The 10 Best Free Magazine & News WordPress Themes

Looking for best Magazine or News WordPress themes? Well, the toptechytips team has got you covered. Opening an online News and Magazine business is exciting. Moreover, it’s a crazy ride if you ask me.

Therefore, you should understand that there will be thousands of people viewing your website. These websites will not only be viewed from a desktop but mobile phones and tablets too. Hence, the theme you choose should be cross-device friendly too. The site should be responsive enough for everyone.

The next thing to notice is that your site should be readable. No one wants a site full of bloatware and generally bloated with ads. Therefore, your magazine WordPress theme should show everything in a manner where titles, descriptions, posts, and pages should be readable. Moreover, the images and content should be organized with a beautiful flavor too.

Nowadays, people tend to focus more on the look and feel rather than the actual content. So it’s important that you must choose a theme that will match the aesthetics of your website. That’s where we come in.

Let’s talk about “The 10 Best Free Magazines & News WordPress themes“.

Best News and Magazine WordPress Themes

1. Madd Magazine

Magazine WordPress Theme
The first thing about choosing any website should be its responsiveness. Good news for you, Madd Magazine is fully responsive and filled with unique features. One of the most elegant and exquisite website for news and magazines.

Moreover, it’s ideal for blog posts too. In addition to being unique, it comes with a default slider too. With the use of a default slider, you can put your images, videos and other content easily. It has a drag and drop builder that lets you customize the whole theme to your liking. Drag and drop is an easy and intuitive way to make the website look better without having to code.

Overall, this will make your work precise and efficient. As the world is getting towards advancements, we should also move towards a more efficient and time-saving way of doing things.

Madd Magazine is pretty much lightweight and is also SEO optimized theme. Moreover, it’s very easy to install. In addition to cross-device support, it also has cross-browser support too. So no matter which browser you’re using, the site will look amazingly the same.
Considering all these pros, Madd magazine is number one on our list for the best news and magazine WordPress theme.

2. Newspaper X

Magazine WordPress Theme
As the name suggests, Newspaper X is mainly focused on the newspaper blogging side of the internet. It focuses on media and communication. Therefore, building an online news website has never been this easier. Using the WordPress customizer, you can take your productivity to infinity and beyond.

If offers a very clean, intuitive, and exquisite design for making an online news and magazine WordPress theme. Moreover, Newspaper X provides a number of other things too. It has a layout that can arrange all posts on a website. It has a blog page, 4 categories for dividing news for better readability and the recent posts sections. Moreover, it’s a good package all in all.

Considering all the advantages and features of Newspaper X, we think that this must be on our list for the best news and magazine WordPress themes.

3. eStore

Magazine WordPress Theme
Mainly coupled with WooCommerce, eStore is a perfect online store builder. As the name suggests, it’s mainly used for store purposes. However, if you see it with a different perspective. eStore is just perfect for magazine websites too.
There are a different set of colors available for this WordPress theme. You can showcase your articles in a beautiful manner using different layouts. There are many options in this theme. Some of them are:

  • Layout Options
  • Design Options
  • Coloring Options
  • Logo Options

The theme itself is fast and SEO optimized. Therefore, you can expect it to bring a lot of traffic to your website. This is why eStore is one of our recommendations for the best magazine WordPress theme.

4. Magazine Power

As the name says, it packs a serious punch. Without any sort of coding skills, everyone can start their news blog or website by using this theme. It’s a free theme with hyper potential. You can create a variety of online magazines.
No matter what your approach is, magazine power makes sure that your website will look beautiful and ready to rock at any time. There are features like uploading a logo and updating bio e.t.c. This is why Magazine Power is one of the best newspaper/ magazine  WordPress theme ever.

5. Just Write

Magazine WordPress Theme
All about writing your content, Just Write shines in this field. You just have to focus on writing your news and magazine article, rest Just Write has a clean looking and super simple designs to make things easier. It is a well-designed theme with enough room for content to breathe.

The good thing about this theme is its flexibility. It can cover the whole screen while still remaining cool. If you want a hassle-free writing experience then Just Write is the most unique theme you can use to this date.

6. VMagazine Lite

Another responsive yet multi-layout news theme on our list is the VMagazine lite. The purpose of creation was to serve as a news and magazine WordPress theme. It comes with 4 pre-designed demos and it has a powerful design.

The design is so good that you can put an ad anywhere you want without having to make it look bad. Moreover, there are almost 8 different widgets so it’s a pretty flexible theme too. The website has multilingual support and is SEO ready. Therefore, it’s recommended if you want to open up a blog or newspaper website.

7. Editorial

Editorial is another great theme just for magazines and online newspaper website. It enables you to make a very responsive yet professional website for your business. You can customize themes in a live preview mode too.

Editorial is a great theme and it’s user-friendly with a bunch of features. Your news content will look so good on this theme. No matter what orientation you put them in. You will be getting on of the nicest looking websites. With Editorial being SEO friendly, you can even expect your website to rank high. Moreover, you can translate your website into any language. That is why Editorial makes in our list of best magazine WordPress themes.

8. Allegiant

With a lot of dedication and hard work, this theme came into being. The team of developers did their very best and gave their utmost efforts into building this masterpiece. It has never been easier to create a full-fledged news and magazine WordPress site with this theme right here.
This theme is mainly designed for businesses and bloggers. It has a bunch of animation support too. Moreover, Allegiant makes your overall website faster. It is beautiful and one of the most elegant themes I’ve ever seen. Therefore, Allegiant is also another recommended magazine WordPress theme.

9. Journal

This is another free theme that surprises us. Not all free themes are good and I’ll go as far as to say that most of them are not even that good. However, using Journal made us realize that freebies can be cool too. And the result was Journal. You can download it for free and can use it freely too.

There are many premium features that you can use to extend its capabilities and the capability of your website. Journal is ideal for you if you want to open up an online Blog, newspaper site or even a portfolio site, Journal is more than recommended for you. It’s simple yet user-friendly interface helps you in building a better site.

Moreover, there are many additional functions too that you can use to customize your website furthermore. It has a magazine-friendly interface and support for color customizations and some in-built sliders too. You even have the ability to use shortcodes. The theme is SEO friendly. Therefore, you need not worry about any sort of traffic or slowing down of the website.
Considering all these plus points Journal made it on our list of best magazine WordPress themes.

10. Silk Lite

It is one of the most simple yet unique themes that you can use to create an online magazine website. It has design aesthetics like Pinterest. Moreover, the look and feel are pretty professional too. Your logo will reside on the top of the website which looks near and clean.

Moreover, there’s a menu right beneath the logo that helps users to get from one website to another. Silk lite is all about uniqueness and simplicity. Hence, making it one of the best magazine WordPress themes. It’s mainly made for fashion magazines and blogs due to its design. However, with enough customization, it can be converted into any website of your demand.
It has cool animations and a great layout too. Therefore, Silk lite is also great news and magazine WordPress theme recommendation.