arrived in the market.
With the use of lucky patcher 2020, you can remove ads, buy in-app purchases and even bypass Google’s license verification too.
People use lucky patcher official to use these tasks:

  • Removing unwanted ad and pop-up that comes in various apps.
  • Bypassing Google’s license verification for getting in-app purchases for free.
  • Get coins and features for free in games and apps.
  • Customizing the app permissions.
  • Making a full backup of data.
  • Cloning any app of your choice.
  • Making your favorite app a built-in system app.

Start using lucky patcher’s latest version today and enjoy the true freedom of Android.

Does the Lucky Patcher app have an unroot version?

One of the craziest things about Luckypatchers is that it has an official unroot version too. However, to have unlimited access to any app or game, you should definitely root your android device and then do the experiments.
You have the ability to make a modified android app though. With the use of lucky patcher official, you can create a modified apk and then install it using the good old apk installer.

How to use Lucky Patcher 2020?

Before actually have lucky patcher downloaded in your android device, you must make sure that it is rooted. Rooting your device allows you to push many limits of your android device.
However, you must keep in mind that rooting your android device can harm your device. Therefore, you should always keep in mind that you should follow all the precautions and root your device with extreme care to have lucky patcher downloaded furthermore. Now, we are going to talk about some methods to use Lucky patcher original.

1) Removing Ads

  • Open Luckypatcher app.
  • Click and select the app you want the ads to be removed from.
  • A list of patches will be opened. You’ll have to look for “Remove Google Ads”.
  • Then, two more options will be available for you.
  • Just click on “Patch” to remove Google ads and you’re done.
  • After that, click on apply and it’ll start removing ads from the app. The whole process might take a brief moment.

2) Creating a Modified app

  • Open Lucky patcher app.
  • Browse through the list of apps that you want to modify.
  • Select the app you want to modify.
  • Select the “Modify APK” that will come in the list of options when you select an app.
  • Click on “Patch to modify the APK file with”.
  • Click on the “Rebuild app.”
  • This will allow you to create the modified app right on your smartphone.
  • Finally, click ok to finish the process and getting the modified app prepared.

3) Changing App Permissions

  • Open the luckpatcher app.
  • Browser through the list of the app to get your desired app and then tap on it.
  • Click and you’ll see a menu of patches where you can find a list of patches to apply to your app.
  • Click on “Change Permissions”
  • You will see a list of permissions and you have the full right to change them however you want. Permission will be enabled if it’s green and disabled if it’s red.
  • Click on apply to change your settings and app permissions.

4) Applying a custom patch

  • Open Luckypatchers app
  • Browser through the desired app that you want to apply the custom patch to.
  • You’ll see a list of options popping up. Choose “Custom patch”.
  • There, you can download custom patches by clicking the upper right corner and click on “Download Custom Patches”.
  • A popup window with all the available patches for the app.
  • Click on “Apply”. After that, it might take a brief moment but the custom patch will be created.

5) Removing License Verification

  • Open the Lucky Patcher app
  • Browse through the app that you want the license verification removed from.
  • Click on “Open Menu of patches”.
  • There, you can choose any sort of patch ou want to apply.
  • Finally, click on apply to remove license verification using the lucky patcher apk that you installed in the beginning.
  • You’ve successfully removed license verification from the app of your choice using lucky patcher 2020.

About the Lucky Patcher’s custom patch

A custom patch is the type of patch that is specifically designed and created for a certain application. So it won’t run on other applications. Therefore, the patches are available on the lucky patcher’s official website. However, they can still be accessed through the app.
Lucky patcher original takes care of the installed app and the brief analysis of what patches and customizations are available for a certain app.
It then compares them to the patches available in its database to furthermore apply patches on a certain app.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lucky Patcher

Is Lucky patcher official legal?

It’s a legal app if we talk about removing ads or taking a full backup of your device. Therefore, lucky patcher is a fully legal app that you can download without having a bounty on your head.

Is Lucky Patcher downloading safe?

Lucky patcher itself is safe. However, the only risk that comes is within rooting. Your phone should be rooting and as you all know that rooting is a pretty risky technique. After rooting, you just need to make sure that you know what you’re doing. That’s all.

How do I provide root access to Lucky Patch Apk

After rooting your android device, you must see an app called SuperSu. It acts like the brain to rooting. It manages every root access app. However, you can also download it from the play store if you want to.


Having Lucky patcher downloaded in your device can give you a lot more freedom and control over your smartphone. You can access things and do things that are important to use in certain situations but you can’t use them thanks to the restriction that android does.
Therefore, lucky patcher is all in one package if we talk about having full control over a device. With lucky patcher downloaded in your smartphone, you can have access to a lot of stuff that you’d never have in normal scenarios. You can remove Google’s license, purchase in-app things and even purchase content from games to tease your friends or just to flex on others. This is the true power of a lucky patcher that everyone should know. The days of old and restricted smartphone devices are over. You can even make a backup of these files so that you can use the cracked apps on other devices.