How to Download Youtube Video to MP3

Downloading YouTube Mp3 to videos can be a little tricky at times. There are a lot of things that we are going to talk about in this particular article. Moreover, you might have different reasons for downloading a YT mp3 too.
So, we will talk about some of the best YT mp3 converter and show you which one is the best and how you can download free YouTube to mp3.

Why you Should Download Audio from YouTube?

A lot of people can have a lot of reasons. So let’s do it in simple and little parts. However, here’s the deal. Downloading mp3 audio or video from YouTube can be illegal too. You are stealing other’s content.
Just imagine that you’ve made a music video, investing thousands of dollars. You expect people to buy your album, support and respect your music. On the other hand, people start using YouTube downloader online. How will that feel?
Stealing other’s content can leave you a couple of charges on your head too. What’s illegal is illegal. But if you still get permission from the video owner and they permit you, you are freely allowed to do everything you want. So our suggestion is to download copyright-free audio, songs, music from Youtube downloader. Now a day you will find lots of copyright music on youtube.
Here are some of the reasons you might want to download YT mp3 converter.

For Entertainment

Most people tend to download audio music due to their own entertainment. You can download music from YouTube and it’s going to be the genuine one. You can have a whole list of YouTube music videos ready to be played by you.
The downloaders that we will discuss in just a moment will have all of the audio formats that you might need to use for your reasons.

Free Music

You must be familiar with NoCopyrightSounds. Basically, a YouTube channel providing free videos. Mostly, YouTubers would just take their music and then put up in their videos for fun and their business.
The greatest thing is that the channel itself allows you to take their music and use it without getting copyrighted for various reasons. In that case, you can use YouTube downloader online to download mp3 songs for your own benefits.

Huge collection of music

Unlike sites like dailymotion, you get a huge collection of original music and sounds by artists. So, it’s another reason to download music from YouTube. We’ve tested it and the collection of media on YouTube is bigger than on any other media.
We will talk about some of the best YouTube downloader online and using these converters, you can have the converted versions of those videos with ease.
We will divide our lists into two parts. The top five recommended sites for downloading audio and the top five apps for downloading YouTube mp3. Make sure to follow our list to have the best YT mp3 and you can take maximum advantage of them.

How to Download Mp3 from YouTube

Download a YT mp3 using the converter can be tricky at times. But our tutorial will help you in downloading it with ease. This tutorial will give you a rough sketch of how to use YT mp3 converter.
So there’s something common in most YouTuber downloaders. Like, some works by grabbing links and some of the YouTube downloaders work by just search in them. These downloaders provide a unique interface that is user-friendly and can help you in easily finding YouTube videos.
What’s more awesome is the fact that you can convert those videos in real-time too. So there are two tricks of downloading YouTube Mp3. The first one is that you just need to go to a certain video and copy its ‘URL’. After copying, just go to one of the sites that we will mention later on.
Paste the URL in the URL bar there and you will see further instructions and options to choose from. Typically, these options are video quality, mp3 downloaders, and formatting options too.
Another way is to download from a dedicated app. We will mention the apps further into our tutorial. You just have to search for a certain video in the app and that way you can easily download mp3 or ever video.

Recommended top 5 websites to download audio from YouTube

These are our top recommended free YouTube to mp3 downloaders.


One of the simplest yet most powerful free YouTube to mp3 downloaders is It’s a great way to download or convert YouTube videos from all over the internet. The YouTube2mp3 converter helps you in downloading media with minimum difficulty and easier control.

This YT mp3 converter works on all devices. From tablets and phones to computers, the service isn’t limited on any of these devices. However, one downside to this YouTube2mp3 is that it is limited up to 1-hour long video. So, you cannot download movies by using this service.
This YouTube mp3 converter is totally free to use and there’s no sign up required to avail the useful features of this site.

One of the best YouTube to mp3 converter is clip converter. But why? Well, the simplicity and powerful features of this website are matchless. This YouTube mp3 converter helps you in downloading a big selection of videos while you just have to wait for it to download.

The interface of Clipconverter is easier to interact with. You get a URL downloader or just upload your own video to convert it to mp3 format. The options of formatting are a lot too. The website allows video download of upto 4k and audio formatting options are vast too.
All these pros make it one of the best YouTube mp3 converters on our list. The YT mp3 converter has a lot of stuff going on. So you can just enjoy the features while having a great downloading experience.

One of the OG YT mp3 converters to ever hit the world was Y2mate. It still has a lot going on and the team has been improving overall design and features over the years. Y2Mate allows you to download videos and convert them in audio from a lot of sources like Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, and youTube,

Hence, you just need to copy and paste the URL in the URL bar and the downloading will start at once. It is one of the best YouTube to mp3 converter out there. The website is compatible with all browsers out there.
Considering all these aspects of this website, it is surely one of the best YouTube to mp3 converter to use till this date.


ClipGrab is a YT mp3 converter service that provides an application to use. The application is a great way to download videos. You can just search your desired video and that all there is to it. Not just limited to YouTube but you can also download content from other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and a lot of other websites.

With the easy and simple to use interface, it’s a great YT converter mp3. Using this YouTube mp3 converter, you won’t need to visit sites to have videos converted or downloaded, you can straight on open up this app and just start downloading your favorite videos.


Download movies from social websites like Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vimeo, and a lot of other platforms. You can easily export the multimedia content material for your pc or your mobile tool, ipad, ipod, psp, gps gadgets, mp4 gamers, cell phone, android devices,
The formatting of  dvd, vcd, mp3, iphone. plenty of codecs supported which includes 3gp, 3g2, avi, xvid, mp4, mp3, mp2, wma, wmv, gif, flac, wav, psp, mpg, vob, ogg, mov, avi and a whole lot of other formats.

Atube catcher also can burn in dvd/vcd your movies without use of any other 1/3 software program. amongst other capabilities has an integrated display recorder to seize what you spot in your display, even video chat classes from windows live messenger, yahoo messenger, dvd movies,webinars, online meetings, etc, or just create video/audio displays.
All the ones features and extra!. a hundred% freeware, safe and easy. It also has a powerful multilingual interface support too.

Recommended top 5 App to download mp3 from YouTube

Now we are going to talk about our Top 5 best apps to download videos and this list will contain best YouTube2Mp3 apps for commercial use.


Videoder has been the best YouTube to mp3 converter app for a long time. Matters fact, it’s still is our number one choice if you want to have Yt converter mp3 for your device. The best aspect of this app is that it has a great design.
It’s free to use and there are a lot of features that comes in handy. You can straight up search for a video in the app and it will analyze various platforms and give you the most relevant information possible. Moreover, the conversion options are extraordinary too. For the audio side of things, you can download it in a lot of video formats.
Consider all of these aspects, Videoder is a great YouTube mp3 converter on our list. Videoder also has a desktop pc version software. So now you can easily download any video using videoder pc.


Vidmate is one of the most popular YT converter mp3 to have videos converted from YouTube. You can expect some high-quality formatting options along with the best speeds too. The app is available on Android so that you can download content right off your smartphone.
It’s a great YouTube2Mp3 converter. You should give it a try if you want to make your life easier in terms of downloading.


Another OG YouTube2Mp3 converter on the list is tube mate. Downloading YouTube videos has never been easier ever since tubemate arrived. With so many features such as formatting options and audio conversion options, the app is just so good.
This YouTube mp3 converter has a lot more than what it has to offer on the surface. You can download videos from a lot of other sources such as Facebook and Twitter too. Considering all these aspects, Tubemate is a great YouTube mp3 converter


SnapTube enables you to download high-quality videos along with mp3 too. It’s a great YouTube2Mp3 converter on our list. I have been personally a fan of this app as there it’s super simple to use. It lets you download app from within YouTube app too. Hence, considering all these aspects, SnapTube is a great YT converter mp3.


We have often talked about KeepVid as a great YouTube downloader in our previous videos. The powerful formatting options and quality is not compromised. It has a beautiful interface with some of the most advanced design aesthetics, you won’t be disappointed by any aspect of the site.

Considering all these aspects, KeepVid is another YouTube mp3 converter.

Is it legal to download audio on YouTube?

Downloading video or audio is illegal and that’s a fact. You don’t expect to just download someone’s hard work and just think that it’s legal? Well, here’s the answer to your question. If you have the consent of a certain artist or the owner, it’s legal.
Otherwise, if you’re doing it for educational purposes then it’s fine too. You need not to worry about it if you’re doing it for educational or research purposes. The YouTube mp3 converters aren’t illegal but the use of them for illegal purposes is illegal of course.


Is it safe to use YT converter mp3?
The website that we’ve offered above are totally safe to use. You won’t be harming your system and there are no viruses in the list of converters we’ve mentioned above.
Can we download YouTube audio for free?
The YT converter Mp3 that we’ve mentioned are totally free to use. You won’t need to pay money in order to have the music installed on your devices. Just use one of the services and  find it by yourself.


The YT converters mp3 on our list incorporates the best services and tools that you can use to download Mp3 music for free. Not just limited to audio but videos can also be downloaded. However, one thing to make sure is to not use someone’s media illegally and it would harm both you and your reputation.